Justin Trudeau’s Doughnuts, Tinder’s New Updates & Steve Mnuchin vs. Greta Thunberg | The Daily Show

There’s a big political scandal involving Canadian
prime minister Justin Trudeau. And you may remember
that Trudeau just survived another scandal when he was
busted for doing brown-face 20 years ago
at an Aladdin party. But this time, my friends, Trudeau may have really gone
too far. NEWSWOMAN: Some doughnut drama
for Justin Trudeau. The only-in-Canada controversy
started with the prime minister tweeting a photo of himself
carrying boxes from the Oh Doughnuts shop
in Winnipeg to help fuel
a wintertime cabinet meeting. Some on social media
praised Trudeau for supporting
a local business. Others criticized him
for buying about $200 worth of elitist doughnuts instead of hitting
the local Tim Hortons at about a third of the price. (laughter) Really, Canada? That’s your scandal? Your prime minister brought
the wrong doughnuts? If this shit pisses you off, you guys wouldn’t last a day
with Donald Trump. (laughter, cheering) -Doughnuts?
-(applause) I can’t even believe
that’s a thing. Let me tell you something now.
If Trump had a doughnut scandal, he’d make it a real scandal. He’d be like, “Yes,
I had sex with that doughnut. (laughter, groans) But only because it promised me
dirt on Joe Biden.” Also, I love how
some Canadians are upset because they say Trudeau didn’t
go to the local doughnut shop. Tim Hortons.
That’s what they said. They said, “Why did you go
to this elitist place instead
of the local Tim Hortons?” Okay, there’s nothing local
about Tim Hortons, all right? It’s a giant corporation. Right? When these people go
to McDonald’s, are they like, “Oh, anything I can do to
help out my neighborhood clown.” I will say, though,
Justin Trudeau should be a little careful
with these doughnuts. Yeah. ‘Cause he could start eating
a chocolate one, get a little bit of the frosting
on his face, yeah, and then go to wipe it off,
and then it’s everywhere, and then he’s just like:
♪ I can show you the world… ♪ (laughter) All right, let’s move on to some news
from the world of tech. Tinder. It’s the app that helps
you find that special someone you could be with
for the rest of your night. -(laughter) -And now, after
years of getting people laid, Tinder is now trying
to get people safe. Well, the popular
dating app Tinder is unveiling
new safety features today. They include
a photo verification system, a panic button, and the ability
to call authorities to their exact location. Tinder will use this technology
as part of its safety features. Critics have complained
that Tinder has not done enough in the past to screen out
scammers and assault suspects. Yay. Good job, Tinder. No, seriously, anytime
you can make dating more safe, that’s something you should do. I just hope this feature
isn’t too Tinder-y, you know? If you can, like,
call for help on Tinder, I hope it’s, like, just help. I hope it’s not like,
“I need help! Send a cop! “No, not him. No, not him. “No, not him. Yeah, I guess.
He’s okay, okay, okay. Okay.” And I do think
it’s a good feature, but I know some people
are gonna abuse it. You know, like, you know
Mike Pence would be hitting that panic button all the time. Just be like, “Help me.
My woman date is wearing pants. Come soon!” But now that Tinder and Uber
both have panic buttons, I feel like every app
should have them. You know? Every app. Like, if you’re on Instagram,
and you accidentally like your ex’s
three-month-old photo, you should be able
to hit a button and then they send a team
to help you start a new life. All right, moving on. The World Economic Forum
in Davos, Switzerland, is wrapping up, and one
of the stars of the event was climate activist Greta Thunberg,
who blasted politicians for continuing to ignore
global warming. But now one of Trump’s minions
is firing back. NEWSWOMAN: U.S. Treasure
Secretary Steve Mnuchin unleashes a verbal attack on teen climate activist
Greta Thunberg. Both are at the World
Economic Forum in Switzerland. She said in a speech,
she wants businesses worldwide to stop investing
in fossil fuels. Mnuchin told reporters,
considering her an economist is a joke,
and she needs to come back after she goes to college
and gets an economics degree. Yeah. Steve Mnuchin,
U.S. Treasury Secretary and skin-covered stapler, says that Greta
should go to school before she comments
on the global economy. That’s what he said.
Those were his words. Like, “Why don’t you go
to school, Greta, before you comment
on the economy.” And that doesn’t make any sense,
because since when does the Trump administration listen
to anyone with an education? -(laughter)
-That makes no difference. Seriously, this is not
a White House that cares about qualifications, right? Their education secretary has
no education experience. They put a sleepy doctor
in charge of all urban housing. And the current head of the EPA
was a coal lobbyist. Right? Forget
an environmental science degree. This dude probably can’t even do
basic bird-watching. Yeah, he wouldn’t know
the difference between a red-breasted merganser
and a yellow-bellied sapsucker, you bird-ignorant
mother (bleep). (laughter) I mean, for crying out loud,
Ivanka, Ivanka Trump is an advisor to the president. What is her expertise? Huh? What is it?
Is Trump in a meeting like, “Ivanka, help us out.
We have to decide “whether or not to bomb Iran. “You sold shitty jewelry
unsuccessfully for ten years. What do you think?” (laughter)

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  1. 1:20, I think they were upset that he had to waste money on buying from a expensive shop rather than get it from a Tim Horton which was available "locally" too.

  2. Everyone: Ah yes, Greta Thunberg, environmental activist!
    Me: Ah yes, Greta Thunberg, the person who made a cameo on Pewdiepie's rewind 2019 and appeared on memes for a few days!

