Justice League NEWS Darkseid Will APPEAR? His Secret Plan REVEALED!! Who Will Play Darkseid?

what is good YouTube Warstu here
with a video on the Justice League movie once again so the Justice League movie
comes out on the 17th of November I will be going to see it ASAP so we all know
that Darkseid will be in the Justice League movie in some shape or form
whether that just be a large presence or whether that be he’s physically there
we’ve all known since the nightmare scene where at t–‘s Darkseid that
Darkseid is coming to the DC extended universe but guys who is Darkseid let’s
go into that so he’s worshipped as a god of evil Darkseid is one of the most
powerful beings in existence and he is the supreme person in the planet of
apocalypse considers as one of Justice League’s worst ad versus the greatest
enemy of New Genesis and one of the greatest threats to to the DC multiverse
he seeks to bend everything and everyone to his will and will remake Cosmo in his
own image well searching for the anti-life
equation and essentially guys the anti-life equation is what he wants but
what is the anti-life equation the anti-life equation is a formula that
saps beans of their free will through an equation that makes life and hope and
freedom basically impossible and pointless so that’s essentially what
Darkseid wants he wants two three mother boxes back obviously one of them is with
the Amazonians one of them’s with the Atlanteans and one of them is cyborg so
it’s going to be very interesting to see how his uncle Stefan wolf plays out and
tries to recapture the mother boxes I am expecting within the Justice League a
huge presence presence from a dark side as everyone knows Darkseid is coming but
I got thought thinking to myself if the outside is going to have a cow
come here roll no matter how big or small that camera roll would actually be
who could actually play Darkseid I’m gonna do a separate video on this but
I’m just gonna say I think someone like Jeff bridge bridges would be an awesome
character obviously he’d be shipping from Marvel over to DC I think I think
that would be amazing but originally I think when the Justice League first came
out the concept of Darkseid come in to the Justice League movie I think DC one
of us got worried that it was too similar to kind of fan of Marvel 8 like
the Avengers kind of so I think that’s why there’s rumors that they’re pulling
back the dark side and they want the presence of him to be there without him
physically being there but in my opinion that season like closer to kind of
phallus because we’ve we’ve known things Garden galaxies that the ultimate goal
is Stannis so whenever Darkseid comes he’s just
gonna come so it’s gonna make no difference if it appears to be like a
Marvel movie so guys I want you to let me know in the comment box down below
who do you want to play Darkseid in at the Justice League movie and I’m going
to be doing a video next couple days about kind of who should play dark side
I think Tom Hardy obviously he played a badass Bay and I’ve got some good ideas
that most likely be tomorrow video but I would love your input in that video so
point NAMBLA guys who could play Darkseid in the Justice League movie so
this next stuff could be spoilery it leads on from the lead flop video I did
the other day so if you don’t want to know any spoilers please go Vietnam so
we know that we could potentially baguette baguette in evil Superman an
evil Superman but the evil Superman didn’t go down well on general viewers
based on opinions of Batman vs Superman so let’s say we get an evil Superman so
let’s say Darkseid brings him back to life even though he’s not even dead
we are expecting Superman to be in the black suit with a mullet when he
appeared when he comes back to be drained of all his powers from being
away from the Sun most likely for such a long time Darkseid tell Superman
that Lois Lane is dead and everyone that he loves is dead dark so it also tells
him that Batman is to blame obviously Batman vs Superman they had a massive
rivalry then they came together at the end with Martha and then he tells Batman
he’s sorry he tell was Superman that it’s all Batman’s fault and Batman
Batman had the chance to save Lois but he didn’t he chose to sue just kind of
he chose to save himself so I can’t see Lois Lane actually physically being
killed because she’s pinnacle to Superman’s storyline the whole – they
would – I can’t see that going ahead without actually Lois Lane so it’d be
similar to the nightmare scene we seen in Batman vs Superman where Batman is
chained up Superman rocks in to this underground
bit all the guards bow he kills the guards with his night vision and then
Henry Cavill Superman he’s like she’s my world you took her away from me
you took her from me I think that was said and then it cut out so there would
be a pretty cool story line but I don’t think it would go down well if the
general viewers didn’t like evil Superman kind of battle unless you mind
going to each other in in Batman V Superman but it is a Zack Snyder moving
in Zack Snyder is a kind of bit edgy and raw but to reverse this oh that will
happen all that does have to happen is someone like the flash would have to zoo
and get her and bring her and show Superman that Lois isn’t actually dead
but I don’t expect Darkseid to do this I expect it to be his uncle like Stefan
Wolfe but I don’t actually know if he’s got mind controlling abilities I presume
some technology could be built in order to make this happen that’s just a
concept little theory that came up when I read that evil Superman storyline of
how they could potentially play out so guys let me know in the comment box down
below what do you think a video is it good bad do you think I’m right about
diet arcs like ultimate goal that he wants to obviously get the anti-life
equation who do you think should play the art
side that would be after coming video would love your input and do you think
that actually gonna physically go with the evil Superman storyline
don’t think they will because that would absolutely annoy a lot of people
including me kind of because it’d be like they’re recycling the kind of
machine from Battersea man but I could see it going it could be cool if they
played it out pretty smartly anyway guys please like subscribe and comment if you
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below and we will catch you in another video very soon guys catch ya later

