Lil Huddy RESPONDS To Cheating On Charli D’Amelio!

Tik Tok stars Chase Hudson AKA Lil Huddy and
Charli D’Amelio have been pretty quiet about their relationship lately. And now, Chase finally spoke out about those
rumors that he cheated on Charli. Even Charli’s mom had some things to say
about the rumors! What’s up? It’s Sussan Mourad here with Clevver News
bringing you all the news updates from my at-home Clevver studio and we’ve got an
update on those Lil Huddy & Charli D’Amelio cheating rumors! It seems like 2020 is the year of Tik Tok
drama, along with many other things of course… but the feuds between these Tik Tokkers are
pretty much unavoidable on the internet these days. Whether it’s ‘who’s the REAL co-founder
of the Hype House’ or ‘who dropped what diss track about who’, the tea just keeps
getting hotter and hotter. But there’s one high profile Tik Tok relationship
that’s gotten tangled up in all this drama… Chase Hudson and Charli D’Amelio’s. Chase FINALLY spoke out about the rumors that
he cheated on Charli for the first time since news broke last week. Don’t worry, we’ll get into all that and
more, but first don’t forget to subscribe to Clevver News so you never miss out on any
breaking news updates. Alright, so let’s backtrack for a second
and remember how Chase and Charli came to be. They started hanging out following his split
with social media star Cynthia Parker in July. And remember Cynthia because she becomes an
important piece to this TikTok drama later. Charli and Chase spent more and more time
together once the Hype House was formed. They were both founding members and created
plenty of content together. And after months of speculation that the two
were an item, they finally confirmed their relationship with these pics in December. Then we started getting more and more cute
PDA pics from these two. Looks like these two were smooth sailing right? Well not so fast… because just last week,
fans started to speculate that Lil Huddy cheated on Charli, all thanks to a diss track that
breaks down everything. The diss track reportedly came to be when
another Tik Tok star Nessa Barrett told her fellow Tik Toker boyfriend Josh Richards that
Chase was sliding into her DMs. In response to this news, Josh and another
Tik Toker Bryce Hall, dropped a diss track about Lil Huddy called “Still Softish”
posted to YouTube. The video starts out with Josh getting “texts”
from Nessa about Lil Huddy attempting to reach out to her, with lyrics that read, “Tryna
f*ck my girl, like I couldn’t see” and, “This is to tell all of your fans you still
be f*cking with girls. Telling people Charli’s your world.” Later in the video you can see a shot of Lil
Huddy’s ex Cynthia, lip-syncing the line, “You know you had one shot.” See I told you Cynthia would be important
to this story again. And to make matters worse, Bryce and Josh
released another video called, “Explaining the ‘Still Softish’ Diss-track on Lil
Huddy.” In that video they claim that Lil Huddy sent
a photo to Nessa saying that he was quote “still softish.” Alright, so that pretty much sums up all the
cheating allegations against Chase. So now it’s time for his side of the story! He seemingly spoke out about the situation
on Twitter. Over the weekend, Lil Huddy went off presumably
about the situation and started off by saying quote, “it always is what it isn’t.” And he followed up by saying quote, “they’ll
always paint me as the bad guy.” But he wasn’t done there. He went on to say “i’m just doing what
i love. don’t try and fk with something that is
pure especially when it is false to begin with.” And he ended not-so-cryptically and wrote
quote, “i love one woman. do not tell lies” And obviously fans thought this was about
the cheating rumors and Charli. Did you get that from these tweets? Or do you think they could’ve been about
something else? Let me know and share your thoughts on Chase’s
tweets down in the comments below. Fans responded to Chase’s Tweets wondering
what they meant about his relationship status with Charli. One person wrote quote, “is this confirming
that y’all are still together” Another wrote quote, “I think they can get
back together. They my fav couple and I still believe in
them” And another wondered if he was even talking
about Charli at all and wrote quote, “yall ever thought that he could be talking about
his mom?” And speaking of moms, while neither Charli
nor Chase had really spoken out on the drama til now, Charli’s mom did. Heidi D’Amelio was pretty fed up with everyone
talking about her daughter’s relationship, so she clapped back on an Instagram post. She wrote quote, “Ugh this is disgusting!! No one but Charli and Chase know what is going
on with them! Everyone has decided they know what happened. How can anyone have these thoughts? They are horrible!! Please spread positivity!!! Please!! Always!!!” Mama bear came through to defend her cub! You know the tea is hot when someone’s mom
gets involved. But Heidi’s comment didn’t stop both the
diss trackers, Bryce and Nessa from stirring up more drama. Bryce replied to Chase’s tweet that said
“I love one woman. Do not tell lies” with “the only lie I
see is this tweet.” And according to the IG drama account the
Tik Tok room, Nessa even retweeted Bryce’s tweet. And Bryce continued on saying quote, “Why
would we make a whole diss-track to just spit lies? That kinda defeats the purpose of a “diss”
track…otherwise it would just be a lie-track. No fun.” And Nessa said, “my finger slipped oops”
And in case you were wondering, Chase hasn’t responded to Bryce or Nessa, and Charli has
kept quiet throughout this entire situation. So we’ll just have to wait and see if she
ever decides to speak out. But that’s all the tea I’ve got for now. If you can’t get enough Tik Tok drama, click
right over here for another Clevver News video. I’m Sussan Mourad thanks for watching, I’ll
catch you later!

