Malia Obama’s Boyfriend Comes From A Lot Of Money

After a couple months acclimating to life
at Harvard, pictures of former First Daughter
Malia Obama with a mystery man began to surface,
and it looks like things are serious.
Just who is this guy?
Meet Rory Farquharson
Malia Obama began attending Harvard University
in the fall of 2017.
Shortly before Thanksgiving, TMZ released
a video of Obama briefly locking lips with
someone while tailgating at her very first
Harvard-Yale football game.
He’s now known to be Malia’s rumored boyfriend,
Rory Farquharson.
So what’s up with Rory?
He’s a Brit
The Telegraph reports that Farquharson grew
up across the pond and was the so-called “head
boy”, class President, essentially, for one
year at the prestigious Rugby School, a boarding
school located in the birthplace of the namesake
He was also a member of the chemistry club
and played both golf and rugby for the school.
He’s a Harvard man
Like Obama, Farquharson is now a student at
Harvard University, which is likely where
the lovebirds first met.
While Malia’s major is unknown, Farquharson
may be following in his father’s footsteps,
according to the Telegraph.
Charles Farquharson obtained a law degree
from Cambridge University and is now a chief
executive at an investment firm in London.
Rory reportedly followed quite a few banking-related
accounts on Twitter before he deleted his
Which brings us to …
He’s offline
Page Six reported that since he began dating
Obama, Farquharson has deleted all of his
social media accounts.
It’s understandable given the scrutiny that
comes with mega-high-profile relationships.
Just ask Meghan Markle.
According to ABC News, when her relationship
with Prince Harry became serious, Markle deleted
her blog, stopped sharing photos of her life
on Instagram, and stepped away from Twitter.
Is Rory similarly positioning himself for
a long-term commitment?
He’s very self-aware
Farquharson didn’t mince words when it came
time to write a letter to his 16-year-old
self for the Rugby School’s publication, Meteor.
In it, he wrote,
“You’re a lanky, over-confident public school
boy, desperately trying to prove to your friends
how much of a ‘lad’ you are and have failed
Farquharson also predicted his near-future,
“You’ll have various relationships and constantly
meet new people.
You’ll even spend time living abroad.”
A safe bet, considering he comes from a wealthy
family family.
Speaking of which …
He’s loaded
The Farquharsons aren’t in the upper crust,
but the numbers don’t lie: The Telegraph reported
that Farquharson’s childhood home in Suffolk
is worth just over two million dollars, The
Rugby School cost them 14-thousand dollars
per term, and Harvard is, of course, notoriously
His executive father isn’t the only one bringing
home the full English breakfast, either: Rory’s
mother, Catherine, is an accountant working
for the government in London.
The royal connection
Just because Farquharson is British and rich,
that doesn’t mean he knows the Queen, right?
Believe it or not, he does have links to the
British royal family.
As it turns out, Malia Obama’s main squeeze
is the second cousin of Andrew Farquharson.
Express reports that Andrew had a lengthy
career of working alongside the Queen, first
as her courtier and then as her Assistant
Master of the Household at Buckingham Palace.
The Queen even made him a member of her own
order of chivalry.
Plus, from 2006 to 2009, Andrew took on a
similar role for Prince Charles.
He’s a smoker
We don’t know much about what brought the
two together, but they have one thing in common:
Farquharson and Malia have both been photographed
smoking cigarettes.
No word on what Barack thinks about Malia
smoking, but in a 2012 interview, Michelle
Obama discussed her husband’s former habit
as it related to his daughters:
“I know that his ability to ultimately kick
the habit was because of the girls, because
they’re at the age now where you can’t hide.
I think that he didn’t want to look his girls
in the eye and tell them that they shouldn’t
do something that he was still doing.”
Doting dad
While President Obama hasn’t commented specifically
on Malia’s relationship, he has discussed
his thoughts about his daughters growing up
and dating.
A few months before Malia and Rory were spotted
locking lips, ABC News asked him how he felt
about his girls dating.
Obama said he’s, quote, “pretty relaxed about
it,” citing Michelle’s influence as one reason
he’s so chill about the prospect.
Then Obama joked:
“The other reason is because they’ve had secret
There’s only so much they can do!”
It’s unclear if Malia is still under secret
service protection, and if this protection
is why Farquharson deleted his social media
Regardless, the whole world’s watching their
every move, the price you pay for mingling
with American royalty.

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  1. It's weird how if it's a black girl with a white guy no one says shit. Comments like they look cute together. But the moment the roles are flipped black and or women in general lose their minds. Remember when the guy that play kill monger (IN BLACK PANTHER) said that he only had white girlfriends so far. THE INTERNET LOST ITS DAMN MIND

  2. Which first family member should you guys smear, err feature, next? Donald Trump Jr. and the Trump Tower meeting.

  3. Excuse me Heather.. first of all I’m not white.. I’m a multimillionaire Filipino physician that migrated to the USA LEGALLY and became successful on my own merits.. and please MICHELLE AND HER DAUGHTER MALIA DO LOOK LIKE ORANGUTANS.. and that’s the TRUTH!!

  4. Comparing being head boy of Rugby school to Class President s a bit like saying being President of the US is like being mayor of Boise, Idaho or that Tiger Woods was quite good at golf.

  5. Ms. Malia obama deseves the best because she is not only intelligent but she is a good natured young lady from affluent family. I love the obamas❤

  6. They are cute and they're kids so leave them be. Of course the former Prez's daughter is going to marry someone with dough… come on now. She goes to Harvard!!

    Oh yeah, I reported at least 20 comments for hate, racism (on both sides), and some people saying some nasty s&_t. A lot of ya'll need jobs, hobbies, and most of all to work on your lives and your hate before judging others. Segregation of any kind when forced upon people is stupid. Let them date and STFU with your opinion unless they come from a place of support. Act like you have some dignity. Peace.

  7. Malia comes from money and power herself so it isn't as if she needs him for anything. Imho it's better for her to date someone who comes from money too as a broke bish will write a tell all when the relationship ends. Don't date people who got nothing to lose when your family is high profile. It's sad but true.

  8. The MSM could not wait for this to show that ZERO's daughter has a white man in the wings ??hahahahaha ??? Its all in the optics

  9. What do you expect ? She has been surrounded an schooled by wealthy white people her whole life ! She's not going to date some thug ! OJ Simpson probably has more black friends than the Obama's

  10. "No", spoke Providence,
    but hey people do whatever
    they want to do". ;/
    Unfortunate it alters the
    things that were more so
    suppose to happen, as well
    as it's fruits onn earth surfaces,
    and as a result therefore pro
    longing all tge variety of things
    humanity despises, often those despises are global agreed upon
    and felt;
    Its that Ann is original for 421",
    to be brief in regards to it.
    (yea, very sad things is this video)

  11. "The soul speaking
    is the numerical
    reflection of the
    very numerals of queen Elizabeth's ; but people
    do what they want to do,
    often with no care or interest
    in what Providence suggests".


  13. She ain’t no gold digger , her parents net worth is 40million yea so she can pretty much do anything lmao

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  15. I wonder what it REALLY PAID TO GET …. INTO HARVARD. I better not be paying for any security for these Traitors family members. Do tell. AM I. CUT IT ALL OFF NOW.

  16. Now we see the real aftermath and consequences of America having a black president

    Breeding with blacks is more n more fashionable

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