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  1. Dumpster and house regime make me want to cry—or at least vomit—-my dad didnt fight WW!! For this—-my 18 yr old boyfriend didnt loose his life in Nam for this

  2. Congratulations America you now have GOP-TrumpCare "shithole country" standard healthcare system…yep Trumps America sucks hey!!!

  3. Hello from Austria, here is a little idea for any future Healthcare improvement in the US.
    An example of how we replace and support our failing forces due to corona crisis. We have a system that still requires 8 months of military service for all young men. However, there has been an alternative that has been very a popular alternative for the last 30 years, the so-called community service or civil service.
    Young people, after finishing school help in old people's homes, in the rescue service, with the fire brigade, handicapped care, kinder gardens, schools, in general any care services in need of workforce for 8 months. Starting with a short training course, depending on the job, and then you start your assistance service. Not only can you get all the people involved in an event of a crisis like we have now. In addition, it would not harm anyone, regardless of whether they are poor or rich, white black, yellow or brown, that they get an insight into social care services, or rather, it does not harm them when they grow up. As compensation (pocket money) you get about 300-500 dollars since you usually live at home after school.
    Now in the Corona crisis, our government has called the past 5 years of civil servants up again, who are not in essentiell jobs at the moment, and have been in the care and rescue services during their 8 months.The last 3 years brought about 6,000 additional hands within our 9 million Citizens (approx. Same as New York).
    In this country, there is also a discussion of equality that young women should also be involved in this obligation, which would increase the capacity of people even more. It shouldn't be too much to ask that all young people sacrifice 8 months of their lives for the general public and the state. Most of them enjoyed the time while figuring out what professional careers the choose afterwards. They are an integral part of all our services during normal times as well. maybe it would help with youth criminality too, if they have to be in EMT or fire department,… instead of joining a gang.

  4. 3:20 sir.. shouldn't you be like.. stating references and reporting news.. you are just giving personal opinion with an expert on the other line of the interview.. thats a yikes from me dog..

  5. well, I guess SNL’s depiction of Steve Bannon as the ‘GRIM REAPER’ is TRUE, and here we are witnessing all of it!

  6. It's Trickle down, never worked, can't work, won't work, Republican failure, over and over and over, and the morons keep voting them in. I will never understand it.

  7. Also to add Republican Strategy: Corporate Welfare and Big Fat Government Contracts (especially for defense).

  8. Russia has just sent N.Y. many supplies  for C19. I’m setting my stopwatch to see how swiftly the Fake News will attack Trump about having any dealings with Russia.  So here we go again with more Fake News: ‘Russia…Russia… Russia… Russia’ Cr*p. Soon there'll be something more alluring for the Fake News to publish (I figure in about 3 weeks.)  Thank you, Pres. Trump…. 
          To the Russia-Haters (aka friends of countries that compete with Russia re oil & energy.  Countries & groups that have brain-washed some of our U.S. population to hate Russia) – What has Russia Ever done to harm our country? Now ask the  same question about Our country? Has Our country ever harmed other countries? Hint: think about Wars with Afghanistan, Iraq, and several other Mid-East countries as the most recent examples.
         To Pres. Putin and Russia:  Thank you very much. Please don’t judge America by the  insults from the inferior people of our country – They’ve been brainwashed  beyond repair ( About those wretched brainwashed creatures, the rest of America says:  “Forgive them, Lord, for they know not..” what the H*LL they’re talking about.)

  9. Trump,Pence and Pompeo are amoral men: Each a prolific LIAR. Trump's
    travel ban from China was a verbal order to stop travel from China!

    Passengers deplaning from planes arriving from China at every major airport,
    reported that nobody checked them
    for symptoms or what their final destination
    in the US is. Numerous passengers blogged about their shock at the lack of screening
    or testing at the airports and passengers being allowed to go freely. Many self
    quarantined to protect their families. Nothing but LIARS in the Trump Administration.
    Where are the millions of test kits that were promised three weeks ago. tests!
    Where there is a will there is a way!

