Kis Kis Ki Kismat (2004)(HD & Eng Subs) – Hindi Full Movie – Mallika Sherawat – Dharmendra

“Hey girl!” ‘Listen to what I say.’ – Punjabi!’ ‘Listen to a good thing,
worth millions, the whole world.’ ‘Marriage.. marriage.. marriage.’ ‘All boys and girls and listen,
marriage is destruction.’ ‘All boys and girls and listen,
marriage is destruction.’ ‘My sister has tied
herself with such a fool!’ ‘The house hold members asked
for a relation with such fools!’ ‘Oh God! Without my daughter,
this house will be lonely.’ ‘Oh, stop crying,
the marriage procession has come.’ ‘See, the horse has
shat on the groom.’ ‘Go.. go. Get a hose pipe.
Have the groom’s face washed.’ “Hey girl!” ‘Oh you, father of the bride,
don’t take so much time.’ ‘Give the dowry, give the dowry.’ “Give dowry.” ‘Oh relative.
Come and sit on the stage at least.’ ‘Take the boy, give me the girl.
Take the boy, give me the girl.’ ‘The auspicious
time is passing away.’ ‘Call the girl,
have the marriage rounds taken.’ ‘The auspicious
time is passing away.’ ‘Has she not come
on the stage till now?’ ‘Where is my daughter?’ ‘My one million has gone in dowry.’ ‘Don’t disrespect me. Come on!
Come in to your in-laws house!’ ‘We are ruined, we are looted,
the girl has run away.’ ‘We won’t tolerate this insult.’ ‘Come on, we won’t keep
any relation with this house.’ ‘A father’s head is
bowed in shame today.’ ‘A father has broken the
relation with his daughter.’ ‘Our plate has been kicked!’ “Punjabi!” What..? What are you doing? Alright. – Thank you very much sir. I am not praising you. Sir. I thought.. You think a lot.
But you don’t work at all. Hello Chatopadhyay.
Yes, I am leaving right away. Yes, sir! – What is this? Put some
pressure.. like this. Like this. Yes. Okay. Okay, bye. A black cat! A black cat..
Kokila.. this.. in the house.. Sir.. Oh mother! Good morning, dad. – I am shaken. Come here. Give me your hand. What happened to this hose pipe?
– That was stolen, sir. And how were you left behind? And from where did this BMW come? I bought it, dad. I bought a Suzuki
for you two months back. What is the meaning of this BMW now? Yes, I sold that
one and bought this. And they are actually
asking for the payment.. What is this?
Such a long bill for country ghee? The country ghee is being
used like municipality water! Dad please. You.. You.. you.. keep quiet. You have sold the Suzuki.. ..and bought a rotten BMW!
And that too, second hand! Tell the cook that the food will
be prepared in Dalda from tomorrow. The cook was saying.. – The cook.. Country ghee..
– Who is the cook to say anything? The food will be
prepared in Dalda only! And what cannot
be prepared in Dalda? You name it and it can be prepared. That is sir.. – What is this, dad? I am speaking about the car here.. ..and you are talking
about Dalda? – Hasu.. Sit down.
Sit down. – I won’t sit down. And if you don’t listen to me then..
– Yes.. what will you do? I will buy another car and..
– You will buy another! Oh God! Press it. Press it a bit.. You don’t even know how to press. You are not a father,
you are a curse. – Curse! You call your father a curse? Okay. One day,
I will give you such a curse.. ..forget a car,
you will yearn for a cycle too. Hey.. why are you glum? Take this. I will put a
thousand rupees in your account. You know.. thank you very much.. ..that you will put a
thousand rupees in my account. And the food will
be prepared in Dalda too. But sorry, I cannot tolerate this. What can’t you tolerate? The son of the biggest
stock broker in India but what? No stock of cars in the garage.. stock of clothes
in the wardrobe.. ..and no stock of money
in the bank account. And no stock of brains in your head! When I was of your age.. I didn’t even have
rubber slippers on my feet. When I came here from Rajkot
in 1967, I didn’t have anything. Enough. Please.
Don’t go in a flash back.. ..I will go away from here, okay? Here.. keep this mobile.
Keep this credit card. And keep this credit card too. I can earn and fill
my stomach myself. Will you fill your stomach
by eating peanuts – So what? See, he is saying so what! Stingy person. Hey, who are you
calling a stingy person? There is a lot of difference
between a stingy person.. ..and a person who
knows the value of money. Make him understand something,
that donkey. Should I make him understand?
– Shut up! You go and make the cook
understand that the food.. ..will be prepared in Dalda
from tomorrow. – Yes, sir. This.. what is this..
– Madam has given this. 900 thousand..
– She told me to give it to you. It is Popley’s.
– So what.. will she ruin me? What was the need to buy
this necklace worth 900 thousand? I cannot wear fake diamonds. Do you think yourself
to be the queen of Udaipur? Do you know how many zeros
are there in 900 thousand? I am not interested
in counting zeros. I am interested
in counting diamonds. Hey, don’t joke. Kokila..
I have settled my small world.. saving each every
paisa that I earned. And you want to destroy
it by buying diamond necklaces? Ever since the stock
market has slackened.. ..I am wearing the
loose pants of last year. You wish that I should
look beautiful always, isn’t it? After all,
I am the lone wife of the third.. ..biggest stock broker
of this country. Not the third, the second biggest. But if you keep squandering
my money like this.. ..forget about the third,
I won’t even be numbered twentieth. You have jewelry
which has filled bags. What is the need of
buying new jewelry for you? Their cuts are old.
– Diamonds have cuts too? Nowadays, the cuts are different. Belgium cut,
Baguette cut, Princess cut.. Talking about these cuts,
you have cut my wallets. Now, go and give it back.
And take some of your old.. and have
some new ones altered. Do you wish that I should
be embarrassed in public? You have a big reputation,
don’t let it be ruined. I don’t have that big a reputation.
Let it be ruined. Give it to me.
I will go and return it to them. Before returning the diamonds
you will have to cross my dead body. I don’t want these dialogues,
I want the necklace. Tell me, where is the necklace? Open sesame.. Oh! Aladdin’s treasure. Koki.. this is the necklace,
isn’t it? Yes, that is the one. No. this can’t be the one. Is this the one? Yes, that is the one. Are you fooling me! This is the one! This.. what is this? That.. that one belongs to Neelam. Neelam goes for shopping with you? Oh no! White Sapphire! You win and I lose. Tell me, which
is the necklace? For god’s sake. They are fools to
think that you are smart. You are right. If not the diamonds,
I will take this.. ..white sapphire
and take the money back. The necklace worth 900 thousand.. Koki.. Koki.. where are you going? Koki.. Koki..
give me the necklace. – Let me go! Koki.. Koki.. open the door! Koki.. Koki.. She keeps on eating sweets.. Good morning. – Good morning. Koki.. Good morning, sir.
– Good morning. Good morning. Sorry, sir. – Good morning. Koki.. Hey, Koki.. Give me the necklace..
– No.. Hasu.. No.. Hasu.. darling..
– Give me the necklace.. Are you going upstairs? Oh! You are hitting me with potties? Koki! Koki! Koki.. Open the door koki. Koki.. Koki.. playing hide and
seek in the afternoon with me? Wait! I will play hide
and seek with you at night! Give this to me now.
Give me the necklace. Where are you going? Where is Koki? The drama is enough now. But Hasu darling..
– Give me the necklace. That Popley.. he told me.. He has got this especially
for me from Uganda. Koki.. I will export
this necklace to Uganda! But Hasu darling,
why don’t you understand? We will have to pay money for it. Will you give me
the necklace or not? Here you are. Eat it. Spice it and eat it. I never
saw a stingier person than you. What did you day? – Stingy! Stingy! – Not a stingy person,
I know the value of money. Stingy person! – Again, Stingy! You are calling me
stingy and stingier? See. See what this
stingy person does. Look at my big heart! No! “Freedom!” “Absolute freedom.” “Clear freedom.” ‘This mind of mine
dances and sings.’ ‘I dance and sing like a bird.’ ‘I have got all the freedom.’ ‘I am the owner of my whim,
I will get my destination.’ ‘I am the queen now.’ ‘Nobody is there to stop me,
nobody at all.’ ‘I am so happy,
I am enthusiastic in such a way!’ ‘Listen to this..’ ‘This earth and that sky is mine.’ ‘Listen to this..’ ‘This earth and that sky is mine.’ Sir.. sir..
please wait.. please wait.. He always stops me from behind. It is too much, sir.
I cannot tolerate it now. Do you know? My great grandfather
Was the special.. ..cook at the palace
of the King of Morvi. Is it so? – Even I am a royal cook. I am not a normal cook
of some highway inn. – Okay. Go and work in some royal kitchen. What are you doing here?
– You told me to use Dalda? Did I commit any crime? That means I cannot stay
here under any circumstances. I cannot live in the kitchen
of such a stingy person. Understood? Her aim missed. She was going to attack me. I am leaving your
job and going away. Are you listening to that? Now, fry yourself in Dalda.
