Midweek Politics with David Pakman – Fox News Pie Charts, Palin Misquotes, Cargill Bad Beef

his management which by the way recently
said heads would roll went for on-screen errors like for example constantly
mislabeling democrats and republicans from the other party and very funny recently instead of showing the cover of sarah
palin’s book going rogue when talking about the book they showed the cover of
a book called going rouge which is actually a parody criticism of sarah palin i can actually hold this up they had a whole different cameras him they they have a pie chart here that
adds up to a hundred ninety three percent strange strange i don’t know what’s going on
with the math over their the research department at foxnews but most pie chart i’ve seen add up to a hundred
percent and i didn’t get that far enough in
school site at maybe this is a different type of project but thats last i checked there could be some new type of pipe
chart that where you know not privy to this issue does really
hiatus for two hundred and fifty percent well speaking sarah palin today in pale
in in her book going road sarah palin attempted to honor u_s_
soldiers by quoting u_c_l_a_ basketball legend john wooden you heard john wooden lot of our listeners have saying our land is everything to us i
will tell you one of the things we remember on our land we remember our
grandfathers paid for it with their lives now that doesn’t sound like something
john wooden would say and the reason is she actually meant to
quote native american activist john wooden legs who was celebrating this eve defeat of
uh… u_s_ general custer at the little big horn loops that she should have
thought about that one john wooden u_c_l_a_ coach john wooden legs the native american little bit of a mistake there and then
sarah palin on the rusty humphries show asked about what she thinks about the
brock obama birth certificate issue you know this birthday thing that was let in
great part by orly hates dentist lawyer and real estate agent well here’s our sarah palin had to say
about it asi repealing a rusty on fri show one of
the year question sounds like a son asks his would you make the birth certificate
initially with the rent uh… i think the product right wingers bill
making it an issue i have a problem with that up my daughter biodata father to
make it an issue because i think then that could never buried electric doctors do you do you think it’s fair question
if you look at them the capital gains in the past eyeballing record automatic fair game
not you know i gotta tell you feel i think it campaign mccain-palin
campaign didn’t have a good enough job in that area i will get me to call out
all the bombing right so which is saying is number one she’s putting considering how a candidate has voted is on the same level as ask considering
whether barack obama is a u_s_ citizen that statues putting on the same
terrorists and friends with terrorist of course was he palin around but also she
saying that her campaign didn’t do a good enough job met mccain-palin about talking about things like is brock
obama a citizen of the u_s_ raw bc they were toward not to right absolutely australis criticize
that they were told not to do that and she was criticized for loretta she
criticize the campaign after the fact saying hey we should have done that we
actually should have gone after that remember the ground beef lewis that was
recalled for salmonella the company that that happens you was
cargill and it seems of course after the public
shaming they got it all worked out they cleaned up their act everything’s all
set well actually for the second time this year they are recalling thousands of pounds
of ground beef contaminated with the drug resistant strain of salmonella you would think that the same company it’s either do you
know you always know they always want you to think that it’s a big it’s a big
mistake it’s just a one time thing of course
next then it happens it would be different company now cargill again trouble with the ground beef i think we
need that we’ve investigate what’s going on there do not uh… we probably have some friends who
were on moreover sinner this corporate stuff
brett will vote would say actually at the time that the previous
one happened and i had some steaks and just my paranoia and hypochondriac maybe ask
jeff for all the stakes out twenty twenty five dollars and thirty dollars
with state by almost threw them out even though people have to talk me off the ledge and
said he was ground beef it was in this part of the country it’s
already been a week i’m probably going to stay away from the
state for a little bit now that that this has happened should i not for my
going on or steaks and safety tower one oh four the ground beef i will do that that’s all the time we
have this week mid-week politics dot com is the website next week lobbyists are agency government
relations consultant maggie bergen will be in studio with us
plenty more also on the afghanistan issue and what
will happen with health care thanks for listening and will be back with more
next week you’re listening to mid-week politics
with dave hennen

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