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They say God made the world with love
The word is: Love
Because of which you are here
I am here
In essence, we are all here
Where is love absent from?
Every step of life is filled with love
Every look is filled with love
Wordlessly, love walks amongst us
The eternal love stories of the world like
Muna-Madan, Romeo-Juliet, Heer-Ranjha…
Sorry! I was talking about God
He created this illusion out of love
And out of his love came Adam and Eve
The first couple of lovers in creation
This is a story of Adam and Eve
A story that’s been told a hundred times before
But we still love to hear them
After all, love stories are for ever
This is Abhash
Just returned from the US
And an ad marketing officer
Lazy, a liar, and sometimes a drunkard
And a ladies’ man
He thinks he is the only cool guy in the city
But, he isn’t
This is Nisha
Supposedly a graduate
She is sweet, simple and honest
You might ask –
What is she doing in a cafe, with a book?
Often times, we encounter questions
that have no answers…
So, this is the story of
Adam: Abhash, and
Eve: Nisha
Of course, I’m super cool
And this is my ad company
Big tragedy in my life
An MBA from the US
You know!
But I have five seniors above me at the firm
Dad thinks I am an idiot
Stupid, lazy, useless!
Leave it!
Good Morning, sir!
Good Morning!
Oh, shit!
Luckily, my dad is the boss
And he is there
Hey, Dad! Good Morning!
Good Morning, Abhash!
Did you finish with the file?
Yeah, I’ll take care of it
Dad thinks I’m confused, ill-mannered
My birth?
I was also born in 1984
29th of March
Me … on 1st April
April fool?
I was born in the Manipal Hospital in Pokhara
Me too!
That’s great
They grew up as neighbors
They lived in rented apartments
Forgive me – I’m Devi, Nisha’s grandmother
I’m Nisha’s mother, Reema
I was five when we moved to Kathmandu
We came to Kathmandu when I was 16
My wish is to see Nisha married…
…by the grace of Lord Krishna, to a
green-card holder
I worry if the groom will turn out
a ladies’ man, like Lord Krishna
What is the harm in meeting him once?
He has a green-card
Just meet him once!
Who knows! Lord Krishna might bless you!
For God’s sake, you women should shut up!
You’ve been repeating the same
thing over for years now
You make me ashamed of being a daughter
What? Right now? I should leave now?
Why do girls only want green-card holders?
Dad, don’t you think you’re
putting too much pressure on me?
You know I have a lot of work at the office
I won’t have a moment to spare
for the next five months
But you want me to go for a whole month?
Mind blowing, Dad!
No, thank you
Thank you so much!
Please stop!
Geeta! Geeta!
He is my friend
Shall we go?
I’ll miss you, baby!
Baby! I’ll miss you!
I’ll miss you too, honey!
Button up!
Call me! Cheers!
Love you!
Love you, too!
You love him and he loves you
Very, very much!
Now, can we go?
By the way —
When did you start reading Shakespeare?
Since the age of 14
Me, too!
How sweet!
Kathmandu University?
So, have you seen this handsome over there?
What’s wrong with this guy! Stupid!
If I am not wrong –
You used to be a fan of Milton, right?
No, Shakespeare!
Right! Shakespeare–
Confident! I’m never wrong
Excuse me! Can I sit here?
What’s wrong with this guy! Nonsense!
Thank you mam, my pleasure!
You were her best friend
What was her name?
I can’t believe you don’t remember her name!
What are you trying to say?
I remember her … Geeta…
Thapa! Geeta Thapa!
Geeta Thapaliya!
Right, right! Geeta Thapaliya!
That’s what I said!
Oh my God!
Samrat Upadhyay!
Royal Ghosts
I’ve already read it
But it is my first time
So, may I?
No, thanks! I don’t harm my gums
Good! No fighting with your teeth?
I see you have changed a lot
Tell me something about yourself
Why don’t you tell me the story about your life?
Story about my life?
We have four more hours to go
Before we reach Pokhara
The story of my life is yet to be written
Nothing interesting yet, you know
That’s why I’m heading to Pokhara
So, something is happening in Pokhara?
Don’t lie to me – who is that handsome?
The man you’re going to marry!
Mr. Pokhara!
How did you know?
If you weren’t getting married,
This girl with a book in her hand–
–wouldn’t be sitting with a man
who has already slept with her friend!
What? You slept with her?
You know me well
I never had a relationship with a
woman without sex being involved
and Sita…
Yes, Geeta!
She was a wildcat!
So, you’re getting married?
You know one thing?
If you get married…
that relationship will be blank!
No taste!
Why! You don’t eat chocolate..
And you don’t joke either
If Mr. Pokhara thinks you are
one in a million
There can’t be another man on earth
more unromantic than him
I eat chocolate, and I do joke too
And, you know, he is the
most romantic man on earth
I am worried, what if he has
already slept with someone?
With a girl!
Or, if he’d been forced to sleep with a woman,then?
You’re sick!
You have that bad disease, you know?
Alright, fine!
Are you bored?
I know I am not boring you
I wish this journey would never end
…It’d go on forever…
Now I am bored
Sir! Bill!
Pay it!
You know I am not other type of lady!
I know your type!
When did I say you were a lesbian?
You’re too much!
Hey! It’s a joke!
I didn’t mean it
What did you mean then?
I was kidding! It was a joke!
Nobody had ever dared call me that
Fine! No problem!
I’m gay. Are you happy?
Well – It doesn’t matter to me
I’m happy with what I am
That’s it!
Sure! You do!
She is pretty, but, she is frigid
He thinks he’s got it,
but looks like a dumb ass
Right, I look like a dumb ass
When did I call you that?
You didn’t call me that,
But I can hear your thoughts
It isn’t any of your fault
Leave it
You’re right!
Okay! We are in Pokhara
Thank you so much, for the journey
Thank you too for a fun trip
It was nice traveling
We were together for four hours
No – for four hours and ten minutes
Right! But we didn’t exchange names
I think this is the end of our story
The End
He has a good heart
He couldn’t ask me my name – that’s proof
By the way-
I am Abhash. Abhash Singh Kunwar
Hi! Nisha. Nisha Shrestha
Well, good luck with your new life
Thanks, thanks a lot
You’re welcome
Crazy guy!
