100 Replies to “Louisiana Democratic Governor defeats Trump-backed businessman, CNN projects”

  1. wait till next yr. all these spineless Republicans who won't stand up to trump now will be sayonara and you can take that to the bank!

  2. Louisiana has only had 3-4 Republicans as governor in over 200 years , and there has never been a republican mayor of New Orleans .. New Orleans the murder capital of the USA for 2 decades.

  3. Trump left Louisiana a bill for two rallies that he’s not planning to pay for absolutely nothing.

    Good job Louisiana 👍🏻👍🏼👍🏽👍🏾👍🏾🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊

  4. President Trump is working everyday for free. Democrats are paid, but working on impeaching Trump and their campaigns, instead of congressional duties.


  6. From Obama, THE BIDENS, HILLARY – JOHN KERRY, OPPOSITION RESEARCH Steele Dossier, Paul manafort, *GEORGE SOROS, Trump at Trump Tower 2015 to the IMPEACHMENT and the role that the Ukrainian ambassador played.
    February 2014 new president in Ukraine.
    March 2014 Oh-bummer sends Biden to help financially.

    Biden gives a total of 6.4 billion dollars.

    Joe Biden partners with John Kerry's friend Devon Archer.
    April Joe and Son Biden fly to Ukraine, later Archer flies to Ukraine.
    Devon gets on the board of burisma next day Hunter Biden gets on the board of burisma.
    June 2015 at Trump Tower.

    Late 2015 US "advisor" Tony Podesta send to Ukraine by Obama
    Russian investigation starts by the DNC.

    Alexandra chalupa started *Opposition Research
    Bruce Ohr gets involved.
    Another $4 billion lost.
    Manafort gets framed.

    Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch is sent by Obama. She order Viktor Shokin NOT TO investigate the Biden case and
    NOT TO investigate George Soros


  7. Yeah, Louisiana is a welfare state.
    President Trump scared the shit out of the "underserved", "underprivileged", "underemployed" segment of Louisiana, so they turned out in droves to vote for their welfare checks, food stamps, and other freebies.
    Meanwhile, those who work and pay for all of the "free" shit will continue to drive on the shittiest roads and send their children to the shittiest schools in the nation.
    Good going people👍👍👍.

  8. well that's good you just keep adding on the bullshit ,and you know what civil war will happen, and all those Louisiana hiccups and the rest of them that did vote against Trump will pay the price in the civil war just like before when they lost last civil war

  9. #democrats are cheating somehow , hard to prove with all these voter machines electronics ,.. but anything possible, we have a good economy now and yet all the voters in every state seem to hate trump and the repubs and are voting democrat , that fits no patterns and makes no sense,.. and 100,000 repubs always seem to be staying home or missing MIA lol

  10. We have a great economy right now with huge trump rallies packing arenas, low gas prices, cheap rent in red states,..yet red states keep voting democrat ? none of this makes any sense right now ,.. Can only look to us out here like VOTER MACHINE FRAUD ! #SOROS

  11. No one with half a brain would want an endorsement from a psychotic criminal traitor. Yeah, like I'd want the endorsement of someone who swoons before Putin and does everything in his power to help Russia and hurt our allies and says things like, "The free press is the enemy of the people." Yeah, right.

  12. "Smell that? You smell that? Napalm, son. Nothing else in the world smells like that. I love the smell of napalm in the morning." Woot!


  14. The reporter had hard time to report undigested news of democrat wining 🤣🤣🥳God bless her heart too✋🏻🤪👏🏻👏🏻🥳🥳🙈

  15. No worries everyone Trump will win yeah not all these Republicans will win this shit happens but Trump will win that’s for certain you have to be blind not to see the bullshit from the Democratic Party I was a Democrat but not anymore because I can see through the bullshit!!!

  16. Trump doing two rallies in close sequence? That looks more like desperation than confidence. This is also a showing of the power of black voter turnout.