I am going. Oh, my cook. From where did you get this? What proof do you have that
this is yours? – Yes, it is mine. What if my head would break? The necklace doesn’t
break heads, madam. The necklace has broken hearts. But my earrings broke, isn’t it? And this necklace fell
on me with such force.. ..that I fell down out
of sheer fear. – I have an idea. You take this necklace. Do you think that
you are the seventh.. ..son of the great
donor Karna? – What? Why are you giving this to me?
– This is useless for me. Take it away, keep it with you. How will I just take it away?
I should what this is. This is a necklace. And rubber.. It is made out of rubber. Do you want to know
anything else? – Yes. I want to know,
why are you good to me? Just like that. Without any reason. Will you.. Can you give me one hundred
and eighty rupees? – Why? The earrings that you broke,
that is for one eighty rupees. And my clothes are dirty too.. If you don’t have one
hundred eighty rupees.. Joke of the day. You foolish girl. Do you know who much
this necklace costs? But you thought this to be cheap.. ..material from the
road side and threw it away. I have come out so
sad from my house, mother! And then,
you have started asking questions. See, one eighty rupees
is nothing more. But I know the value
of money – Value? You said value? Wow! If only,
my family members knew the value. Hey. Girl.
What is the cost of your earring? One hundred and eighty rupees.
Plus the rickshaw fare. How will this rickshaw go? I don’t go with strangers. Now, we know each
other a little bit. The rest, we will complete
it in the car. Please come. Come. Where have you brought me? Please don’t worry.
At least come inside. Please come. How does this look? This seems as if you have
worn a bucket in your ears. Sir.. very trendy design. It
is the newest design. It is very.. Therefore I don’t like it. – Yes. What is this? This is a mirror sir. Yes Good. – Good. Hey, you can’t go inside.
Who is this! Like this..
inside the showroom.. It is good. Carefully, with love. – Hold this. Very slowly. – Hold this. Yes. They are very expensive.
They are nice. Oh! It looks so nice.
– How does it look? Very nice. Try this. Try this. With love, handle with care. Silent! You speak a lot. Good, good. Now with this, wear this
necklace and see. – Oh this.. Oh my God!
Perfect! It matches! – Yes! Oh my purse.. – Did you forget it? I have my card. Here you are. Visiting card. Just a minute. Just a minute. Will you put my old earrings
in some plastic bag, please? A plastic bag?
Why are you embarrassing me? I will engrave your
name on the golden.. ..bag of our company
and send it to your house. Please give me your
name and address. Meena Madhok,
Building number three, Yamuna Nagar. Meena Madhok,
Building number three, Yamuna Nagar. Oh! How long will you keep talking? Come on quickly.
I have to go to the office. Sorry. sorry. – Let’s go. Come. What happened? The black cat cut my path,
I fell down from the stairs. What is this.. It seems like wearing a
tie with a coat and a torn lungi. This is today’s fashion, fashion.
– See, this isn’t fashion madam. See, these nice earrings,
this nice necklace.. ..and such torn clothes on
top of that. It doesn’t seem good. No. no. it doesn’t look good. – Come on,
I will get you some nice clothes. And I’ll tell Koki how miserly I am. Sir, you didn’t take money from him. And even then, you are so happy? Oh! Did you see this card?
This card? This isn’t a card,
this is a bearer cheque. Did you read the name?
Hasmukh Mehta, Stock Broker. He is the uncrowned
king of the stock market. Before taking out a budget..
the finance.. ..minister too takes his suggestion. He had come shopping
with his new queen. If I don’t sell all the
items of this Popley Plaza.. that new queen, then.. I will give this Popley
Gold Plaza to you. – Really? Bye.. – Listen.. Wear nice clothes. These
torn clothes don’t look good on you. Never, not at all. Bye.. – Bye. Take care.
Hey, you didn’t tell me your name. Madam.. Meena Madhok has come in a Mercedes. And that too with a Seth. – It so? And do you know He kissed Ms Madhok too. And that too, in English film style. Meena. Please come inside. Your uncle wishes to speak to you. Do you know who came with
that beautiful girl? In my Plaza? Who? – Hasmukh Mehta. What are you saying? Hasmukh Mehta and
his beautiful queen. Who was that queen? Weren’t you shaken, but not stirred?
– Tell me, tell me. I will tell you,
but I have a condition. You won’t tell this to anyone.
– No. I won’t tell you. The bracelet that you
have in your shop to be made. Yes! – If I could get its design,
the matter would go ahead. I’ll send it. Will you? – Yes. – Then listen. No, uncle.
I am telling you the truth. That had fallen down on my head. What had fallen on your head?
– No. No. This necklace. And these earrings? My old ones were broken, therefore.. ..he bought new ones for me. – He.. Who is he?
– He is the one who dropped me here. Oh! In the Mercedes?
– Yes, that elderly man. That extravagant king
must be having some name. Yes.. he didn’t tell
me his name at all. He didn’t tell his
name to her? – No. He just hit you with
a diamond necklace? – Yes. With it, he bought matching
earrings for you too? – Yes. And he dropped you
here in a Mercedes car. And on top of that,
he didn’t tell you his name. Do you wish us to
believe this story? I agree that it is a bit
difficult to accept this story but.. Not a bit, it is very difficult. There cannot be anything
more difficult than this. Will someone just throw a diamond..
– A minute, uncle. These are not diamonds.
They are an imitation. I am telling you,
this is a diamond necklace. These are not diamonds. – These are! They are not! – They are! They are not!
– Just a minute. Just a minute. We don’t care about this
is a diamond necklace or not. But we don’t believe
your story at all. Actually, I bought this
necklace from my savings. Okay, where did you buy it from? Popley and Sons. Popley and Sons! – Yes. I am telling you, this necklace is.. least worth 100 thousand
if not more. – No.. this is just.. ..seventeen thousand two
hundred seventeen thousand.. It is 17207 rupees! Hello.. Popley and sons.. – Yes. Today morning, did you
shop sell a sapphire necklace? And if it was sold how much.. There are different necklaces,
or different prices and.. It was worth 17207. – There isn’t any
article here costing below 150000. There is nothing lesser
than 150 thousand at all? – No Thank you, sir. What will you say now, Miss Meena?
– Uncle.. you.. Please. Now don’t lie.
– Please.. listen.. I committed a mistake. I gave help to a girl who
escaped from a wedding ceremony. There will be not a mistake now. I know that you two want to throw.. out of this
office and this house. I am a burden on you, isn’t it? That elderly man was a
million times better than you. He bought this necklace for
me and gave me a lift till here.. two don’t have
any humanity in you people. Hey, why are you laughing
like a old horse? First of all, my parents ruined me. And now, you two are after my life. But remember.. Not even a single
copy of your magazine will sell. I will get work
somewhere or the other. The two of you won’t even
be fortunate enough to sweep! You are young, you are beautiful. You will get ten jobs!
You will get fifty men. Oh God! My niece, a prostitute? I am not a prostitute, you old hag!
I am not any Chameli! I will scrounge your eyes out!
I will break your teeth! Old hag! Get out! You old hag!
– What do you think of yourself? Take this! What is she doing? My typewriter! What are you doing? What are you doing? Leave it. What is this? Hey waht are you doing?
Listen to me. It was such a good match
with India yesterday, really. Sachin.. Good morning, sir. – Good morning. Good morning sir. – Good morning,
good morning. Sir, your form. Sir.. Mrs.
Mehta has left her house. – Okay. Actually sir, she has left to go
to her mother’s house. In Bhavnagar. She is saying that she
isn’t taking anything with her.. ..except her undergarments.
And she was saying.. ..that her father can
buy all that for her.. ..which maybe even you
wouldn’t be able to buy. She had said the last line
very strongly. – Doesn’t matter. What are the appointments today? First of all sir,
that Rafsanjani is waiting for you. Who is this Rafsanjani?
– Mr. Ahmed Rafsanjani. Owner. I don’t know
which language he speaks. I cannot understand
his Hindi or English. I know Rafsanjani. Send him inside now. – Yes, sir. Oh God! Oh God! What has happened?
I don’t understand.. You can go inside. Thank you very much.
You are very handsome. My friend.. my friend.. See, he is existing today,
and I am existing too. Not existing, present. Present. If you have come with the cheque
then why did you come to meet me? I am not in a habit
to see this cartoon network. Go and put it in
the loan department. I thought that I would
mirror you for some time. Not mirror.. meeting.. Oh, I am sorry, my friend. Our friendship is concrete. Just like Jai and Veeru. Me and the loan person are enemies. Just like that Thakur
and Gabbar Singh. If he cuts me,
how will I shake hands with you? If I don’t shake hands with you,
then friendship.. – Shut up. Have you brought the
cheque payment or not? The cheque payment will be done. I thought..
I would respect you first. Forget the respect! Rafsanjani you were three
years late to pay the first loan. To repay the second loan,
you were two years late. To repay the third loan,
you were one year late. If you are late like this, one
day you will be late Rafsanjani.. your language,
the dear departed Rafsanjani. It is all right if I am late.. ..but my hotels being late,
that won’t do at all. They are fantabulous!
– Fantabulous? What.. See my friend.
The food in my hotel, the best. The kebabs are the best. Brinjal Fry, Best. Everything else,
better than the best. And with that I give..
that fried ice cream with Falooda! Even then, my hotels don’t work.
Why it doesn’t work, I don’t know. Because you are more
of a cook than a businessman. Forget this hotel business.
