Midweek Politics with David Pakman – The Fox News White House War

want to follow up last week we talked
about the fox news white house you that’s been going on and i’ve insisted
that it’s a bad idea for barack obama and the white house the
specifically attack fox news as true is it is that fox news wholeheartedly committed to papa to to giving a end at an anti
brock obama bro conservative viewpoint i’m just
about every issue that’s out there i don’t see the benefit to brock obama
david axelrod his other top advisers and democrats specifically attacking fox news we saw what happened with richard nixon
in the new york times and there was no benefit to him in doing that chris wallace on fox news really seems
to be bitter about all of this including not having gotten that barack obama
interview way back when brock obama did his round of interviews on a number of
different networks take a listen to this compilation from
from chris wallace repeating one after another that he will it doesn’t like what’s
going on media lies with the white house and i’ll tell you he really does seems better to me when i
hear this and hello again from fox news in
washington well discuss how the white house is
targeting what it considers its enemies in a few minutes up next is the obama administration
creating a new enemies list will probably go to school groups who say
they are being targeted by the white house the white house war against foxnews has
gotten plenty of attention recently but this week there were reports the obama
administration has targeted others so-called enemies the one last night and has the latest chapter in the obama
white house is war on fox news and what some people are calling the
administration’s should calm but why of doing business ok so weakened foxnews brought us the the war
on christmas they also course brought us the war on
religion if and when saddam is put to death will the new york times being
morning about it and we know that recovered you can expect from fox news
is going to be very critical of msnbc in new york times another it
reality what they consider to be so called liberal but chris wallace really just sounds
better to me the war on fox news the war on
conservative media i don’t know luis was turning into a war exactly i think i think fox news as much as the white
house as as but is responsible for turning
into that war i don’t see the endgame here i really don’t i mean can let’s
does how could this continue it could end with barack obama going on
with chris wallace and issuing some kind of an apology or a
statement that he doesn’t actually think fox news is bad even though indignant verse from his administration
i’ve already said fox news is not news it’s talking point it’s propaganda it’s
a point of view i don’t know if it would be believable
how else could this possibly end crow i doubt it will just fizzle it’s an option out uh… it could end
with some kind of disaster for fox news fox
news going off the air something given the ratings they get i can’t imagine
that would happen today i did write i don’t know i don’t really get the
endgame and laura ingram is claiming that the white house puts fox in the
same category as islamic jihad after george will goes off on other
networks for being too liberal let’s take a listen to this is from i believe this is from died this week with george
stephanopoulos although i may be wrong and they had a roundtable discussion
about this fox news white house media war first george will channel box and they’re all up in arms
because in the words of wisdom of the white house of his opinion journalism masquerading as news which some of us
would save described the new york times and certainly msnbc well we’ve had practice visitor wasn’t okay so george will
saying that msnbc and the new york times they thought no surprise there lewis the
likely suspects conservatives like two point those two
out it used to be just the new york times bill o’reilly kind of put in in night in
style the criticizing of n_b_c_ and msnbc and
george will doing exactly that and just a couple of minutes later on
the same program here’s laura ingraham excessive in any way i think i’ve been
listening to this country administration had the same new of to the way to treat one difference to the united states
further economic threats or real stresses lamacchia honda sandal probably put fox m_f_n_ categories then
it would be okay they’ll like there’s some facts about fox meanwhile it’s coming to you and i think that this
afternoon for michelle half sent the passion sent on a manual an
acronym for the comments on it out it’s a lower in rooms and white
house puts box in the same category as islamic jihad and we could get varia read about this
list i don’t even think laura ingraham means this i mean she knows how to be
shocking for the sake of being shocking he’s just trying to be good on t_v_ ike i don’t think this is one where only at their we can certainly find people who
reconsider arrived at the white house is claiming
that islamic jihad is to just as bad as fox news unearthing laura ingram is one of those
people no but i think the easy though the media could easily heart this up to
make it seem as if it’s the same scope the scapegoating type of uh… th were we’re being criticize unfairly and all
the focus is on us i think is going to blow up you but you think this is going to
become a big story i think that’s going to blow up it’s a bit and then what i don’t know exactly i i just don’t see
the endgame i really don’t see the endgame with this
sale why don’t stand where it could go and if it blows up will who’s going to
blow it up all right we sean hannity rush limbaugh
i mean i don’t know hero plenty of like all media outlets are talking about this and uh… i think it’s going to get more fiery
between the white house and fox uh… i think even if the white house backs
off box will probably keep it up and uh… i don’t know are can even you know i a m going in there with his
lawyers will end up like you write below idea but it’ll be interesting that the
wonderful the white house backing off is to tears backing off from the critical statements
is one thing but they could do that and continue not
to go on fox news right the than the further step would be they
back off and they go on fox news which but i think would just be completely
hypocritical whether you believe they’re right or
wrong in saying what they said i believe they’re right in the content the wrong
say it doesn’t doesn’t make any sense it would be hypocritical ten alkaline
foxnews if they believe it’s not even a news out right thing to remember to read well
enough alone and just uh… let things continue well the into some
other only where obama will appear on fox news will be tissue and our some
type of apology which but i think would be silly a mistake i don’t know i think that there there
were a number of number of mistakes made but once you’ve committed to put fox
news isn’t used you can go back right you can end up
looking that one other note on that some of the other news networks came to fox news is defense when when that kenneth fineberg was
doing a round of interviews he was not going to go on fox news and all of the other networks said if you don’t go on fox news we don’t
want to interview him either and i thought the white house said oh you know
it was a mistake we just accidentally didn’t include fox
will bring to go everywhere and i don’t know that i believe that i
think the obama white house is making some mistakes on this

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