Wait! Wait!
I hope your life will bloom
Just like this flower
Thank you!
I paid 50 rupees for the coffee
Next time, you pay
If we meet again
I promise, if we meet again
My granddaughter!
I knew you’d come!
Let’s go in.
Aren’t you happy now?
How was the journey?
Very good
Chetan Bhagat’s 5 point someone
Nisha Shrestha?
Hi, Abhash!
I was passing by
Thought it was you
Turns out – it is you!
How is everything else?
Fine. And you?
Fine. So – you’re not engaged yet?
How did you know?
If you were engaged,
This ring finger…
Oh Sorry!
…wouldn’t be unadorned
And, obviously, you wouldn’t be with someone as
good-looking as I in such a public place
First – I’m not with you
And second –
Don’t you think you give yourself
too much smart credit?
That’s what I’m always
Lost a screw or two?
Thank you! You finally recognize me
I didn’t realize you were so intelligent
Thank you!
That was a joke!
If you don’t laugh, you get bad breath, right?
Can’t I even joke with you?
This was most vulgar joke so far…
But, it was still a joke…
Silence, please!
Thinking about your wedding?
You are sexually excited?
For what?
Forget about it
Forget about what?
It isn’t necessary to say
No, just tell me
Obviously, thinking of the wedding night
must make you shiver all over
How could you make such
vulgar sounds at me?
Ooh! Aah! Mercy! Mercy!
Husband and wife
Ooh, aah, mercy, mercy!
Three days ago we met on the bus
I don’t know how the days passed
Did anything interesting happen recently?
Nothing interesting
It is just that I missed you in these
long, long, long three days
Isn’t this what you wanted to hear?
What’s so wrong with that?
Don’t you think you are an FM station?
Because you never stop!
You’re always like blah, blah, blah!
Nisha! Nisha!
Why can’t you ever be frank with me?
With you?
Who are you to me?
Great! Friend!
This is right – we can be friends!
I don’t think we can be friends
Why not?
Just give me a chance!
No! Never!
A guy and a girl can never be friends
Because the sex part always comes in between
You are right!
Absolutely right!
“The sex part” !
But, I guess you are the only woman
–sorry, lady– with whom
I can’t think of having sex
Yeah, I feel that way
You’re not that pretty, nor are you hot
Thank you so much for your thought
My pleasure!
So I am clear..
No boy is going to be your friend, right?
Not in this life, understood?
So – when are we meeting again?
Never again
What do you mean never again?
We kept meeting coincidentally
Many times
But I don’t want more coincidences
I pray that we never meet again
I pray too that we never cross paths
I pray that we never create a bond
We thought – that was our journey
We thought our journey ended there
She prayed she’d never meet me
He too
But she never forgot me
He could never forget me
I never imagined you’d grow up
Today, when he is coming to ask for your hand,
I already feel your absence in my heart
Why does each daughter have
to leave the home where she was born?
Do they have no right to stay at home?
I had asked my mother the same question
When your father came to ask for my hand
But, this is the way of the world
Mother – You won’t forget me, will you?
Don’t talk nonsense!
Or, I’ll start crying!
Me, too!
Seema! Is Nisha ready?
She’s coming down, mother
Wait for a minute
Give us a smile now
You look just as pretty when you smile
Answer their questions thoughtfully
Aha! Such beauty God has granted him!
If you see him…
I know you’ll go crazy when you see him
Such is my future grandson-in-law!
Same question
No – I asked first!
This is my home, Romeo
Don’t tell me you’re the bride to be!
Yes! I’m the bride to be!
This is all I needed right now!
You know each other?
Yes….Not really!
Grandma – is this your Lord Krishna?
For your kind information –
I am Sudama!
Radhika – Your Krishna is waiting
That’s enough!
We were a bit late, sorry!
But the bride and groom to be
always have to wait a little…
She is exactly as I remember…
We really like Nisha
We also like Vinay
The rest is up to Vinay and Nisha
Yes, Dad?
Do you have anything to say?
Umm… Water!
I’ll bring some
Vinay! Be happy!
Or keep panicked…
Shut up!
Thank you!
So – Should we talk to the priest?
Of course!
I will inform him
I think we should leave for now
Where will you go?
If you don’t take it otherwise…
…we have an empty apartment
It’d make us happy if you stay there
We couldn’t do that until we become relatives!
It is just for a few days
And the hotel is pretty close by
Please stay
Everybody will like it
Vinay is a gentleman
He’ll make a good husband for you
I love you, Mom!
I love you too, child
Abhash! Come in!
Am I disturbing you?
Of course, not!
Auntie – I wanted to ask you something
Actually, I am going to the monastery tomorrow
For prayers
May I take Nisha along?
Sure. She’ll show you the monastery
Vinay will be with us
Only if you don’t object to it
Sure. But don’t let Grandma know
Okay, Auntie!
Nisha – this is for you
From Vinay
Are you done?
Go now. It is quite late
Nisha! One more thing
Sorry – for my bad behavior earlier
Will you forgive me? Please?
I’ve forgotten it all
Well, that’s the best thing about you
When you smile, it feels like a bright
ray of sunlight–
—is caressing the world
Yeah I know,
I don’t know how to praise girls
Okay, good night, good night
You couldn’t think any other
place than the monastery?
I wanted to go to the monastery
And you wanted time alone with Nisha
Two birds with a stone!
But, dude!
We are on a date, I guess!
Oh yeah, I’m sorry!
Do what you want,
I want to see the monastery
Vinay, it is okay
It’s really okay
Here we are!
What’s wrong?
Vinay, come on!
No. You guys carry on
I’ll be around
Let’s go
This is for my mother
Mother’s name?
Roshani Kunwar
When did she die?
1984 A.D. April 14
Car accident
This is for my dad
He died on April 14, 1984
In a car accident
His name – Bishal Shrestha
Roshani and Prabhu’s son!
Where were you, son?
They were both born in 1984
Nisha was born a few days ahead
They were both born in the same hospital
Both families were neighbors
These two grew up together
When both babies were being brought
home from the hospital…
…the car accident happened!
Auntie! Please!
So what if our father and mother
aren’t around?
