100 Replies to “Media praise Adam Schiff’s closing statements at Senate impeachment trial”

  1. Schiff also claimed to have evidence of collusion. Schiff makes a lot of claims. Schiff can’t produce evidence. Schiff cries “Shitwolf”!!!
    Schiff has no integrity.

  2. You thick fart, we have been in the 21century for twenty years, trump's a farting gangster and fox are his enablers.

  3. Gain the perspective from all sides.

    Republicans: there no evidence he didn't do anything wrong the economy is great and American families have never been better.

    Democrats: his attitude will not be normalized for future presidents and our economy is in a bubble right now and there are people who can barely eat in this country.

    Centrists: this country is filled with a bunch of dummies who can't see past their subscribed side. Why can't people see the full picture? people tend to follow.

  4. Ever Wonder Why God made Lying one of His Ten Commandments? Watch this Lying Wolf in Schiffs Clothing and You'll know instantly why some Souls will spend their Eternity in Hell!

  5. Why i are the media praising Adam shift just doesn’t make any sense because he doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about he’s a complete idiot just like the rest of the stupid Democrats💰💰💰💰💰🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🎩🎩🎩🎩🎩


  7. "The century is 25 days old." Oh come on Fox, you're not even trying to sound even remotely basically educated anymore. But hey, just like Trump, you do love the poorly educated.

  8. I don't know what that prevus tape proves. If I were president of the most powerful country in the world I would take the advice and word of someone I don't know. That's what us stable geniuses do. And on a side note what really makes me mad is how dems want to help the poor like Jesus said to do. Why would anyone want to fallow the word of Christ? Dems also wAnt acceptance for all regardless of race gender or sexual orientation. Jesus never spoke of acceptance. Our master trump likes to grab woman and kiss them without permission, what's wrong with that? I tell you right now there's no way I would accept a leader of the best country in the world who actually respects woman

  9. The liberal mainstream will praise anything that is antitrump , and they will held accountable for thier bias and the division of the country

  10. That part about the 5000 lives lost by uniformed soldiers made me laugh…trump is a draft dodger with fake bone spurs!

  11. Adam Shifty shift you are a low-life scumbag a shitpile a septic tank you are the lowest form of existence that is gross there's no words to describe what kind of crap gunk slimy sleazy skeezeball pathetic excuse existence there's really no words none of that even get any justice you're just the worst and Americans f**** hate you!!!!!

  12. Trump trumped small time staffer schiff! Schiff handed victory. To trump. Nadler all time low nobody! Schifg. Parody schmuck. Lol wno lost cnn msnbc pelosi amd her munchkins. All will become voices in. The wilderness#

  13. Lol, why would Russia invade the USA when they got their asses kicked in Afghanistan? Russia’s navy has no chance against the US Navy. Schiff is a total fraud.


  14. Your CNN and fake news didn't impress Us !!! Stop with the fake magic wand !!! Make believe is not real !!! Democrats are dangerous and criminals !!

  15. Why wouldn't the media praise STINKY SCHIFF — the media is sold out and owned by the left — so bias, so un-American, and so filled with traitors!

  16. The new media is as disgusting as Schiff. They are lairs and continue to deceive the people. Not one of them is fair. Their ratings are falling by the day. We can put them out of business. STOP watching those channels.

  17. This is not journalism. Its amateur hour. If these fox commentators would LISTEN and READ they would see that Schiff is right, but they are so terribly partial.

  18. Oh Yes, thank all the men serving in the military…and they deserve that….but Trump is a draft dodger and what about his sons and daughters educated at Trump university which is now defunct due to stealing by Trump's family

  19. "The 21st century is only 25 days old" Wow… These are the morons they put on TV? What an idiot. He doesn't even know the difference between a decade and a century.

  20. The witch hunt continues and I'm sickn' tired of the waste of our time and money. It's unbelievable how corrupt our Congress turned out to be,regardless,I'll be voting with common sense. Trump will have my vote!

  21. Dems have committed so much crime to find a crime Or invent one, there likely won't be any Democrats left once they are all prosecuted and the house will be empty and the jails full. I got my popcorn ready, and I'm looking forward to it.

  22. Adam is one creepy dude.. he is obsessed with getting rid of Trump.. what's he going to do when the impeachment fails?… If I was Trump I'd keep far away from him and his pencil neck

  23. Adam Schiff the greatest defender of the constitution?!?!?! WHAT?! THERE IS NO WAY ANYONE BELIEVES THIS RIGHT?!

  24. Dump the USD and that dumps the queerz deep state and these queerz like shittyschiff cannalize each other. Dump the dollar. We dont need a queerz congress. Just The Donald President.

  25. Wow you make such a good point. That heavily edited 20 seconds I heard of a 9 min speech really represented the speech as a whole. I just love how you also give 2 minutes of commentary on an incomplete speech. Great job on the unbiased news coverage. Fox totally not biased. Just ignore all the other news outlets that give you the full speech with no commentary.

  26. Pretty astonishing that Mike Johnson brings the military into the conversation when Trump's famously a draft dodger. Republicans may lack the gene required to feel shame.

  27. Hey, Adam. “Intelligent people speak when they have something to say; fools speak when they want to say something”. You are part of the last group.


  29. Only dishonest people defend and support the dishonest President… Schiff has more integrity and intelligence in his left nut than Trump has in his entire orange body.

  30. tell me more about how bad the media is guy who is on tv on youtube and works for fox news media
    "the century is 25 days old" get your brain checked for real

  31. I would just like to point out that the 21st Century did not start 25 days ago, try 20 years. You sound like a moron when get it wrong.

  32. After this ends. He should be put on trial. All of the Democrat congressmen should be put on trial. Misappropriation of funds. It would land any other person in prison. Hold them accountable also

  33. Republicans: The Democrats have not confirmed their evidence with direct witnesses.
    Democrats: Ok, let's call those direct witnesses.
    Republicans: No, we don't want to hear from those direct witnesses.

  34. The Democrats won’t be able to get their witnesses onto the stand but don’t worry it will all come out in the media. The public will make up their own minds and they’ll give their verdict in November.

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