Multiple new 24/7 Champions crowned: Raw, Aug. 12, 2019

Well, right now it’s
The Revival dominated. Until that move by Lince Dorado. And now-
>>Here we go.>>Love to make a tag. [MUSIC]>>No.>>Come on,
it was almost Gran Metalik’s time.>>And it’s the 24/7 champion, R-Truth. Carmella in tow, and
everyone wants a chance at the 24/7 title. Defended 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
>>Even in the middle of a tag team match?>>I guess so because-
>>Evidently.>>R-Truth being attacked by
The Revival outside the ring. Lucha House Party flying
all over the place. Not quite sure why they’re
attacking everyone else but nonetheless The Revival and R-Truth are. Truth, the current 24/7 champion. And look at The Revival
with a double team!>>A Hart Attack on Truth.>>One, two, three!>>So who’s the champ?>>Wait, what?>>Both of them! We got co-24/7 champs.>>My God.>>That’s the first time ever right?>>Hell yeah.>>History made tonight
at Monday Night Raw.>>Great.>>First time ever dual 24/7 Champions.>>Top guys 24/7,
Kalisto entering the fray.>>Salida Del Sol.>>And now it’s Kalisto into the cover.>>One, two-
>>And Wilder saving the matchup.>>Great co-champion teammate.>>And Carmella pulling
Truth now over The Revival.>>One, two,
>>And R Truth has now won the 24/7 title for
a 12th time.>>With a huge assist from Carmella.>>Twelve time champion,
we’re reaching Flair territory.>>I cant believe you can
keep count like that Cole.>>He had to take his shoes off.>>It’s my job, I’m a wrestling journalist
>>Yes you are, the best.>>And R-Truth celebrating with Carmella,
the 24/7 champion yet again.>>That’s our championship!>>Get out of there, Truth!>>[CROSSTALK]
>>And the pursuit is on again.>>Run!>>Ooh-wee, man, I did it. I did it.>>I think we should probably let
Truth know he’s still on television.>>I did 72 times, 747, 487,
2047, 711, European TV channel.>>That’s right baby.>>That’s more times that Rick Flair and
my childhood friend John Cena combined!>>I know, I know. It’s amazing, I’m so proud of you.>>Eh, eh!>>Eh?>>Eh!>>Aah!>>[SOUND]
>>No!>>Damn.>>And there’s an official there,
Elias with a cover.>>One, two, three! New champ!>>Elias wins!>>Wow.>>That’s your championship.>>Three time champion,
Elias is a three time champion.>>And Elias better get out of there,
hurry up.>>Are you okay?

100 Replies to “Multiple new 24/7 Champions crowned: Raw, Aug. 12, 2019”

  1. Wwe do trash now, R Truth the goat, but how u gonna have some random ref show up and have the other dude win the title 💀

  2. Why won’t they give Carmella the damn title ?!?! I Think she deserves to have some kinda of title that’s as quirky as her. Plus it would be fun to see the woman’s division fight for it.

  3. R-Truth definitely makes this title entertaining. At first I thought the idea was kinda corny, but R-Truth has kept it alive and is hilarious.

  4. Everyone hated the 24/7 championship when it was first revealed but now its the most entertaining thing right now! 😂🤣

  5. Is it me or was anyone else thinking that since Lucha House party helped and even kinda danced with R-Truth that it'd be his next disguise? 😂

  6. When it’s Truths turn to enter the hall of fame, if he don’t bring out this belt and end it with his old wrestling buddies chasing him off stage imma cry.

  7. I have kept up with the 24/7 title changes since the first night… I counted R-Truths name 13 times, not 12.

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