A long lost family has found itself, isn’t it?
No, no, no!
This is not a time for grief, please!
The three of us went shopping
We have gifts for you
This is for Uncle – give it to him
This is for Grandma
This is for my Auntie
How is it? Good?
Please don’t cry!
How do you like yours, Grandma?
#Please come to the balcony
after dinner… I’ll be waiting#
Shit! Didn’t she get the message?
Don’t worry…
Why so tensed?
She’ll come if she wants to
But now – I know she won’t come
Bro! You’re lucky
You’re getting a girl like Nisha
I’ve never seen you as happy before
You’re totally a different person now
Oh God! I can’t believe this!
I could just die now…
…If I can’t have you, dear!
Come, come, come!
Honey! You want to dance?
Yeah, baby! Come, let’s dance!
Let go of me!
What are you doing?
Let go! Vinay!
Guys! Am I here in a wrong time?
Don’t do this, Vinay! Don’t!
Nisha! He is taking my honor!
You’ll be abandoned
even before your wedding!
Just let go of me!
Will you just shut your mouth?
How do I look? Praise me!
Are you kidding?
Oh, come on!
You’re looking extremely gorgeous
Will you remain just as romantic
after our wedding?
Will you buy gifts for me?
Everything will be yours after the wedding
I don’t blame you, Vinay
For what?
Because I never came in the middle
Abhash! The same old attitude!
Don’t talk to me
I’m just trying to have fun
Had your fun?
Now don’t you date talk to me
The priest is fixing the date tomorrow
I know
You know? I find the concept of
marriage and children so strange
I wanted to at least graduate before marriage
You could study after the marriage
I love you, Vinay
Love you, too
Good Morning, everyone
Good Morning!
Hi dad!
We’re studying your birth charts
Guru, please find the earliest
date that works for both of them
Please study carefully
Good Morning, America!
Good Morning, Pokhara!
When are you getting married?
Nobody in my family ever got married
Grandfather –
He was too busy fighting in the war
Dad didn’t married either
we hate marriage, you know
Uncle – a call for you from America
Hello! Ma?
You don’t have to do anything
I’ll bring your granddaughter-in-law
And everything will be fine
Take care of yourself
I’m hanging up
What is the matter?
Ma is a bit ill
Guru – You have to find the earliest
best date for the wedding
Ma is also quite ill and old
I want this auspicious act
to be completed while she is alive
The earliest and best date is
on New Year’s day
Let’s fix that date, shall we?
Of course! Let’s start preparing
and get the wedding done then
The couple is set! The drums will beat!
This year I’ll go to my friend’s wedding feast!
I didn’t know where to throw this can
Sorry, joking
I didn’t care before because
you were someone else’s chick
But I’m going insane because
you are getting married soon…
Why? Are you jealous?
Nonsense! Don’t talk to me!
But, that’s just how I am
I’ll keep making you suffer…
Proud? Or upset?
You’re getting married soon
And your life ends
But me – guess what?
I’ll be enjoying life with hot chicks
You never know what’ll happen
to me after my wedding
But, what do you plan to do with
so many hot women?
I hope you don’t litter the streets
with your illegitimate offspring!
Let me write something
Abhash can’t have that many children
He is conscious about precaution
It is late now… go to bed
We have to go out together tomorrow
Who knows if we three will
meet like this after the wedding?
Time passes so quickly sometimes
Just yesterday I was dreaming of
making Nisha my daughter in law
And now the wedding is already upon us
She is gradually getting away from us
You feel that way in the beginning
But when you get grandchildren
the world will seem the same again
Good Morning, Pokhara !
Good Morning, America !
Where are you kids running off
to so early in the morning?
Bindhyabasini, to pray for them
Aren’t we?
Couldn’t you find another
excuse to run off carousing?
Abhash! Cut this apple
Me, Grandma?
Yes, you!
I think he is waiting for you
Go on!
Thank you! Let’s go!
Uncle, call me once you cut the apple!
What kind of wife will this boy get?
There you go!
You know, guys!
I was thinking we should go to the zoo
The zoo? Why?
Of course, to admit you there
You know, Binaya –
Abhash is perfect for the zoo
Okay, dear, I’ll go to the zoo
But, do you know where you two should go?
A mental asylum
Mental asylum?
Because you guys are insane
You two are on a date, right?
But you’re still talking about me
He’s right
But then, you know what?
If we put you in the zoo
The entire public will be happy
You are perfect zoo material
from every angle
If we put him in the zoo, his so called
“family members” will go mad
I don’t know about these days
But by our grand kids’ time, the
whole world will have gone mad
In the zoo, next to my cell
will be your home…
Shut up!
Happiness spill over when we are around
The color of happiness paints the world bright
I’ll fly from the world to touch the moon
Of the wanton wind I’ll change its ways
Of the wanton wind I’ll change its ways
Of the wanton wind I’ll change its ways
Where is our destination?
Where are our dreams?
I’ll steal all hidden joys of the world
The moon and sun, pearls and jewels I’ll find
May I see the world through my pearled eyes
May I shape the world with mine own hands
May I see the world through my pearled eyes
May I shape the world with mine own hands
Dawn’s first rays search for your face
Heart loses itself in wild-flower scents
Dawn’s first rays search for your face
Heart loses itself in wild-flower scents
If hands join, the world becomes endless
If hearts join, life blossoms here
Where does hope lead?
Where does joy lead?
I’ll fly to change the color of the skies
As a sun of joy I’ll spread happiness
If hands join, the world becomes endless
If hearts join, life blossoms here
Do you know, guys?
Nepal is famous in the world because
we have beautiful mountains
No !
Strikes, pollution, traffic-jam, power-cuts
— we’re famous for that too
Shut up, Abhash!
Talk something positive
That is the fact
Every year, at least 20 thousand
tourists must come to Nepal
We likely make a lot of money
from rafting, handicraft and trekking
Yes… so?
It is sad that Nepal is still known
for what foreigners think of it
That’s why we only talk about
Italian pizza and burgers…
…whereas foreigners spend dollars
to buy our gundruk
In fact, they think our tungba
and millet gruel are healthy and hygienic
True! What is Nepal lacking in?
