Midweek Politics with David Pakman – Interview with Jason Mattera, Fox News Ambusher Part 1 of 2

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com slash mid-week politics now lewis what’s going on with our guests are we
ready here i think were being redirected to a
different number are working on it book a uh… in the meantime although we can touch on
a couple of different things that are going on that i’ll get to later alan we have actually i don’t even know what we want
to get you we have jesse ventura coming up a little bit later of course the
former minnesota governor i plan to talk to ’em about a number of
different things including how he’s now a conspiracy theorist and even falling
that louis i have i saw are wanted to interviews with a moderate
everything one of our most of you yet he has a t_v_ show and he’s been plugging
in everywhere he also has a new book called american conspiracies and uh… it’s and curious how he how this all
happened you know and how did how did he go from being one
of the only independent candidates to successfully run for a high office
governor of minnesota to to where he is now in haiti fire
audience agrees with him on these conspiracy theories like the government
was involved in nine eleven then i assume that they’ll enjoy it but
i have my questions personal or are you know by certainly enjoyed the interview so that i heard she’s an interesting guy leicestershire
un poco we should check out what’s going on the jason lewis i’m getting a little
worried that we’re getting our are lines cross the poor wind for jason the terror who is the author of the book obama
zombies which i have here in and holding up and he’s the guy that sometimes you see
a month fox news ambushing people when he gets whether it’s hannity
o’reilly of the different ones will just going to ambush people and get then criticize them for not talking to
him on provoked and he has this book that he says the liberal machine brainwashed his generation so i think we have ’em
let me bring ’em on we are a little technical trouble but i think jason the
terror is with us a jason jason are you there care ok great thanks thanks for joining
us i’ve got your book your obama zombies how the liberal machine brainwashed my generation you’re also known for
doing some of the well-known that i love the fox news and bushes we’ve come to
come to see as you first get involved with fox news well i wouldn’t worry where show walking
out her website care about our own right not a video poker we get usually work
with pocket turned and handing off the video but i have an appointment
relationship a bucket they are today they go for video poker
rebel but up till now we kentucky politicians at them are getting question there are new to
perform yeah you know i love the segments are anytime you do that i think
it’s hilarious but you have to admit if people don’t really want to be talked to
when you twenty ambush them it’s not that big a deal right i mean if somebody
ambush me if they didn’t have an interview scheduled i wouldn’t necessarily talk to the media
but sometimes it’s framed like they’re hiding something well yahoo armed right away and are looking into all
clustered in a looking through laptop into a door at soon as possible
because they are you’re completely caught off guard and
they don’t have it they don’t have an answer to the
question or they’re confronted with something that is uh… something that is israel pretty pretty
bad at people that forced all you know most anything yet from time to be people
just can’t alter the mobile most hated it’s not that they get can talk is that
they don’t want to uh… you know they want to get a good bit of a truck and india brandeis republicans to him no i i don’t deserve to do with what i
wanted to got a point in armored barbara dan quayle so and obama zombie emina read your
definition here are young person who has become the bottom line is by the obama
marketing machine victim of the obama campaigns onslaught
of hollywood celebrities youtube videos facebook and twitter
messages or how old are you by the way one but focus on twenty six also are we
young people really that susceptible to twitter messages that we’re getting
the bottom line is by a couple of tweets qualitative part of that live our democracy ineptly into it on
the repugnant imo bomb a credit for avenue digital domination of the g_o_p_
and garlic in particular they were reaching young people on the orville at
soviet what clearing up what they thought they were bernie people i thought that uh… dot it back
and talk about because it would be rude people cannot working quite outright using the word that they are or
by the fact that on liked a lot but nobody happen i think
many young people just walking they did where proper mama gabeira predate
mapping picket or they will hook up with provoking gave them when he first cheryl crow the act from stadium and they will
register to vote for barack obama bearing colored by the favorite
celebrity on page and thump baked but to both after example registered to vote in that hotel
for many young people always held on spent bullets article about a mile and a
bunk a proposal the same as when sean hannity goes to
minnesota and his country music playing with michelle bachman in serra pale in
and it’s all to get people steered to reelect michelle bachman
what’s the difference which is country music instead of a good friend dave
matthews well i think i actually don’t know how
we could learn are back at the tactic i think it’s
great to use celebrity endorsements i get you know interest in a candidate
bout unfortunately we wouldn’t we live in a found by driven pixel german
culture spoke i’ve been talking to you that i think we should be more
celebrities and wish use more artist omp well call it that i was going to get
to young people style they uh… there if you can pop culture so stx is we we
should give you go through our building buffalo segmentation you’re being
critical of when brock obama handed out tickets to dave matthews but sean
hannity is getting a country concert going to get people registered to vote
for michelle bachman is are they both girls are they both that now you’re weapon permanently quickly
pick repeated that or lie down a highly down the young man
many people are going through one-handed egypt or i think your spend their favorite
country music or attitude ordered or to the format i’m talking about the young people who
are why did the actual but what i have multiple quotes an infant and decided
that they were going to blow one individual kahit they heard from their favorite
celebrities who says a big problem folks won’t be using celebrityhood i think what you did on portal required
away from boat did you know if we’re going to if we’re going to get anecdotal
ivett anecdote of people that john they went inside jon voigt and they voted for
a republican because of that let’s let’s skip ahead a little bit mid-week rollins arrived here in part by
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