Joker 2? How Joaquin Phoenix is Pushing for a Sequel! (Nerdist News w/ Amy Vorpahl)

– Is a “Joker” sequel in the works?
Maybe, if Joaquin Phoenix gets his way.
It is not a joke to say that “Joker”
is the most successful
rated-R film of all time,
and with the film
inching closer and closer
to the coveted one-billion-dollar mark,
ideas are swirling on how to
keep this cash train rolling.
While the movie itself was
set to be a standalone film
not tied into the greater
DC film universe canon,
fans were obviously very excited
to visit this version of Gotham City,
and you can probably bet Warner Brothers
is itching to get director Todd Phillips
and star Joaquin Phoenix on the phone
and see if they might be
interested in the sequel.
Luckily, they may not need to
because it’s not just fans.
It seems that Joaquin
himself may want to see
even more of Arthur Fleck
on the big screen, kinda.
In an interview with the “LA Times”,
Phoenix said, “Long before the release
“or before we had any idea
if it would be successful,
“we talked about sequels.
“In the second or third week of shooting,
“I was like Todd, can you
start working on a sequel?
“There’s way too much to explore.
“It was kind of in jest but not really.”
Even if he was joking not joking,
Phoenix did admit that he played
out his desire for sequels
during the production of the film.
It’s no secret that “Joker”
owes much of its look and feel
to iconic Martin Scorsese
films of the 70s and 80s.
It wears “The King of
Comedy” and “Taxi Driver”
on its sleeve like a badge of honor,
and in regards to this
and Joker as a character,
Phoenix revealed, “I basically said
“you could take this character
and put him in any movie.
“So I did a photo shoot with
the on-set photographer,
“and we made posters
where I Photoshopped Joker
“into 10 classic movies:
“”Rosemary’s Baby”,
“Raging Bull”, “Yentl”.
“If you see it, you’re like
yeah, I’d watch that movie.
“Yentl with Joker?
“That would be amazing.”
He even showed some of these posters
to director Todd Phillips who said,
“I definitely remember the “Yentl” one.
“Another one was “Forest Gump”.
“The Hangover was even one of them.”
Even we have to admit if
Phillips were to return
to his “Hangover” trilogy with
a new one starring The Joker,
it would certainly be an
interesting experiment.
– You can say that again, pal.
(audience laughing loudly)
– While Phillips doesn’t
close the door on a sequel,
he admits he isn’t going
to do one without reason.
“We haven’t talked about it a ton.
“We’ve only talked about the
fact that if we ever did one,
“and I’m not saying we are
because right now we’re not,
“it couldn’t just be
this wild and crazy movie
“about the Clown Prince of Crime.
“That just doesn’t interest us.
“It would have to have
some thematic resonance
“in a similar way that this does.”
Now even though Joaquin
Phoenix seems to be
the person who wants the sequel the most,
he also said that what drew him
to the role in the first place
was the fact that he wouldn’t
have to paint his face again
after the movie was done.
He told the “LA Times”,
“Part of the whole attraction to me
“of “Joker” was there was no expectation.
“I didn’t sign a deal to do more movies.
“It was a one-off.”
He went on to say, “I
wouldn’t just do a sequel
“just because the first
movie is successful.
“That’s ridiculous.”
So could this all happen?
Well it is worth noting that
the most unreliable
narrator in all of this
isn’t the actual Joker but
Joaquin Phoenix himself.
He’s definitely done his share
of trolling throughout the years
as recently seen in the Jimmy Kimmel bit
where he pretended to
have an on-set freakout
during the production of
“Joker” and the footage leaked.
Plus, you know the whole bull (beep)
“I’m Still Here” documentary
where he became a rapper.
But if we had to wager,
it does appear that
Phoenix is very passionate
about the role of The
Joker, a.k.a Arthur Fleck,
and while he would want to do a sequel,
he and director Todd Phillips
will only undertake one if
there is the right reason for it
and not the one billion other reasons.
But what do you folks think?
Do you think we could
get a sequel to “Joker”?
Or should we just get more
standalone comic book movies?
And which classic film would you want
to see the Joker star in?
“Back to the Future”,
“The 40-Year-Old Virgin”,
“The Dark Knight”?
– No, no, no.
– Let’s discuss.
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100 Replies to “Joker 2? How Joaquin Phoenix is Pushing for a Sequel! (Nerdist News w/ Amy Vorpahl)”

  1. Nice review. You have a good voice for speaking on these topics. Thank goodness there is someone who speaks well on videos.