Nepal is our nation, but it’s feelings
emotions and unity are driven by others
Please! Don’t get emotional
Let’s chill, buddies!
Promise me, Binaya–
That we’ll come to Nepal at least
once every year!
I promise!
In fact, I want to spend half of my
life with you and our child in Nepal
Happy now?
Yeah, I’m happy
But, just half of my life
Only half your life?
How old are you now?
Thirty plus?
The entire house must be decorated
It must be painted fresh
Flowers and lamps must be everywhere
It is my granddaughter’s wedding!
Seema – how is the preparation
for the wedding going?
Don’t you worry about a thing!
I’ve given Abhash all the responsibility
Abhash? Is he from the bride’s side
or from the groom’s side?
Me? I’m from both sides…
Bride’s, and groom’s…
Me, too!
That’s not what I meant…
Excuse me, I’m not that type
Actually – Nisha and I are friends
from childhood
We grew up together, played together
And, Guess What ?
But we didn’t get married together
Binaya and I also friends
We got out ABMs together from the US
His father and my father are also friends
But, they didn’t get their MBAs from the US
Yeah, dad!
Yeah, dad!
Yes, the preparations are going well
Auntie, Grandma, Uncle, Binaya-
…they all miss you
Okay, dad! Love you!
What was I saying?
Another call
Just a minute
Binaya! Don’t be in a rush
Today is for the mehandi ceremony
The wedding is two days away
You’re missing out. I’m surrounded
by hot chicks…
I mean, nice friends…
Alright, I’ll be right there
Was that Binaya?
So much impatience!
I think every girl should
get married at least once
I mean – once, not repeatedly
But, nobody in your family ever got married
We don’t keep cows for their milk
What did you say?
#He is shy about showing his love#
#Keeps his feelings to himself#
#He is simple, beautiful and good#
#I have such a friend…#
Abhash – look over there
Nisha looks so beautiful
You get to look at her for the rest of your life
Dude – have you ever been in love?
Like! Anybody?
A girl with a good heart?
Oh god! Someone like Nisha?
You know what, brother?
When the city will be celebrating New Year
Nisha will enter my life like a day of spring
I can’t wait for that day
You are lucky, Binaya
Not everybody finds a girl like Nisha
Happy Wedding, and Happy New Year!
Thank, brother
We are two nights away from the wedding
On the third night from now…
Binaya and Nisha will be united
It is the wedding season,
we must have fun
Abhash! Just say what you want to
Why are you talking in circles?
I have a bowl with slips of paper for everyone
Each of us will pick one and sing a
wedding song accordingly
Wedding songs
Seema Aunty will explain the rest
I have this bottle
I’ll spin this bottle each round
Whoever it points to, will have
to do as Abhash asks
Is that okay?
You two are on it together
I guess we all have to agree to it
Alright! Let’s start!
#Groom, you will take our daughter#
#Bride, you’ll become a stranger to us#
What are you making me do in this old age!
It’s the rule, you’ll have to sing
Well, have your way!
Grandma! The first candidate!
Grandma’s slip reads:
What does a bride sing when she
feels fulfilled?
What would she sing?
Remember your youth, Grandma!
#Vermillion in my hair#
#Bangles on my wrist#
#Necklace on my neck#
#Tell me what is in your heart!#
#Love, love, love!#
One… two… three
Good luck!
Come, my Groom-prince!
Give me an easy one…
Binaya’s lot says:
How does a groom ask for a bride’s hand?
Why couldn’t I have been the groom!
#What is love!#
#You’re what I always imagined#
#As my bride… my bride…#
Yeah! Nisha!
Happy New Year
Same to you!
Binaya and you aren’t married yet
If you keep looking at me like this
you’ll fall in love with me
You’ll never change!
Every man in my family is a scoundrel
Okay! Nisha’s slip says:
How does a bride feel in the wedding season?
Come on!
#Why does my heart beat faster?#
#Whose picture is this before my eyes?#
#A prince today will bring his love for me#
#Why does my heart beat faster?#
Abhash! You have to sing, too
Auntie, please– I am a bathroom singer
You’re asking for your dues!
Sorry, I can’t!
We’re asking you to sing…
…not to peel an apple
I’ll check what this scoundrel got
How does a thirsty groom ask
the bride for water?
Go on, sing now!
That too, by translating
a Hindi song into Nepali
#Give me water, my lovely wife,
I am very thirsty…#
#Even water would taste like
ambrosia if you give it…#
I told you I am a bathroom singer…
#Give me water, my lovely wife,
I am very thirsty…#
#Even water would taste like
ambrosia if you give it…#
I don’t see Abhash in any photos
He was the photographer
He has a pure heart
Can I disturb you for a second?
We are family now, you’re not disturbing
Happy New Year to you all
And to you, from all of us
And Nisha, to you too
You, too
Happy New Year
Did you tell them?
I knew you’d chicken out
Mom… Auntie…
The three of us want to go out
tonight to celebrate New Year’s Eve
Just one night… promise
Please give us your permission
Please! Please!
Go, then!
Permission granted!
But just for tonight!
Take me higher
Take me up!
Give me fire
Give me love!
Treacherous is the clime
Intoxicated in the ambiance
Treacherous is the clime
Intoxicated in the ambiance
Take some, give some
In this cold night
In youth’s intoxication
In this cold night
In youth’s intoxication
Mix love with love
Tie hearts together with love
Open the treasure of your youth
Open your heart, dance, dance!
Dance, baby on the floor!
Dance, baby on the floor!
Dance, baby on the floor!
One more!
No! You’re dunk
No, silly, I’m not drunk, come on!
One more, one more
Every step swaying on the floor
Moon’s youth will melt to wet the earth
A drunk body, a drunk heart
It is so hard to control them
Every moment of love is full of joy
Without love life is difficult
Let’s live this brief life full of mirth
Nothing remains for those who shed tears
Dance, baby on the floor!
Baby- are you okay?
Of course!
Friend! Are you drunk
No. We’re fine
It’s New Year! Party time!
Let me help. Can I drop you off?
I trust my guys
He thinks I’m drunk
You’ll wish me on time
Exactly at midnight
Promise! Promise!
