Kellyanne Conway rips Hunter Biden for serving on Chinese firm board

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  1. Until there is a rule made that family members are no longer able to ride on their family politicians coattails this will continue and I am very upset Trump has his family members on his WH team. Already there are rumors, Jared and Ivanka are selling VISAS to the Chiese

  2. I'm surprised that Kellyanne didn't do a commercial for Ivanka's products while she was creating an alternative reality for Hunter Biden.

  3. President Donald Trump’s personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, was paid $500,000 for work he did for a company co-founded by the Ukrainian-American businessman arrested last week on campaign finance charges, Giuliani told Reuters.


  5. I'd love to have both of these honey's naked on my kingsize Hastings bed . . . Maria ??& KellyAnne ? . Can't wait until KellyAnne gets a divorce

  6. Drug addicted loser Hunter Biden is flying around the world on Air Force 2 using his daddy's influence to rake in million$.    Democrats hate it that Joe Biden's corruption is being exposed.

  7. Ohhh Kellyane, the way you talk about Biden's son being on Airforce 2 with his father, and getting sweetheart deals, I wish you could speak the same language regarding Trump's children getting business deals because of their father's position in the government!!!! Don't be biased!!!

  8. Let’s face it. The only time Hillary told the truth is when she told us our primary votes don’t count. The DNC decides who will run! She said it to explain that she didn’t really steal the Democratic Primary.

  9. Ask Conway what she thinks about Kushner getting the $500million loan he desperately needed after he entertained the lenders in the WH and what she thinks about Ivanka getting her Chinese trademarks approved after Trump invited her to sit next to Chinese leaders during dinner at Mar a Lago, where Trump makes a fortune charging taxpayers.

  10. What are trump's kids doing in the white house, someone ask that nasty woman that, what sort of spin would she put on that, admit it, it's a smear campaign, plain and simple

  11. poor dems and libs I can hear them crying their snowflakes tears……..Trump 2020…..nobody can beat TRUMP…..Nobody.

  12. The reason he is the front runner is because of the Dem's are using him to pick at Trump not because he ever had a chance, They will trot out Hillary after all the hopeful busted their asses Trump 2020

  13. It is appalling to see someone given an important high-paying position because of family connections; especially when he is totally unqualified for the job and does nothing to earn the money. Jared Kushner should be fired immediately!

  14. Of course it's fine for the trump family greed inc. to keep profiting on cheap Chinese labour while daddy rorts the emoluments clause and sticks his moronic son into high security clearance positions he is catastrophically unqualified for…

  15. Trump has been draining the swamp [ AKA the deep state] from day one. Pelosi, shumer. pencil neck Shift, Nadler, are all poster kids for the deep state! No wonder they all hate the President. He`s messing up their master`s plans. Trump in 2020

  16. Donald Trump exposed China and he is not in China’s pockets like previous administrations and democrats looking for a get rich quick bone like Biden and son!

  17. YouTube is very interesting…… I sometimes will make a comment that gets multiple notifications that someone liked it but when I visit the post there is no indication of any likes at all. Interesting. I’m conservative. That may have something to do with it!? MAGA????

  18. Hunter just announced he will leave the Chinese and ukranian boards and go back to his old law firm of dewy,cheetum,and howe and get paid in fortune cookies.
    Now give him his halo back.

  19. He stepped down because finally someone like Trump caught him and called it out. D.C. is a swamp of corrupt Dems and a few Reps. It's been going on for decades and Trump will hopefully drain the swamp?

  20. By the way, Republicans are doing to the word "corruption" what they already did to the words "fake news," true KGB-style information warfare they are waging.

    Anyway, because the House of Representatives is doing its constitutionally ordained duty and investigating the actual corruption of a president (Trump) extorting a foreign country (Ukraine) to give him a reacharound (right on the crouch) in the 2020 election, Lindsey Graham will do everything to obstruct that inquiry that he can, by attempting to throw a sideshow trial in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

  21. The US government has become so crooked, we should send in the military and run them all out, seize all their assets to go back to public they stole from. No pension, No Benefits!!!