    The US State Department Mike Pompeo's Press Release on February 7th, 2020:


    "This week the State Department has facilitated the transportation of nearly

    17.8 tons of donated medical supplies to the Chinese people, including masks,

    gowns, gauze, respirators, and other vital materials. These donations are a

    testament to the generosity of the American people" Apparently Pompeo

    was convinced that the American medical personnel facing the COVID 19

    onslaught would not need these! Now our Medical personnel in every hotspot

    are struggling for masks, gowns and other supplies to protect themselves,

    More than 300 have been infected and four have died from their exposure to

    COVID 19. Great planning Mike Pompeo , Trump and Pence: in your playbooks

    Americans will always come last! Now they are withholding critically needed

    medical supplies from the Democratic Governors. Illinois Governor received on 10%
    of the supplies that he requested.

  10. Where are the comments from family and friends of the dead? We need to hear the pain being caused by this EVIL Orange Man. I absolutely am heartbroken at the rise in the death toll… and our leader says we have some painful times ahead. tRUMP should have to go feed some patients and buy some groceries for some of the starving. tRUMP is responsible DAY after DAY for this NON response. Just like the Rep Senators are responsible for him not being held accountable in the NON-trial. I'll say this… the wrong people are dying.

  11. When multiple states have a bidding war for the same equipment, who wins? Corporations. They get a maximum amount of our tax dollars. That's why enacting the Defense Production Act was so necessary.

  12. why should americans that live in a so called democratic culture have to pay for news, for one thing the news is always about tax payers its anout all americans always, news in a real democracy should be paid for by taxes, it should answer to no one and be completely free of government imposed sanctions and over sight, it should be monitored only by tax payers only the public, this would curtail bias in a large way sonething face it book cant seem to do, this is beyond scandalous that america does not have a large free press organization with honest reporting, there could be as many nee york times as can stay in business no problem, if people want slanted need than by all means provide it, however there should exist one adequately scaled business to accommodate the truth in a so called democracy, it should be well funded and not short of funding at any time esp during national harmful events shame on you america the land of liars by the way i found 5 dollars a few minutes ago in a store pn the floor the first thing i did was ask God if he is a cheap skate and if he onows how far five dollars goes in a rich mans market, as always i am still waiting for him to respond he is like the government he is too busy helping others duh

  13. Thank you Mike! I have been beaten up by haters who call me Socialist when I say exactly what you just said. Joe, what is a "small government conservative?" What is small government when you have 350 million people in danger of dying? If you mean that the things we need, like Medicare, SS, Education, Infrastructure, Medical Research, National Transportation, Post Office, Energy, etc. should be paid for, then why did you back every tax cut bill until Trump's? Government works when it is properly funded. Taxes are the main means of revenue. When the top corporations pay 0%, the 1% pay less than 10% in taxes, and yet the middle pay 20%, you do not have small government, you have inequality, little growth, bloated defense, and worst of all, an uneducated populace who believes con artists, and an unprepared skeletal government. Norquist, Gingrich, Bannon, should be injected with Coronavirus and then we will see how quickly they'll be begging for government to come up with their cure…

  14. Over 4+ decades ago Libertarians ( Or Oligarchs in reality speak ) began to take over the mindset & platform of the entire GOP party.
    Fox & other propaganda outlets push their narrative , But its a giant LIE that is based on greed & selfishness !
    Oil Billionaires like the Koch family simply want to be able to pollute the earth with impunity & pay no taxes .
    Democracy is a system whereby the wealthy pay back into the system ( Via Taxes) that allowed their family to become wealthy in the 1st place. (That's is why they hate it so much )

  15. That's also the reason why health care should be managed by the government and not private industries.
    It's time for #M4A!

  16. Very simply, Trump wants to govern the way he ran and managed the Trump Organization. He hires and fires people; everyone reports to him so that he can control everything.

  17. The religious Right has also participated in where we have arrived as it pertains to government, Morning Joe.

  18. Joe Scarborough and Co.: I'm suddenly awake to the fact that we need Medicare for All.

    Progressives: Welcome to the club, we just wish you hadn't been fighting against rational, pro-worker reforms for the last forty years.

  19. What the psychopaths want, they get.

  20. DJ Koocheek

    1 second ago

    Where are the police in The Tenderloin district in San Francisco? People are not distancing themselves what so ever during the day. It is a high crime, poverty and homeless area of San Francisco. I had to walk through the mess to get to the post office so I could pay my rent. I ended up walking in the street to avoid people not practicing self-distancing. The police are doing their job at night, however not during the day.. What can The governor do to fix this? The downtown police department is on Eddy st, 1/2 of a block where this is occurring! on Leavenworth and Eddy. I mean come on now!