Time slowly slips away from us
We never know when we meet, separate
The moment will slip, bonds break
Embrace it tightly
As the dew of the morn disappears
from the buds
Tie hearts together with love
Open the treasure of your youth
Open your heart, dance, dance!
Dance, baby on the floor!
Dance, baby on the floor!
Dance, baby on the floor!
I almost fell
In this cold night
Intoxicated our minds
Abhash! What’s wrong?
You drink so much
I didn’t know that!
Nisha – there’s a lot for you to learn
What do you mean?
Nothing! Not a thing
Nisha, come here…
Come, come…
Nisha, I love you
#Many mistakes are made#
#When I’m beside myself#
#Don’t visit me on your own#
#When I’m drunk out of my sense#
#In youth’s intoxication#
#In youth’s intoxication#
#In this cold night#
Take some, give some
Dance, baby on the floor!
#Mix love with love#
#In this cold night#
#In youth’s intoxication#
At exactly 12, we’ll wish you New Year’s
Exactly at 12
Promise her– go on, promise her
Yeah, promise
Aren’t you ashamed of visiting
another man’s wife repeatedly?
I haven’t done anything!
How dare you deny it!
Sorry, forgive me!
You’re asking for forgiveness?
She’s had two abortions because of you
You should have been nicer to her…
Still taking your bullshit?
Asshole! He’s trying to kill me!
Fuck you!
I’ll be back!
Fuck you!
It has been three years since we last met
Me, and Nisha
In these three months,
nothing has changed
Emotions and empathy are the same
I still feel her presence
As if she is around me
Excuse me
Do you have the Buddha?
Sorry – I wanted to buy the Buddha
Just a minute
Here… The Buddha
How much is this?
This is the last copy we had
So – you can have it for free
Are you sure?
Of course!
You don’t have to thank us
We’re glad a reader like you is taking it
Where were you lost for 3 years?
I searched for you everywhere
Nisha Shrestha!
We were friends once… talk to me
There was nothing between us
You were right –
Your relations with women
were only about sex
Not of friendship
#Life changes with every moment
and isn’t worthy of trust#
Binaya – I’m pregnant…
Please come back quickly!
Never call me again!
It is over… we never met…
Is that clear?
#If there is any meaning to life
I should be laughing with you#
Aah! The story of innocent love!
That night, the three of us
Were so high on the New Year’s
We had no care for the world
But, the same night, news came from
the US that Binaya’s grandma had died
We were so busy partying…
…we never realized we were being called
Although the wedding date was near
The sad news stopped the wedding
The brief joy of New Year’s changed
instantly into grief
Uncle and Binaya left for the US
I returned home, leaving poor Nisha alone
After that day, Nisha, I
and Binaya never met again
Happy New Year…
I didn’t know a new year had started
But, new days, new nights, new mornings
and seasons have no meaning for me
2068… It has been two years since
I left Pokhara and came to Kathmandu
A lot has changed in two years
In the last two years, Grandma died
My daughter Prakriti is two years old
I’ve been teaching adult education
for the last two years
Everything changed in two years
Including my choices…
I believe more in the elders now
I will read today’s news out to you
I’m the one reading
Why are you wearing your glasses?
I started each class by reading a news
But I still don’t understand something
Whenever I started reading the news
The entire class wears glasses…
So strange…
My little princess!
Are you playing?
Ma! What’s the commotion outside?
A new man has moved into the neighborhood
Into Daya’s place
He’s been yelling, drunk since the morning
It couldn’t be a good man
Only drunks, gamblers and liars live there
Why are you so scared of the society?
If I were scared of the society
I would have been dead by now
But to suppress your own life…
…that is another kind of death
Mary! Mary!
Forgive me… Mary ran into your house
Mary — I mean my dog
If I remember right
You are Prabhu Singh Kunwar
Seema! Seema Shrestha
Are you here these days?
I think I am…
Will you stand outside all day
or will you come inside? Please!
Come in…
It has been years since we met
You left Pokhara suddenly
When my wife died, I didn’t
want to live there anymore
You didn’t remarry?
I was fine a bachelor… I mean a widower
Did you remarry?
I was fine a spinster… I mean a widow
Where is Abhash these days?
He must be searching for someone
He is of age now
You’re still the same funny man
Just a moment
Mary, go!
Dad! That’s enough overacting
Now get out of here
Seema – We’ve moved in next door
You replaced the drunk? Our neighbor?
Seema – I have to go now
Please drink tea with us
I’ll drink tea some other day
Please keep coming
It’ll make me happy
Me, too…
If anybody asks me about her,
If anybody asks me about her,
She is very beautiful
I’m talking about Prakriti
I searched for Nisha after that night
I regret that we never met again
Binaya probably thinks Prakriti is mine
Not his child
That must be why he never contacted me
I used to think of women differently
But the day I saw Nisha at the bookshop
My attitude towards them has changed
I think I can get more students…
Abhas is our new neighbor
Tell him to put Prakriti down
But, daughter…
Why did you have to re-enter my life?
Do you want that to repeat?
I was a laughing-stock to the world
And Prakriti?
You want the world to laugh at her?
Prakriti is my daughter
You don’t have to worry about her
Why do you make Prakriti
share in your misfortunes?
Remember this —
It is your duty to give Prakriti a father
Nisha never revealed who is
Prakriti’s father
She never will
How could she?
Nobody stood by her in her time of need
Who do you think is Prakriti’s father?
Either god knows, or her mother
Taxi! Follow the other taxi
Go on! Fast!
You must be in a rush
Yes, I am in a rush
Can you drive faster?
Must be about a girl
None on your business!
No, I’m just saying
Do you love her?
Please! Shut your mouth and drive
Please stop here
How much?
Stop here
Sir – the girl’s taxi stopped here
Recognize me?
Of course!
I cut my hair, got a facial
Nobody recognized me
At least you recognize me
I had to leave my room because of you
Now I can’t get a place
because everyone calls me a drunk
The father’s name?
Sister … the father’s name?
Abhash… Abhash Singh Kunwar
Prakriti doesn’t have a father
He is dead!
But, he…
I don’t know this man
I am Prakriti’s father and mother
If that isn’t enough for your purpose
I’ll be her teacher, guardian and nurse
Listen, Abhash
Prakriti doesn’t need your charity
Stop following us around?
