hello and welcome to busy works
have something really cool I want to show you guys the project we’ve been
waiting for it’s a new studio spot right outside inside of Philadelphia let’s go
on the inside and see what it’s like all right so let’s see who’s here a
complaint is living life man welcome to the the new spot a side we are we’re
getting into the building together man it’s gonna be a most incredible
production studio in the city stated art everything I have a lot of a
list producers in here doing movie soundtracks albums everything so when
you come here you might not be able to get in right now you can’t see it but
you’re gonna come through the door right here and when you get through the door
you wanna run through another door which will be right here and you can’t come in
unless somebody buzz you in how about that so nobody walking in on
your session no strangers trying to see what’s going on looking at your room
like you making beats now you can’t get in they don’t let you in you can’t get
in but come on back we have two production the studio recording booth next time we
make sure we fashion our own just believe the producer wanted south route
50 coloring speakers and whatever you need if you need all of the equipment we
do that to bring everything over here is a small room which is probably the
master to tell you about that drum set but a little bit about that that’s
ranjana’s drummer extraordinaire but what we got going on in here is a room
big enough that if you want to sing it’s big enough to do that this business will be working with this
part of the studio with no booth hopefully is going to be a really nice
production room for someone if not the money podcast room
well no yet man we still exploring a space trying to make sure we lock it in
make sure we’re on the cutting edge of what’s happening and not you know
builder the studio that’s gonna be doing it we got some different labels
interested in coming in and they want a studio and they want office space so
this space is open but it’s gonna be available for office space and you’ll be
able to lock in bring your company here not just a studio go down
you have office and a recording studio your label can do whatever need to do another room later anything yet but it’s
just all piped out and what was design was it was supposed to be a room without
a roof so we wanted to make sure we kept that vibe here and again this is it
could be for recording even before podcast it could be for photography or
could just be a pre-production studio right follow this action was supposed to
be a room without a roof as well but we’re noticing a lot of producers that’s
coming into the business they want and it’s great because you can create your
product project project you can create your artists you can do whatever you
want to do and explore everything you know I mean it’s always great even when
you just produce it you got a booth you can create sounds drum sounds whatever
sounds you want to create you might need to isolate the booth to do that versus
trying to create the sound in the same room that you’re producing it again you
want that right sound quality whatever you do but we figure if a producer comes
in and he want this room or you want the room over there we put a window here
because they may want a live room so if they decide you know what I want a live
room with my production room all we got to do take that sheet rock out open the
wall up and then you got a roommate all right I’m not sure I don’t know I think it
starts with a C or B or something like that something like that it sounds like
this orgy yeah I’m not sure but I can’t wait cuz we got a team that’s coming in
but we still got rooms available and here’s the thing you come in as building
whatever we’re working on in this building we making it a co-op if I’m
working on a soundtrack everybody in the building’s working on the soundtrack if
we got artists here everybody’s working on it we’re gonna be trying to keep it
insulated capsulated it and creative enough since you can make music make
money have fun and have a team that supporting you at all times so if it’s a
vocalist and room one and you need a vocalist then the vocalist from Romagna
come in here help you out if you need a drummer and drummers in the room three
yo come on it and we everybody’s interchangeable what we want to work
together to bring a cohesive unit so we can create a movement back in Philly
like it used to be and that’s it we got other rooms own now here’s is it’s like a changing room
it’ll be set up for someone’s coming to do makeup or whatever the case may be
it’s just gonna be a nice lounging room and we try to keep a lot of the lounge
space up because sometimes if you got too much lounge space you’ll find you
got too many people lounging like not going anymore but we have two beautiful
rooms there’s one room this is my room and it sounds wonderful right now but
we’ll be losing that soon got a nice sized vocal booth in there and on the
room that’s right next to mine is identical to the same setup that you can
rock out in is a little darker there’s before baby shoes but overall this
facility is gonna be amazing and again it’s gon be teamwork teamwork like the
dream work and we all about making dreams reality somebody’s gonna do all
of that and everything more in this building so stay tuned you trying to be
a part come be a part you’re trying to be income being I mean producers writers
singers musicians all of it we need you because we’re building something great
and you need to be a part how so hey guys I got my mentor who showed me how
to record and show me how to even be in a pro studio how to even use Pro Tools