  22. How can someone, that had no experience and doesn't speak Chinese, get a high paying job in a Chinese firm? When you have a father that's a crooked VP of the U.S., that's how. I believe, the Clinton Foundation has their dirty hands in this story somewhere.

  23. Kelly-Anne is absolutely right about these "woke" lefties, they still vote for the whitest race bating swamp creatures. Just goes to show how hypocritical they are.

  24. Kelly stop lying, Trump is all about sweet deals, that's why he was talking to the Ukrainian president. And stop trying to spin the Obama angle..Fox is the only channel that lie so much…That's why Shepherd quit !!

  25. They decided not to proceed with impeachment because Giuliani is exposing the Briben's and calling them out.They know that by law President Trump was required to investigate Joe Briben and Hunted Briben for extortion and bribery on Ukraine. Creepy Joe has his own video where he admits to it, and even brags about having the prosecutor in Ukraine fired for investigating his cocaine head son Hunted Briben. Hunted Briben resigned in China as middle man for Creepy Joe, but hasn't let go of his 10% interest in the Chinese Company, as greed is still a horrible addiction as well. Their investigator Mueller admits no collusion as the investigation into the Briben's involving Ukraine is required by law. The democrats, Creepy Joe Briben, Pocahontas, Walking Dead Heart Attack taxer Bernie, Buttigag, Beto Dirt Eater and Green Poop Trickster, just don't have their crap together, and don't know crap from apple-butter. What a banded fool crew of misfits democrats have to choose from as if they are having an apple bobbing contest is in a commode, but it isn't actually apples they are trying to choose from.

  26. PRetty sure that Punter Biden said "I will step down IF my creepy father WIN'S the POTUS job" not that he would or has….anyone else get that from the interview he did? I will wait_______________

  27. Wow, is Fox news still on the air? How many scared, White males do we need to see before we understand that THEY ARE JUST SCARED WHITE PEOPLE???

  28. Kellyann is so radiant….I just melt everytime I see her….so strong and sexy…but she needs to dump her loser husband….such a sniveling pansy. But I get why she married a beta…

  29. I Love that Cute Kellyanne! She is one sharp smart cookie, intelligent and always has her facts straight and true! We are so fortunate to have her… An asset to our Pres and Country indeed… She's a gutsy Jersey Girl and we are so proud of Her! ❤
    Take nothing for granted! Let's all be there in 2020 for our smart and savvy Pres Donald Trump! He is Might For RIGHT!???

  30. Hunter Biden is not a public servant. He has no obligation to refrain from any legal employment.
    His father Vice President and presidential candidate Joe Biden does and has violated the public trust with the Ukraine “quid pro quo” demand and his blind political support for China after Hunter was employed (for $1.5 billion) by a Chinese company.

  31. Go girl. Your one tough lady! They are stupid for attempting to try to take you on. You get facts before you talk they don't ?

  32. Why isn't obooooMA out there supporting Biden?? It's because obooooMA, has vested interest against Biden, and plans on an 'SURPRISE ATTACK' right before the primaries, either by SPRINGING .. his DIRTY-RACIST wife out there OR trying out the Hillary rat, again!!

  33. Why is no one pointing out that the DEMS are so committed to impeachment because they are all such liars and they are protecting them self from all of the underhanded things they have done start looking into there cupboards and watch how many skeletons fall out. Where did all of these people get there money????????????????

  34. So far these stupid Democrats harm themselves a lot not winning 2020 election They are viewed so bad by Americans that they will not win the election even without Trump

  35. Hold on, your President asked a foreign country in illegally investigate Biden. I know you guys love Trumpy but it's not allowed. Just a fact

  36. Trump you got to love him draining the swamp! These old politicians have been crooked for years and they all were covering up for one another

  37. Shows how comfortable Joe was in his crooked ways he actually bragged about it throwing both himself and his son under the bus.

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