  21. An actual leader would feel a sense of obligation to serve the people who put him there, and who really NEED his help now. He feels a sense of obligation, on the part of everyone ELSE, to congratulate him on what a great job he's done! He's failed us. Like it said on Harry Truman's desk, "The buck stops NOWHERE, that's one of my subordinates' fault."

  22. Gee, sounds like people are a little disappointed.They are threatened by the supreme leaders incompetence. They've been loving the entertainer, and the playacting…But now they need a real leader.

  23. Mike Barnicle's comments about his family heritage echoes my own: teachers, professors, a librarian, firemen, wartime and battlefield Army and Air Force servicemen, wildlife conservationists, FAA, and fair housing and public health program managers. My dad use to say that public service was the highest calling. He also loved to observe that the Republicans' biggest failing was that they believe their pablum and believed it so fervently that they typically endedup shooting themselves in the foot. Unfortunately, this crisis illustrates the problem of innocent bystanders being hurt by the short- and long-term dismantling of government at all levels — a Republican article of faith. Anyone who denies this is a liar.

  24. Govt. of Putin aka GOP does not care a/b Americans. Oh they care a/b the rich Americans but not a/b working Americans.
    When will Americans realize Trump is the "For Profit President." He's got his hands in everything to financially benefit himself and his family.

  25. Hey Joe….. up until recently you have been a lifelong Republican. So for many years you were part of "the problem" and helped the Govt. of Putin aka GOP grow.

  26. Remember the "#goodOldDays" when there was a #Batcrazy #Actor leading the #USA…lying to everyone with the #AntiAmerican smear "#GovernmentIsTheProblem"?
    Here..here…I'll drink another #Corona to that……In #SouthKorea

  27. In Canada, Trudeau never even had to ask manufacturers, let alone ORDER them, to help out. Canadian manufacturing can’t volunteer fast enough to ramp up our production of our own ventilators, PPE, masks, etc.

  28. Why can't we just all get along… Respect me… Nothing personal…stay the fuc away from me…ill stay the fuc away from u…..i always been like this anyways

  29. It's only money, it's not real, it's a form of bartering.. these oligarchs aren't any better or more important than any other human on this PLANET, so screw unchecked capitalism and let's get down to repairing the damage we have already done to our only source of life…

  30. What is being hidden by Trump and McConnell while everyone else is turned to this unforgiving sickness fueled by a purposely blind Republican led government?

  31. Thats why I always laugh at fiscal conservatives who back trickle down economics but want to gut social programs. It doesn't make any sense and never will. We always have money for war but never enough for actual decent healthcare. Weird.

  32. STOP IT!!!! …..Please go back in times to the ..'Telephone Book w/ the thick 'Blue Pages'… This is your 'Government'…publish copies for 'Red hats'!!!!

  33. I"m glad at one person keeps bringing up steve bannon. Is Mike Barnicle the only journalist who understands this is steve bannons playbook? bannon found a weak mind in the Fat Orange Turd and sold him his idea of deconstructing government, all bannon had to do was wind the Fat Orange Turd up and set him loose to do his worst, and then sit back to watch him burn it down.

  34. When you destroy government by the people, from the people and of the people, you get Somalia. Thanks, Republicans.

  35. Republican policies create the society that they hate. They don't like people using the safety net to get by every month, but they want private prisons that are incentivized to put people in jail for nothing. Then the person has an arrest record and can't get a job (primarily in black and poor neighborhoods where the constituency doesn't have a voice.) They cut education and then condemn those that struggle to get a good job. They are against birth control, but hate single mother's that cannot afford to feed her baby. They want to give all the money to the already wealthy and successful and it has created the greatest wealth inequality in our history. They are stacking the courts with young, inexperienced judges and we'll lose even more rights and have more negative outcomes for decades into the future. They are vile people. They have done everything they can to end Obamacare and they have nothing to offer people in its place except the option to die from treatable illnesses. Then they are mad that it's a burden on ER in hospitals across the country. They are a disgrace.

