Jim Himes – Laying Out the Facts in Trump’s Impeachment Inquiry | The Daily Show

Welcome back to the show. The first public
impeachment hearings are in a couple of days. Uh, in the planning of this
event– this is gonna be huge– have you thought
of getting that guy who’s gonna come and be like, “Let’s get ready to rumble.” Have you thought of that? I was just working on getting
Anna Kendrick to come join us, ’cause, you know, that,
that will improve our ratings. It is a big– It is a really,
really big moment, not just for Congress,
but for America as a whole. Now, as we saw in that clip, you believe that Donald Trump has done something
that is an impeachable offense. Many Democrats do, in fact, more than half of the country
believes in impeachment. Why do you think this was
an impeachable offense? Well, there’s two things going on here
that are impeachable. Number one is
a corrupt abuse of power. And that’s the difference
between Donald Trump, as you just saw in that clip,
uh, extorting, essentially, a foreign leader–
a vulnerable foreign leader, as we speak, the Ukrainians
are fighting the Russians– and saying,
as he so gracefully put it, “We want you to do us a favor,
though.” And, of course,
at the same time, military aid is being held up, and a meeting
in the White House– which is a big deal for the new
president of Ukraine– is being held up. Um, that is— It has nothing
to do with our foreign policy. It has everything to do with
the personal political interest of the president
of the United States. And I don’t care if you’re
a Republican or a Democrat, that is not okay. The other piece of this,
of course, is we have an ambassador. And the American public is gonna
hear from her on Friday. All three witnesses, diplomats who are as sharp,
patriotic, serving under Democratic
and Republican administrations over the many, many years,
veterans, in some cases, uh, who was fired. She was fired
because some weird combination of Rudy Giuliani
and shady folks in Ukraine decided that she wasn’t
on Donald Trump’s team. -Mm-hmm.
-And that just can’t happen. You say it’s not okay, and you specifically use
the word “extortion.” It’s interesting,
because “quid pro quo” has been the term
that everybody’s using. But-but you’re not a fan
of that phrase. Why? Well, the main reason I’m not
a fan of that phrase is that… And-and there’s a reason
why the Republicans, who,
of course, have been throwing every variety
of spaghetti against the wall
to see what sticks, focused on quid pro quo. ‘Cause quid pro quo is,
“I’m gonna hand you “a suitcase of money,
and in exchange, you’re gonna do this for me.” Now… By the way, the chief of staff
admitted that that existed. Uh, Ambassador Sondland,
uh, in his revised testimony after he, uh, refreshed
his recollection, -admitted that there was a,
uh, a-a quid pro quo. -Mm-hmm. But the point is if you…
If that’s all you focus on, you miss the extortion. I mean,
it’s right out of The Godfather when somebody in a position
of immense power looks at somebody not
in a position of immense power and says, “I want you
to do us a favor, though.” I mean, look,
the message is not missed. Trump-Trump and the Republicans
have said, though, this had nothing to do
with extortion. It was about America saying,
“We want to make sure “that there is no corruption
in Ukraine “before we give
Ukrainians money, “and part of that corruption
could be Hunter Biden and Joe Biden
and what they’ve done.” So, what do you make
of that argument, then? Um, it’s absurd. Uh, all over the world, uh, the United States government
tries to promote, uh, clean elections,
a clean economy, and there’s all kinds of ways
we do that. Uh, that’s what, actually,
Joe Biden was doing when he was encouraging
the Ukrainians to get rid of
a clearly corrupt prosecutor that the world knew was corrupt. He was executing
the anti-corruption policy of the United States of America.
We do it all the time. It bears absolutely no relation
to the president saying, “I want you to investigate
my political opponent.” And if you look
at the transcript… And, boy, I-I don’t often agree
with the president. I agree with him on this one.
Read the transcript. He does not use
the word “corruption.” He mentions the Bidens
over and over again. So we cannot lose the fact that, uh, that there is
a radical difference between doing what we do
all over the world, encouraging an end
to corruption, and saying, “I want you to look
into my political opponent.” The-These proceedings
were-were… were happening at a pace
that was, um, dictated by the Democrats
for a very long time. You know, Nancy Pelosi said,
“We’re not gonna launch “a formal, uh, proceeding. “We’re gonna take our time
with the inquiry. We-we want to get
all our ducks in a row.” Um, some have said the Democrats
have made a mistake in not waiting for Bolton,
as one of the most prominent notetakers
in the administration. Is there a reason the Democrats
are doing this now? Is– Why not wait
a little bit longer and make sure you’ve got
even more witnesses? Or-or is this a matter
of “timing is important”? I-I think the main reason
