Meghan Markle’s Secret Trip To New York City For Exclusive Baby Shower | TODAY

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  2. selfish,baby showers,bridal showers,is an expensive extrawaganza,markle is celebrating herself besides she could potentially spend tax payer money and not her husbands,there is a reason doctors are not recommending a pregnant women to fly,or she's just using her small fame to demand more attention,i hope harry wakes up and divorces her.

  3. God bless you, Meghan, and get rid of the people who want to hurt you! And God bless your sweet husband and your baby Sussex!

  4. Sometimes there isn.t enough puke in the world. Markle an extra parasite for the British working class to pay for is another classless bint. Spare me your gushes. keep her America

  5. Well once again, having read through all these comments, the majority knows that she is carrying a fake Moon bump. No baby is coming out of that thing.

  6. How about making an effort to see your father! MM is selfish, thinking only of herself. Hope she declares to the UK customs all the shopping she is doing in NY…..

  7. I don't understand how anyone can say. The amount of horrible things that some of you said about a pregnant woman, shame on you. And whatever goes round. Do come around believe it. Disgusting tricks 😤

  8. Mercifully hounding Meghan, I am glad she got some out of the spotlight time initially. It looks like she has protection officers from both sides of the pond. Have fun and a safe trip home. 💕

  9. An organized baby shower overseas for a member of the royal family, an extremely wealthy family? Seriously? And did she travel here with a security team paid for by the British taxpayers? Very tacky, especially in the current economic climate. Her And, yet again, cradling the bump. Nothing says look at me I'm expecting and in need of a photo op like the bump cradle. I will be very surprised if baby Sussex isn't born without a hand print on his or her bottom.

  10. It is not a secret when you tip the paparazzi you are there, sit in the restaurant at the window were you can be photographed. She could easily stayed there and had a secret baby shower. But no she needs and craves fame

  11. Youtube has a whole thumbs down button that no one care to use on dumb comments. Free yourself and use them instead of arguing with these idiots. Congrats Meghan and Harry.

  12. Low profile alright🤣. All she wanted the limelight on her. So American this coverage….look at the angle from the British side!!!

  13. NOT A SECRET TRIP!!! IT WAS PLANNED and IT IS ALL OVER NEWS AND UTUBE!! YUCK!! SICK OF HER!!! Yes she is pretty yes she is a Duchess SO What??? Before, all she was was a half way ok actress give it a rest!!

  14. These people do not carry their own kids!! Do you see any of them gain a pound? And just a small guess.. it is twins hmmmm. Wake up

  15. Good for her! No one should be deprived of a baby shower if they want one, simply because he/she is married into the royal family. It’s not about the gifts most of the time but maybe having that object wrapped around your newborn or having your newborn wear that special outfit that triggers the memory of the event and of the friendship. Good for her once again! I guess it’s just a matter of time before it gets trashed by the British media if it hasn’t been already

  16. Thank you to all her good friends. You have proved what friendship means. And no doubt Mehgan enjoyed herself. Good for her,!

  17. The British Media continue to show their bigotry. Day after day demeaning stories are published about Duchess Meghan. This woman has done absolutely NOTHING wrong to warrant. DAILY MAIL IS THE BIGGEST CULPRIT OF ALL. The following news did NOT make it to their NEWSWORTHY HEADLINER CAPTION: It concerns Kate Middleton's brother James and the Middletons family business.

  18. Is she was truly a humanitarian, she'd be visiting her father.
    It doesn't matter all the complaints about him. On The Tig, she adored him. He did everything for her growing up. They need to see each other face to face. He feels his only way to reach her is through the media. Where is that humanitarian heart? ❤ Like Mother Teresa said, Do you want to change the world? Go home and love your family! 💞💞💞

  19. MAYBE she'll have 5 minutes in her busy schedule to give an AUDIENCE to her father… soap opera continues at its WORST!! bwaa haahaaaa

  20. No her father and her extended family members , on yeah they are no power and no money…………. why does MM needs them …….,..

  21. when she got out of the car,,when marcus was pushed back,,she was NOT wearing her fake bump,,,what is wrong with you people,,it is right in your face and it clearly shows she is NOT wearing it

  22. I have nothing against Meghan Markle. I think she is a beautiful woman. However, I think some of her choices are not well thought out. There is a reason the royals do not have baby showers. I think it is tacky for this sort of extravagance when you are a member of one of the wealthiest families. My opinion. She is certainly allowed to cradle her bump as much as she would like. However, I think it is very over the top. I have not known any pregnant woman to have hands permanently resting on their bump. Again, just my personal opinion. If anyone has any other horrible comments to make to me, I would just like to say I have some beautiful bananas and a sharpie; send me your real name and address and I'll be happy to send you a personalized message.

  23. Go back your country to be a actor, that's you like.or Go to live Africa to help people.impossible!!! Selfish old woman only.

  24. I think it’s a crime that this trip was paid for with taxpayer money! Shouldn’t it come out of their own disposable income?

  25. Why aren't you PEOPLE calling Meghan, Princess? So sad, as if She was White, you would. Give Her, Her due TITLE, MEDIA.

  26. the daily mail literally have a team of paps and investigative journalist (finding out flight plans etc..) tailing Meghan around the world…. they are literally throwing 100’s of  thousands of dollars themselves at getting that exclusive picture…

  27. It looks like she has white powder in her nose, snorting Cocaine meg? Why not she's not pregnant! I bet she will be happy to end this ruse..

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