  36. Smalll vs. Big government is the wrong argument. Government needs to be responsive, efficient and accountable. I don't really care what percentage I'm paying in taxes, but whatever I'm paying, I want my money's worth. This "starve the beast" approach just promotes the narrative that government itself is somehow inherently evil, it's not. Bad government, is evil. But government isn't the answer to everything, but good government sure is the solution to a lot of things.

  37. This may sound sick!Could Trump be letting people get sick and dies as distraction because he knows he is going to lose in November.He has always created distractions when he got worried!No one needs to suffer a sociopathic behaviors!He is still make about him!And how great he is.It seems like he is doing his best to sabotage the Curve!

  38. Hoping for a president, in D- trump !? Talk about wishing for miracles. IF YOU Would care to survive this at all. DUMP TRUMP !

  39. "Killler"!! I would say that we ought to impeach the Pig again and put him on trial in the Senate. However, the Founders wrote that incompetence cannot be grounds for impeachment. Therefore, maybe we can put him on trial for multiple counts of something close to involuntary manslaughter. His gross negligence, dishonesty, blatant incompetence in executing duties of his office, these will have resulted in hundreds of thousands of American deaths, just as sure as if they were drowning and he could not figure out how to get life preservers to them. I've formerly called him "the Pig". He himself has called himself "Killer". I think we should switch to calling him by tthat nickie. It's one of the few honest things he's ever said about himself.

  40. Go, Mr. Barnicle! Such a sensible, no-nonsense and principled person for so many years. If only our leaders stopped spending most of their time thinking up obfuscations, lies they hope they don't get caught in, and elaborate schemes to stay in power, they could really lead and benefit their people, and guess what? They'd get reelected.

  41. Trump wanted to drain the swamp…..And know Americans drowning in his Swamp.How is the winning going????

  42. Trump denies critical ventilators to states while trying to get rid of Obamacare in the courts, while also gutting pollution regulations? Darwinistic…..for a while- until the next election

  43. Come on Claire,MISSOURI still doesn't have a stay at home order,let's get people. Safe in homes before you need PPE,

  44. Just like government takes care of homelessness, & safe drinking water in Flint based on need.

  45. I was brought up and taught to obey the government. It takes a formal higher education to teach me to believe in government, and believe in it deeply.

    However, when an effort is made to chip away such belief, like a person takes punches and kicks, for long enough, it gets more and more impossible to believe that 1) such effort does not come from any other entity other than the government, and 2) it demands only obedience, not belief in itself.

    Then a belief become a reflex.

  46. Claire mccaskill is useless. Used to be my senator and I campaigned for her. I sorely regret it. I think we need more government, but not from idiots like her.

  47. You can't run a government for a country the size of America, from a back room behind the general store. Conservatives have been pushing this fallacy for the last 35 years ….their goal was to get it to the point where only corporations would run everything…a modern version of feudalism where the workers relied on the charity of companies to provide etc….the middle ages realized that system didn't work, but conservatives have been striving continuously to bring it back. The aim is neo aristocratic rule where the privileged few…the 1%..would make all the decisions, get all the benefits, and the masses …well …you are SOL!!…oh….sorry…they are good for one thing….fighting the wars the 1% want so as to improve their interests around the world.

  48. Oh yes it is, of course if you are part of graft and corruption you would want to continue the riding on the backs of the American People. David

  49. I get it. Too many Americans are okay with deconstructing their government because theirs does it to other countries all the time.

  50. Conservatives lie that they want to cut debt while really taking all they can for themselves and their pet wars and banks.

  51. If companies here in the U.S. are really selling equipment and masks abroad, who is making all the money from those sales? How many of those companies are linked to members of our government? Our president said he is a war time president. That would mean we are at war. Selling desperately essential supplies to other nations during a war should be a crime.