and do all the recording things his name is Ron de Silvestro the champ the go-to
guy at Philadelphia when it comes to the rock category I think using code to a
goat let’s call you a goat stead of a go-to
and he’s gonna show you his side of the whole project and what his plans are
and what his vision is so let’s happen to it my name is Ron de Silvestro I’m
the owner of RTS music and media which is a music production and recording
school based out of currently forged recording and I started this program a
couple of years ago for anyone from a teenager all of it to an adult that
might have interest in making music he has a production doing session work at
home and things like that but most importantly how to be sustainable as an
independent contractor in this field school is not just about being an
engineer it’s about learning how to monetize all the skill sets that you
have with the equipment evap and be able to utilize it to the best of your
ability so we’re at the new building where we’re building out three brand new
classrooms which we’ve expanded from the other location over court recording
which I’ve been at for the past year and in addition to the one-on-one lessons
that we have in the classrooms we do tons of workshops and seminars that we
bring top-level industry people in to guide these young artists and producers
to with the nature of the businesses right now and how that they can protect
themselves protect their intellectual property and monetize their skill sets
that they have so let’s go down and check out the new room so coming through here as you can see by
the construction and think that this room right here is going to like a new
communal room but on the other side coming in through the back end of the
school but this will be the classroom area that our students will have like
group mixing lessons I’ll have the setup up against that wall with a couple of
flat screens will be chairs and tables here for everybody to kind of watch and
observe like a mixed situation do our lectures about the music industry and
this is also going to be the communal studio for the students that if they’re
not in Lesson that they’re able to come here and work on their own stuff la this
is not being utilized as a classroom so come on through we’ve got two individual
classrooms in which both of these rooms will be outfitted with all the major
gawc FL Studio Ableton logic pro and pro tools and this is where they’ll have the
one-on-one lessons with these industry professionals with their learning
simultaneous simultaneously all the different da w’s at once which they all
have their own inherent type of production qualities so the goal is that
these kids and these people or even college students are coming through and
they’re getting the one-on-one instruction and then coming in here into
the classroom environment and getting more of the industry side of things as
well the biggest thing we shoot for is that through them learning all the
different day w’s is that they can go for certification with like a proto-tool
certification operator certification ableton certification so ultimately
these kids come out and they’ve gone through the program and they already
have certifications that people that are in college spending four times that
amount are not even coming out with certifications nor the business approach
of how to create their own business their own blueprint for the
own success so this is room two again that’s the classroom this is an exact
same room on this side right here and in the front we had the waiting room so you
came in you would actually come through this entrance we’re gonna have nice
slick lounge area here with wraparound couches and sound system and
entertainment in this thing you know for people to just relax enjoy themselves
but I really want this to be like an experience where they walk in it’s the
impression of like when you walk into a major recording studio like Ford’s
recording I’m seeing like carvings plaques up on the walls where wow this
is like a place where it’s not sterile like a school and it’s like it’s an
actual functioning recording studio that they’re learning one-on-one with the
instructors but they also have the facility here to use on their own and
start developing their own clientele so that is the plan and we’ve already
outgrown the one location behind us which I had a fort recording and with
addition to that we have Ford’s recording as a resource where we have
main classes in the beautiful a room the big session room that we did a class
with you I think you remember that and that’s where they’re getting a little
more the real-world experience of like plugging things in and like doing setups
and managing their sessions like on on a level like that but it all starts here
with fundamentals and the passion for music and I can’t wait to get this place
off around it’s gonna be awesome all right guys I’m super excited about
that studio project and I have really cool news I want to create a massive
massive massive producer accelerator I’m talking about bringing the best of the
best of the best talent to this new studio project we’re gonna be working on
so many great things I want the greatest musicians the greatest singers the
greatest artists graphic designers the greatest sound designers the greatest
music producers I want the greatest talent period around me and I want to
surround you build your business build your brand we have a massive massive
vision for this so just click that link below if you’re interested and I’m
looking for the greatest of the greatest I want to see you there it’s busy works
beats calm

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