Midweek Politics with David Pakman – Obama Scolds GOP, Fox News Cuts Away

well barack obama was cots scolding the
g_o_p_ the other day and and no surprise that fox news decided to cut away from
it when i got a little ugly brock obama the data there throughout
the state of the union address he went down to i believe it was in maryland maryland or
virginia and he met with a bunch of g_o_p_
republican politicians and actually performed really well here
normally he shies away from any direct scolding state of the union he goes
right after the supreme court and here are going after republican congressman
from texas jed hence erlang take a listen to this and my question there’s a question in the has agreed
with unless it was knocked off at some point
i know you’re gonna love this problem as the question you were soon to submit a
new budget mister president will then budget like your own budget
triple the national debt and continue to take us down the path increasing the cost of government almost
twenty five percent of our economy selections from the dimaag with all due
respect i’ve just got to take this last question
is an example of how it’s very hard to have not the kind of bipartisan work that
we’re going to do because the the whole question was structured as
a talking point four brought o_j_ event it’s become it’s great that he said it this is what going on for years the questions themselves that are being
asked by many republicans are in themselves
talking points the premises of which anybody anybody with with any it’s
semblance of logic and reason with disagree with foxnews we’ll skip over this mobile skip over to
the obama chat fox news clip fox news as soon as i say getting
contentious every other network aired this in its entirety much like the haiti telethon which for some reason
foxnews didn’t air soon as it starts getting contentious i can just imagine the to the back talk going on but the
producers of fox news trace gallagher comes in and says you
know what i think i think we’re done with the stables in us vice president for clarification within
the better solutions book are all the legislative proposal in the
senate rather record the robot might he’s meeting with house republicans in
baltimore at a certain element no mistakes there but when that got cut off
and and many republicans lose behind closed doors think it was a mistake to
televise the sting the thought it would be a great idea here’s our brock obama showed up indeed
the opposite of what he’s been doing when he does these long boring press
conferences and actually pgp when out there he said what was on
his mind and i think actually help themself for once which we haven’t seen
that often you looked a you work a little bit
what’s the word became office kind of fierce little aggressive yup i don’t like it i
think that’s good at this point somewhat stronger yesterday something ananthi that’s alright very strangely asif brock obama actually
i know that this will sound very weird to too much of our audience if he needs to be more conservative not less conservative he’s going to be
more successful by being more conservative but does it feel like you have to move to the middle to achieve akin i don’t think this is a question of left
right or center this is a question of what what which what works but how do we know we proposed for example tax cuts for small business
we we we passed without frankly they’ll pull
of the republican caucus we passed twenty five tax cuts last year mostly aimed at the
middle class in small businesses but it’s over david axa right is the truth
tightened points there’s no this he’s a master under what circumstances would brack
obama do better being more conservative he’s proposing tax cuts his health care bill if it passes won’t contain anything liberal that i
can see i mean we started with a public option and we’ve negotiated back down to
almost nothing will cater he could be joe lieberman who is considering switching a running
as a as a republican of switching parties i can imagine how brock obama could be
more conservative and still be anywhere close to the person he
campaigned as i don’t know where we’ll see we’ll see
what happens with you know these tax breaks and uh… has a
parading afterwards but we’ll take a break we’ll be back with more after this
the steven anderson controversy continues and so does tend to be bo who
is just standing up for his mom’s possibly made-up story and mid-week
politics with dave beckman on mid-week politics dot com

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