NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – February 26th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

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  2. we walk on the road with our shoes. ppl spit on the road we walk on it. then we go home with the shoes then we walk in the house with it. we take off gloves with one hand and contaminate the other. our clothes we take off when we get home and it can be contaminated. we go out next day and wear the same shoes. this is scary.

  3. Don't worry its not out and about it's contained if it get's omnipresent I'll let you know just keep up with the cases for now as a strategy and prep up and secluded your self.

  4. Literally, every time #NBC starts the broadcast it's "breaking news." Anyone ever hear of the boy who cried wolf? Someone do a compilation of the beginning of the broadcast with breaking news said to get an idea of this nonsense

  5. Humanity is now in a Global Pandemic. It's now on every continent on the planet except Antarctica. Time to prepare and hunker down. Go to Worldometer

  6. Boy trump’s a real gem he panics everybody about an invasion from South America about some barefooted people with , And now that there is a real threat The Coronavirus he doesn't sound alarms to be careful…it is not like the ful,, Be careful. Especially the elderly and sickly!

  7. Of course their is no mention of the type of weapon used- I'm betting it was an automatic weapon- of course the network is bowing to pressure from the NRA and probably senators, etc., to remain hush about the type of weapon used- this would instigate a normal response to try to curtail the use of these weapons, to prevent further deaths. They have no intention of doing this.

  8. We have to watch these people’s come here from his own country to come here to be safe but these people’s you will try to come around watch that

  9. These shootings are happening because this person was probably fired over unfair practices that big corps do to people all the time, not sure what the motive was but I'm sure I'm close because corporate greed is out of control and people do these horrible things because nobody listens to the way our hard working people are getting screwed and it affects family then it's petsonal, and God plays a huge part of all of it because nobody has or makes time to think about anything to help improve these situations because nobody cares, no family values at home because it take 2 people in a house hold to work to eat and live

  10. I do feel sad for the victims, but it's only going to get worse, school shootings for example, no prayer no kindness, we are taught all our life's to get education and be proud of your accomplishments, from that first moment a person feels that they feel accepted and worth something but never taught who gave them the ability to acheive that

  11. I mean if I'm the only person that was selected by the most greatest, to be here you are rich from the start if your taught correctly, but we get lied to all our life's to not talk about it, just like Christmas these kids now have no clue, why Xmas is even for, except a fat guy in a red suit, giving away stuff and in some way to me it's like rewarding kids for not asking or thinking why there is Xmas

  12. It's all about money and getting as much as you can, so you have a great life, news flash people we are not here on vacation and every single person chasing money around are GOI g to realize I hope soon that money does make things easier in life but keep in mind who gave you the ability to get it, anyways if one person gets somthing positive from this it was worth the time I took out of my life to say

  13. Big pharma is like "hmmm how can we jack up the price of cure and make billions ?" Topic of our next quarterly meeting…

  14. See that's what we need more guns if all those employees had gun maybe they would just shoot each other because they would not know who is the real killer everybody has a gun just shoot the Gun Man but everybody has a gun but just shoot the Gun Man we need more guns

  15. 4:10 i can't trust a known and documented liar and philanderer to be in charge of protecting my life.
    i don't believe a liar and philanderer has my best interests in mind.

  16. 5:09 i don't want to promote conspiracy theories , but there is a lot of room here for conspiracy theories to be worked out. all that's needed are some greedy rich people that are interested in reducing the global population, last time i checked there was no shortage of those.

  17. The Coronas are here to stay. The bats will rule the world bc they have Corona weapon. We need to learn why bats can live w Corona.

