Jennifer Lopez Carpool Karaoke

[Applause] traffic even in the carpool ends bad today thanks for helping me get to work I really appreciate it no it’s crazy now when you’re like judging on American I’ll call you Jennifer or do they call you JLo or do they call you Jenny what what does one call you what should I be calling you you can call me Jennifer right right who’s that the most for me feels like Jennifer to make cuz you’re JLo I could be like I could be Jake oh you could yeah I like it you think it works I do I think we should make a rap group together don’t even be ridiculous Jake oh and JLo we should do that maybe we could open in Vegas you can open for me in Vegas yeah but I worry about you having to follow it that’s a shame he’s gone do you mind if we listen to some music no let’s take it back yokas show even if you were both my love don’t stop when you run up in the Escalade so the WKU to the ballet know that it was vain when you look at me pulling up asleep so I can see the rollaway so you later in the corner boo raise it up a total so I would notice you but you’re hard to miss think you want to know whether control you treat me right give me all the things on me that money gonna keep me a pseudo think I’m honest man y’all can show even if you will broke my love don’t cost a thing there’s something else I read that I don’t know if it’s true or not okay did you insure your butt from me no no there I don’t even there is no such time you ensure you about I think there is a place in your homeland bro you can ensure certain things you know regard to your body sure seriously yeah I think that exists I’ve heard that yeah not here I don’t think because it would be all to insure your ass if you’re a pianist especially your ass the other player I’m sure your hands but you didn’t insure the buck no it’s gonna say what are you doing with it it’s not in case you sit on something sharp something happens to it something happens to the booty disappear somebody steals it well the CBS have insured my ass okay but only for me for the viewers in case then you know oh [Applause] [Laughter] Jennifer said she talked you but it’s a terrible car the terrible car terrible car we can’t indulge will not allow you to Fran eyes with someone who was made that level the colors off the big spoiler is off he’s out like he’s some kind of what’s the youngest car you know 19 20 no saying you know that’s stupid what’s the most romantic thing you’ve ever done most romantic that I’ve ever done for me this happens I’d like both of those questions to be on many like what’s amazing proposed what’s the best proposal you’ve had I don’t want to compare one to the other they were all pretty spectacular there were now then there’s some that it asked me to marry that we’re good but I did it I said no did you what’s the hang on how many proposals total if we had five three I bought every three times propose to five times five proposal so how do you say no you just say no straight up no no this is it [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Music] oh I see I have a theory about the Spanish language that anything like everything sounds sexy in Spanish honestly I think music and lyrics in Spanish are so much more beautiful and poetic once you’ve done some song since I have I did a whole Spanish out yeah I’ve got one of your Spanish songs here obviously I don’t know I mean immediately it’s such a beautiful I feel sexy did you do what have you done is that what romantic makes me want to cry my [Music] journals from Italy most konkey star in mundo inteiro rustic is there more sitting at air no Casa suficiente para friend a look at cement [Music] what are you saying to me there what was happening cuz my arm took a real beating there what’s up what have you done you destroyed everything we’ve had with your lies with with your own hands you didn’t you did this I’m sorry I messed up you guys usually do it I’m sorry I’m sorry oh man right now all of mankind all of man I don’t know I don’t know if I’m behalf of all women I accept your apology Oh oh my god full music video China oh let’s do things like this well this is how we do in the music video okay all of these [Music] [Music] nearly makes the air battle pray with such thoughts who’s the most famous person you’ve got in your phone famous yeah who’s the most famous person that’s in that I don’t know God there’s a few come on I’m not gonna say why come on who’s the biggest let me see who I can find you see my friends with Chris Brown Nevada Chris Brown Booton Bradley Cooper Cristiano Ronaldo oh my god I mean how Wayne the rock oh my god I can’t believe this is the best hang on this is why these I gotta put in this is the best phone I’ve ever seen in my life let me look at this come on this is insane Fergie is this Iggy Azalea yeah just down as Iggy can I send one person a text and you’ll find Oh anyone shall I text Leonardo DiCaprio right okay let’s just prove that this is real let’s get a text I’m gonna text Leonardo DiCaprio hey leo don’t say Leo cuz I would never say Lea Oh what would you say hey hey man hey baby hey baby okay hey baby I’m kind of feeling like I need to cut loose any suggestions let me know you know from the block [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] I can stay on the floor [Music] [Applause] no no way no way no he did not all right what’s he said hey you mean tonight Babu Club why is that he actually thinks I’m serious I don’t I don’t cup wise all this guy’s the best this was me hey baby I’m kind of really like I need to cut loose any suggestions let me know J Lo’s room the boy on the block you mean sir right boo boo Club boys I guess I’m going out you’re going to the club DiCaprio that’s a nice I’ll be home cooking with my kids oh my god thank you so much for helping me get to work and have a great night tonight you’re out thank you so much for watching this carpool karaoke if you want to watch other carpool karaoke so you can watch them here or subscribe to our youtube channel which i think is their right gel oh yeah right there that’s it see they should subscribe right yes see you soon

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