McCarthy: This is a calculated coup orchestrated by Adam Schiff

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  1. Democrats trying to cover all their evil schemes like Uranium One deal, Russia Collusion, Ukraine, Steele Dossier, etc. They can cover and hide it but it will stink, smell and it will be brought out in the open for all the American people to see. Schiff got probably the most to hide, since he is the most hateful person towards President Trump. He is obsessed on bringing him down and it is so sad. This should not happen in America, and HATE and VENGEACE should have no room in US POLITICS.

  2. The transparency of the Mueller investigation made democrats look terrible. So this time around they are trying to suppress as much info as possible.

  3. Democrats underestimated the unity of the GOP. If pelosi has any modicum of modesty and humility, she should apologize to Trump and the republicans and shutdown the illegal inquiry!

  4. This is no coup:
    If Donald Trump is removed from office,

    Mike Pence will become President.

    Hillary Clinton will not become President.

  5. MSNBC. JFK would ban the treasonous.Bought and paid for! Lyers Hiding Epstiens deeds… Thier desperate.. That is what this is about..!

  6. *****Constitutional Violations*****
    Control of Congressional hearings. Withholding documents/testimony.
    Manipulates Congressional hearings Schiff > Sealed hearings in Basement. No informationCongressman/Senators
    Classifies documents documents to control illegal activity
    Classifies budget information
    Blocks Congressional Scrutiny – States Secret Privilege.
    Manipulates the President – False Intelligence> Brennan
    Influences re-Election
    Control of Judiciary . FISA Court
    Surveillance of US citizens
    FISA Judges = Secrete Supreme Court
    State Secrets Privilege – Coerces Judges.
    Officials lying under oath — CIA/NSA/FBI

  7. Trump aught to say this "Listen. Are we a corrupt country?? Do we give large amounts of financial aid to nations up to their necks in corruption with us?? The real corruption here is with the Bidens and all I was trying to do was make sure the President of Ukraine stood by his words and rooted out corruption. All of this corruption must be stopped and these people are trying to impeach me for one reason. Because of their own disgusting corruption. We are the USA. We are not a corrupt country. As the president I was simply trying to get to the truth about the crimes committed before sending massive amounts of money to these same people"

  8. A coup, or the constitutional duty to remove a dangerous unfit criminal from steering the country into the ground and the hands of Vladimir Putin. But I guess how you see it depends on if you're an American or a sycophant.

  9. The whistle-blower expressed concern because he claimed that he had heard worrying reports about what Trump had said and how the report of said conversation was placed under unusually tight security. This concern was deemed worthy of at least further investigation by the Intelligence services. Barr refused to have independent investigators look into what was said [and so could have cleared the whole thing up in weeks] so the Democrats took on that role. Career professionals under oath confirmed that what the whistle-blower had heard second or third hand was in fact just about what had happened; in fact they elaborated on it and spoke of how the 'perfect conversation' has been pre-ambled with months of input from Trumps 'special team'. The whistle-blower could be a staunch democrat but that is irrelevant; what he claimed to have heard has been confirmed as being true; his input is no longer needed as he could only repeat the 'gossip' he heard from other white house professionals. What is needed is input from those who heard the phone call and we have exactly that. The Republicans can cross examine those who heard the phone call and who spoke to the the main players; they may find holes but the whistle-blower can offer nothing of value; his political persuasion is irrelevant. What he heard from others did happen – end of story. .

  10. Schiff also fears the investigations into the genesis that are winding to a close as the drama continues. He is scared schiffless.

  11. 2:53 Since when did Republicans become the party of lawlessness? There's only one year, why impeach? Might as well be 2 years, or 4, hell, just take it out of the Constitution altogether. Let's make it a 3 year term too, since apparently we're subverting the Constitution every chance we get and the president can't nominate supreme court judges in year 4. We probably don't need Congress either since it's not a co-equal branch of government. We just go along with any corrupt thing the white house says.

  12. Name missing on the list is Adam Schiff. He needs to testify under oath and penalty of perjury due to his multiple lies to energize this seditious coup.

  13. Its time for the honest media to change the narrative, it has to be ramped up , we have learnt so much about the machinations of the deepstate and their associated tools trying to enact a coup . Now is the time to demand accountability and justice . There is beyond ample evidence to justify civil and military prosecutions and tribunals being brought against all the known bad players.

    What more does Trump and his players need before they do something ?

  14. Why isn't Schiff impeached for his actions? He lied , makes up rules which are against our rights and he is fighting against our constitution.

  15. The smart ones know it is A coup but the Democratic followers call us boomers because we boom and they are jealous this is why they call us boomers because this will boom in there faces😂😂😂Democrats suck

  16. This "ADAM SCHIFF" was a Persecutor? Everyone Sent to Jail by This Corrupt Politician needs to Contact "THE INNOCENT PROJECT" and Have Their Cases Reviewed

  17. Schiff was wrong for 3 years. He has blocked Republican questions and now witnesses? “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain” says the Wizard. Americans are not stupid, Schiff for brains.
    I don’t care what his witnesses “feel/felt. Facts don’t care about feelings. He can’t say Trump did it and Bidens didn’t. The Dems know if they can’t get 2 of the 3 branches they’ll get investigated, found out, and lose everything they’ve cheated us out of.

  18. The whistle blowers are protected by law your morons get this straight it's the law to protect the whistle blowers bunch of morons! !!!

  19. No its a inquiry over illegal wrongdoing by our president Our president has been a outright scammer his entire life from not paying his contractors to I am assuming tax evasion fake university sued and settled fake charity found guilty 6 bankruptcies some business man

  20. As california burns, power outages, and merchant and citizen streets filled with filth. with Zero Regard for American Citizen hard earned Tax Payer Dollars.

