Markets Close On One Of Worst Quarters In History Amid COVID-19 Pandemic | NBC News NOW

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  1. "The Dow with the highest it's ever been"
    Jimmy Dore-"let's see what the Dow is doing on a chart here"
    Zanniness ensues.

  2. In other words the rich will buy on the cheap and make another 2.5 billions or more on their 257 million investment. Pretty sure the politicians will come out wealthier after the bail out.

  3. Jesus Christ in two seconds you dispute name of your own title news.. Is it THE worst or ONE of the worst?

  4. WTF is funny to them about this? This is hurting people and these dumb IDIOTS are laughing and David even said it is funny! It's NOT FUNNY!

  5. Fake news. These are the same people who tried telling us for 4 years that our president was a Russian spy. Political propaganda machine. Don't believe a word!!

  6. How does it feel to see your economy ruined by a vicious virus ??? America has done that to Iraq lybia Iran Palestine Venezuela in the past decade be ready for ww3 now ! The Rothschild are ready for millions of people to died for their interest ! The worst virus ever own your federal bank since 1908 !

  7. this shouldn’t even be a conversation like really y’all talking about this come on now y’all shut everything down tell us to stay at home because the virus is severely bad what do you expect to happen to the Dow ? like this is so stupid to me SMH

  8. No more riding the Obama drive. The policies Trump has put into place have finally showed their failures as did every business deal he ever had. Giving trillions to the rich and screwing over the working class never helps the market for too long. It spikes then crashes. Has with every republican administration since reagan

  9. The federal reserve note is backed by nothing, a debt printed IOU, and we have to pay debt with debt? Wake up people we are all slaves to the Federal Reserve. No debt can ever be repaid with more debt.

  10. The cruise ship that wants to dock in Fla…??? Family members say they didn't know the virus was that bad… Well, that big discount that they got said it all. Well, we don't want our families sick, either. Now, they're getting the full cruise benefits. You can worry like the rest of the USA citizens. They knew, they made the decision to board that ship, now, stop playing the victim. Anyone going on a cruise, cheat boat ride can continue onto the next port, in a different country..l. Irresponsible on behalf of millions of people. ..

  11. Witness a marxist crisis to finally control the means of production – and it's worked so far.
    Feelin' like Venezuela yet?

  12. Didnt see you bringing on guests and cheering the markets in when they were at an all time high. Only negativity.

  13. This is not that unusual, since the market is extremely overvalued and companies had to much debt. All of this debt has accumulated over the past few years with investors increasing their debt to invest more without dividends to justify obligation. Its is funny to see even consumers paying even more taxes on imports after American manufacturing companies began to shut down for the global crisis and imports from China will somehow double.
    Also paying workers full time to stay at home to spread the virus, instead of testing to remove the carriers or keeping infected sick cases in quarantine instead of at home is a certain stupid reality of national policy. There is truth in the fact that the coronavirus will certainly increase by the millions if the population is only tested.

  14. This is a tremendous economy, the best ever, many people are saying it, and they say it… They say it strongly. We have the greatest numbers, the best… Oh boy… And people tell me all the time… Nobody has these numbers… Who knew? I knew… I called it… Very.. Very… Very strong….

  15. " that is a scary date for a lot of people"
    yeah like 30%…nearly 105,000,000 people…
    also idiots, do you not have the intelligence to realize that the stimulus package money is goign to go to pay debts and not consumer buying!? This is your guys grow up full times jobs and you are being disingenuous and unrealistic AF.
    secondly we should not have an economy based on so much debt.

  16. James 5 1-6
    1. Now listen, you rich people, weep and wail because of the misery that is coming on you. 2 Your wealth has rotted, and moths have eaten your clothes. 3 Your gold and silver are corroded. Their corrosion will testify against you and eat your flesh like fire. You have hoarded wealth in the last days. 4 Look! The wages you failed to pay the workers who mowed your fields are crying out against you. The cries of the harvesters have reached the ears of the Lord Almighty. 5 You have lived on earth in luxury and self-indulgence. You have fattened yourselves in the day of slaughter.6 You have condemned and murdered the innocent one, who was not opposing you.

  17. Don't worry everyone, remember what Donald Trump and his supporters said: Coronavirus is a "Democratic hoax." These Trump supporters also know that Climate Change is a "hoax" as well! That's right folks: science matters, but only when it doesn't affect you politically. I learned that from Trump supporters!

  18. Oh you guys changed your tune from yesterday when you were talking about how health insurance stocks were so good…

  19. Quit trying to blame this crap on any one in our Government! When this runs it's course, every thing will return to normal. Stop trying to scare every one more than this virus already had!

  20. F them let them crash so badly we don’t care about the markets we need to stay at home and f the rich that’s all America politicians care about not getting us help us poor are the ones to die watch also are government failed us badly PA Danville people are dying daily

  21. Turns out when you ignore a pandemic for 2 months, things don't do so well. Go figure.
    It's almost like systematic incompetence has a tangible economic cost.

  22. More deflection and lies to point the blame on virus for the economic collapse. This was already headed south and propped up with QE since 2019. Because they never allowed the market to correct on it's own. Global central banks were already at zero to negative interest rates prior to the outbreak and for several years actually. So if anyone like the news or by an individual to state the economy's downfall was caused by the virus outbreak is highly uninformed or flat out lying.

    But hey let's introduce more QE to make it worse and eventually deflate the dollar with this hyperinflation. You guys need to wake up and see what the real problem is.

  23. The good news is that the airlines, casinos, and hotels will be okay. You'll be homeless and starving…..but the airlines, casinos, and hotels will be okay.

  24. Worst stock market in American history , record unemployment and job losses. Total failure on the Coronavirus pandemic. Thanks Trump.

  25. the biggest loser?
    big pharma
    Americans quit buying their meds to buy food during the trump economic depression

    the winner?
    funeral homes during the trump pandemic

  26. If if if…..
    Ya better get real like the President had to…
    The economy is/has changed.
    1200 don't even pay rent.
    And It's surly not gonna cover a shareholder's tab….
    Maybe Shareholders should give an opportunity to discount their shares… Root a strong start…
    Ohhh… That's right…
    Ya just waiting on THE PEOPLE'S check and hope we haven't learned anything..

  27. There are many working hard men, middle class and women who don't care about the stock market.

  28. REAL Americans don’t panic and begin to Sell when the times get a little tough. They hang in there because they’re in it for the Long haul. Running to sell shows you only care about yourself and not the good of the Nation and it’s Future.
    Mass selling is WHAT panics the Market. If you’re scared you might loose some money then you don’t belong in the Market in the first place OR you are playing games with your future.
    For Me so far I’m only down 6%…that’s not a panic in my mind.

  29. Why not just close the markets till it's over? The markets only serve to pressure business to take measures that are more than a little anti-social…If they were closed a lot of the speculation and profiteering would end. The opportunity for the rich to take advantage over the middle classes is obscene. If they were closed it has NO EFFECT on production as markets make NOTHING and supply No services….Basically it is just like closing the Casinos….By deferring the losses/speculation business can reset on re-opening with complete information and panic will be less of a driver.

  30. I am sad for the world and angry at the leadership who protected their pots of gold with the graves of the dead.

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