  52. You guys are dumb.Its called Pandemic Not for a low Reason.You cant Stop it,doesnt matter what u do!And even WE in Germany cant Stop it.And WE are prepared well, and we have the best Heathcare of the World.You cant Blame all in Trump.You guys Dellusional

  53. Mueller, Impeachment and the Plague to steal election. Six days from Sunday Schummer and Bob Dylan show you the deep state of CNN, MSN. ABC, CBS, NPR, BBC, ABC,

  54. Did I heard someone say pandemic task force r not doing their job ?
    I'm sure I've heard that the present administration dismantled the Pandemic structure that the PREVIOUS administration had put n place, and now the country is a situation where the people need a constructed comment to eradicate this viruse, and the media via YouTube is trying to make me believe that the people who r responsible for the operations don't understands the seriousness of their responsibility.,
    The stupidness gives a eerie feeling, or is it just the media who is trying to to get audiences so they can make money off commercials.
    Propaganda ?

  55. An idea. Why don't the governors get together , set up a Council for Interstate Co-operation and bypass the WH altogether? It could pass non-binding resolutions on issues of common interest like this one, which the governors would take back to their states to implement, either submitting them to the state legislature or issuing executive orders. That's how international law works; it's how the US was formed in the first place, and it's basically how the Magna Carta happened: the king was more powerful than any of the barons individually, but when they ganged up on him he had to bend his knee. The states hold the residual powers, i.e. the ones not specifically set out in the constitution, a loophole that the framers left themselves to deal with federal overreach, or in this case, underreach.

  56. 真正的人类精英首先应该是尊重或掌握了客观科学规律知识,及最具备人性文明的人。其次才是所掌握聚集的经济实力和所影响控制的政治权势。因为人类与其它生物的首要区别,就在于客观劳动生产创造物质文明而萌生出精神文明上。在此基础上才有所地差别。否则就完全是欺诈混世。



    Huan Qin Zuo

    李辉林 自以为是,我看你也是胡言乱语,无中心观点。


    @Huan Qin Zuo 健康社会应该是以人民为中心的,不是以统治者为中心的。毛泽东发现中共统治高层在蜕化变质,才发动中国人民起来造封建统治文化制度的反、革新型封建权贵的命、夺中共各级统治权,就是坚持人民大于政党的中心目的。邓小平全盘否定毛泽东与中国人民,全面复辟封建权贵统治及统治文化制度,将中国的政权、国土、财产、资源、、、、、、全部霸占瓜分。毛泽东(人民中心论)与邓小平(伙同中国全体文人共同打造出、无人提出质疑的权力中心论:有权的实践“真理”,无权的被“真理”实践。将中国封建权贵与奴才统治文化制度发展到登峰造极,全国人面兽心,大鱼吃小鱼、小鱼吃虾米、虾米吃泥巴地鱼肉同类生存法则。)基本是互相对立与否定的,而中共封建权贵集团却是在腐败没落、民心尽失的情况下饥不择食地选择要将这两个对立事物统一起来,就像在做一道“大粪炒米饭”的得意大餐,就算是两岁的小孩也知道那个是不能吃的。回避这个最基本的原则论其其余,只能是别有用心地做贼心虚。任志强代表中共几代元老针对习近平的“脱光衣服也要当皇帝”,不正是威胁其必须服从邓小平离经叛道、欺师灭祖、“脱光衣服也要当雄太后”地,颠倒阴阳乾坤、潜规则“权力就是真理”的封建强盗统治文化制度。

    The United States is a country with a democratic political system, not a socialist or capitalist country, still less a country with a feudal autocracy and being kidnapped by a certain cultural and ideological group.Please pay attention to the traditional Chinese feudal literati feudal consciousness to sow discord, infiltration,For thousands of years, Chinese feudal literati chose to obtain their living environment by making trouble with their words and mouths.