I try so hard to forget you
Why do you come back as memory?
Everybody asks me about Prakriti’s father
How should I answer them?
Bishal, Subigya, Samrat, Dipika, Sudarshan
Sushma, Pramod, Ajita- come one, come all
To the party at Prakriti’s place!
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you , dear Prakriti
Happy Birthday to you!
Whose birthday is it?
My princess’! Prakriti’s!
Happy Birthday to you
What is this, Abhash?
Today is Prakriti’s birthday
Who told you this nonsense?
Why? Do you have a problem?
Why are you doing all this, Abhash?
What did he do that is so terrible?
Let her be…
There’s no point in talking to her
Let’s eat the cake!
Even if it were Prakriti’s birthday
I wouldn’t have celebrated it
What difference does it make
if it is anyone’s birthday?
It makes a difference, Nisha
To know it’s your birthday
is a beautiful feeling
Birthdays are a celebration of life
But you don’t understand this
How would you?
You refuse to live even your own life
We gathered to celebrate Prakriti’s birthday
So that she knows she is loved
And that she has the right to live happily
But you – you aren’t giving her that right
You want to know who Prakriti’s father is?
That night, only you were drunk
You must think you made a
mistake with me that night
I don’t want to burden you
with my unhappiness
You are not Prakriti’s father
Prakriti’s father is Vinay
That’s what I am sad about
You’re still worrying about her father
Alright! Party is over
Time to go home now!
You care so much for Prakriti
Thank you for that, Abhash!
Sour candies?
I’ll send you sour candies… what else?
I’m alright… take care of yourself
I love you!
Kiss? I’m to shy for that
Brother! Can you hurry up?
One minute ok!
Hurry up?
You can only make noodles
and fast food in a hurry…
But love? Love known no hurry!
I don’t know who
Yes, Yes…
Love, in a hurry?
May I speak to?
Yes… everything is alright
Don’t worry
I’m in Kathmandu
I run a bookshop
Okay… bye!
What’s the problem?
Who were you talking to?
A friend
A girlfriend?
Madam – a parcel for Prakriti
Parcel, for Prakriti?
I wonder who sent it
Please sign this
Thank you!
A doll for my angel – Abhash
Parcel for Prakriti
Doll for the princess of the world – Abhash
For Prakriti?
Thank you!
Doll to my sunshine Prakriti – Abhash
Every problem has a solution
The Pandora’s box of your problems
will empty someday soon
Your happiness will double…
and all troubles will vanish – Abhash
I felt a burden life away that day
I wondered how life would be
without Abhash
Would Prakriti’s life remain an
unhappy, unfulfilled story?
Life doesn’t give too many opportunities
What is this, if not love?
You love Abhash…
But, Abhash?
I’ve seen love your you in his eyes
He’ll never let you down…
Have faith
What do you think? Does she love you?
Hundred percent, dad!
If you are happy, I am happy, too
This is the true mark of a brave son!
Should I call her, dad?
Hello, Abhash
I need to meet you
Me, too
Rani Pokhari?
Rani Pokhari?
Did you come here for the
same reason that I feel?
Why did you take so long?
Won’t you show me your face?
I never thought I’d tell anyone this
Especially you… after all this
God! I don’t believe!
I’m in love!
I’m in love!
Is this love?
Is this love?
Vinay had to take my help
to tell you such a small thing
I’m sorry!
I’m sorry!
Nisha! Wait!
May I speak to Mr. Vinay Tuladhar, please?
Speaking… who is this?
This is Abhash… remember me?
Abhash! How are you? Long time!
How is Nisha?
Congratulations, you have a daughter — Prakriti
Nisha really misses you
She needs you
Please come back to Nepal
She can’t forget you
After all of what happened?
Yes, after all of what happened
This is not the end of your love story
What, my love story?
Yes. So, are you coming?
Okay. I will.
Okay, see you then
Between the eastern zone…
Between the eastern zone and the central…
Hi! Ladies and Gentlemen
Nisha won’t teach you today
because she isn’t well
Abhash? Still?
Who will read the news to us, then?
Myself, Abhash!
And the headline today is –
“Love, and serve”
Oh! Love?
Yes, what is love?
It is said God created the world through love
Through love he gave breath and life
and with love he gave Nature — Prakriti
Without love, I wouldn’t be here
This class wouldn’t be here
Nor… would you be here
No matter how much they hurt us
We always love those who are ours
No matter how far they are
Love reduces that distance
A mother never stops loving her child
Even if the child stops loving her
A father never stops loving his child
Even if the child forgets how he sat
on his father’s shoulders to eat ice cream
He lived abroad all these years
because he was forced to
You became a mother before marriage
His family couldn’t accept that
But, love…
The love for their granddaughter
And Vinay’s undying love for you
The same love has brought him to you
How can you reject his love now?
You wanted Prakriti to have a father
Nisha – Don’t let this chance pass
Go, Nisha!
Go, Nisha!
Please go, Nisha!
Go, Nisha!
Finally we get to hear a news about love!
I was all alone, Binay
Did you never miss me?
Why did you do this?
Why did you forget me for years?
I was also very lonely, because
I missed you and Prakriti
I have come before you today to
Give you a husband’s love, and to
give Prakriti her father’s love
Would you forgive this rascal Binay?
Binay had returned
And guess what?
Nisha was a totally different girl
But, really
I liked this change
Change? What change
Everybody was happy… nobody was sad
No! Mary – my dog – wasn’t happy
She was always sad
Breaking news
After the day when Abhash read the news
My class stopped wearing glasses
You must have spent a lot of
time with a lot of women, son!
But pure love…
You’re finally experiencing pure love
Pure love? Me?
Come on! Same old stuff
I’m your father.
I know your weaknesses
Your attitude doesn’t fool me
So you fell in love! What’s wrong with that?
But true courage is in accepting that fact
Tina! Tina darling!
Lies to me!
If you are busy, you don’t have to come
You don’t have to worry about the wedding
We’ll come right after the wedding
Yes, dad! We’ll bring your granddaughter
Okay dad!
Alright! Good night!
I don’t want to sleep away from you
Marry me, then!
Why do you give marriage
so much importance?