And start catering somewhere. How much time do you want
to repay the loan? – Thank you. Thank you.. I will give it
back in six months.. – No, never. Six weeks? – No. You will get one week.
Just one week. One week.. I am very weak.. So, you will not get one week too,
get lost. Okay, okay. One week. Oh God! Thank you!
– Where are you running off to? Friend,
you gave me a week right now. So, if I don’t run, what will I do? Where am I stuck up? Such a big hotel.. can it be a flop? Hey.. Ahmed.. Ahmed.. Ahmed.. wait.. – What is it? Do you know who came
to my shop to buy earrings? How am I related to who comes
to your shop to buy earrings? Nobody comes in my five star hotel,
I am crying for that. If you listen,
you eardrums will erupt. Oh! After a week,
everything I have will blast. Who had come? Tell me quickly. Big Bull. – Who? The hog of the share market,
with a chicken. This chicken, this hog,
which country are you talking about? What did you say? The tiger of the
hog market had come? Yes, that is what I
am barking since so long. Hasmukh, with a sweet. – God! The sweet made in country
ghee with curd on top. I didn’t tell you anything.
You didn’t hear anything. Dear.. – Don’t push me!
I’ll fall off! You have given me such a ride.. ..that I wouldn’t even
need a fire brigade tomorrow. I’ll fall off – – I love you! Can’t you see?
– Sorry, sorry, sorry. Idiot. It has been made in rotten oil. Why did you throw it away? Does your father make
you eat in country ghee? You mean..
I can’t get any job at all? How bad.
You don’t have any experience. And neither do you have any degree. You don’t have any
Recommendation too. Think that you don’t
have any job too. Sir, the one who
doesn’t know any work.. ..there must be something for him,
isn’t it? – No. There is nothing, it is full.
Look at this. If you were a girl, I would have.. ..put you in business,
I mean to work. – Right sir. Sir, please. Please do something.
I want to stand on my own feet. So stand, where do I say no? But here..
don’t stand on my head here. Just see how much work is there.
– Sir, so will I work for you? What to do of you? Okay, tell me, do you speak English? Yes, yes sir. I speak
very good and fluent English. Okay, do one thing.
Go out. From here, okay? And go straight and then left.
Then right. And after right, straight.
You will get Mac Donalds there. There.. such a English
fool like you.. ..he will get some work
or the other. – Okay.. thank you.. And listen.. – Yes sir? Hair.. Apply some oil, comb and set it.
– Thank you, sir. They move around like
electric shocked hair. Hey, Chaddha, why do you
bring this Jalebis everyday? Get me spring Dosa today. – Ok, sir. The donkey! What betel leaf has he given me? What is this? Bring it quickly! I am starving!
Should I work the whole day? Madam told me not
to take you inside. Tell madam that I hit you,
and I tied you up. And enter the room – But listen,
she will fire me! Oh! Baby, what are you doing? If you are successful
in coming into the house.. ..then pack your belongings
and get lost before we return. Meena.. open the door. Listen to what I have to say. If you don’t get lost
from here within an hour.. ..I will have this door broken and
will have you chucked out from here. Oh no. Here you are. There is a letter for
you from some Rafsanjani hotel. Meet me quickly. It is your profit. Ahmed Rafsanjani, Rafsanjani hotels. God, help me. God, help me. What will I say?
What can we do in a week? What are you saying, sir?
What are you saying? 520 thousand children
are born in one day. So in seven days 3.67
million children are born. And you are saying that
what can you do in six days? Don’t turn cottage
cheese out of my brains. Not cottage cheese but yoghurt. See, if you are so smart, go. Taj, Hyatt and Meridian,
blast it with a bomb. Otherwise that bull hammer
will use a bull dozer on the hotel. Oh God! Oh God! Oh God! What happened?
Was it an earth quake? No sir, regular bomb blast. Regular bomb blast. Sir. – Oh God! I have told you so many times
not to come from behind, but ahead. What is it? – Sir. Some
Meena Madhok has come to meet you. Meena Gun.. – Yes. Meena Gun.. Meena Gun has come. I mean to say, the jacket, where
is it? Jacket.. jacket.. jacket.. Coat.. Give me the coat. Meena Gun Quickly. Quickly. – Sir.. Get me dirt. – Sir, dirt? Oh! A flower! – Flower. Flower. – Yes. Put the button.
Put the button. Properly. Sir Here! Here! – Sir.. Sir.. And you are after a girl, very bad. Not bad Very good. Very good. She is not a girl,
she is a bearer’s cheque for us. Do you know, she is the
new girl friend of Mr. Mehta. New dish. Quickly. Quickly. What are you saying, sir?
– Hurry up. Sir? – What have you brought? I told you to bring
flowers for a living person. Put it into the gutter now.
Go. – Sorry, sir. This girl is the first and
last chance for us. Wish me luck. All the best. – Okay. Miss Gun.. Sorry.. sorry.. Miss Madhok..
You.. the letter.. – Please sit.. Thank you. – Meeting you,
I felt a great itch. . If I committed any mistake.
I will wipe it. Please. It is okay, sir. Good. Very good. You are more handsome
than what I had thought. Thank you, sir. – Sit. I don’t know what you have
been told by whom about me. But I hope that he or she must.. ..have also told you
that I am honest, sincere.. ..and I don’t think any kind
of work to be small. – Very nice. I liked what you said.
You don’t beat around the bush. You come to the point directly.
Very good. The place where you have come,
that is a right place. Thank you, sir. – Sit. Like that, I don’t have the
habit of asking many questions. You don’t need too!
In my hotel, just order! Just lift the phone,
press the button and.. Connection!
There is a problem of connection. But if you stay in
our hotel Rafsanjani. I will have to stay here.
Of course.. of course.. ..I wish that you stay
in our hotel Rafsanjani. My hotel is fantabulous!
Food! Oh! Lovely! Atmosphere! Ambience! Best-est! Please come, see it, see it
for yourself. – Why should I see it? Please.. welcome,
thank you, welcome with me. Please.. this way, welcome. Carefully. Welcome. In come. Please. This is your hotel. This way please. This is your beautiful suite. This is your bed room.
– My bed room! Why, won’t you need wretchedness? Wretchedness? – Relaxation! Oh, rest! This.. This.. this.. This ladder is there too.
To put a photo on your balcony. What is this? Very simple, this is a camel.
I will show you. I will start it and.. Mummy! It is angry! He has gone crazy. He has gone crazy. This is a horse. For fun. Joking, joking. The place it very good.
But I don’t understand. Okay, agreed that you are giving
me this place free with this job. But.. what will you be paying me? I will give you money, for what? You wish that I should stay
here and work for you, isn’t it? Just a minute.
Don’t you think that.. ..if you stay here
you will give me money? I should give you money? For what? – For what.. For this pent house..
for this bed room. For this sitting..
– Just a minute. Just a minute. You want to give me this
room on rent? – Exactly. Therefore,
you have called me here? – Yes. Then the Meena you are
searching for, I am not her. You mean.. I.. misunderstood..
– Yes. You misunderstood. Just a minute. You are Meena Madhok? You stay in Yamuna Nagar? – Yes. You bought earrings
from Popley and Sons? – Yes! Then you are that same Meena. I don’t think so.
– You know.. I wish that.. ..a beautiful fairy like you
should stay in a beautiful place. The place is very good. Oh! This is the eighth
wonder of the world. It is so good! Look at this! – Okay. But you don’t understand.
Such an expensive place. I cannot afford it. So, how much can you afford? If I get 700.. Seven hundred.. that means
one two three four five six seven.. Come on! – That too, with breakfast.
One egg omelet will do. One egg,
two eggs, seven hundred rupees. Seven hundred rupees.. For seven hundred
rupees you cannot even.. ..dip your finger into
my swimming pool, madam. Correct. So, can I go now? Wait.. – Madam.. Welcome.. come in. Seven hundred..
into thirty is equal to.. Just a minute, Rafsanjani. Not seven hundred into thirty. Seven hundred into one. That means.. ..that the rent for one month,
seven hundred. You will take out
your funeral like this! Wait! Let me think! Seven hundred divided by thirty.. Twenty three rupees.. For twenty three rupees
you don’t get a Bisleri, madam! Therefore,
I am telling you, let me go. – Wait! Please.. please.. sit. Thank you. Welcome, sit down. Okay, seven hundred rupees a month. A good bargain. – But please.. I will give you a single
egg omelet too. – If you.. We will give you two eggs.
We will give you hen’s eggs We will give you duck’s eggs.
We will give you ostrich eggs. But please don’t worry okay. – But.. Now, I will send a
truck for your luggage. But that cost for that..
– I will bear that cost. All that is all right. But.. why are you
doing all this for me? Good question. See, madam. I don’t have the habit of beating.. ..around the bush and all that,
you know. I wish you to do
something for me. – What? The next time with Mr.. – Who Mr.? Your friend, with whom
you roam around here and there. Will you please tell him,
our hotel, very good. Good food. A very good atmosphere. You like it very much.
You won’t leave it and go anywhere. Okay! Now I understand. You want my help to increase
the business of this hotel! – Yes. So you wish that I should
publicize your hotel? Public city, public city. It took me ten years
to search for this word. This PR job is very
easy for me, sir. I will do my best Mr. Ran.. ban.. Raf san Jani! Wow.. This is chicken. Now marinate
this chicken for an hour. Now that the onion has turned red.. Now put some ginger paste in it.
