Mariner High School Triton Vibe 2-13-20

(Music). (Music). Oh what’s up? Uhhh It’s me, Shy. Shy that guy. And I’m doing weather. Again. For like the umm. Anyway I don’t remember how many times I’ve
done it. So today uhh it’s going to be partly cloudy. With uh 82 percent high. And a 65 low with uh 30% chance of rain. So uh that’s it. Weather. Done. What’s going on Tritons? I’m Jacob. And welcome back to our daily sizzle (I’m Brian). There’s Valentine’s flowers for sale outside
the lunch room during lunch. Seniors can get your grad bash tickets at
the ticket booth for the auditorium for $150. You can also buy your class ring outside of
the galley during lunches. There is also ring pop sales outside the galley
during both A and B lunch. (Music). What’s up Tritons? Today for lunch we’ll be having all the usuals. Nachos. French toast sticks. Egg and cheese omelets. And Nashville hot chicken bites. Now back to more news. (music) Wrestling practice at 1:45. Along with a TSA meeting in room 110. There is a Mariner Manuscript meeting at 1:45
in room 357. There is a model UN meeting at 1:45 in room
144. There is a HOSA meeting at 1:45. There is is an NHHS meeting at room 509 at 1:45. (Music) Hi Tritons, I’m with. Deedee. And she’s gonna show us her talent for talent Thursday. (music). (laughter). I’m with. Jayden. And she’s gonna show us her talent. (music). I’m with. Adrian. And he’s gonna show us his talent. (Feet slamming against floor). (OHHHHHH.) I’m with. Trelisa. And she’s gonna show us her talent. (Mumbling in background). (Music plays on phone). (Clap). Thank you Tritons have a good day. And now back to more news. At 2 we have boy’s soccer practice. Boy’s weightlifting practice. Track practice JV softball practice. And at 3:30 we have football conditioning. (Feet slamming). If you’re still intrested in track. You can still join. 2 p.m. after school practices. And also, please have your paperwork. If so see Coach Titus and Kiser. And have a great day Tritons. Whats going on Tritons. It’s Wes with your gameday sports. 8th time recording this. (Uhhhhhh) (music). At 3:30 there will be a boys and girls’ tennis
match versus Oasis at home. Following that there will be a basketball
classic versus Island Coast at Ida baker at 4. There will be a girls’ softball classic versus
Bishop verot at riverdale at 7. And there will be a girl’s basketball regional quarter final at 7. That’s all for me Tritons, now back to more
news. That’s all we got for you Tritons. (Music)

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