Morning News Headlines: Friday, August 25, 2017

Breaking news… a man is fighting for his life after rt someone shot him in the head in West Nashville. NewsChannel Five’s Sophie Nielsen-Kolding has been live at the crime scene all morning on Batavia Street.Sophie do police know what lead up to thrtis shooting? Officers say this victim was delivering a pizza! victim is a 40-year old man descent ,,, scene after sometime this morning.up to find a blood… and a seen leaving that’s related. Transported possibly life the head… check hrte was a robbery, but taken. description. rtrtrtrtrt Metro police rtinvestigating ANOTHER robbery at a gas station off 8th Avenue South. And News Channel 5’s Dan Kennedy has pictures of the suspect.rt rtrtrtrtrtrtrtrt More breaking news… two teens are on the run after rortbbing a South Nashville Sonic.Police tell us the pair rushed into the restaurant on Murfreesboro Pike just befrtore 11… one of them pointed a gun at a clerk… then they took off with cash.Detectives are reviewing surveillance video to identify them.rtWe’ll share that video with you as soon as it’s released. HAPPENING TODAY– a convicted rapist is expected to face a judge— agartin.Brandon Vandenburg will be back in court this morning for a motion hearing.The former Vanderbilt football player was convicted of raping an unconcious female student in a rt dorm room back in 2013.This morning’s hearing is at 9… Download the NewsChannel 5 app for around the clock updates.. rt A Lyft driver is nearly killed after picking up a group of teenagers in the middle of the night!Earlier this week, the rt driver says he picked up three girls at a gas station in Hermitage.Then, they asked him to pick up another friend at the Chimney Top Apartments. When they got therea& one girtrl pointed a gun to his head. He told them he would drive them to the police station and thats when they ran away.07:58 There’s four girls that right now trthat dangerous and they’re teenagers and they are trying to rt carjack somebody’s rt car 08:12The man says he’s thankful for the quick response from police.He hopes the girls will be caught soon since he has one of their nrtames from the lyft app. A split second road rage decision puts lives at risk in Murfreesboro—We’ve got the rt exclusive video–take a look. Two cars on Broad near 840.One driver appears to hit the brakes … and the two barely avoid a collision.That’s when both drivers rtgot out of their cars.This guy is looking for a confrontation. I don’t know what changed his mind. I’m glad he didMurfreesboro police liertutenant Clayton Williams says he’s seen situations like this escalate to violence before–Just two years ago along this same stretch of road a man was shot when he left rthis car to confront another driver …As a result Murfreesboro police have an “Aggressive Driving Unit.” Officers are on daily patrol in unmarked rtcars to watching for erratic drivers who could become involved in road rage incidents. rt This morning union leaders are lashing out at C-S-X for a gory accident that rtoccurred during Monday’s solar eclipse! That criticism comes in a memo obtained by NewsChannel 5 rt Investigates.Caller: “I believe it has cut his arm off.”Operator: “It has cut his arm off?”That was the 9-1-1 crtall — and this was the scene following the accident where a C-S-X employee got hit by one train while working on another.rtIn a scathing memo, the rail union says management never put safety precautions in place during the eclipse and were slow to rtrespond. The memo states quote: “The dispatcher heard the road crews calling for help over the radios and tried calling rt the tower at Radnor with no response. Why? Because the entire group of managers and yardmasters wertre outside watching the eclipse.” We’ve got the entire memo on our website, newschannel 5 dot com. rt A construction worker fighting for life this morning after he took a 30 foot fall at a Green Hills construction site.rtWe’re told he was working on a stairwell when he fell.Workers are supposed to be protected from falling either with a guardrail, netting, or a full body harness.rtTennessee OSHA is now investigating.This comes after another construction worrtker died from a fall that happened Tuesday…As soon as we learn more we will bring you an update. NEW THIS MORNING– thrte U-S-P-S helps police make a major pot bust!The postal service noticed a delivery smelled like marijuana….When police shrtowed up to the house they confronted Jeremy Bouque about the package– asking him if there was more weed inside the home…Officers found two more pounds of rtmarijuana in a ziplock bag in addition to the five pounds in the package!

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