for the timing is that the facts are
really not anymore in dispute. And it– and it’s funny.
When in– When Republicans are interviewed, uh,
they never say, “Well, this fact
is clearly wrong.” They-they say
the process is ugly. They say this is not fair. Uh, they say,
“Yeah, this was pretty bad, but it’s not impeachable bad.”
Right? -Right.
-So the facts are there. And, of course, we’d want
to hear from John Bolton. Personally, I want to hear
from Rudy Giuliani, who, uh, you know, again,
another sort of chapter of this bizarre saga,
where you have -the president’s
personal lawyer– -Mm-hmm. he’s got no position with
the United States government– running around Ukraine,
saying God knows what to God knows whom,
probably– We all watch Rudy on TV.
I imagine those weren’t particularly
diplomatic conversations. Um, and, uh, you know, I would
really like to understand that. Because we can’t have
private citizens, of course, carrying out
corrupt enterprises, uh, in vulnerable countries. But the bottom line is
that the facts are there and the open hearings will make
them plain to all Americans. It’s interesting,
because America’s history with open hearings
has shown that– For instance, with Nixon, once those hearings
became public, the swell of support
for impeachment increased dramatically,
because people started to hear and see for themselves what
the president was accused of. It is different now though
in that people get their news from completely different
sources. So are you worried that this
could be one of those things where the hearings are happening but people who watch Fox News and people who consume media
that supports Donald Trump, they’re just gonna get
information that is like, “No, nothing is happening. Everything is fine.
Look the other way”? Or do you think this will shift
the conversation even more? Well, the conversation
has already shifted. I mean,
when the Ukraine thing broke, the numbers– the way
the American people thought about impeachment changed
pretty dramatically. And there was a ten, 15,
almost 20-point swing. We’re in a world today where
some 49% of the American public thinks the president
should be impeached and removed. That was not true
before this Ukraine thing. That said– and-and here’s
what really worries me– um, being elected to an office
like the one I hold or that senators hold,
there’s a profound public trust. And it’s not just to the
president. It’s to our system. It’s to the Constitution. It’s to the resiliency
of our democracy. And when Lindsey Graham
or my Republican colleagues do everything they can
to try to make it sound like this is okay– and I don’t
just mean the Ukraine stuff– I mean, you know– This is the
first president in our history who, before the election,
said he might not recognize the legitimacy of that election. He challenges judges. He calls the press
“the enemy of the people.” This stuff is eroding the
cornerstones of our democracy. And where are my Republican
colleagues in saying, “This is not okay?” Let me ask you
about the Republican colleagues. They’ve said
it’s not about that. You know, people like
Lindsey Graham have said, “No, this whole
impeachment thing is incorrect. “This is not how you should
be removing a president. A president should be removed
by the people in an election.” That’s what they say. “Let’s let
the American people decide, because this impeachment thing
feels like a witch hunt.” How do you respond to that
criticism from their side? Well, the statement…
So, Lindsey Graham called the impeachment process
illegitimate. Folks on the right
are calling it a coup. This is a specifically
enumerated remedy, in the Constitution
of the United States that we all swear to uphold, for holding the president
accountable. By the way, it turns out,
if you read the Mueller report, uh, that it’s the only way to
hold the president accountable, because under the opinion
of the Department of Justice, -the president can’t be charged
with a crime. -Right. So it is the only way.
It is the constitutional way that we hold
a president accountable. Um, and so, too, again,
attack that process and to call it a “coup,”
you know, that sound you hear is the cornerstone’s
of our system beginning -to erode a little bit.
-Oh. It sounds like
there’s gonna be a showdown. From Wednesday onwards,
America will never be the same. Thank you so much
for being on the show. And, uh, good luck
with the hearings. -Thank you so much. Thanks.
-We’ll see how it goes. Congressman Jim Himes,

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    In the end the case against Trump, who may simply know of no other particular corruption questions, is vague. He's a jerk, but ignorance of the law is rarely an excuse. In his case, he's mentally disabled and may actually have forgotten people who swears he knows them. He didn't design this long term plot at any rate; he was just cashing in on it. Nobody thinks Biden will win in any case, and nobody ever did, despite the inevitable cache he had. He was this term's Clinton.

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