New Hampshire Voters Head To the Polls To Vote In First 2020 Democratic Primary | Deadline | MSNBC

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  1. why is this film crew in new hampshire ????
    if you want the results of an american election you should be outside the kremlin.

    americans have no say in elections since 2016,when trump gave you all to putin to do with as he feels fit.

  2. If there is a sense of confusion and paralysis among voters (which I am not entirely convinced of) then it is MSNBC to blame. If corporate leadership weren't using the networks to try to manipulate voters' decisions, people would have a much better idea of what's going on. Shame on you MSNBC. Shame. Shame.

  3. Considering the fact that Bernie's rally was a capacity crowd of 7500 people, I'd say his message is resonating just fine in NH.

  4. That's a White State
    And when those white people the majority of them don't want you to know who that wrote for because they're vote is for Trump.

  5. It’s interesting that the second and third place contenders Buttigieg and Klobuchar are both candidates being propped up by MSNBC and CNN.

  6. Bernie. I feel the bern again. For a minute I was giving up. But what I saw today’s, my energy boost up real quick. The vibe is strong and stronger. I feel the bern. Let’s go revolution!

  7. I really resent all the attention and importance given to these small, all white states, with economies that do not reflect the nation as a whole. Why don't we have regional primaries, with 8 or 10 states at a time? Include one large state and its sattelites.

  8. I agree with some of those voters who refused an interview. Who you voted for is a personal matter and questioning people as they exit a poll could almost seem like voter intimidation.

  9. This is weird. In Canada, of course, we don't have this sort of thing. We don't have to "declare" or "undeclare". We vote once — on paper – – at the ballot box on election day. Period.

  10. I think a lot of people aren't turning out because they just don't care who wins the primary. Let the people who do care sort it out – they'll have my full support no matter who it is.

  11. A caucus clusterfuck! Brokered convention !! Never thought I'd be rooting for LIZ and Amy ! You go girls !! Go Joe !! Hahaha 5 way tie! ! Bernie left playing jingle bells with his hemorrhoids again !

  12. Report on Bernie campaign: people don't know how he will deliver
    Report on Pete Buttigieg campaign: these folks (people of color) should know Pete is the right candidate for them

  13. This is the election of a lifetime….we know that….so Democrats get out and vote’’’’study the candidates NOW, NOT at THE VOTING BOOTH! GET OUT AND VOTE WITH ALL YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS..WE CANNOT GIVE TRUMP ANY HOPE OF A WIN! Just remember all the harm trump has poured on our nation and remember trump Is for trump and his kids that are his special “advisors”! What a nightmare that thought is!

  14. MSNBC – PROPAGANDA FOR THE ESTABLISHMENT! If you want a leader that fights for the PEOPLE – VOTE BERNIE SANDERS – and don't believe a thing MSNBC says!

  15. The enemy has been waging war against the American people for many decades .. MSNBCannibals just didn't report on it..

    BERNIE 2020!!

  17. Of course, MSNBC only talks to Bernie haters. To be clear – Bernie's Platform will STIMULATE the economy. Student loan debt relief and Medicare4All will allow working people to buy homes and cars and other big-ticket items again! If we, the TAXPAYERS, are expected to bail out Wall Street, we, the TAXPAYERS, can expect to be bailed out, too!!! BERNIE 2020! We love you, Bernie, our last and only hope to ever dig ourselves out of the hole Wall Steet threw us into!

  18. That old guy at 4:47 makes me ashamed and embarrassed to be in the 65+ age group. Every member of "The Squad" has a better understanding and a greater appreciation of what it means to be an "American" than he does because he just voted for the most Un-American president ever to hold the office.

  19. Sorry, I am Roman Catholic, and if the man in the brown blazer believes what Trump is doing is aligned with our values, you are probably one of the ones that touch little boys. #Justsaying. I don't support people in my race, religion, etc if they are horrible people and hypocrites.

  20. Don't be like stars Sergeant schutz all Hogan's hero I know nothing I see nothing that's how the Republicans are Republicans used to stand for freedom for black people the Democrats used to be for keeping people in slavery but things got vice a versa now the Democrats we for everybody when they used to before slavery Abraham Lincoln a Republican pulled black folks out of slavery but it got flip flops God said trust in no man but what he puts upon you listen sometimes what he put in your head it's not for about accidentally you have eyes but you do not see you have ears but you still not hear it basically what I'm saying look what they say 😂 but look what they do Donald Trump is a good example of that

  21. Voting paralysis. For real? You're kidding me right? In California, I've not seen any of the candidates yet. I've seen a boat load of Bloomberg and Sanders ads on YouTube and Steyer tried texting me. I've narrowed down my preferred candidates ages ago. Two of my top 3 have dropped out. Have my absentee ballot all ready. There is no excuse for walking into a booth not knowing who to vote for at this point. Make a choice before the GOP takes that away too.