  3. Woah, woah, woah. Tinder has a panic button that will send a cop right to you, but if I dial 911 on a cell phone, police or an ambulance will just have a vague idea of where I am?? Ya wanna do something about that government??

  4. I don't agree that you can debate about stuff without having the necessary knowlegde or education. I respect Greta for her passion and determination. But letting a 16 year old teen dictate the world leaders on how to do their jobs on stages like the UN and the world economic forum is far ridiculous.

  5. You know, it's funny, most videos with Greta immediately get a large number of dislikes. It's almost like someone programmed bots to register to her name 🤔

  6. Trevor have mustered American ascent and he even lost his originality he became a ordinary American comedian who always bias political. The Greta Thunberg you always back up or your masters was involve in a racist scandal done by your allies in American the left the soft racists all of it happened in your father's country Switzerland. I knew it in the beginning that you were not a Xhosa you never be great as Nelson Mandela or Desmond Tutu. Serve your masters the future will judge as an equal to your kindness

  7. You guys ever notice, it's only democrats that wore blackface, and condoned slavery, and the first actual black politicians were all republicans???

  8. Here's the things I don't understand:
                   VOTE to CONVICT

    1) Trump losses all power over them.
    2) He no longer controls the RNC
    3) No longer controls campaign $$$
    1) He can no longer take retributive action against them through legislative or executive order.

    The Republican senators have all the power here. Yet, they  are allowing a Paper Tiger to buffalo them.

    WHY?  WHY?  WHY?

  9. "If this sh*t pisses you off then you guys wouldn't last a day with Donald Trump."


  10. Piece of info: you can't create a new Instagram acc without Facebook blocking you and requesting you send a picture of yourself holding a code they send you.

  11. Our president spends hundreds of thousands of tax payer dollars playing golf. Tell me about your doughnut troubles again, Canada?

  12. Sometimes I have a hard time believing Americans actually chose Donald Trump and keep hoping its a long drawn scandal.

  13. Trevor Noah the second I laid eyes and ears on you I knew you were going places I am very proud of you your success is well deserved 😘😘😘👍👍👍

  14. if grteta waited until she finished college to comment on the envirment, the planet would be fucking dead by then

  15. I dreamed of Trevor last night. His three friends turned all he said into a rap song and he was rotf with laughter. 😆

  16. Climate Change: Now so easy a kid can learn it!

    Apparently, not easy enough for Trump's admin. If 16 year olds are complaining you don't have your act together on something blatant, you might not have your act together.

  17. Weird, I got an old "Crossing Jordan" on TV. One guy asked another, "Did you ever see anyone die from eating a doughnut ?".

  18. He should be buying his donuts from: ROBOT HUNTER'S DUMPSTER DONUTS
    The quality is in the name. 
    And don't forget our slogan: PROVE YOU'RE A MAN — EAT THE DONUT! WHATA' YA SOME KINDA PUSSY?

  19. "You're gonna burn down the house!"
    "Well excuse me, but until you've got a degree in forensics, I'm just gonna keep stacking money in front of these heaters."

  20. Greta the berg is a textbook appeal to emotion. She’s been brought up with the only goal of being the sad little girl to cry in front of world leaders to make them feel bad about policy. At the end of the day her demands if met the way she wants, would lead to a total economic collapse and a new Great Depression. Just turning off the oil wells doesn’t work. This is aside from the fact I bet she wears rubber soled shoes, flew to the summit, was driven in a car and plugged her phone in with a rubber insulated cord after eating a breakfast that had berries that were shipped in a plastic container. But sure just stop pumping oil switch to card board and cut down all the trees.

  21. People just want to be offended by anything these days. He bought donuts for his crew and is called an elitist because they cost a little more. Wow who fucking cares. I love donuts and I'm a blue collar guy so does that mean im a elitist asshole also? I swear i hate people and social media so much.

  22. "Sold shitty jewelry for ten years". That's not entirely true. Ivanka sold shitty overpriced clothing and perfumes too.

  23. Steve Mnuchin should do the Robert Budd Dwyer and kill himself (Treasurer to Treasurer) … because he is just as accredited as Greta Thunberg !

  24. Ever notice that everyone in Trump's cabinet looks like a Minstrel Show Stereotype of a human being? Also, why would anyone who's voted Republican in the last 40 years think they understand the economy? They all think that giving money to the rich is gonna summon money elves to deliver prosperity to us all. At least, that's the most logical reason anyone could push Reaganomics on.

  25. The best part is… they got mad he overpaid a local business for donuts but didn't go dump money into the massive corporation like Tim Horton's that wouldn't even notice the purchase in the overall daily numbers… Great logic Canadian trolls. You would die in America after reading 20 Trump tweets.

  26. Tim Hortons donuts really are tougher than leather, idk wat kinda plastic they use to hold the gluten together in those donuts but they should just go home.. I'm with Trudeau

  27. Besides the climate change issues, this whole media obsession for this white privileged kid is a JOKE!! Please Trevor invite Naomi Wadler to your show, her speech in Davos needs more recognition!

  28. Man, I'm totally jealous of these fascist country's scandals. Doughnuts. Megxit. Smh.
    Bring Obama back!
    Make America Neo-liberal Again!

  29. 0:13 it sounds like one of those fake jokey headlines or events the daily show usually uses to add to an actual story but this one actually happened

  30. Not just economics! Greta and all the other climate panickers should be forced to complete meteorology, math, and computer modeling classes before being allowed to push propaganda.

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