Mix it a bit. Here, we have put two cups vinegar. And we will let it fry now. We have put a couple of cloves.. I have taken this chicken here. I will put the chicken. But those who are vegetarian.. Absolutely.. Because I don’t want
the onions to burn, and now. Let me go. If I hadn’t seen
it with my own eyes.. ..I wouldn’t believe
that anyone could eat so much. This fatso eats so much,
two hands are less for him. It seems we have met earlier. I don’t think so. I have never worked
as a waiter before. I know, I have seen
you somewhere before. Anyway. Have you tried
the Chinese burger here? French fries, strawberry ice cream,
just forty five rupees. – Shut up. Sorry, I felt it was
my duty to suggest to you.. If you want to suggest to me,
tell me.. ..something about where
to get forty five rupees. Don’t give me ideas which
will make my mouth water. You don’t have.. I mean.. you.. I am coming after
satiating my hunger.. Hey duffer, can’t you see? Sorry. – No, it is nobody. You have come again? – Listen. What. – You go to the parcel window. Parcel? Why should
I go to the parcel window? Go to the parcel window
and tell me what you want. I will do something, okay. Something? What if the two of us are trapped? Nothing will happen. When I get
the money I will give it to them. You return it to me later, okay? When will I return it to you?
When we meet in London? I am not that hungry that
I will do something like this. Don’t be stupid. I have done it many
times like this. I am telling you. But what if someone sees us? You say that you had something left. And therefore you wanted to
have it parceled. Come on. Get up. Come on. I will follow you. Thank you. – Welcome. What is this? – Take it. What is this?
– This is a Chinese burger. I will be back with the ice-cream. Wait.. Take it. Go. Go. Go. Go. Go. go. Wait! You kid, you are looting! No sir. Actually,
the computer wasn’t working. Even you weren’t working, come on! Don’t touch me.
– What don’t touch me? This stomach isn’t filled with air.
– You fatso! You thief.. – You call me a fatso? Come I will show you.
– Fatso, what are you doing? Fatso, will you kill me?
Have you gone mad? You fatso! I won’t spare you! I won’t spare you! Hit her. He hit him too! – Hit the wretch. Sorry, madam! Sorry. Where are you running? Where is he? Come back again. Catch him. Police! Come, come. Who are you? – It’s me! It’s me! You lost your job too now.
– Forget it. How would the job have helped me? I mean.. it didn’t have any future. Work like a donkey
for the whole year.. ..and what if you get a promotion?
Fry French fries? A job is a job.
Do you have any savings or not? Well.. no. Then, you will have many problems. Don’t you know even this much.. ..that you should save
some money for yourself.. that they can
be used in such bad times? You’re speaking as if you
have a lot of money in you account. It is different for me,
you know. – Okay. Everyone comes forward
to help a girl. But if you are hungry
nobody will come to help you. Until and unless, he is gay. Hey! I am straight, I am not gay. Yeah, right. Where do you stay by the way? Just here.. corner. That means you don’t have a house. I do have a house,
but I have run away from there. Really? – Yes. Even I have run away from home. Hey, cool! Rocking! Will you come to where I stay? Do you want to repay the loan? Will you come or not? Do you live alone?
– I live all alone. Won’t you be scared of me? Don’t be smart.
I can take care of myself. Come on, we will go
to the hotel Rafsanjani. Come lets go. – Hotel Rafsanjani! Yes, that five stay hotel. If you stay in the
hotel Rafsanjani.. ..then what were
you doing in Maclon? I was eating.. come on, let’s go. This is my bed room. This is a bar.
Be comfortable, be informal. And this is.. This is for hanging a photograph.
I’m really sorry. And this is.. With my luggage, the grace
of this room has increased so! Yes. – Wow! By the way, what is your name? Harry. – Harry. By the way,
my name is Harish, but I like Harry. What is your name? – Meena. And I like Meena. Okay.. Meena..
will you tell me once again.. ..why does Rafsanjani
want you to stay here? Publicity, you know!
– I don’t believe this. Neither do I. I mean..
a man meets me and tells me.. ..that the one with
whom you move around.. Shucks! He had taken someone’s name. Some. – Some. ..some Mr. Mehra. Mehra? Hey, I am Mehta. That Rustumpani had said Mehta. I am sure he has said Mehta. Hey! What a coincidence!
I am Mehta too. How many boxes did madam take? Twelve boxes, seventeen suitcases.. ..four jewelry boxes
and one umbrella. Umbrella?
Why did she take the umbrella? Can I go sir?
– Did she take all the servants? She just kept the
gardener and the driver. And while going, she gave
the gardener a two week holiday. Who is she too.. – And the
gardener was leaving as it is. He is.. he is that of the Nawab.
– Can I go, sir? Did Hasu come back or not?
– No, sir. Donkey. – Can I go sir? Everyone has gone,
the cook has gone too. There is no servant at home.
Who will do all this.. Will you do this? – No sir. I am the head servant of
all the servants in this house, sir. Head servant. So what does
the head servant do in this house? He keeps an eye on all the servants. There aren’t any servants
left in this house. Whom will you keep an eye on now?
– You are there, aren’t you, sir? You shut up. – Thank you, sir.
I mean.. I mean.. sorry sir. I feel like choking in this house. Pack the clothes. – Mine or yours? Mine, you donkey, mine!
I will stay in the Taj. This Koki will come to know when.. ..she will see such a huge bill.
What bill will she see? I will go to Rafsanjani.
I will collect my money. I will eat as much as I want.. ..and seeing me Rafsanjani
will be in a state! Where does water come in this? Leave, I will see. What is this? – Yes, from here.. Oh! Close it!..Close it!
– Where is this water.. Oh God! Hi.. – Mr. Popley. Greetings, madam, greetings. See, I have brought so much
jewelry for you. – Waht is this? They are so heavy,
see, I cannot even lift them. All these.. I have made
them for you. – All these? If I could..
I would set my shop here. I would scatter all my jewelry here. What will I do of all this? Were you having a bath? What rubbish are you saying?
What rubbish? You can’t print!
Why can’t you print? The press people.. ..they add spice to everything
and make a proper feast out of it! Khalid, listen to me. This is fact. That girl is in my hotel Rafsanjani. I don’t know who is
staying in your hotel. I just know that that old man, ..doesn’t buy diamond
necklaces for girls. If he would buy,
I would be the first one to know. What kind of a fool are you?
I tell you. That girl is in this hotel.
He has bought a necklace for her. You know nothing. I don’t know anything!
– Yes, you don’t know anything. You call yourself a great writer. What goes on where you
don’t know anything about it. I don’t know anything?
– You don’t know! You don’t know what
latest affairs go on where. I don’t have any latest information? Oh! You are a stale newspaper. People use you to wrap food. You rogue! I will not spare you!
– You touched me! You touched the king of Iran? You clutched my collar?
I will kill you. Sir.. – I’ll put
you down and kill you! Sir. – Take this. Sir? – You fool.. you wretch..
believe what I told you! Sir.. What is it? Shut up! What is it? Sir, that Mr. Mehta has come. Mr. Mehta has come.. why? He needs one room with one bathroom. Mehta will get one
room with one bathroom. He will get it. He will get it. My magic has worked.
My magic has worked. Don’t try to fool me
with such antics. – You fool! Are you there?
The reception is empty. How will this hotel work? Mr. Mehta.. Rafsanjani.. – Mr. Mehta.. This is great. You have come,
my hotel’s fate has changed. I want one room, with a bathroom. With a bathroom, you want a room. The imperial suite
is already occupied. You know naturally.. Imperial suite?
I don’t want the imperial suite. Okay. Lingam. Yes, sir?
– Bring the keys to the royal suite. I don’t want the
royal suite too. – Okay. Give the keys to
the Shah of Iran suite. I don’t want the
Shah of Iran suite too. I want a single bed
room with bath room. A single bedroom, bathroom..
but then.. won’t be there
on the fifth floor. What is the meaning
of this fifth floor? Okay. Okay. That means you don’t want
to stay next to the imperial suite? Why do I want to stay
next to the imperial suite? I just want one room
with one single bathroom. He is a perfect player,
very perfect. He will take the
lift and go upstairs. Nobody will even
come to know about it. Lingam, give him single room’s key.
– Yeah.. That too with a bathroom. Bathroom? So. Do we go to Chowpatty? What did you say?
– Joking.. just joking. Keys! Your keys. Sir. Lingam.. Raise the rates of all
rooms by twenty percent. Mr. Mehta! – Sir! Shoot Mother Teresa’s story! I have the biggest scoop! Scoop! What is the scoop? It is a bigger scandal
than Clinton and Monica too. In America?
– No, it is in India. It is India. What is it? – The biggest
stock broker of Mumbai.. No.. no.. you keep a
headline like this.. – What? That India’s biggest financer and.. ..stock broker is
arrested by a maiden! I could never even
dream that you’d come here. Are you being overly
loaded if I have come here? What are you saying? You are the heaviest personality
on this earth. – Oh! Mr. Rafsanjani.
