Midweek Politics with David Pakman – Fox News Goes Crazy Over Fake Joe Sestak Drama, Traffic Spikes

well remember when joseph stack was on
our show this is before he challenged ab arlen specter and the democratic primary for the
senate in pennsylvania we talked with just a stack of doubt whether he was offered a job or not by
the obama administration to get out of the race against arlen specter he basically refused to comment ab for at least to make any additional
comment on the show uh… this now he’s being there’s a frenzy particularly on fox
news and they’re going nuts about the joseph
stack thing apparently joseph stack was offered a plan unpaid position and the idea was that if he took it he
would no longer be running against arlen specter it’s been stated several times not on
fox news that nothing illegal took place that these offers are not actually they cancel our lease that’s my
understanding of it foxnews has been going totally nuts
covering this they’re completely alarmist they are bringing on guest after guests to
discuss this and they brought on a legal expert and he actually said you know what i don’t think anything a legal actually
took place and i’ll play it for you be the judge on world news was former president bill clinton
conversation with promises says that unethical will anyone in this face charges well i gotta tell you the justice only
starting to settle after this stunning says tech news breaking all day today the white house saying it had former
president clinton liberar message to congressman sets that offering him and now i’m paying position
to drop out of the pennsylvania senate primary and now the questions i never was mine was this just so hard to read it and
fake man playing and then they bring on the experts legal joining me now is rick has sent a
professor at loyola law school los angeles and he specializes in election a
lot is also co-editor of election log
journal great to have you with us it’s my pleasure how different laws could we evaluate
under these circumstances brought her down reference to both the br federal bribery
statute as well as a statute that prevents promising of um… some kind of job or appointment in
exchange for some future political benefit and so i don’t live that’s that
section six hundred that statue the bribery statutes seem to be the ones
that are at play right now rick answered those laws applied in cases where
elections could potentially be manipulated by a
the executive nicole shrink well you know i went back and look at
this hour section six hundred or the one that says about about these job offers
that seems to be a statute that’s really aimed at preventing patronage
appointments that is in people who’ve done political favors for
your jobs where they make money i i can’t find a case we’ve never been
applied in this way i think there’s some good reasons why he probably shouldn’t
be live here really is a is a political deal it’s a deal to say in order to strengthen the party one of
the two people competing should step aside as kind of thing that happens all
the time and that’s the kind of thing that probably is not what uh… statue is
really designed to prevent you mentioned over let’s change the topic because he
just said the entire alarmist new story that we’ve been covering in the entire
framing we’ve been using actually has no precedent and probably
shouldn’t even be used that way because that’s not what the law was intended for
let’s move on to a different topic incredible is it not uh… well i guess sometimes these
things backfire you’d think they were to talk to this person before undersecretary coming from but i you
going to come on and actually say that there’s really no legal reason that
anybody should get in trouble here yes i a m although it’s find somebody else
that you would think that that would happen
before but what’s also interesting in great for us as we’ve been getting a ton
of traffic from this because somebody has admitted to assess tax wikipedia
page and helping to the link to our interview
with him so we’ve been getting a flood of traffic probably mostly because of the fox news
that coverage of the story mailing all of them right here in part
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