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  57. 他妈的混蛋文化人渣周孝正。他邓小平就因为一个儿子残废了,你就认为他6.4要大屠杀是那么地应该有理?为统治者杀人提供如此理由!这不就是地地道道的封建强盗统治文化说教?为什么不讲毛泽东五位亲人被国民党杀害,祖坟数次被国民党挖而没报复;唯一健全的儿子被美军烧死,却最终选择脱离社会主义阵营?并积极改善、建立与欧美文明国家的关系?《共产党宣言》的核心是无产阶级要解放,并解放全人类。连资本主义国家制度都在采用实行“民主制度”,你凭什么认为邓小平打着“社会主义”旗号背叛无产阶级和劳动人民,屠杀学生是《共产党宣言》定出的?杀人犯罪的人你放任,而要去判一本书的刑?其“万般皆下品、惟有读书高”(圣贤书)的意识形态的“现代化”就是:学理工科的只能像奴隶一样无知地干活,只有学文科的才是能够得到统治者尊重地指导、欺骗、管理国家的栋梁奴才?自从“全盘否定”以来你们文人骤增过亿,历史性地突破占中国人数近百分之十的国家文化制度管理精英,而社会的腐败、邪恶、乱象怎么会如你周孝正说的反而达到了顶峰?所以这群猪儒狗腿子才将邓小平视为自己又能够重新骑在人民头上作威作福的大救星,成为封建专制互补、必须相互依存的共同体。中国文人就是一个大粪坑里的蛆虫,靠吃粪、喝粪、糟蹋粪、将落入坑中的所有东西都搅和成粪(统治者顶多只是临时被这些蛆当做核心团团围住,不久就会成为大粪的,没有文化、不可能羽化地一块小鲜肉。)而生存蜕变,却恬不知耻地自喻是唯一能够超越这个粪坑、发掘更多粪坑、到处传播病毒细菌的“精英”。






  58. 【MK 起李辉林 洋洋洒洒,废话、假话连篇,造概念、从经济学理论名称来杜撰经济学概念,你写这些东西有什么意思?】(就他提出的这个问题,我的几次“回复”都被他们删除后继续将此网络页面发给我。意思不就是:我们可以如此操控网络,全面限制住你,你能有什么办法?其实是他们封建统治集团伙同封建文化知识集团,即使有共享13亿人的人权及财富,也还是没有任何办法能摆脱在我的知识,法理面前的无知缺德地无可奈何?理论上联合起来也仅仅只有与我交手半个回合地能力,就一起装了十几年的孙子白痴。现在也只能用这么一句话就想证明他们还是有“真理般地经济学理论概念”的?!就算是完成了那全胜的下半个回合,因为始终是不可能见到李辉林地“回复”的?)