100 Replies to “Lil Huddy RESPONDS To Cheating On Charli D’Amelio!”

  1. It doesnt even matter, they have to break up next month anyway so they need to get that relationship ship over with

  2. I honestly believe that they need more proof but Charlie's tweets say it all ya'll. Charlie & Nessa's side all the way. No CAP!


  4. i just think it’s weird that adults be talking about these two teenagers & their relationship… like they’re teens???? SHE IS 15 leave her alone & please adults stop talking about them

  5. Omg, there are so many Vids of people comparing Charli and Addison but if you go to the picture of the hype house they are literally holding hands. THEY ARE BFF’S Y’ALL.

    Edit: the time is 1:23

  6. Hold on, if Charli's mom is unhappy then why did she EVEN APPROVE OF CHARLI DATING AT A YOUNG AGE?

  7. I think it is very detrimental to do articles about 15 year old high school relationships. Can you imagine your high school dating life being all over the internet?! These poor kids.

  8. I don't like lil huddy and i don't care about tik tok but didn't bryce do the same thing?? quarantine has me so bored im watching tik tok drama

  9. I don’t get why we can’t just let Charli and chase sort this out without drama from fans like I think we should give them a break

  10. Why is everyone freaking out about his age she didn't date an old sugar daddy or some shit like that it's a 2 year difference it's really not that bad and when he turns 18 they don't need to break up ?‍♀️ and people keep saying Charlis 15 and he's gonna be 18 soon oh my godddd…. she will also be 16 soon.. charli ages too ya know

  11. Can you guys fucking not make news out of the lives of teenagers. You are fucking lowlifes to make money out of fucking teenage lives. That’s real cheap.

  12. But is talking already cheating ? Even if it seemed flirty, maybe it wasn’t supposed to be like that and just the fandom destroyed their relationship…. idk what to think about this, but it is really disgusting how people are interfering into this story. This is their story… not yours! Mind your own business!

  13. yall are freaking out just bcos its this overrated charli girl but if he cheated on someone not popular yall would just be quiet…..

  14. We all knew he was a f-boy like it’s so obvi I feel bad for her but I feel like she should have known like it’s pretty obvious

  15. I mean, go charli because she looks like she got stronger from this. Chase was a noodle, like… Charli could pick him up. But anyways I think she’s really thinking about this and yeah so ♡☀︎???? ??????

  16. People hate on chase for cheating but yall act like he's the only person who committed cheating poor chase he made a mistake and now people hate ??

  17. But honestly, nessa is canceled. Especially since what happened when she decided to "throw it back" while there was Quran playing in the ignorant…

  18. maybe she could be lying you never know and if Chase really slide into your DMs show proof and even if they were to get back together that's our business to know they want some privacy leave them alone omg 2020 is just full of drama

  19. I Dont think That They “where dating” They where probably Friends with benefits And the Guy’s last name Hore IM LAUGHING

  20. This makes me so sad this is what happened to my cousin and he was so messed up he cut himself at the school dance

  21. I’m so pissed off, everyone is trying to control there life, if lil huddy cheated, yes that is horrible but people sending death threats is a horrible thing. I also saw people saying they did it for attention, stop! They are just humans trying to date they didn’t ask for something you gave them. They were just trying to have a good time making tiktoks and now people are taking this too far.

  22. I’m sorry I don’t think chase cheated on charli and first of all charli lives in Connecticut and Chase lives in Cali so there is no proof that he actually cheated unless u walk into his house and be like yo Chase did u cheat on charli so yea

  23. There is people who are dying and y’all are like OMG Chase cheated on charli like y’all grow up there fine man there is no proof I’m sick of y’all this happens literally all the time stars breakup like come on man

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