New Details On Kobe Bryant Memorial at Staples Center on Feb. 24 | TODAY

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  1. Kobe's & Gianna's death is a coincidence w/ there jersey's number, kobe's "24" & gianna's "2" = 26 the day of accident & kobe's "8" = 8 passenger…

  2. Time heals all wounds they say but the tragic day wil never b forgotten!! 2 the people who lost their lives and exsp 2 Kobe and GIANNA u guys wil never b forgotten either!!! May u all R.I.P.!!

  3. 2017:lil peep
    2019:Juice wrld
    2020:Kobe Bryant and his daughter
    Like if u miss any of these amazing people 🙏🙏

  4. Bull crap they investigation was going to end up this way anyway why was the helicopter burnt to a cinder and 2hat about the mobile phones and messages that may have been left LA investigators ain't ship…I knew they would do two things first blame it on the pilot and that failed cause he was one of the best, now they are going to say stuff like it was a system error and if they had a certain machine on the copter it would not have crashed, so in other words all the other copters had that navigational box but the one Kobie and friends were in. And on a foggy day of all days they did not have it .. that story smells awful, and if it was so foggy like the biker said why was he out there but he said it was flying normal make your mind up if it was that foggy how could the biker see .ok now back to the eyewitnesses who said they heard the engine sputtered there was more then one who said it. I smell a bunch of LA Rats.

  5. Rip to the grateiest basketball player of all time and his little girl and 7 other people. My heart is broken, I can't believe it.😢💔

  6. I believe he definitely had a pact with Satan…we all know lebron is part of Illuminati with JAY-Z etc. it’s just no coincidence, lebron comes to join the lakers. Kobe’s last social media post are his passing of the torch to lebron. Lebron passes Kobe’s record in philly, Kobe’s hometown. And the very next morning…Kobe dies in a horrible way. The devil came to
    Collect his debt.

  7. it may be bigger than Nipseys who knows….Michael Jackson was very uplifting, not too big not too small but a good turn out

  8. Still hurts the most for me and all of basketball fans and sports fans that one of The 🐐 basketball players to play the game Kobe Bryant died Along with his daughter and others. I can’t imagine what Vanessa and those 3 girls are going through right now No father no husband No daughter and no sister.🏀🐐😭🙏💜💛💜💛

  9. I am just gonna admit right now I am way too obsessed with this tragedy and need to move on with my life. YouTube, stop hitting me up with these recommendations. R.I.P. everyone onboard.

  10. It’s very sad to know that these families will truly never be happy ever again, this is just a tragic accident that never should’ve happened

  11. You can't do it anywhere else it's kOBE's home. No matter what I know kOBE and GIGI are so proud of everyone for standing by his family

  12. I am still in shock, I am still numb, this just doesn't feel real, I'm more torn over his passing then some of my relatives who died, I can't shake this one😓😓😓

  13. Praised more than Jesus. What a shame. He told everyone he wanted to die young .he died in the helicopter crash on comedy Central show. And was tweeted that he was going to die numerous times

  14. GBY, we are all missing GG. GG. And Kobe. All prayers to their family amd loved ones. Much love to them all. The Heavenly Kingdom in the arms of our Heavenly Mother.

  15. Not trying to be mean but what’s so much sadder about a celebrity dying than a other humans dying each day due to whatever

  16. I heard the helicopter blades hit gianna after she fell out the helicopter on the way down :/ that can't have been pretty must've either sent her flying far away from the crash or chopped her in half. R.i.p :/

  17. Those born between January 1 and December 31, 1978, you all should live a lot longer than Kobe, because God could choose anyone's number, no matter where you are, and what you're doing. God called Kobe and Gianna's numbers 2 & 24.

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