I was searching for you. Oh! Mr. Every Presenting Karna..
– Oh! You are here? What are you doing here? Very good.
The two of you know each other? What are you doing here?
Are you staying here? Yes. actually, Mr. Sarparanjani
has given me a very good discount. And with that, an egg for free too. A egg free too? What is this system? Have you thought of some
new idea to run the hotel? I had come to ask you.. Can I get my breakfast,
right now, please? Breakfast.. at this time? What has happened to you? This.. this is time for dinner. I know.. But actually,
dinner is not there in my discount. What do you mean it isn’t present? How can you speak like this? You know him since so many years! You will just say so.. B for breakfast.
D for dinner, L for lunch.. I will..
I will get everything for you. Hey waiter.. – Yes, sir! Come here. Come here quickly. Thank you so much, Mr. Rajdhani.
– Tell me, what will you have? Will you have some
snacks before dinner? Orange avocado salad. No.. no.. Dried beet root and with
it French ruffles rolls. Very good! And with it, some wine. Goa port wine, very fine. Why do you suggest such rotten wine? French wine George Guerra ’59 So expensive wine. With that rooster? Pullet? Ostrich? Boats Cheese and
Kiwi fruit lemon rice. You must be very hungry,
isn’t it? – Yes. Be full and be happy. – Thats all. Okay sir, thank you. Excuse me. Please come. Please come. I didn’t think that
I would meet you so soon. I liked it meeting you. – Thanks, Good night.
– Good night, bye. – Come. Mr. Rafsanjani.. Whatever dishes you ordered,
I didn’t understand. But I am sure that
they must be very tasty. Oh, very delicious. And very hot.. Good and tight, sleep tight. – Bye. This side. This side.. This girl.. what is her name? You are asking this to me?
– Because there none else here. Sorry. Her name is Meena Gun. Meena? – Exactly, exactly. I was thinking it was Neena. He is such a player,
he is such a good player! I liked it! – I know. The food was excellent. Really, it was excellent food.
– Excellent. You know.. I remember,
we had a French cook in our house. He used to cook
non veg food for dad. And the cook used to
cook veg food for mummy. Shucks! Lousy veg food. It was only that French
cook with whom dad wasn’t stingy. Weird. – He must be very rich,
isn’t it? Yes, he may be rich,
but maybe, he didn’t like India. I think..
he went to Romania or somewhere. Actually, mummy didn’t
like non veg cooked at home. Poor dad. I was meaning about your dad. How many years ago did he expire? When did I say that he expired? The way you were
speaking about him.. ..I thought that
he is no longer alive. Oh, is it necessary for someone.. die to speak
about him like this? No. Now, how you were calling
your daddy a poor fellow.. I thought that you were
doing this to get sympathy. To get sympathy? Why? Why will I do like this? Come on, forget it. Don’t you know anything
else except waiting tables? See. I just want to do time pass. Do you know what my mission is? That I pass the most time
in the fastest time possible. I want to spend an hour
in twenty five minutes. Like that till now, my record
is twenty six minutes, thirty five.. Shut up! Let’s go to sleep now. It is good that you came. I liked it a lot. – Even I liked it. Go to the other room. I am closing the door of this room. Yes, Mr. Mehta – Send that wine! George Guerra.
1959. – Okay, right away sir. That man is perfect!
He is a perfect player! I am thinking of food,
my mouth is watering! Yeah.. Oh yeah.. Good night, Meena. What happened?
What happened?- Earth quake! Did you have a nightmare? It is too much. I am going. Listen.. send a crate of champagne,
magnum size. Immediately. Sir.. that fifth floor girl.. She has a nice stud in her room. Silent.. silent..
who told you to go in her room?’ See, you stay away from there. See, you didn’t see anything
and didn’t hear anything. Okay! Go! ‘Kiss me.. kiss me! Who said what!?’ ‘Kiss me..
kiss me.. who heard what?’ ‘Who said and what?’ ‘Everyone heard but what?’ Don’t tell anyone. ‘Who told what to whom?’ ‘Who heard what?’ ‘Who said? What did he say?’ ‘Everyone heard,
what did they hear?’ ‘Who told what to whom?’ ‘Who heard what?’ ‘Who said? What did he say?’ ‘Everyone heard,
what did they hear?’ Tell us, tell us the hot matters.
Tell us the gossip’ “Its hot Gossip! Its hot Gossip!” ‘Welcome to..’ ‘Gossip!’ ‘Gossip!’ ‘Gossip!’ ‘Gossip!’ ‘What happened to whom and how?’ ‘Who took what from whom?
Who lost what to whom?’ ‘What happened to whom and how?’ “In whatever way.” ‘Who took what from whom?
Who lost what to whom?’ Tell us, tell us the hot matters.’ “Its hot Gossip! Its hot Gossip!” The news.. Where is the mobile? Where can the mobile go? It isn’t here. Is it stolen? I will ask the house keeper. Hello.. the phone is cut too. TV is not on too. Rafsanjani. Where is my mobile? Yes, brother.. You are
loading double the goods. Is it hot news? Come fast. – Carefully. Oh God! Oh Go! Hey, listen. Put only this
paper in Mehta and Meena’s room. Get up..
get up.. come on.. come on.. Let us go to Rafsanjani
and have a ding dong. I am saying,
let us go to Rafsanjani. It is the hottest hotel in town. Do it quickly and fast. Yes, yes. but dear..
why do you want it so fast? This hotel is not fashionable now.
Don’t you know? Which famous share broker
is leaving his wife nowadays.. ..and is playing games with some.. ..with some unknown maiden in.. ..the famous Hotel Rafsanjani? The veil has moved.
The secret is unraveled. You dog! You wretch! I will drink your blood! I will make your pieces!
I will kill you! I will break your head! Oh God! What are you saying?
Is this a tailoring shop? Hello madam! – It is double line.
Come one by one. You will have to take
the rooms that we give you. No. No, No. the name of
the client cannot be changed. Is it a carpet to be changed? Her name is Meena Gun,
don’t tell anyone. Okay! Yes madam. Here she is. Hello! Excuse me.. Hello! Excuse me.. – Yes! You want a room in
two thousand rupees? Is this some charity home?
This is a five star hotel. Hello. Yes, madam.
Tell me, what do you want to say? I am Mrs. Hasmukh Mehta.
Want some information. Here is the key,
to the right from here. One minute. Madam, this is not
the hotel Rafsanjani. This is the hotel Rajdhani,
the hotel Rajdhani. Hello, hotel Rajniganda.
No. it is not. It is not the hotel Rafsanjani.
No, it is not a hotel at all. Driver, let’s go Airport. Hello. Hello, Meena ma’am,
I’ve come from Mercedes Benz. I’ve brought a car for you.
I’m waiting downstairs. Excuse me.
But, I haven’t yet driven that. You haven’t driven any car as yet? Yes, I’ve driven Maruti
Suzuki 800. – Okay. I know there’s a lot
of difference between both. Sure, there’s a lot
of difference. – Yes. Madam, I was saying that.. Yes. – I was saying that
I’ll leave the car for a test drive. But, why would you do that?
– Actually, madam.. But? – I’ll leave
a driver along with it. Fine. Send him. – Okay. It doesn’t make any difference
to me. – Thank you, madam. I’ll keep two drivers
instead of one. Madam, you can keep the
car for as many days you want. Fine. I’ll test drive
it for three months. Ok. It doesn’t bother me. Okay. Madam, any favorite color? Color? – Do you like any color? Yeah, pink. – Pink? But, we don’t have pink with us.
– You don’t have it? No. Then, anything is fine.
I don’t care. Fine, ma’am. Bye. – Bye. Early in the morning. Heck! Hello. – Hello, ma’am. – Yes? I’m calling from the tea company.
– Hold on. Hello. – I’m calling
from Om jewelers. Look, what if I run
away with your jewelry? How do you know that I’m honest? I already have a diamond necklace. Look, I’ve just woken up.
And, I’ve to take a bath. First, let me wake up! Let me take a bath! Let me brush my teeth! All right! All right! Nonsense. Wait. Ma’am, someone has
sent these flowers for you. What’s this? Carefully! Oh my God! Hi. – Harry. Harry. Oops! What? Harry, please take
care of the phone. I badly need to relieve myself. Hello- I can’t wait. Hold it. Don’t let the phone fall. Meena, it’s your phone.
There are some gals. Tell them I’m playing table tennis. Madam is playing table
tennis with Madam Rabdi. And, the madam smashed the ball. Oh! The ball hit
the head of Madam Rabdi. Please put the phone down. I need to go to call the doctor. I asked you to keep it! Yeah, hello. Cancel this suite. – Sir, are
you sure this is hotel Rafsanjani? Or else, are you gonna
believe only if I give you.. and this hotel’s
birth certificate? No need of it.
– Don’t give a room to this Arab. Mr. Mehta! Mr. Mehta! Mehta sir. Mehta sir. Good morning. – Good morning. There is a lot of movement
and activities in your hotel today. Sir, it’s all because
of your sacrifice. Hey, not sacrifice, but beneficence. Mr. Mehta, her call came. – Whose? Her’s. Her’s. But, I didn’t say anything. Whom are you talking about? Well, I knew it. That there’s
going to be a storm here.. ..and hence I lead her off course. I’m your friend.
