Neal Katyal: President Donald Trump Tried To Cheat In The 2020 Election | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

100 Replies to “Neal Katyal: President Donald Trump Tried To Cheat In The 2020 Election | The 11th Hour | MSNBC”

  1. It is only "Cheating" when the Democrats get blind sided and lose . They were ALL ready to heil Hillary and wasnt ready to get flushed down the swamp toilet.

  2. "To the surprise of no that is able to fog up a bathroom mirror…" yea, hardcore 'reporting' right there. Whatever happened to reporting news, and leaving your personal feelings out of it..oh wait, silly me, I forgot, this is the OTHER fake news network.

  3. Where is the GOP in this crisis?    Why isn’t the GOP doing their job and protecting
    the US Constitution and the United States of America?  The GOP is now a part of the Trump corruption – a cancer to our democracy. The GOP has forgotten their core values.  Our Government will bear the “Stains of Shame” of Trump for decades.   GOP:Honor your oath to the US Constitution and America.

  4. dummies he was doing his job draining the swamp if the american people think hes within his duties to stop corruption with our politician dealins with other nations the he needs to do it. Trump 2020

  5. This is White Superiority being played out in your face for absolute Fraud, even with Russian approval, to be customary and Confederate, United Bigotry of the World, as the New World Order, in the time of transparency, nothing to see, and nothing to hide, flaunting being conquerors, while sitting on top of the World casting Greed.

  6. The Democrat Front Runner is an Aging White Anti Busing Segregationist Super Predator Extortionist that wrote the Racist Clinton Crime Bill From the Great Slave State Of Delaware, Sleazy Shotgun Quid Pro Joe Biden!!

    1)Aging White
    1a)Democrats didn't want any old White Patriarchy dudes!

    2)Anti Busing Segregationist

    2a)Biden actively worked against busing that would integrate the Delaware Schools

    3)Super Predator

    3a)He's frequently Groping someone

    4)Extortionist that

    4a)See CFR video

    5)wrote the Racist Clinton Crime Bill

    5a)The Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994, H.R. 3355, Pub.L. 103–322 is an Act of Congress dealing with crime and law enforcement; it became law in 1994. It is the largest crime bill in the history of the United States and consisted of 356 pages that provided for 100,000 new police officers, $9.7 billion in funding for prisons and $6.1 billion in funding for prevention programs, which were designed with significant input from experienced police officers.[1] Sponsored by Representative Jack Brooks of Texas, the bill was originally written by Senator Joe Biden of Delaware and then was passed by Congress and signed into law by President Bill Clinton.

    6)From the Great Slave State Of Delaware,


    7)Sleazy Shotgun Quid Pro Joe Biden!!


  7. Trump doesn't need a defense, by default he has done nothing wrong! It's the Democrats and water carrying MSM'S job to show evidence he has done something wrong! Which still no such evidence exists, only feelings, opinions and hearsay!!!

  8. We are not a bunch of idiots. The voters will show you all who is really in power in this next election. Again.
    These people here in the media and the left are professional word warriors. But I’m not impressed seeing it at the highest level, I actually thought they were smart before all of this.

  9. I like the article they talked about in the beginning, trump is the founders worst nightmare. It's my understanding that there are quite a few people on the left that dislike the history of our country and its founders. If that's true, then wouldn't that be a good thing if he were the founders worst nightmare?

  10. 18 U.S. Code Chapter 115 – Treason, Sedition and Subversive Activities ——————————— keep it up guys. Sheep no more

  11. Democrats cannot stop what is coming. The corrupt and pedophiles are going down across the country. Who's next?

  12. So Trump looks into corruption by someone wanting to be the democratic candidate for president, and the democrats try to impeach him doing the same to him and there by interfering with Trumps candidacy for presidency in 2020. The democrats are desperate and it shows. Not only in the polls, but in there actions. By the way, the democrats have not picked their candidate for president yet. Or have they, just like they did in 2016.

  13. Garbage news as usual. Caring more about a president inquiring into corruption, than to actual and obvious corruption of the Bidens. MSNBC is totally worthless.

  14. The real question here is why are we trying to impeach Trump on second hand information, proven incorrect by releasing the transcript, but no one in the media is concerned about what Joe Biden himself admitted to doing?
    If Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton were Republicans they would be in prison.
    If Donald Trump was a Democrat this wouldn’t be happening.