27 Replies to “Justice League NEWS Darkseid Will APPEAR? His Secret Plan REVEALED!! Who Will Play Darkseid?”

  1. I think it would be cool at the end if we just see his omega beems kill steppenwolf and it then focuses back on darkseid and there's just a shadow of him with his red eyes

  2. I belive they has already cast Darkseid and I belive is the actor who played Roose Bolton from Game of Thrones how play,s Him.

  3. Just because something is done in the comics doesn't ever mean that's exactly how it'll be done in the DCEU. We've seen that plenty in how they've slightly changed origins and characters to fit the universe from the movies and even on the DC CW Universe of shows. They can't be as detail as comics. Which is why I feel it'll be more like Darkseid wants to "rule the universe" and doing that is through the motherboxes. 

    Also might want to fix the reverb on the audio for the video.

  4. I want to see Darkseid hire Lobo to hunt down and kill the Justice League in JL2. Then Darkseid can be the main villain in JL3.

  5. Superman, Batman, Wonder woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Cyborg and Shazam, I can see these 8 fighting darksied in justice leage 2

  6. I totally agree, I think it would be a huge mistake on WB's part if they don't introduce Darkseid in JL, if not give him significant screen time(preferably right at the end). The comparison with Thanos will come whether we like it or not. If they leave it to future films after Infinity War then the inevitable argument of DC is copying Marvel will hold more ground but if DC actually manages to introduce Darkseid during the movie(and not in end credit scenes or minor no action scene) with a significant screen time before Thanos gets his due in April it could leave things more up to perspective. After all Thanos is actually a direct copy of Darkseid in the comics(Darkseid preceded Thanos by a few years I believe) and they are both the ultimate big bad in their respective universes, so it would be stupid to forego Darkseid because Marvel beat them to it way back in the first Avengers film.

    Having said all that(which is kinda splitting hairs, I admit, but anything to silence the Marvel fan boys lol) I think that Darkseid(played by Ed Harris) should be introduced right at the end when the JL finally defeats Steppenwolf, Darkseid boom tubes in like a total badass, subdues the entire JL effortlessly long enough to drag Steppenwolf back through the boom tube(all while holding his hands behind his back in a display of fearless superiority), setting up JL part 2. This would in essence make JL a two parter but not necessarily as part 3 could be a JL and
    the New Gods vs Darkseid and every big bad in the DC universe(why not).

    Another thing I wouldn't mind having more of in the DCEU is more Gods of Olympus involvement. Perhaps Zeus(schwarzenegger, as silly as that may sound) could play a part in defeating Darkseid's forces in the first invasion back in ancient times depicted in the ancient battle scene in one of the trailers. Just my two cents, peace out!

  7. Well that's one question answered the other questions is when will darkseid appear in the movie and where and my guess is at the very end of movie in a post credit scene thus setting us up for the anticipation for justice league 2.

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