There’s you, me and Prakriti
We’re just a line of vermilion away
Fix a date, bring the wedding party.
It isn’t so easy to get Nisha!
You’re so proud of yourself!
Why not? You had to come back for me
Tell Mom to get a priest to fix a date
Or – this proud girl might have to regret it
Guru! We’ll have rituals to remove
all obstacles
I want the best date for
my daughter’s wedding
After all astrological consultations
The next New Year’s Day
is the best possible date for the wedding
Let’s decide on that date then
Auntie – Congratulation on the wedding
Nisha is the bride
Thank you
Abhash – You’ll dance at my wedding?
My friend’s wedding and me not dance?
Dal, please
A small gift for you
For what?
For taking care of Prakriti
It is branded
Abhash – You’ve totally spoilt Prakriti
She only falls asleep on your shoulder
She is crying
Now go, help her sleep!
Please go! Are you going
or should I hit you?
Yeah, I’ll go
Prakriti! Hey!
What is wrong?
Hush, baby!
Prakriti has to learn to fall
asleep without this daddy, okay?
I am not Prakriti’s daddy
Binay is Prakriti’s daddy
Now go to sleep, love
Very soon, you’ll leave us
and go to the US
This daddy will always miss you
Goodnight, dear!
I love you!
Guru is calling you for a ritual
Oh, God, Nisha! I’m busy
Busy? Just come down for a second
I can’t believe this… please understand
So much attitude isn’t good
I’ve some important work left
I have to search for honeymoon destinations
Make reservations, air tickets
Shopping, so much stress!
Think of all that after the wedding
Let’s go now
So much worshiping!
Don’t you think that is a
waste of time and money?
Enough lecturing… now get up
Let’s go!
Kristine – I love you more than I can say
Kristine! I love our time together
— Binay
Kristine, a life without your love
would be incomplete
I will cherish every moment
we spend together
— Binay
Washington Post, 2 June, 2006
“In a horrible road accident with
the model Kristine, famous businessman
Binay Tuladhar was seriously injured
Model Kristine said she is just a good friend
of Binay ‘s and denied any other relationship
Reports from various media sources suggest
that Binay Tuladhar was rendered …
…impotent by that horrible road accident
Kristine – I really need you now
I can’t think of anyone else
If I mean anything to you, please call
me once, just once
Binay – Please don’t bother me anymore
I know you are hurting a lot
But my hands are tied
I have to worry about my future
It is true you are a wonderful man
But you are no longer capable of
serving the needs of any woman
Because you can never have children
Is this why you were lost for two years?
Let’s talk later
You won’t understand this
What is there to understand?
You come here to marry me,
but leave me here to die
What should I understand?
You become impotent because of
your wild ways
But you come here to claim my daughter?
What else should I understand?
This is the problem with women
They complicate the smallest
Don’t touch me
I hate you
You knew everything
Why did you do this to me?
I don’t have answers to your questions
I don’t seek answers from you
Why did you have to fool me?
Why do you think you’re the only
person in this world to suffer?
I am suffering too– Prakriti will leave me
I’m suffering because I’ll have
to learn to live without her
Binay spent some time with Kristine
What is so bad about that?
At least he isn’t like me
I spend each night with a new girl
Binay has come to mend his ways
Please! Give him a chance
I know he’ll prove a better father
And a good husband
Do you love Prakriti?
She still needs you to fall asleep
When she learned to smile
You were the first reason for her smile
Can’t you be her better father
And a good husband?
Stop it, damn it!
What did you gain by this
look – I’m not your type
And nobody can love you
as much as Binay
Thank you
No, honey – no more sweets
You’re getting fat
If not for yourself, think of me!
Please don’t get upset!
Recognize me? How are you?
Abhash! Shivam – My husband
Shivam – Abhash, my…
Why don’t you catch up
I have a call to make
Sorry, bro
It is alright
When did you get married?
Two years ago
You still look the same
Still… young
You’ve maintained yourself well
I waited for you
But you disappeared after that night
If I hadn’t aborted, I might be dead now
What hardships visit an unwed mother?
I never thought at that level
Because you are a man
You must be happy
You have a handsome husband
Very happy
His wife’s ex-boyfriend
Who ran off after getting her pregnant
Even when he saw the bastard, my
good husband pretended to not know
I’m really pleased, Abhash
So, he knows everything?
I’m not worthy of forgiveness
If you want, you can slap me
Geeta .. Geeta Thapaliya
Can you forgive me for all of my sins?
Don’t embarrass me before everyone
If I knew respect for everyone
I wouldn’t have made mistakes
What are you doing these days?
I’m thinking of starting a paan shop
I don’t know
I’m confused
My heart isn’t in anything
if I knew, I wouldn’t be confused
Who is she that confuses you?
Do you remember Nisha?
Nisha Shrestha?
Your friend from college
She is confusing you?
She is getting married
Here, in Kathmandu
Okay … So your love story starts now?
My love story?
With Nisha?
When did I take her name?
Abhash, who was happy only
in a crowd of girls
Sits alone in a cafe today
Abhash who only thought of
parties and disco
Is lost in somebody’s thoughts
This is your love story, Abhash
And Nisha is the princess in it
And its prince is you, Abhash
Geeta! Geeta! Geeta!
Won’t you come to Nisha’s wedding?
No, looser! I have to go to Dharan
It is urgent
She’d be happy to see you
You are in love with Nisha
If you don’t tell her now,
she’ll suffer through her life
Go, and make your love story true
Hear me, someone…
There is a face before my eyes
Dispelling the dark from my life
O wind, O breeze – don’t tease her
O rain, don’t fall her
What has enchanted my heart?
It only wants to watch her
Like a colorless kite was my life
Like a sea shore washed by waves
Like a colorless kite was my life
Like a sea shore washed by waves
I lived every moment in her thought
I wished death to come in her guise
Where is she?
I wait here, hoping for her…
Sun rays become shy after kissing her
Wind touches her and wanders wantonly
Sun rays become shy after kissing her
Wind touches her and wanders wantonly
Did dew fall to her face from tall leaves?
Are her lips colored with flower petals?
Where is she?
I wait here, hoping for her…
I want to watch her forever…
I want to watch her forever…
Please stop crying!
