Journalist Byline Searches in a Library Newspaper Database

A frequent search is to locate an article by a journalist under their byline. Occasionally, you don’t already know your journalist. One way to identify distinguished journalists is to look for those whose work has been recognized by an award such as the Pulizter Prize. You can search for past winners and finalists on the Pulizter website by catagory. It also helps to create a quick timeline of where the journalist worked, and the years they worked there for your research. In the catagory of “National Reporting” Frank Fitzpatrick and Gilpert Gaul with the Philadelphia Inquirer were finalists in 2001 for their series on extreme commercialization of college sports. Now from any Penn State Libraries home page we can locate NewsCAT. A database that will help us find where we should look for the Philadelphia Inquirer. In the blue LionSearch box, click on “Databases” and then the letter “N” to find and open NewsCAT Omitting the word “the” type “Philadelphia Inquirer” in the title search box. Then click “Search.” Select the third entry. Open Access World News, a database that provides articles from this newspaper in the time period needed. On the search page of Access World News select “Source” and “Author Byline Limiters” from the dropdown menus and type “Philadelphia Inquirer” and the names of the journalists in the search boxes. You will need to click “Add Row” to be able to add the second journalist. Click “Search” We see right away from the titles in the results list that we are on target. We also see that the content concerns commercialization of college sports. We can open any one of these articles to email or print the citation in full text article. Now you can find works by a journalist using a byline search. If you need assistance, note the Ask a Librarian widge found on most library web pages for instant chatting. You may also link to the Ask a Librarian page anytime, anywhere you can get basic help and research support through the Ask a Librarian online service.

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