  15. Wow 4 years almost now my taxes have gone to democrats just trying to brainwash me into thinking I shouldn't have voted for an outsider…. now it's clear the government needs an overhaul…. maybe trumps next 4 years they will understand… personally I feel no government officials, besides the president, should be allowed to work in the government for more than 4 years…..

  16. Bluff called!!!!

    Crying that they were not given a seat at the table.

    Now invited.

    And refused.

    Expect more gaslighting by the Narc. In Chief.

  17. I can't imagine anyone writing a book that's going to ruin their career perhaps they have no career to begin with

  18. Do you know why Americans fought the war of independence? It was to remove all foreign interference from the politics of America. In that time it was England that was fought against. Asking Ukraine to investigate a political opponent is against everything the war of independence was fought for. Do you understand that Trump is asking a foreign power to try and come up with dirt on his perceived main political opponent. If they were to do that they would potential influence people’s view of Biden and therefore influence the vote. Ultimately they would potential influence the outcome of the American political process. That is why this is so very very wrong no matter how you try and spin it. Quid pro Quo or not. It’s an impeachable offence. You fought a war over this. Read your history.

  19. Wow…I haven't seen Brian Williams this engaged in a story since he travelled along on Apollo 11 to cover the moon landing!

  20. There are no facts. Look at the trial did you know of any impeachable offense committed by the president. Answer no I dont. Every single one.

  21. There is so much real important news out there than bashing trump all day. What about the price Of food!? Floods have bankrupt all of our farmers. What about the other countries of people rioting. I used to watch you guys, but now I’m awake thank God. You guys are just puppets reading scripts from the top. Be a real journalist. #MSNBCisFakeNews #Boring #Propaganda #Fake

  22. If the phone call was 'perfect' ; If no one in the room told him he did nothing wrong then get your rRump in front of the inquiry and PROVE IT!!! Give evidence!!!! Stop crying like a baby and man up!! #tRumpfatigue #enoughisenough #bossbaby

  23. At 0:14–0:55 all you got to do is replace the word Trump with Democrats and then the New York times article makes sense.

  24. To defend would admit fear. There is no defense anyway… they are sure of success in the Senate, so why bother? This is a strategy to get one more year in office… it also will tear the Republican party apart for a decade. Nobody cares… Vlad must have pp tapes on all of them. You do know that many of them went to Russia last year, right?

  25. " To the Surprise of No one who is Able to Fog-up a Mirror, the Trump White House will Not participate in this weeks Judiciary Hearing on Impeachment " … if you were alive enough to Fog-up a Mirror, you would have sufficient Brain activity to see through the ongoing Con-game that is the Trump Presidency and vote for ANYONE ELSE in 2020 … Sadly, nearly half of America could serve as an extra Zombie on AMC's ' The Walking Dead ' … in a MAGA Cap.

  26. —-> … "Think about it. If the President was worried that the Ukrainians are corrupt, why in the world is he calling the Ukranians and asking them to investigate a United States citizen?" (Former U.S. Solicitor General, Neal Katyal)

    —> Good point but NO "good luck" to any anti-government libertarian Republican.

  27. Can't really watch this. Can't stand to even look at rumpy much less listen to him. Same with the reporter. Excuse me, I have to go throw up now.

  28. Private Bone Spurs is not testifying then, not a brave soul, doesn’t want to speak in his own defence, cowardly move, I really hope this orange liar 🤥 feels shame……but it’s doubtful.

  29. MSNBC Fake news never say anything true and so are thre guests .Why is it that as American can have a little respect for a President that was elected by Majority of Americans.

  30. Trump will go to prison for life and everyone knows that, and there is absolutely nothing Trump or anyone else can do about it !

  31. This will be another big win for Trump no matter how the left wing media tries to spin it. 3 to 1…How fair is that. I wouldn't let people testify in this kangaroo court either.

  32. MSNBC is so incapable of doing their own reporting, they must resort to literally READING the reports of outer outlets. Pathetic.


  34. yep he was so desperate he tried to cheat by digging up dirt on an already wildly unpopular candidate who might not even win the primaries and who was already a target of investigations for his son's questionable business in a foreign country and his own words about how he handled the men investigating that son.

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