  22. Who will win the nomination: The Communist, The Dotard, Chief Pretendum to be Indian, Getum Go Harvard or The Homosexual?

  23. Donald Donald Trump say he's the most transparent president he's right about that you telling you what he going to do to you I am the king I'm the emperor in Rome Caesar still got stabbed he think he's God almighty God put him in that position to wake people we're going through the Bible and everything I read I'm watching it going on right now House divided will never ever stand and that's what Donald Trump has been doingyou have no moral values of what life is about too many people are looking at somebody else's send and not looking in the mirror about their own around me they seem to know my name wheel and keep on being the pied Piper I know I can have from a memory the day after day I try I keep saying

  24. cloudbootjar and bootyjudge sure appeal to white people. shame the democratic party isnt all white the way the republican party is. they are going to need those minorities for the next 30 voting states … who arent majority white…

  25. Such a waste of time just so Hillary can make her grand appearance and steal it.
    Why is everyone pretending this is all real.

  26. I’m willing to bet you that 98% of the votes there are for Trump. MSNBC wants you to think how appealing each of these Democrat candidates are, but the truth is that they are nothing compared to the amount of support Trump gets. I’ll bet you President Trump will win this election by one of the largest landslide in history. Not even Bernie, Buttigigeg, Warren or anyone for that matter will even stand a chance. This election was over before even begun!

  27. I watch MSNBC every day, but every news snippet from MSNBC comes with an ending ad to subscribe to MSNBC. PBS newshour live didn't cut the candidates off midspeech in favor of talking heads or ads. MSNBC and ABC live coverage both cut the candidates off, so I subscribed to PBS Newshour even though they didn't beg for my subscription. Reporting the news is more compelling than begging for my subscription. I report this out of respect, I have read and enjoyed many of your commentators books. I expect first the news from MSNBC. With 4 hours of coverage of the New Hampshire results you have abundant time to allow the candidates to give their full but short speeches and still discuss every possible twist of the event. You literally spent more time covering the results of the first 5 voters than the voices of all the candidates combined. This is a disservice to the American Voters. I hope tomorrow you will fix this mistake by posting the candidates full speeches.

  28. why aren't they talking about how well Sanders is doing …. hhhhmmm – talking heads want to keep their million $$ salaries coming in

  29. most voters don't get informed, don't do any research, are not engaged in the process and are unaware of the true policies. They vote for who the media tells them to vote for, who their friends and family vote for and do so without a clear understanding of the consequences. Cheater Pete is clear evidence of that, not even on the radar until the media said he was electable. All backed by lies and fixed outcomes. Iowa 6000+ more votes says who won. Now that continues in NH. More than ^K more votes. Sanders voters are fully engaged, have done the research and understand the policies and the consequences. That is why the movement is so strong. We know who is winning. let the media spin how it sees fit. It won't change the outcome. we win every time.

  30. Reality: "National Registered Voter Turnout in Federal Elections" it's a website, 2016 was the lowest % in 20 years and Republicans lost by just under 3 Million, 2018 set new Mid-term records. The highest Mid-term turn-out number in history, the highest Mid-term turn-out % since 1924, US Census Bureau site, 50.3%, 114 Million Citizens of the United States of America voted and Republicans lost by over 10 Million.

    I have 1 question for all you "Voter Fraud" idiots, WHY do you only claim it, WHEN YOU LOOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. We, the People have a VOICE that will NOT be taken away from us! A voice that will be RESPECTED!

    The people's voice!
    The people's choice!

    We, the People versus Exploitation — Yes!
    We, the People versus Suppling weapons to terrorist countries — Yes!
    We, the People versus Interfering with other countries' elections of leaders — Yes!
    We, the People versus Disruption of markets and global economy waging 'trade wars', — Yes!
    We, the People versus Lie, cheat and steal — Yes!
    We, the People versus Provoking countries to engage in defending themselves — Yes!
    We, the People versus Spying on other countries including their leaders — Yes!
    We, the People versus Terrorizing and bullying of countries — Yes!
    We, the People versus Disruption of social order and instigating unrest — Yes!
    We, the People versus Defending brutal dictators and USA puppets — Yes!
    We, the People versus Denying climate collapse — Yes!

  32. Can you BE more biased? when Maddow was on she said 'we should look at the numbers to see how independents voted" and what did they find? Sanders! stop twisting the truth. you are the reason we got Trump.

  33. I find it funny how the "religious" people want to vote in a president LEAST likely to help the poor and the sick. As Trump yanks away Medicaid and food stamps this week, they continue to support him. This is literally killing Americans. You don't get to heaven by murdering your brothers and sisters.

  34. These nimrods are too old too run anything, even drive a car. Just look at the idiots that are doing the voting. All over 70 like Trump. All with dementia.

  35. Katy Tur thinks gerrymandering has an effect on the U.S. Senate, "as well as the House".
    This is the person the MSNBC audience relies on for news.

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