    李辉林回复:你如果是茅于轼的走狗,懂不懂《经济学》(应该叫政治经济学,经济是支撑政治地手段)也就算啦。如果是茅于轼本人讲这种外行话当然也很正常。我在国内直接评论他对经济学的概念是虚假错误的。他就不敢面对回复辩论。当然,我之前还挑战过中国创新封建强盗统治真理;中国国家伪科学项目;中国封建传统奴才文化统治体制;及共同组成的中国封建统治联盟。甚至挑战几位华人诺贝尔物理学奖得主,从国内到国际网站公开具体地指认并揭露·羞辱其伪装地人格,来来回回多少次,也没有一个敢于站出来捍卫自己的理论·知识·人格?如果这个国家的权贵及精英们,只是这么整整齐齐地统一完全依靠捍卫封建强盗统治真理存在,而没有一个愿意站出来重新面对·思考·辩识·检验这个伪真理理论及实践,正说明是在做这个封建王朝地最后统一挣扎,只要出现一个风吹草动,就会全面坍塌。各封建文化政治理论帮派都张开了血盆大口·露出了能致人死命的獠牙。我早就理直气壮地如此说了,客观事实不也正是这么发展的?谁能把我这么一个普通的却全面揭开宇宙奥秘,将整个宇宙存在地基本原理通告人类的穷苦科技人员怎么样?!就算是将我怎么样了,也不可能改变中国历史变化地客观规律。所以茅于轼并不孤单,也没有什么比那些更有权威·权势·国际著名的更丢不起地面子。在我面前也只有一起忍气吞声地听我数落,一起装文盲,装孙子,装白痴地份。(“中共中央经济工作会议结束,茅于轼接受采访时表示,中国的体制出了问题。”? 茅于轼吹捧、帮助邓小平创新封建强盗式的“垂帘听政”“潜规则治国”“政权为少数人发财服务”“有权的实践‘真理’、无权的被‘真理’实践”地“以经济改革为中心的政治体制改革”,难道就不是这伪真理政治体制地始作俑者?2012年还在公开为之前30多年地强盗政治成果辩护:“什么中国贫富差是世界之最?世界上任何文明发达国家都没有贫富差标准。”!?可世界上凡是文明的国家,人民都有基本平等的政治选择权与被选择权和生存基本保障的生活标准及做人的尊严。你这中国国师级、王牌的经济学家怎么会连这最基本的健康社会经济问题都不懂?或者你的政治经济学地根基就是要建立、制造国家社会巨大的矛盾,以全面爆发社会对立、国家崩溃为目的、重复中国传统历史文明周期律?像苍蝇蛆虫一样将这块腐肉啃光后,就又想换块臭肉继续啃腐败?本来全盘否定文革,只要实行民主政治,就都对了。这样就终断了你们数千年的高贵寄生生存、你们就什么都捞不到了,因为你们的那点文化知识能耐,除了只能做封建政权的奴才狗腿子,是连与普通老百姓公平竞争地信心都是没有的。所以你们中国文人除了将“传统文化”、当作“禽兽衣冠”去玩弄统治者、玩弄政权、玩弄统治体制制度,就都是“百无一用”的。)?[关于对文昭的“惊了!共产党垮台以后没有天下大乱,竟然是这个原因?!”地评论:讲的不错!只是有一点需要再考虑一下。共产主义只是一种学术思想设计,并不是一个实际社会制度。实际在所谓实行制度的只是被某些人利用、并再“创新”罢了。要知道、与共产主义对立或者是被共产主义对立的资本主义,却是没有这样全盘否定共产主义的某些提议,而是还采用了一些。如公共、平等、唯物主义等等,将原本资本带有血腥地榨取获得改变得温和、人性化。所以我要讲明的是:社会人性文明才是更根本的,什么思想主义都是被各种各样的人利用的,从古到今、国内国外、都是如此。可以这么说:封建专制社会与共产主义社会,从社会理论结构上讲、就是一回事。只是为什么人上有所区别,一个是“普天之下、莫非王土。”,为的是个人、要将天下的所有人与物共产。而共产主义根据人性地不同,是可以做到为全人类共产,也可以做到为个人、少数人共产别人或所有。当然具备前者人性的人是极少的,具备后者的人性却大有人在。所以我提出了:共产主义理论逻辑有两大致命客观缺失问题:1、社会权威地产生?没有公共合理产生的权威来管理社会、控制资源,他们就不存在为全社会公平、负责任,也没有任何监督、测评、任免地考核机制。社会权势、利益就是单向失控的,社会矛盾不可避免地不断累积恶化、社会必然进入颠覆轮回地历史周期律(“君主立宪”制是人性开明的君王对封建王权统治文化制度革命地产物。是对自己、对统治集团的政权进行的是革命,对国家社会因为不造成大动乱、大破坏地颠覆专制性变化,才能叫做“改革”。)。2、公共平等(区别于基本平等地有绝对化地倾向)、失去人类社会合理优化机制?是完全违反生物自然进化原则的。人类不可能成为集体寄生虫,那样是不可能有别的物种会主动来承担,也不可能有能力来承担养活人类地重担的。而是集体要成为人类社会中派生、变异的少数寄生虫的奴隶!当然、这时健康合理社会的发展进步所具有的物质财富是可以供人类共同生存享受的,不同的是人人都可以自由轻松的选择是公平合理地去竞争?还是自在安逸地活着?而不是被迫接受残酷的他人地淘汰。现在的资本主义也存在资本控制文化舆论(由封建专制演变成资本专制、文化知识专制)的破坏社会公平、正义的致命问题,现在提出对于人类世界统一价值观,是根本没有说服、推行地客观认识态度与理论依据的,就谈不上其实现全球化地可能性了。我只讲到此,请相信一个能够将整个从微观宇宙到宏观宇宙都定位的人,对人类各种认识、理论、关系定位地基本衷告。]

  59. 几个“神”创建了美国后不贪恋最高权势,为公平正义就撒手而去。这是无私的武装革命后地政治文化革命,现在的美国精英们还有多少保留其真谛?




    F=ma 0=m0 ? (加速度等于零时,物体运动不需要动力?)

    F=mv=-a'm=F' (物体做匀速运动时,加速度等于阻力加速度。)











  60. In this November's election, replace any elected official or candidate (national and state) who lies, blames others, and/or cares more about corporation's $$$ than people's lives! Register to vote and request an absentee ballot stating the reason is the pandemic.

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