You’re Veeru and I’m Jai. Mr. Rafsanjani,
your language is very bad. You say ‘existence’
instead of ‘inspite’. You say ‘sacrifice’
Instead of ‘beneficence’. Now, don’t lead me off course.
Or else I’ll lose my senses. And, I’ve to work in the office.
– Okay. Okay. Have a nice day. Smart fellow! Smart fellow!
He’s such a smart fellow. Good morning, sir. – Good morning. He’s winking at me? Keep it. Miser. Hey, Hasmukh! – How are you? Carry on. It’s great fun! Carry on. It’s great fun? What has happened to the minister? Toad farm? – Yeah. Because of the bird
flu disease in China.. ..henceforth all
the dishes will be.. ..made of toads instead of chicken. Gee! – Just say, Toad Manchurian. Toad fried rice toad chow chow.
– Shut up Listen. Listen.
Export toads. Make millions! One moment, one more is there. A young beautiful
widow is in need of.. ..a talented dark
and handsome companion. He should also be smart. I’m not fit for it. But, you’re Harry.
You’re already dark. But, I’m not smart. – That’s true. But, Harry, the thing is; even
dumb guys can also become smart. But, it takes a bit of time. You see; take the dog. Why should I take a dog? Fine. Take the cat. It takes 2 years
for a cat to get smart. 2 years? Maybe, two and a half.
Fine. Let’s say three. And, it takes ten years
for a horse to get smart. You mean, I’m the horse’s type? Forget it. Even I’m sort of dumb. But, you’re very sweet. Really, Harry? – Yes. Really, Harry? – Yes. Oh, no. Now, who is it? Aditya Sangneriya and company.
I’m a stock broker. Branches all over the country.
The head office is in Mumbai. Annual turnover, 490 millions.
– Who are you? I’m your Genie. – What? The thing is;
he has confined me in a bottle. And, you’re the one who’ll
take me out of the bottle. What rubbish is this?
– It’s not rubbish. You just tell me; whether the
prices of steel are scaling high.. ..or are they scaling down? I’ll give you a lot of money. But, what do you I know about steel? If not you,
then who else will know about it? I said, I don’t know.
And use your own brains. Why are you eating my head? I’ve gone bankrupt
because of using.. ..this brain, madam.
– So, what should I do? Just find out; whether the
price of steel will rise or fall. The same guy will tell you about it.
– Who is that? The same one. Your friend. – My friend? Mehta. He? He’s here. What? He’s here? – Yeah. He’s having breakfast.
Should I call him? No. No. Don’t tell him that
I’m hiding over here. Don’t even tell him my name. That’s it. I’ll hide in here. I don’t even remember your name. And, don’t forget to
ask about the rate of steel. Will it rise or fall? I’ve told you a thousand times. He doesn’t know
anything about steel. He knows the rate of the
shares of all the companies. I’ll give you a lot money.
Now, I’m going to hide. Harry! – Hello! Harry, put the phone down. Harry. A man has come. He
is asking about the rate of steel. He’s asking whether the
rate of steel will rise or fall. Oh! It’s fallen! How did you know?
– Yeah. It’s risen. Up? What is it, Harry?
– Toast. Toast. Harry, I’m talking about steel
and you’re talking about toast. He said that you know
about the rates of steel. Yes, I do know that.
The rate of steel will go high. How do you know so much about steel? I don’t know, in fact my
dad knows about it. – Your dad? Does he sell steel utensils? What do you mean by steel utensils? Do you know who my dad is?
Hasmukh Mehta! Big deal! Big bull.
Hey, when he comes into the ring.. ..the whole ring shudders! Okay, that wrestling guy? That means he’s a wrestler in WWF. Not, WWF, buddy.
He’s in the share market. He was saying that steel and.. What was he saying?
Iron and coal shipment.. Oh, Harry, please.
What did he say about steel? That it is going to fall.
It should be falling. Look. Look at the weather. Depressing weather. So depressing. The market will fall
in such depressing weather. And, if the weather had been good.. ..then the market
might have risen. Simple. That means, steel is gonna fall? There’s a very strange relation
between market and weather. The weather is good.
The market rises. The weather is bad.
The market falls. You’re sure, no?
– Steel is gonna fall. Fall. Okay? If you say so. I’ll go and tell him. Hello. He says that the
rate is going to fall. You saved me from going up above.
Thank you. Thank you. Down. Down. Down! The rate of steel is going down?
There’s no question about it. The rate of steel will increase.
I’m saying that. Equipments are being purchased
for railway expansion. Yeah. – The factories of
Birla are working in three shifts. Fine! – And, the Tata’s.. – But, Mehta, try to understand.. ..we’re going to face
a very big loss in it. Look. Haven’t I taken a
risk by making you my partner? Won’t I be able to take this risk?
– But, Mehta that.. One minute. Listen to me. Till we don’t play big games.. ..we won’t be able to
make up for the old losses. And, just an increase
of ten points is needed. Only ten points. That is true.
– Then, this is also true. And, because of this the rates of
steel are going to deflate highly. And, you make that bold.
And, underline it. So, it’s a golden opportunity
for the clients of.. ..Aditya Sangneriya and company. Have faith in our analysis
report of steel exports. And, seek benefit from
this advance information. You can make a big fortune! And, write this
in bold letters. Okay? Hello? – It’s me. Should I prepare Daal Baati
(Indian delicacy). – Dal Baati? I don’t want to eat Daal Baati. Steel! Steel! 16.1? Hey! The demand for
pig-iron is rising? – Yeah. Even iron is also scaling up.
That’s great! A white crow can
be found in this world. A cow’s egg can be found as well. The mil of hen can also be got. But, now, steel isn’t to be found. Steel going high. Great. Come on. Mehta, I trust. You’re 200% sure that the
rate of steel is going high.. ..but, it shouldn’t be that
we face a loss of 2 billionth. Hey, fool! Even a child
can understand this small thing. If you’re feeling
scared then go home.. ..and start massaging
your wife’s legs.. ..maybe you might
gain some strength. Hey, Shankar. Make a cone
of that paper and give it to him. Maybe, he’ll feel relaxed with that. Sir, the Financial delegation
from Uzbekistan is waiting for you. The rate of steel is still low. Take another 1000 from the market. 1000 steel! – And, tell Chatopadhyay
to come to the office today. Please call Mr.
Chatopadhyay in here. Lilly! – Yes, Sir. Take another 5. And tell him to keep
an eye on the market. Take another 5. Take another 10 and
keep an eye on the market. It’s not you but rather Kumar
Mangalam with whom I want to speak. Fine, sir. I’ll connect you to him. What was he saying?
What was his name? Bholu? Yes, sir. Some one is really
playing A very big game. He thinks that I’ll
fall for his ploy. Hello, Kumar here. – Yeah. Hello. Hi, Kumar. How are you?
– I’m fine. Who are you? I’m Mehta here. – Okay. Write 50 on my part. – 50,000? Yeah, fifty thousand. – Okay. Fine. Where is this Chatopadhyay?
– Sir, he’s in the saloon. He is seated in the
saloon all the time! Call that slothful guy fast! Oh, buddy! I was having a hair cut. And you called me in the
midst of that. What’s the problem? To hell with your excuses! Go to the ring and the number
of hair that you have on your head; the same number
of steel shares. Wow! It seems that
today is quite a day! 50 more, fast. – Buy 50 more. Fast. Move! You’ll die! – Hi! Hey! Madam! Move now. Hello. – Get back! Hello. – Hello. Hello. Who is it? Hello. Is there someone sitting
next to you? – What? Can we talk to each other?
-Yeah, we can. Tell me. Good. Good. By the way,
I just called up to say that’ve just 8 millions? 8 millions. Move aside. She is talking. – 8 millions? When? You give it to me? – yes. Yes, 8 millions. And, madam, it’s just the token. And, if you get more information.. ..say about aluminum or Tata
or Bata then just make a call to me. This guy will be right near you. Excuse Meena. – Hello? Hello? Listen, come here.
I’ll show you my latest designs. Hello? – Hello?
What is it happening? Please. Please, just see this. She will buy everybody’s things.
Just wait, buddy. – Hello. Just check it out, I’m telling you. Please, hold it!
Hold it. – Get back. From which world is he?!
– I don’t know. Harry. – Sir! Sir! Sir! She’s gone! Sir, she’s gone. 8 millions? 8 millions? – Move Everybody. Yes! This job is perfect for me. Listen, Meena. Sit at home and become a dentist.
And, make 20,000 bucks every month. Try your skills on your friends. Harry, let buy a dog. Long silky haired dog, Harry. Long silky haired dog. What? 80 lacs.
– 80 lacs dogs? No Harry, 80 lacs rupees 80 lac rupees dog, What? No Harry, price of that dog is 8k, max 10k But who cares? Meena. – Our life is set, Harry! Are you all right? – He will have
to be bathed daily with a shampoo. If the bottle costs 150 bucks. That means on in a
month it will 4500 bucks. I’ve always dreamt since childhood.. ..that I should be having a pretty
dog. – What are you talking about? I’ll call the doctor. Harry! – What? Harry, you don’t understand!
We’re rich, Harry. We’ve made 8 million rupees! 40 yours and 40 mine.
