100 Replies to “Jeff Sessions announces Senate bid on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’”

  1. Oh Mr Sessions you have no credibility anymore. Go crawl back under your rock and stay there. You are an embarrassment to the Repub Party

  2. Sessions, hope you win the seat from the current democrat. Watch out for cheating and scams. Have your people checking. The Dems are liars and cheaters.

  3. I think Jeff primarily likes the political life. A senator spends a lot of time in cool buildings, lot of benefits, nice luncheons, etc, but Jeff doesn't want to rock the boat too much. He's used to Dems getting their way.

  4. Trump does not respect Sessions, he called him stupid and his biggest mistake when he appointed Sessions as AG.

    Where is Sessions backbone? Does he want to go back to being Trump’s lapdog? Guess he misses those times he sat on Trump’s lap? Oh wait, that was SNLs Kate McKinnon impersonating Sessions. She did such a great impersonation, she was indistinguishable from the real Sessions.

  5. Tuberville was probably the favorite candidate for Sessions old seat, that is…..he was before Sessions announced he had to get out of the house and retreat to his old environs…….the U.S. Senate. Now it will be interesting to see if Alabama voters turn to someone a bit more energetic than Sessions was and is.

  6. Jeff Sessions tries hard to position himself as a great supporter of President Trump agenda.
    Goodluck with this.
    To former AG I have this old note: "Full me once, shame on you, full me twice shame on me

  7. Sessions had a hard job to do and I believe he did it well. He moved the players around so that Bill Barr could continue the good work successfully. I think he will be a good Senator again.

  8. Session has proven to be a Deep State…He was someone to badly hurt President Trump, a big Shame, as he lied to Him for Power grab. He is someone to do not ever be believed again. Never Session in the Government.
    Viva Trump 2020!

  9. I hope that the people of Alabama see through this guy and primary him out. Instead of investigating Hillary, he allowed a bogus investigation into the president. He should have told the democrats to go fly a kite with their phoney Russia investigation.

  10. Quote: "I was there to serve his agenda not mine". Of course he was there to serve OUR agenda, right? Goons of Putin (GOP) are serving themselves not us. We the People need to come first. Comrade Bonespurs and the Goons of Putin are not your friends.
    Comrade Bonespurs and the Goons of Putin are the problem not the solution. 11/3/2020 is the solution. GOP Got TO GO.

  11. Democrat prosecutors knock down your door in the wee hours…. Republican prosecutors like Huber are said to be "on the job". I repeat, "said to be". Just give him a few more years, about 15, and he will hopefully make some sort of progress report. Or not.

  12. Absolutely not! This spineless coward only wants to get in to vote to impeach Trump. What a weak cowardly man

  13. Hope the President reconciles with Sessions. He 's ,in general, a good shoulder pushing the plow of reform we need. Even Lindsey and McConnell don't agree with Pres. Trump on every issue.

  14. Will these old bozo's just die already . Why is every geriatric old man picking now to make their last appeal to get noticed? Can't they just go watch Judge Judy in a retirement home somewhere or something? TERM LIMITS/ AGE LIMITS!!!!

  15. Bet Sessions has been involved with Trumps swamp draining this whole time behind the scene! Helping Barr and Duhram! Trumps blast at Sessions is a diversion! Trump wants him in Alabama! Its in the plan!

  16. Is he still a venal angry little racist man totally out of touch with American Culture .
    He lives in Wallace’s south of the sixties .

  17. He IS part of the Swamp. He was McCain's left hand man after Graham. Part of the trade favors, votes, contracts, and monies for more and more power. We need fewer long term "members of the ruling class" and set term limits.

  18. What a joke and a failure. I hope he doesn't win he is a rhino and he covered up do much. Give someone else a chance and I think you ate liar.

  19. if the people will support this guy, they must not have any selection He proved he is a do nothing? The people deserve better!

  20. Mr Sessions: I live in Alabama. I voted for you numerous times. However you betrayed President Trump and the State of Alabama. You cannot be trusted. I am also a huge Alabama fan. Never did I believe I would be for Auburn any way, shape or fashion, but I will be casting my
    Vote for Tommy Tuberville, former Auburn football coach. You don't deserve another chance. ROLL TIDE AND TRUMP 2020!

  21. The American president was found guilty of stealing money from his charity for his personal use. He was fined $2 million. Ain't America great? LOL

  22. I don’t think Sessions was a strong choice as AG but he’s an ethical man. Once Sessions became a subject in the investigation of the Trump campaign, Sessions had no ethical alternative but to recuse himself. In fact, a number of Republicans expected him to do so. If Trump is holding a grudge over a man being ethical, then Trump is wrong and should just get over it.