  2. Something go kablooey with the set’s HVAC? Are you coming down with something, Amy? Remember, plenty of rest, liquids, and Vitamin C!

    I think a sequel is a bad idea, but I don’t know how WB will let them leave it be.

  3. At first I thought Jared leto's joker was a comedy now I realise its a tragedy

    Also the sequel will take place years later if they make one Joaquin stated

  4. Joker seemed to tap into something more important, social and political commentary regarding society and I'm really interested in seeing how that fits in with a expanded universe, can it? Feels like it would take a series and not a movie to do that.

  5. I knew money would motivate them to make a sequel. Todd Phillips didnt have a problem making sequels to the hangover after its success so this does not surprise me.

  6. Joaquin was JUST quoted as saying he has absolutely no interest in doing a sequel. He’s never done a sequel no matter how much it paid or how successful the movie is. Do the research, it’s not hard to find…at all. Literally just got done watching it.

  7. I would be happy either way. I think this movie is an amazing standalone film, and it's clear from the interviews that Todd Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix understand what made this film so special. They would never choose to make a sequel just because this movie made money, which is exactly how it should be.

    For me, IF they ever decide to do a sequel, then I have faith that they will take the time and effort to craft something that they deem a truly worthy successor. And if not, then I will continue to cherish Joker as an incredible standalone film! It's clear that they put their heart and soul into this film, and I'm so happy for their tremendous success!!

  8. Yeah, a sequel should only be made if it has the same sort of power as the original. They could make a film about how this Joker mentors a future Joker, like maybe Leto or the Joker before Leto, leading to the cinematic version of the Three Jokers. But it would be so much better if they made one that is an artistic masterpiece, a psychological thriller that leaves audiences trembling with the implications of what might happen if such people were real, and what the story says about our society at large.
    That's what Joker did, and look at it now.

  9. It doesn't have to be an extravagant look at the clown prince of crime but an intimate look at him but the joker is a criminal Mastermind I would like to see Joker fleshed out we only got 10 mins with the Joker. Fine line between genius and insanity


  11. i finally saw it. it was good but this is not the joker at all. even at it most confident moment he coulndt quite land to be comfy on his own skin. well they were right. its taxi driver alright

  12. I would love to see this Joker appear in a future film. But… one of the reasons Joker was that good is that it was telling the origin story of the Joker, and this cannot happen twice.

  13. I prefer standalone movies, too. Filmmakers and actors work better without pressure and expectations. BUT i´d like to see a sequel to "Joker". I´d also like to explore, what this Joker is capable of and what he´s like when he got power.

  14. I would watch a remastered version of this film again and again, just not to spoil this movie with a not-so-good-sequel-better-kill-me

  15. I mean kind of obvious joker 1 was just a origin story it wasn’t really a joker movie I hope the second joker movie plays years after the first one

  16. Joaquin said he probably won't do it. I don't blame him — he'd have to lose weight again. We all know he loves his chick peas!!

  17. Absolutely Amazing, I totally liked it!, See this New Album 'Monish Jasbird – Death Blow', channel link , you might like 🙂

  18. Depending how Matt Reeves' "The Batman" turns out, and the time period it takes place in, this version of Joker showing up isn't that far fetched

  19. The sequel should be called
    “Clown Prince of Crime”

    It should delve into how Joker becomes the criminal mastermind we know and love

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