Mariner High School Triton Vibe 2-12-20

(Music). (Music). What’s up guys? My name’s Kevin. I’m Andy. I’m Dillon. And welcome back to Triton Vibe. You know the vibes. And um let me get you guys started off with a valentine’s day flower sale right outside the galley during
lunch. Don’t forget to buy your graduation bash tickets outside the auditorium ticket
booth for $150. By your class rings outside the galley today at lunch. And w’re gonna
pass you guys off to lunch (clap). Yo what’s up? Today’s lunch we got all the usuals. Pasta spirals. Chicken nuggets. And a taco stick. Thanks chicken fredo for the lunch. And we got a ring pop sale right outside the galley during lunch. As well as JROTC Marksmanship
practice at 1:45. There’s a ceramics club meeting at 1:45 in room 103. There’s wrestling practice at 1:45. As well as a NHS meeting at 1:45. Now we’re gonna pass it on to the
class package so see ya guys in a bit (snap). Today I’m here with Victoria. Keke. Do you
y’all have a valentine’s? Nah. Is it stupid? Yes. 100%. So today I’m here with. Matthew. And the question is. Whose your valentine? If you have one Nobody. Oh, okay thank you
(whispers). (Buzzing background) Okay so today I’m here with. Alysse. And the question is do you think Valentine’s day is stupid? No. Why? Because it’s a day to show love. Oh okay thank you (mmm). So today I’m here with. Marvin. And the question is do you have a valentine’s? Yes I do. Why? Because my mom said I should have one. Oh okay thank you (Laughing). Thanks for the
class package you guys. Next up we got JV softball practice, boys weightlifting, and track all at 2. Drama rehearsals at 2:15. Football conditioning at 3:30. At what? Football conditioning at 3:30. You aid thre thurty. Thre thurty. Thre thurty. What’s up guys? It’s Shawn. I got the weather for you. So first off we have a a high of 86. A low of 63. Our humidity levels is gonna be around 54. And that’s it for me guys. Have an amazing day. What’s going on tritons? It’s Wes with your game day sports. At 7 o’clock there will be a boy’s soccer
regional quarter finals at home. And there will be a . There will be a boy’s basketball
game at 7. That’s all for me Tritons. Now back to more news. (Feet running). If you’re still interested in track. You can still join. 2 p.m. after school practices. And also please have your paperwork. If so see Coach Titus and Kiser. And have a great day Tritons. (Music).

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