We’re so rich, Harry! We’re so rich. Let’s celebrate
Harry. – Okay. Cool it! The rate of steel is going down. It’s going wherever it started from. It’s going down.
All of you keep quiet. Can you hear what I’m trying to say? Down. What? You can’t hear me? Even I can’t hear. Hey, keep quiet!
I’ll call you later. 20? Okay. More 20. God! God! God! God! God, grand good sense to
Mehta or else.. – Lilly, fast. Mehta, as your partners, we..
– Hello, Ratan? Mehta we shouldn’t
put more money into steel. Mehta. – Yes, buy it! Buy how much ever you can. Look. We feel this isn’t right. Mehta, we won’t buy more steel. The steel market is deflating. Mehta, steel is down. Mehta, you’re going to ruin us. You’re already ruined. And, right now, if anyone
can save you; then it’s steel. Just steel. Nothing else. What? How can you do that? Mehta, my grandson has small kids. Look. Look,
I told you he’s very busy. I’ll give him your message. But.. Okay. All right. What’s the problem with you? If you’re scared
then go away from here. You might have a cardiac arrest.
Go away from here. 20 more. – 20 more. Yeah. And, put me to the Meryl Lynch. Meryl Lynch? Yeah. Yeah. America. Right. Sir, that call was from Mr.
Shyam Jethmalani.. ..the lawyer of Mrs. Mehta. Buy 30 more. What does he want? 20 more. 20 more. He doesn’t.
but, your wife wants. Divorce. Divorce? She’s gone crazy. 10 more. – 10 more. By the way,
this Mall was really rocked. I just enjoyed the shopping. Sir! – I just get fresh
after all this shopping. Hey sir! Sir, it’s one rupee less!
The topsy-turvy fate! The topsy-turvy fate! Take it, sir! The biggest crash in history. Take it, sir! Take it, sir!.. Mehta company goes bankrupt!
Mehta company goes bankrupt!.. It seems that dad has once
again come up with a scandal.. Hey, Balbir.
Come here.. – Oh, I just forget it. You don’t even know about my dad..
– Hold this. This one also. – Yeah, this one too. Mehta company goes bankrupt! Buddy, give me a Mid-day. By the way how do you know
so much about the share market? It’s general knowledge, sir.
Fine. Wait a second. Well, this.. Hey! Show me the paper. – Hey, sir. Mehta and company that
is more than 50 years.. Hey! Where can I get an auto?
– How could I know, sir? What happened? – Give me a hundred! Fast. C’mon. c’mon. My doggy. – Take the Mid-day!.. ..Take the Mid-day! – Oh God! C’mon! We can go in a car, right?
– I’ll reach faster in a auto. Harry! Harry! – I’ll see you later.
– What happened? Harry! – Ma’am, my money. – Shut up! Hey, give me the money! – Hold it. What the hell are
you telling me to hold? Hold it. – I don’t want this. Hey, wretch, listen to me. Sir, Chatopadhyay. Hello, Dipankar. Tell me, what’s up? Everything’s ruined.
The whole country is selling. Look, there’s no fault
of yours in it, Dipankar. I can’t do anything. – Cool down. What had to happen has happened.
Why do you needlessly.. I can’t do anything.
I can. Why is this clip here? I can pull it out. I pulled it. The skin came along
with the hair. – Hello. 10 more. – 10 more. 10 more? What happened? Cancel it. Cancel. – Thank God. You might be hungry.
Go and eat something. Go and eat something. Okay. Let’s go. Lilly, – Yes, sir. You go too and eat something. Yes, sir! – And, send some
fried potato or coffee for me. Yes, sir. Sir, you’ll eat fried potato? If something is cheaper than it;
then better send that. Sir, I’ll have it sent. You lost in the calculation, Mehta. Maybe, the Lord wished this.
Have courage. Since he has ruined it
and only he can make it up. He will make it right.
He surely will. Did you get it?
Keep it on the table. Hasu. Hasu, darling, forgive me.
Please, forgive me. Kuki? You’ve come, Kuki? I knew you’ll come, Kuki. It’s only the wife who’s
by the side in the hour of need. But, don’t cry. Don’t cry.
Everything will be all right. Tears can’t bring whatever
has been lost. – Yeah. Don’t worry, Hasu darling.
I’ll manage. Manage? – Yeah. I’ll manage with two
cars and only one driver. And, Hasu darling, I won’t
go To the beauty parlor daily. I’ll go only on alternate days.
It’s all right. Kuki, you’re making such
a big sacrifice for me? – Yeah. I can’t hold back my tears. I’m crying.
– No. Hasu darling, don’t cry. Ok. I’m ready to do anything for you. I’ve the confidence, darling. But.. Don’t say anything else. Whatever that happened with
that girl in Hotel Rafsanjani.. ..I’ll forgive you for even that. Look, Kuki.
First of all you left me. That house was haunting me.
I was feeling suffocated over there. What could I have done?
So I went to Hotel Rafsanjani. No. No. just forget that. After all, you’re so handsome. Yes. And, I’m no more of
a cracker that I used to be. What can I do?
– Hey. What are you talking about? You’re very beautiful.
You’re the biggest cracker. My damsel of honey.
You’re my sweet floweret. So what, if you went astray? That’s no fault of yours. I never went astray. Hasu. Come. Come, Ali Quli Khan.
My prince. You too come in. – Hi, mom. Hello, dad. – My child. Kokila’s child. So, you’ve come at the
news of the father’s destruction. How much money have you
earned and brought for me? Dad, can I do something for you? Sure. Sure. You can. Do one thing. – Yes? Buy 5-6 second hand
BMWs on installment basis. Hasu, don’t be so rude.
– What else can I do? Mom.. – My child. Mom, I’m so sorry that I left
the house without informing you. What? You left the house? – Yeah. That means you don’t know
anything about me and your.. What? – The mother and
son very well care for each other. Where were you all night?
– Hotel Rafsanjani. Left-Right. Left-Right.
– Oh, God, what should I do? Get away! O God! Relax. Relax. O God. O merciful.
Everything was going fine. What did this happen
all of a sudden? Why do you worry, sir? The faster the storm comes
the sooner it disappears. Ram lingam, don’t you
give me this weather report! Just think what should be done. Hey, Tommy. Hello, Mr. Rafsanjani. Did you read today’s newspaper? I just read the headline.
I didn’t get the time since morning. Okay. Okay. It says that your friend.. ..he has completely gone bankrupt. And if he goes bankrupt
then I’m ruined. That means, ruined, madam. You mean,
your hotel is in some problem? Madam, if his fate goes broke
then my hotel will break as well. Did you get that? Whose fate is going broke? C’mon! Madam, don’t pretend to be nave. Please, don’t pretend to be nave.
Nobody’s going to hear us in here. That friend of yours,
who gave you the diamond. Diamonds! What sort of diamonds? Are you all right?
– Now, it’s enough. When you came to my hotel.. What were you wearing
in your neck? Plastic? Those weren’t diamonds. They were sapphire. Sapphire? Sapphire. Look, madam,
now enough of the drama. Look, if you don’t believe me,
you can ask Mr. Popli. Tell him. It’s your wish, madam. You call the diamond
as sapphire or pearl. You can call it anything.
– One minute. Now, tell me,
what do you want to say? If these are diamonds;
then he must have made a mistake. How can anyone give such an expensive
diamond necklace to someone? And, that too, to a stranger? What? Let alone give it;
I can’t even think about it. One minute. One minute. Do you know his name, the one who
helped me in ordering the dinner? ..Now, it’s enough. I gave you my imperial suite
free of cost along with an egg.. ..and that too because you don’t
even know the name of Hasmukh Mehta? One minute. One minute. Did you people think that
I’m one of his important friends? Important friend. And, do you people feel
that he gave me this necklace.. ..because I’m his.. I’m his.. What is there to feel about it?
It’s an open secret. How dare you! You.. Tommy, c’mon fast. Balbir! C’mon fast. – Get out. Did you hear the
prediction of my son.. ..who’s going to sit on my throne? He says, that if the sky
is cloudy then the market falls. Dad, I was just joking. – A joke? You fool! The person who
has the name Mehta associated.. ..with himself;
cannot joke with the market. When will you have some brains? Our market runs on rumors. Where is that girl? I left her in that shopping complex. Which shopping complex? Which means..
The one that is on that road. You fool! Which road? Dad, I don’t know
the name of that road. Did you give birth to him
for my sake or for your own self? Nevertheless, I don’t
have any hopes for you, sonny. You don’t remember her address. So, at least, tell me her name. Dad, actually I don’t
want to raise your hopes.. ..but that girl’s
name is Meena Madhok. Meena Madhok? Meena Madhok,
who was in Rafsanjani hotel? The whole city knows about that. You keep quiet. ..Make a call to that Rafsanjani. Sir, it’s your phone. Hello? Yeah. Yeah, Mr. Mehta. Yes, yes!
I’ve come to know about everything. What shall I say? I’m in a shock. Yes. If I can be of any service to you,
then please do let me know. That girl? Don’t talk about her? That girl is a fake one. She made me a fool. She said that she’s
your best friend. And, she’s very close to you. Moreover,
she also slapped me right and left. Yes. I threw her out. I told her that, “a girl
like you can’t stay in my hotel.” “Get out!” I Yes, sir. What? What happened, sir? That girlfriend gives a slap.
