McConnell says passage of relief package is a proud moment for Senate, country

100 Replies to “McConnell says passage of relief package is a proud moment for Senate, country”

  1. I guess they ushered in their salary increases for all their hard work and overtime. Course that's all in the fine print.

  2. Sorry, but it was done behind closed doors and we didn't get to see any debate. We got to look at an empty senate room and then you came out to tell us whether it passed or not. And we're all curious to see how much "junk" was added to a bill that was suppose to be about helping with the coronavirus problem. How much "add ons" were pushed to get this passed???? For example…the Kennedy Arts Center getting millions of dollars??? How does that help what we are dealing with right now?? Congress is trying to pull the wool over our eyes….but we see that it's really about getting your own agendas passed. Now let's see how long it takes you to get that money out to the places and people that really need it. Oh, by the way, did Congress get a pay raise in this bill???????

  3. It's a proud moment that the DEMOCRATS got the oversight clause and the provision put in the bill that prohibits Trump and the rest of his crooked gang from getting their hands of a half TRILLION dollars in our tax dollars to spend on billionaire bastards any way they choose! The Trumpwads are too locked up mentality in their delusion…

  4. Was the Billion Dollar abortion funding removed? What Pork did the Democrats put in that Bill? How about the $30 Million or was it Billion for foreign Refugees in there??? I know the Socialist Democrats got a lot of Pork to agree to this.

  5. Now that they announced this stupid this SH1T everyone is claiming sick to go home and get paid for sitting around all day!!!!

  6. A proud moment for Republican Senators is a rare moment. It doesn't make up for your disgraceful performance when you covered up for a corrupt, incompetent, and reckless President Trump.

  7. I have a feeling the Republicans gave in once again. No backbones. I may change my registration to independent from Republican.

  8. What would be an even better moment in history would be for federal authorities to find out who in our government is taking money from the Chinese communist party🧐

  9. We are being lied to again and USED to fill the pockets of ALL dirty D.C. politicians!!! We need to take OUR Country back!!!🙏💜✌

  10. Don't worry leader, the house will reject it, pass their version fully loaded with pork, don't let a crisis go to waste, and it will once again start all over while people are getting angrier, hungrier and suicidal.

  11. Yeah strip out everything that has nothing to do with helping American people. Don't care about the Kennedy center or planned parenthood. The only things in this bill should be in the best interest of this country not politicians. Let's help Americans get back on their feet.

  12. Must feel weird to Mitch to have actually passed a bill. All he’s ever done is drag his heels and sell out the American people to his corporate masters.

  13. this all stinks like normal washington big money scam and the fact "everyone" voted yes does not make me feel better . Pull out of thin air ah ? That tells me the government could fix everything but does nothing . Give us the same amount for roads schools and low income housing please . i bet bad roads bad schools and bad housing has killed more people than this flu bug .

  14. Proud moment meaning, large corporations being able to rob the American people and screwing over the small business and the middle-class. The Republicans and Democrats did exactly what their donors wanted.

  15. Your willingness to cave to dems outrageous demands. They took stuff out but somehow got money for PBS npr and Kenedy center. That just a few of the non Corona virus bs. Don't pat yourselves on the back you should have told the dems to stop holding the American people at gun point for their demands

  16. So proud to indebt our grandchildren and their children. Yay for this phony market being held together with tape, glue, and bubblegum.

  17. Anytime these Crooks run around slapping each other on the back. You best believe it's not good for the American people. Being held Hostage with our own money is not a proud day.

  18. The only problem is it still needs to pass the House and I'll bet you Pelosi will instruct her caucus to still block it.

  19. I hope Congress will use this "break" to reflect on their own accountability in the partisan war they created among themselves. It's been 4 years of slander, confusion and obstinance. They have all but ripped apart the heart of the USA that they are suppose to be devoted to. The "challenges" they faced passing this bill were their own creations! Now they boast about how they transcended those challenges for the good of the people! Of course they all voted yea (thank God). A no vote was guaranteed political suicide. We all have a lot of things to consider before Election Day!!

  20. What's absurd is that corporations get the biggest piece of this pie, leaving behind restructuring our public hospitals and getting new and necessary equipment for them. Why?

  21. Maybe the Senate slipped in some BS to see if the Dippy Dems will catch it!!! Lots of PORK … Isn’t PBS owed by Soros??? Illegal money to sanctuary cities??? I just HOPE there’s not ONE US Citizen that gets overlooked for a NON citizen!!!

  22. $2400 will cover month of mortgage for us but something tells me I’ll be paying for this for a long time to come.