  24. The Kebler Elf that cooked up the idea of Boarder Security separating families more extensively as a deterrent tactic is running for the seat he once had! Really? Who in Alabama is THAT DUMB to vote for this fool!

  25. The Attorney General is supposed to be a semi-independent part of the executive branch. And as the former Attorney General said, he had to recuse himself. I hope the president can check his listening and sight skills.

  26. Sessions should be in jail or at least no job anywhere in Government and he is just another establishment puppet and is just a private prisons system Lobbyist and hid like the coward he is Americans must start getting rid of these antiques like Sessions

  27. Sessions is a stinkin' RINO. John McCancer type , Flake . He was a DEmocrat implant in Trump administration.
    Go away , RINO !

  28. His smirks lol! Humiliating moments for you sir! Can’t you get enough? Why are old men so greedy for gods sake? How many years would you like to serve? What a democracy we have! What a great country of humiliation. Trump peed on you so many times.

  29. Jeff Sessions is a HUMAN COCKROACH, who needs to crawl back under the floorboards, where he belongs. He talks about furthering the Trump agenda, but all he did as AG was undermine Trump and his agenda. And he refused to go after Hillary Clinton. Moreover, he is a FASCIST in favor of draconian anti-Marijuana laws and anti-Constitutional civil asset forfeiture.

  30. Was expecting Mr. Sessions to come off senile or slow… the man, of tremendous reputation, is completely in tact. He is sharp as a tack. He may indeed become Senator again but WHAT THE HELL WAS THIS MAN DOING AT ATTORNEY GENERAL?!?!? WAS HE OUT TO LUNCH??

  31. Why can't he just go away? I am so sick of career politicians. He misses the power and the game, he doesn't have a desire to serve and fix issues or solve immigration problems or anything like that. We need term limits in congress and we need for Sessions and Pelosi and the Clintons and the Bushes and so many others to just go away.

  32. Umm, The backstabbing Hero McCain is gone, I'm pretty sure Trump dos't want another one. Like Fox bringing back Megyn Kelly.

  33. If FOX News was anything but the controlled opposition, its on-air talking heads might understand that the dust-up between Trump and Sessions was nothing less than Kabuki theatre to throw the media off the scent.  It worked.  Want proof?  As soon as Trump seemed to "attack" Sessions for allegedly pushing back against his trying to get him to act, the media suddenly began to portray 'ole Jeff as a hero because they saw him standing up to Orange Hair.  Even the noted political observer Kathy Griffin was triggered to tweet her support for him!  This deflection enabled Sessions to continue his investigations unimpeded.  And he began investigating Epstein in 2017.  You can imagine the additional names he came across in that search  Why didn't we hear about it?  Because investigators who understand what "honor" and "professionalism" means DO NOT LEAK info to the media.  Do not be fooled by Tucker Carlson's seeming naiveté, and certainly do not swallow the media's characterization of the relationship between Jeff Sessions and Donald Trump as contentious.  Remember, Sessions was nick-named, "The Silent Executioner" in the Peach State.  Q posted many times, "Trust Sessions."  Expect results in due time.

  34. I understand what happened and the why of Jeff Sessions recusal, and support him 100% in his run for senator of Alabama again. He was the sqeakiest clean person in the Senate and his track record bears this out.

  35. Jeff Sessions you hired Robenstein the same person who signed off on the Fisa report that he never read or verified which started the Russian HOAKS, then he hired huge henchmen Robert Muller, two idiots no three idiots and swamp creatures.

  36. Lest anyone trust him now, the President discovered two weeks ago and Tweeted that Sessions knew the day before he accepted the offer of AG, that he would recuse himself. And if that deceit was not bad enough, he then ushered in Rod Rosenstein and watched as he and Deep State Mueller attempted to overthrow the President through a coup and refused to intervene at the President's request. Sessions now knows if he publicly asks Trump to endorse him, Trump risks losing Alabama if he declines. Despicable.

  37. I love you Mr Jeff, welcome back & Thanks for supporting our POTUS God Bless you, we can hardly wait for your contribution.

  38. Jeff Sessions was hard on immigration when he was the attorney General. Trump should not have fired him, but I can understand his decision. Sessions shouldn't have recused himself. The trust was gone. He should have stood by the President's side. Look, I like Barr and how he's cracking down on corruption in Washington, but we've got bigger fish to fry right now. Immigration needs to be dealt with before the United States turns into another Latin hell hole.

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