The boyfriend abuses. These people have made my life hell. I understand sir.
The same happened with me. 1994, February 14. Vadavoor Gramam. Palaka District. That girl.. – Get out! Sir? Okay, sir. You are Malkania. Madhok Mania. Is it the Mercedes showroom? I wanted to ask the number of a car. Pet shop, buddy.
There are hares and parrots.. ..and dogs and gold fish and.. Look, whoever you’re.. I’m Mehta. And, I want Meena. Meena works at your place.
– No Meena-Veena works here. – What? We threw her out.
– You threw her out? – Yes. Why did you throw her out?
– What have you got to do with that? Why are you getting angry?
– What have you to do with that? She said that she hasn’t
even heard about you. Okay, to hell with you! – Hello.
Is that Khar Police station? Yes, madam. Look, can I speak to Mr. Dhanda
I mean, can I speak to Dandekar? Is it urgent? – Yeah. Very urgent. One minute. – Do you know him? Sir, I know him. – Hurry up then. Hello. – Hello,
is that Inspector Dhanda? Oh, Lilly! Oh, hello, Gogi. Gogi, can you find
a Mercedes for me? I’m very sorry. Look, you aren’t understanding.. ..that it’s very important
for me to meet him. He has made a very big.. He has made a very
expensive mistake. Then do one thing.
Write a letter and post it to him. If he’s in the mood,
he’ll rectify his mistake. Look, I’m warning you,
if you don’t let me meet him.. ..then I will break your nose. Do you sell gold fish? Or else do you sell asses? Can you repeat it, please. – What? JBN.. What? Alright. What? Who has come in here? She has come, sir. Yes, sir. Hello. Hello, Mr. Mehta? Mr. Mehta, I’m Meena Madhok. Do you remember me?
– How can I forget you, Meena? I have never remembered anybody
so much the way I did you today. Look, Mr.
Mehta, you’ve Made a big mistake. Perhaps, you don’t know that;
that wasn’t a sapphire necklace.. ..instead it was a diamond necklace.
It’s very expensive. And, the moment I
came to know about it.. ..I came to meet you right away. Meena, where are you?
– I’m in your office, Mr. Mehta. But, this Jassi isn’t
letting me come in. The Jassi.. I’m coming. I’m coming, Meena. I’m coming. Hello! Hello, Mr, Mehta.. What happened this phone.
Hello! Hello! Meena! It’s great, Meena,
that you’ve come. – Mr. Mehta. Meena, who told you
that Mehta has said.. ..that the rate of steel will fall? Me. Why?
You didn’t want it that way? When did I want it that way? I’m terribly sorry.
But then, what do you want? I want the rate of steel to go high. I want it to go high
as much as it can. So, what’s the big deal?
I’ll do that right away. Is there a telephone
in your office? – No. We’ll stand on the
terrace and start shouting. Sell it. Buy it.
C’mon. The phone is in the cabin. Kuki might suspect that
there’s an affair. – Hasu.. Come on.. get inside – Tommy. Come, Tommy. Tommy! What was his name?
– Did you see that? Kanga? Ganga? Ajmer? It’s so confusing. Sanganeriya! Sanganeriya! Sanganeriya? Sanganeriya,
let your mother suffer from malaria. Come. Let’s make a call from inside.
– Tommy. Sir. Sir, there’s a call
for you from that madam. Hello. – Hello, Mr. Sanganeriya. Yes, speaking. – It’s me speaking. The rate of steel
is going high. – What? High. – O God! Is it.. Is it true? Then I’ll start
covering it right away. And, try to put as
many covers as you can. Because the Bull.. did you get that? O God! Are you sure? Absolutely. Dogs. – What? Not you. Just talking to my dog. And do send this information
to all your branches in India. Did you get that? – Yeah. Bye. Done. But, I don’t think that
I will make any difference. But that day the rate
of aluminum did go high. In aluminum? Yeah. – Move. Where is it? – How do you know that? It’s going up. – Which one? The upper one. It’s going up! It’s going up! Call Chatopadhyay fast.
– He’s in the saloon, sir. Oh, God! What is this? This is the strangest
day of my life! Since morning, I’m roaming about
with half a hair cut. – Oh, I see! And the person who
is cutting my hair.. ..has not cut his own hair
in his whole life time. – Yes. Yes. Mr. Dipankar, Mr.
Mehta has called you. Sir, Mr. Mehta has called you.
Sir, I’m Dagdu. Dagdu! Mehta has called! Oh, my!.. ..Oh, this Mehta he
calls me at any time.. Where are my spectacles? Oh, my! What does Mehta consider me,
am I a dog? I am a dog! I did not say that! Mehta! – Come here! Mehta has made us beggars! Mr. Mehta has called all
of you immediately. – What? Really? Buy, buy, buy, buy everything! Buy it all. Go. Go. Mr. Mehta has sent this chit. Oh my! This is good news! My Eye.. Yes, buy it!
Look where you are going! 20! Buy 20 more!
– Yes, sir, buy 20 more. It is the time to
sell and he is buying. Hey you monkeys, let the
rate go higher! – Tommy, come here. Come on. Tommy,-
I will settle everything! Tommy! – Buy 50, Mehta. Hello! Did not get
a chance to talk to you. Hi! – Tommy come here. This is my mom. – Greetings. I’m very happy to meet you. This necklace of
yours is very beautiful. It’s beautiful, isn’t it? I used to think it is of sapphires.. ..but it turned
out to be of diamonds. I think Mr.
Mehta has surely made some mistake.. ..that he has given
me such an expensive gift! You know. – He has made a mistake.. ..but I have forgiven him. Yes. Mom. You had said that
you did not know my dad, right? 62! – I don’t know, he is your dad. When you asked,
do you know Mr. Mehta? I said no, because.. Do you..? Do you..? Oh! Oh! No! I Now I understood.
You must have thought in this way.. That’s why.. Mrs. Mehta,
I understand, Mrs. Mehta.. ..that what you are going through? If I loved some man like that,
and his name is linked.. someone like that,
I too would feel very bad. But I don’t understand
that this boy.. ..with whom I spent
the whole of yesterday.. ..the one who attended
all my telephone calls.. ..whom I used to
consider as my friend.. can he believe
in all these things. Harry, do I look like
such a girl to you? – No! Everyone thought like that,
it’s okay.. ..but how could you
think like that, Harry? You are my best friend. 67! – Harry! What are you all screaming about?
Look how much it is rising? Here is your necklace.. ..and I hope you will
explain to your son.. ..that I don’t take
diamonds from strangers. Come Tommy, Let’s go Tommy. Meena, where are you going? Now what happened? If I did
not have to take care of all this.. ..then I would have taken
care of her too. – Sell it! Sell it! – We will sell it,
let it rise at least! Now go quickly and bring her back.. ..and if you don’t bring
her back then I’ll see you! Go! – Go quickly! Son! My son.. But when will we
start selling, Mehta? We will sell,
right Now it is rising! Oh, God!
Am I a fool or a very big fool? Tommy! Come on Tommy! Come on sit inside Tommy! Hello junior. Where had you disappeared? I was here only! Come to my hotel.
It is absolutely full. From film stars to puppy stars! From politicians
to underworld dons.. ..everyone stays in my hotel.
I came to tell your father. Where is Mr. Mehta? Where is he? He was there itself, yesterday. What are you saying?
– I too was there! Astak Farullah! Astak Farullah! Father and son, both together! Hey, Stop! But why are you arresting
me what have I done? You cannot arrest me
like that I’m telling you! Cannot arrest! Hey you girl,
I have already arrested! Why are the police here?
– I’m thinking of the same thing. Sir, this is inspector Dhanda. In the rush I forgot to tell him that
Miss Meena Madhok has been found. Oh my God! 31 years, 4 months and in
25 days this is the first time, I have forgotten something. It happens!
It happens like this in excitement. What name did you say?
Dhanda? Who is this Dhanda? Sir, his name is
actually Gogi Dhanda. But to join the Maharashtra
police he has changed his name .. ..from Dhanda to Dhandekar. Wow! Human being! For a job and for a girl
he can do anything. – Right sir! He has changed his caste for a job.
– Yes, sir. Come on, come down quickly. Harry! They are arresting me! You tell them I did not do anything!
– Excuse me. I returned the necklace too!
– Who is Mehta here? He is standing here. What’s the matter, inspector?
– What happened? Is everything okay?
– Just tell me one thing.. ..who is the real Mehta here? We both are there.
Which one do you want? Why don’t you understand? Who had demanded for this girl?
– I had. Gogi.. – You had,
I think there is some confusion. There was confusion, a small one. No, Harry,
there was a very big confusion. There was a big confusion! What is this,
do you think the police is.. Gogi! Oh, Gogi, finally we have met! After 3 years!
– 3 years, 4 months and 25 days. Yes, sweetheart! Mehta! Mehta! – Take care. Steel 105. – Hey, sell 50! Hey! Hurray! – C’mon! Hey, my son has
become a stock broker! I have got my necklace!
– Give me this necklace. All this has happened
due to this necklace. No, Hasu bhai. What is this? Oh God! Destiny!

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