  23. THANKS for rescuing the KENNEDY CENTER, LIBERAL PBS , and WHO the FXXXXK Knows what other left wing agenda you supported in this BILL and Yet your Happy as a SWAMP DONKEY for SAVING the American People,FXXXK the Poor Elderly Fixed income that had to spend more than usual going to store multiple times ,cause nothing on selves.Oh yeah THEY can watch PBS,and go the Kennedy Center, and FXXK THEM!

  24. This bill needs to be passed on to china, and every nation effected by the chinese flue of 2020. Time to end communist china.

  25. Trump disbanded NSC pandemic unit that experts had praised

    Public health and national security experts shake their heads when President Donald Trump says the coronavirus "came out of nowhere" and “blindsided the world.”

  26. This bill is not what we need, All of you who told the President to close the country should be jailed as traitors of our country.. There was absolutely no reason to shut the United State’s down.. Anyone who payed attention knows this is a total scam

  27. That package is the biggest boondoggle against the American people in history. Congress is selling us out to Wall Street!

  28. We were totally unprepared.
    Nurses and doctors wearing trash bags and still can't get ventilators, totally unacceptable!

  29. Translation: Republicans put together a good bill, Democrats tried to put all kinds of garbage in there, and in the end the entire Senate voted for the bill. This is how it works, whether we like it or not.

  30. And then like me in Michigan won't get any stimulus check because child support will take it like they took my tax return for the last 20 years

  31. Dems and Republicans are crooks , 1776 , let's take back what us tax payers built , ..government did build this country , they just found s way to RIP americans off by dumbing them down… wake up , why do we let crooks decide, where our money goes

  32. Hawise statesman not realising he's talking about people who holding the American to ransom the proposers of this world no friends or working towards the overthrow of the government of America and and the bringing about of a collapse of their economy so there's their friends can seize power from the American people and create their own dictatorship with in America these people who committed treason against the majority of American people seem to have no sense of decency and I'm quite happy to see hundreds of thousands of Americans suffer and hundreds of thousands of Americans died just so they can can give America to the enemies of the State the Deep state and those in the UN and the globalists who have paid these politicians to rent their country

  33. like anything else we see big government choking on itself. dems are communism first , the people second and last.

  34. I might as well quit paying taxes now because social security is definitely not going to be there when I retire

  35. its nice to see 100 bipartisan vote—-but why does it feel like there is tons of pork buried in this, that Mitch is hesitant to talk about…..??

  36. This will help out a little bit their mitch, but it don't quite make up for the last 5 and 1/2 years at nothing done for the lower class people I mean the low class people over the last five and a half years so there's a lot that you could make up for and some of them bills is probably laying on your desk cuz it don't all trickle-down everytime see it mostly goes in and never comes down 🙄🙄. 🤔

  37. We need to check on the innocent in "NORTH KOREA!" F*** politics and offer them aid! We do not have there numbers of infected…. @

  38. we see your con job 2TTTTTTTT dollars and you think your going to give us pennies 1200 dollars.  0000000 hell no I want back the 2300.00 you took from me last year in taxes

  39. McConnell is all politics, all the time. He is essentially a traitor to the American people. He has killed hundreds of bipartisan passed legislation over the last 8 years and the nomination of a fine person, highly qualified to the supreme court as our Constitution required. McConnell is a walking advertisement for the need for term limits.

  40. DON'T PASS IT. Americans will survive and rebuild, but if you pass it we'r will be passing it off for a century

  41. We need 33 million for the Kennedy center Chuck , I want to see some opera because it is good for my health .Nancy Pelosi.

  42. How will they know what bank account they should send the money for individuals and/or families? Will they use the same bank account we use to pay our taxes? How do we find this out?

  43. With all do respect Mitch pelosi and her band of traitors will kick you in the nuts and us on friday arrest this thing

  44. “Conservatives say if you don't give the rich more money, they will lose their incentive to invest. As for the poor, they tell us they've lost all incentive because we've given them too much money.” ~ George Carlin


    Also, Republicans sure jumped on thr socialists bandwagon real quick when poverty and money began to affect them. Lol…welfare queens!!!

  46. If anyone is complaining , Fell Blessed BY our Almighty God we have a Government who Loves n cares for all of our health , In socialist led nations giving Money when it comes to stimulus to care for their people n their health would care less .

  47. And the bill is packed to the gills with unwarranted gifts for undeserving recipients, including $17 billion to bail out Boeing, a company that lately has charted new frontiers in corporate mismanagement

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