  18. Gun n badge hometown traitors holding us and humanity hostage or we couldn't be stalked. I had a stalker show up after 35yrs. All committing TREASON on capital hill for decade's taking BRIBES privatizing everything including all seats of power every two and four years. All murderers and all child abductions start with being held hostage by www666ville ANTICHRIST UNHOLY ROMAN BIBLE EMPIRE government swords and shields evolutionized into guns and badges holding us and humanity hostage. We must March n revolt become secound amendment n bare arms against antichrists traitorous churchville government holding us and humanity hostage before to late

  19. 16:00 I was at the Hong Kong air port in 2013 a small baby was crawling towards a hand railing. It was a 50ft drop to the floor below. The baby was crawing through the handrailing. Luckly the mother grabbed her baby just in time. I was a few feet behind her.
    It was a no child proof handrailing. Horizontal bars not vertical bars spacing should have been 4in. Horizontal bars are NO good, because children play and they use them as a ladder. The ergonomic standards may be different on ships then on land (the national building code may not apply on ships.) This guy's lawer should investigate. An engineer told me when he saw the movie "Titanic" Jack at the bow was standing on one of these horizontal rugs of the handrail when he said "Im king of the world" my engineer friend said to me "if i designed a handrailing like that id get fired"

  20. If they Dont make very very afraid than they cant get you take the Vaccine that they make in the out brake labs brake out labs No FEAR NO RICHEST off the Vaccination shot that will make Billions.

  21. Anybody recognize the rifle, or suppressed subgun the officer at 02:24 is waling with? The long, slotted receiver and the AR accessories are throwing me. Doesn't even look like an AR build, or even like an MP series. Even a custom job should have a receiver I recognize.

  22. What is wrong w these old dem?☺ fighting againest each other to win just words who .said this who said this who said tha?☺😜one of them will die before the elec?☺ they should stick to each other and dont give the demon way to enter but what i dont like .joe elez bernie cursing each other i want us to win to get out the demon but i dont like the way they turning againest each other it not sopose to be that way i would they all run in peace .they are not young like when oboma?☺ take office cant they see they are going to drop dead before that day its 2 much stress? And none of them are poor so what are they fighting for money it do not worth it time is short?☺😙😛😊

  23. Those masks are a fake. It can stop either you give out the virus 🦠 or taking the virus 🦠 In. Another way to take our money.

  24. Man fired, because he got sick, given points , had to let him go because of bad policies. You wonder why people get angry and shoot people , who enforce such bad policies.

  25. The man they fired unjustly, lost his house as a result – But that's not all he lost, he also lost his wife, his dignity and his vehicle was repossessed, so what did they expect? …Did they really expect this man to simply roll over and die? …Because, that's exactly what he did do, but before that, he had some unfinished business to take care of and few scores to settle, and he did that also. 👀😩

  26. Lies and more lies from the medical field. WTF are you doing Carnival your at fault. What company leaves a sixth floor window able to be opened?

  27. We need to try and push the government to close the borders so that the Coronavirus will not continue to infect Americans like other countries have closed the borders to protect their people. the all this is is a money grab for the hospital's FDA and big Pharma and its corruption

  28. It took Noah 100 years to build the Ark. For 100 years he was made fun of. "Look at Noah, he's such a conspiracy theorist. Why is he prepping when the world is doing so well right now".

    Then it started to rain……

    Looks like us prepped were right

  29. You expect after generations and generation of people who probably been handling these bats that long all of a sudden they touch blood or. Urine you really think people are dumb

  30. I totally missed this. We got a beer related mass shooting and a beer related Pandemic virus. Now I'm going to be on the lookout for beer relations with other things. Like the Taliban, is that a middle East beer name? Or location of make? Maybe that's where pilsner was invented? Trump is easy, he's obviously slightly drunk all the time.

  31. 1. Global Warming/Climate Change…🤪
    2. Trump's Impeachment Trial…🤪
    3. Coronavirus Outbreak…🤪

  32. So the joke about coronavirus is that it's common cold, it mutates every seasonal term in a pattern. That's why it's 19cod. This fear mongering is rather funny. It allows getting the idiots that live in fear to correct their habits. Pretty sure everyone has gotten the common cold.

  33. They were eating bats. Little furry flying Critters. Nobody eats bats … We have this coming just for letting that happen.

  34. less than 0.000001% of the population is infected – so that is the threshold of a pandemic ? global pop of over 10 billion less than 100,000 infected – yep it the end of the world

  35. You are not ready for anything yet You are misleading people's and fighting Against God Almighty this the wrath of God you dealing with not man made 💯 percent. we had better pray and turn to God and ask God to forgive you for your sins.

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