Jennifer Cobb on United for News at the Global Philanthropy Forum 2018 – Trust

So over the last several months we’ve
been consulting with our stakeholders
and we’ve come up with two key streams
of initiatives that we’re working on this year
and I’ll just touch on them very briefly.
The first is around trust and the second is
around sustainability. On the trust side we’re starting
with inclusion because we deeply believe that
when media reflects the communities that
it’s covering, when people feel that
their voices are heard, they trust that media.
So inclusion is a key piece of trust.
And on the inclusion work we’re starting with women
and girls. And we’re working with Bloomberg and Edelman to
stand up a program that will
significantly increase the number of
women experts and sources cited in news
around the world.
This is work that Bloomberg has been pioneering for about 10 years and we’ll be working with them
to replicate and amplify that. And this
is really important because the global
numbers around women cited in news is about 24%
and it’s been stuck in the low 20s for decades.

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