  17. DEMOCRAT POLICIES ARE EVIL!!! your idiots if you learn your history Lincoln was a NATIONALIST party menber which is now the republican party the south was democrat.. Remember Black people getting water hosed that was the democrats policies Republican values took over when JFK was murdered by LBJ black people back then had their own communities and CITIES!! When the democrats lost support they moved on to the bigger cities little by little ruining communities with their hand out policies breaking up families with their welfare policies if your a single mother here's food stamps…but if your poor and the dad is around you get nothing!! Here you go free abortions as well but only in poor communities..years after they left you see how well republican values have improved the south and ruined the big cities think of Los Angeles back in the 50's Marylin monroe beautiful Hollywood and now…………….and the south is now full if Bible loving nice people sure their is hate all over the world but that is something republican LOVE and values will continue to improve… Wake up my American brother and be proud of the best country in the world..as a "minority" I don't want "white" people patting me on the head saying poor brown man you'll never make it here's affirmative action because your not good enough and end up with a position I didn't earn and now I have to doubt and ask..was I good enough?? …now with broken families and loss of morals crimes and violence are everywhere kids go around depressed because they have no pride and end up killing because they believe they are weak and have no other recourse and the media pretends to care when the solution is OBVIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rebuild the family make MEN…MEN AGAIN…we are strong rocks… FOUNDATIONS… we must be something our children can be proud of if your wife or girlfriend gets upset don't turn into a bitch and start arguing back use your logic and not emotions thats how women loose respect in you and bad mouth you to the kids…. remember YOU must be the example your son will see when mommy gets angry and yells dad always stayed calm and made it right…the cycle must be broken and I just told you how remember DEMOCRATS POLICIES ARE EVIL!!!!!!

  18. Gee, getting out the racist KKK vote brought out blacks and other minorities as well. Who would have thought such a thing? Stick with Trump and you will still be stuck and unable to free yourself from his sinking ship in 2020.
    BERNIE SANDERS 2020 "Incorruptible since 1941."

  19. Trump is causing the downfall of the republican that is just in the beginning stages on state levels currently. It will get worse indeed. I could see it myself as a republican though I am against Trump. It is not right what he did to my party and totally against the country and Constitution. His behavior during the last testomy has caused many in my regional republican chapter leave his support base. Totally childish and not professional at all.

  20. I’m so glad Trump came here and woke up the people who would have otherwise stayed at home. What was meant for bad turned out to be for good.

  21. When you get fed up with being a sanctuary state don't come to my state. When you need more money to keep city going and clean don't ask Federal govt to bale you out or me to pay for it.

  22. The black guy to the left of the governor, when he turns his back to the camera, is Edward James. I went to Southern University with him. Look out for him. He will be running for governor/ president, some day.

  23. Trump & Republicans = Take This As A BAD Omen First it was Kentucky, now Louisiana… next the Nation Hey Donny… Soooo much losing lately… can’t wait for SCOTUS to reject your income tax appeal… heart attack is in your future!

  24. I don't mind a Democrat that supports the constitution. It's those far left weirdos that scare me. They want a communist government.

  25. Early voting is very much rigged Trump votes get destroyed from the very first step on down. The mailman knows if you're Democrat or Republican they tend to be uninformed MSNBC watchers. (No one watches CNN.)
    How many Republicans ballots get lost on way to post office.

  26. Early voting Republican ballots getting lost on way to post office and/or in post office or getting burned at mailmans house. There are counties and states 100 % for Trump in 2016 and with mid terms 2018 and total reversal today,
    100 % against Republicans. Wake up people it's way too obvious. Can not be this many dumb Americans. Probably lots of racist though in La and Kentucky and Va some reason don't want blacks to have jobs.

  27. Do not mail in your vote. Take a day off if need to to vote in person. The Republicans show up that's half the battle of winning. Mailing in your vote is half the battle to losin

  28. Democrats are Nazis and racist white supremacists that use minorities to get votes. They run the new plantations, they’ll give you free food, and a place to stay. All you have to do is vote them into office. The democrats founded the KKK and fought to keep slavery. Any white person that is a democrat is a racist white supremacist and supports a political party that was founded on racism and slavery. Any minority’s that supports the left at this point after their failed policies and destruction of minority communities and targeting black communities is brainwashed. Is it a coincidence that the same party that founded the KKK and fought to keep slavery also tries to convince people to keep abortion clinics in every black community? It’s a soft genocide, the leftists are the real racists. Read history, stop believing their lies.

  29. Mailmen earn 2.00 for every Republican ballot they turn into the DNC. I heard this from a friend who heard it from a guy who here it from a transvestite.

  30. Imagine denying the existence of a deep state when George Bush Senior openly talked about creating one and “being successful” with it 😂

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