  21. It is not a coup. Many comments here are false or just ignorant of the process, while displaying a Triggered mentality. The "perfect" transcript only validated the concerns of the whistleblower and show a clear impeachable offense. Let's make this more clear just as Matt Gaetz wanted and do the public hearings so everyone can hear the facts.

  22. We ALL know what this SCHITT inquisition and fraud is … But I want to know HOW to STOP IT. Must it come down to the National Guard or the Military going in and rounding up the DNC … the waste of taxpayers time and money and the fraud that is being played out for the DNC's propaganda machine must come to an abrupt conclusion. There is no credibility or integrity in the DNC to be a credible political body, they are just criminals abusing the system.

  23. FOX NEWS is a disgrace!!! These specimens are taking advantage of the poorly educated and most of them support Trump. You should be ashamed of yourselves!! Washing peoples weak brains is not right!! I am with you amigos it is not your fault you didn't make much of yourselves it is the democratic party right?

  24. All this has to happen in order to drain the swamp.after Trump gets reelected he will most likely have to implement marcial law to put down the socialist deep state globalist.

  25. Incompetence in office is far from a coup. We’re going to kick the SOB out and redistribute the wealth these crooks stole from us!

  26. GOP, damnit. Ur all idiot & must be fired. The issue is your mafia boss – trump. Not the whistleblower nor hunter biden.

  27. i am in new Zealand.i am discussed at the way they hound your president those bastards should be had for treason.that man for all his faults is doing his best for you..drain that swamp….please

  28. Get Trump out of office before the f%@*ing DEMs will very state and federal election for the next 30 years. This guy stole veterans' charity money.

  29. Adam shift is being controlled by the deep state global socialist.they have robbed and sold out this country for years.they enriched themselves at the expence of the American people and now it's ending because of Trump that's why they hate him. They should all go to jail.if we did what they did they would lock is up and throw away the key but they're politicians.they think they're above the law.

  30. Schiff will not agree with any of these witnesses especially the so called whistle blower because Schiff and this guy Charlie came together and orchestrated this together to try take out the 45th President ..bloody disgusting

  31. Let the House play its games. The Senate Majority Leader is watching and he knows that there is no law that says the whistleblowers cannot be seen and cross examined. If impeached the Senate will perform a trial and make all the Democrat Presidential candidates stay in DC and not campaign because of the impeachment trial. The President will be able to do his own thing and in the end the President will be found not guilty.

  32. The stupid Dems keep doubling and tripling down on Lies stretching this out … and it only helps Durham put his case for treason together … lets take our time here, just say'in

  33. Lmfaoo, The Republicans have absolutely no defense whatsoever its hilarious. They only conspiracy theories nothing will hold up in court. Even sean hannity is involved in this scandal.

  34. No…..Trump and his criminal minions commited the crimes which warranted Investigation Indictment and Impeachment…Lets be honest folks….No coup here

  35. In as much that Democrat Senators are obviously playing politics, bias on every counts and prejudiced in every way to include others that participated in this COUP attempt/plot since PDTRUMP had won. It is the role of the PRESIDENT to exercise his Emergency Power and Order an arrest and/or Subpoena all those involved proven and publicly malign the Duly Elected President, as they are all in participants in the Conspiracy of COUP.

  36. The whistleblowers complaint has already been coaberated by White House Chief of Staff as well as many others but you guys refused to acknowledge that.

  37. If this is a calculated coup orchestrated by Adam Schiff, that would make him a traitor, but I think there's a lot more to it than Schiff – the traitor.

  38. Of course it is a coup! Just as the founders intended.

    They knew that America would face a corrupt dictator someday and put in place a system for defending the country.

    It’s called the Constitution.

  39. Another half-assed clip. Stingy, paltry selection of videos. Fox News just another greedy corporation and extortion racket where "the news" is now Pay-Per-View on a "Premium Channel. After they took our antennas away and forced the blood sucking cable companies on us.


  41. Watching shiv take down a president. Sounds like a republican. Do nothing . But watch and if the impeachment happens remember you republicans have up the fight and the country. Vote you say?

  42. What a freakin' sham! You're not a whistleblower if what you report is a lie. According to the transcripts, he LIED! We already know who he is; he needs to testify about the coup conspiracy. He doesn't get "protection" for lying & starting this BS sham! Quid Pro Quo's aren't illegal unless it's for personal gain (Biden). Trump wants to uncover corruption. But the Left is selling, "You can't jail me for my crimes b/c I'm running for President." BS!!

  43. Hey Schiff when are you going to release the Russia evidence you have been telling us about for the past 2 years? The Dems don't want Trump talking with Ukraine about the 2016 election or Crowdstrike because they know the evidence leads back to Hillary Clinton, the DNC and their "hacked" servers. It sure is funny how the DNC hired Crowdstrike rather than have the FBI, CIA or the NSA look into the supposed hacking. Why spend millions of dollars you don't have doing that rather than have our own intelligence agencies do it for free? Maybe the hack was an embarrassing leak and Crowdstrike just made it look like a hack to get the ball rolling on the Russia investigation, because without the DNC hack there would have been no Russia investigation and that is what was supposed to take down Trump. I am willing to bet the same people that propagated the Russia hoax are the same people that are pushing this Ukranian call hoax. I bet this has John Brennens finger prints all ovet it.

  44. A material witness to the case with a heavy bias is running the case as judge, jury and executioner. Oh yeah, that sounds fair. Due process, more like coup process.

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