Meredith Vieira Spills The Beans On Her Big Secret | TODAY

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  1. Meredith,

    For some reason every person that has a Gabe as a child literally considers him an Angel! My son, Gabriel Michael Jacobs, is my Angel literally now…my 12 year old Gabe /son that passed unexpectedly! I am so glad when I hear about other living children that have a great spirit! Congrats Gabe and Ally

  2. If you don’t care, that’s cool. Don’t bother commenting that you don’t. Just let a happy mother share a lovely moment.

  3. Shut up! Nobody care that's more personal than anything like any of us know any single one of them, waste of time slot. So stupid!

  4. Gawd, I would have loved Kathie Lee and Meredith as a hosting duo… that train would run off the rails every single morning!

  5. Love Meredith , wish she were on The View or on here more.
    Congrats to her son & daughter-in-law. Cute couple💖

  6. Congratulations to Meredith Vieira's son Gabe and Ally on their engagement! May God Bless them in their marriage.

  7. "my son Gabe…which my son Ben did not accept for a long time…got engaged." What does that mean? Why didn't her son accept her other son? Why would one say samething like that an not explain it?

  8. Meredith Vieira Congratulations ! to your son & his Fiance for getting engaged and you "Mother In Law" to be . Cheers !

  9. Grandma names are fun but I tell you, my heart grows every time I hear one of my 16 grandchildren (so far) call me Gramma. But…admittedly, I am Leelee! I was called that as a a child and it works!

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