Nisha – which card do you like?
we have to place the order soon
Please pick one
Vinay called
He wants a card of your choice
He is waiting for your answer
I think Vinay is here
Come in … the door is open
Now, go to your daddy
You’ll spend your life with him
Abhash! It is you
I thought it was Prakriti’s father
Abhash –
We need to choose a wedding card
We haven’t settled on one yet
Mom – How do you like this one?
I really like this
Couldn’t you have said that before
We wasted so much time on nothing
Abhash —
Why are you standing there?
Come inside!
Auntie —
— I’m in a rush now
I’ll come back later
Why so rush?
You’ve only just come!
Congratulation on your wedding
Thank you, thank you very much!
Don’t cry… sit here
Changing channels won’t change anything
He’ll take her away
You’ll be left waving her good bye
What song will you change then?
Sorry – We only have two beds
Vinay! Nisha – that was a joke
Namaste Uncle!
Surprise, surprise!
Come in!
Thanks Uncle!
Hi Abhash!
Hi, Vinay!
Hi, Nisha!
Abhash – why are you quiet?
Uncle – let’s find a bride for him
You’d have a daughter-in-law
for your old age
If you hadn’t interfered,
Nisha would’ve been making dinner for dad
What do you mean?
Come on!
We’ve been friends for so long
Can’t you tell when I’m kidding?
Are you just going to talk,
or are you going to eat too
Mary! Come!
What is wrong with her?
Doesn’t she eat on time?
Nobody in this house eats on time
By the way – I forgot the main thing
Give it
It’s in there!
Here’s an invitation for our wedding
This was the surprise I wanted to give you two
The food was very good, right, Nisha?
Nisha… Can we dance?
Yeah, sure!
What a cute couple!
You gave me the card…
but are you sure that you’ll marry Nisha?
Sure? What do you mean?
Look – such a beautiful couple
America is very far away
If Nisha comes to her senses,
She’ll be marrying someone else
Why did you have to embrace him?
Have you developed a liking for him?
Answer me, damn it!
Do you like him?
Did you enjoy his embrace?
tell me – whose daughter is Prakriti?
Did you sleep with that bastard?
He was mad!
He wanted to give his name
to somebody else’s daughter
He was mad that he wanted
to give Prakriti to a worm like you
You spend so many years sleeping around
Did I say no to the wedding?
I was mother and father to Prakriti
for two whole years
Where were you then?
You abandoned us for years
Did I complain even once?
But, when I became emotional with
Abhash for just one moment
It hurt you?
Did I ever ask you to explain
away your nights with Kristine?
But when became impotent, incapable
of ever having a child
You came running to us
To claim your rights over my daughter
We bowed to your every selfish whim
Did you ever wonder if we
had expectations from you?
I was always yours, if you could
have understood this truth before
I made a mistake by giving birth to Prakriti
The day she learns you are her father
She’ll spit on your face
Wherever I stepped, it became a mire
Wherever I stepped, it became a mire
Darkness remained thick over life’s page
When my lips tried to smile
Happiness left me
If there is meaning to life
I want to live laughing with you
Even if I die today
I want to live with you forever
If there is meaning to love
I want my love to be with you
Even if I die today
I want to live with you forever
I want to laugh with you
Dad – I tried hard to not love her
But, I can’t help it
Nisha isn’t like that
Not love her?
You’d be mad not to love her
Nisha is my feeling… Abhash’s feeling
Nisha couldn’t be mine
I have lost, I am not lucky
She was my first true love
But, perhaps that love was never mine
Dad – Happy New Year
In the morning, I will have gone
far from memories of Nisha
But, I don’t know where
Dad – You will be missed
Love you!
He is leaving all of us
If you don’t stop Abhas today
You’ll have regrets for your life
Go, Nisha… go and stop him
Go, daughter!
If you are cheated out of your love…
Prakriti will also be cheated
Go, stop him! Go, daughter!
Go, darling!
Are you abandoning me?
I didn’t hear you…
What did you say?
Didn’t you think of me?
Slowly! Come down carefully
So you do worry about me!
Then why are you leaving me?
I realized, of course, that we
can never be friends
I mean – a man can never be friends
with a woman
No. That’s not true
No. No battle with my teeth
You don’t like chocolate?
You’re the most unromantic
boy in the whole world
I love you
I thought a lot… a lot
But my heart had just one answer
I love you
What should I say in return?
Whatever your heart wants to…
You’ll find burger and pizza in the US
But, gundruk is made only in Nepal
I love the taste of gundruk
Despite the strikes and pollution
The beats of a madal and wail
of a sarangi are found
Only in Nepal, Everest’s own country
I love Nepal
And to watch monkeys…
I mean to say – to meet our ancestors
You won’t have to wait for grand kids
Or buy tickets to the zoo
My love…
I’ll always be there to clown for you
I promise you
You see–
That’s just like you
This is my real Abhash
Doesn’t know how to propose
to a girl
You do everything awkwardly
And you make it impossible
for me to hate you
And I hate you… I really hate you
I hate you
I hate you too
I hate you
So – can we start spending our lives together?
Did Prakriti fall asleep?
Yes… she did
When will night come
What do you mean why?
Prakriti isn’t sleeping with us tonight
That is final
First me, then you, then Prakriti
You’re getting romantic!
Praise me
Praise you?
I’ve done enough of that
I can’t lie any more

100 Replies to “Mero Love Story | Nepali Movie | Aaryan Sigdel | Reecha Sharma | Vinay Shrestha | Dayahang Rai”

  1. रिचा र विनयको जोडी राम्रो थियो।आर्यन सिग्देल हिरो त्यो बेलाको 2.22.10 first time herda t purai aasu aako

  2. Film vayera hola alikati besi nai filmy raicha… 😬😬 real life ma eti easily problems solve hune vai diyeko vaye ta …. Katti ramro hunthiyo hola… Tara film ramro cha 😊😊

  3. Very nice 💝💕💞💓🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝
    🌼 Hi, honey! 🌼

  4. Sabai nepali hero anta heroin Harru lai, tapai haru English ko pronunciation ramro chaina vani plz don't try to speak in English ok Namaste
    Don't insult ur self ok babu

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