New Info About Crash That Killed Kobe Bryant Emerges As Millions Mourn | TODAY

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  1. dont know why in todays technology ,,, there isnt a black box and terrain warning system like if ur 2 low…. or safety stuff,,, like a Tesla,,, if ur 2 close 2 something it should take over,l i dunno man

  2. There is a lot of important questions being asked, I think when we find and get these answers we are going to be really shocked. Because all of this kinda shady.

  3. The pilot wanted to kobi and rest to get where they were going and despite the fog he wanted a generous he flew too fast and took too much risk…end of story!!

  4. Pilot couldn't have been that gotdamn competent. He didn't seem have enough SENSE to turn that mthafcka around OR LAND IN A CLEAR OPEN FIELD UNTIL DEADLY FOG CLEARED UP!!

  5. I like how they trying to make the pilot sound like a hero. He killed every person on that vessel die to pilot negligence

  6. Rest Easy Kobe and gigi Bryant
    And to everyone that was on that helicopter God rest their souls in heaven 😥 just still a big shock to me doesn't feel real but it is R.i.p 😥

  7. We all have a death date and won't be able to avoid it. I know we always say if he or she wouldn't have did this or that. God is the Author and finisher and we definitely can't stop death.

  8. Drooping that fast sound like helicopter mal function.The pilot was related with the zone and according with others comments he was one of the best.

  9. Only people who know what happened is the people on the helicopter, because the flight record box conveniently did work…

  10. I have been trying to tell anyone who will listen that the last communication between the pilot and the air traffic controller was not heard by the pilot of the helicopter because he misunderstood the frequency that the prior controller told he to change to and that was 134.2 he repeated back "34.2" instead! It seems that he never was in contact with the hand-off between controllers in the final minutes of flight!

  11. Just because he was certified on instruments doesn't mean he was up to date and sharp on his skills combine that with entering that condition suddenly and possibly unexpectedly

  12. the best pilot and yet he panicked then crashed the chopper. the best pilot but had been flying same exact chopper for years but decided to go on a gloomy foggy conditon

  13. 1:59 "Nothing is ruled out… " -6 days ago…
    So you aren't ruling out that different media outlets are showing conflicting evidence of the color scheme of the helicopter which "allegedly" crashed?… You might want to get that straightened out for training and quality assurance purposes.

  14. This was just sad. Rip too kobe and his daughter Gigi and all who lost their lives what a terrible terrible thimg that happened too someone that was doing so much with they life

  15. 8 was Kobes first NBA number, 8 is the number seen on the baphomet stomach..there is a white snake and a black one (black mamba) The snake represents satan, The baphomet has a goat head..Kobe= Goat in basketball…. a note, commentators usually call grown young basketball players kid, a kid in the dictionary is a young goat…keep up….the rituals are deep…Also it is true Kobe was at war with a pharma company and if anyone messes with drug dealers in life you know what happens. Bad energy..dies at 41, 41 days before Shaqs bday, left his last game with 4.1 seconds left, his helicopter leaves at 9:06 and crashes at 9:47 = 41 minutes…Also Kobes NBA numbers were 24 and 8… 24+8= 32…32 in reverse is 23, Lebrons number…2 x 3 = 6 …Kobe was 6 foot 6 and his high school number(33) and last NBA number 24 separately sum up to 6…666..The only letters on the helicopters tail were NEX (Next) .Satanic Sacrifice

  16. The pilot killed a future Legend –Gianna Bryant. There's so much future in that kid and that careless pilot threw it all away.


  18. Hello my YouTube sisters and brothers. Hope you are all appreciate another day and you know i was thinking that maybe the pilot on this helicopter had nausea or stroke or something where he needed medical emergency because that can explain why the helicopter suddenly descended at 2 000 feet a minute. My father was a pilot and i did take a few lessons with him so i know abit about planes and helicopters. Unfortunately if this pilot felt sick on the chopper, he had no one else to try and react to the situation. Unlike larger commercial planes like the Boeing 737 or 757 where there are two or three pilots in the cockpit. On top of that the weather was very bad and foggy and yes off course they shouldnt have flown given that the NYPD Helicopters were grounded. But non of the comments here have i seen suggesting that maybe the pilot became sick afterall we are all humans. At least leat you can pull to the side of the road if you are driving but flying is much worse and in that weather. Rest in peace all and i wished though the Helicopter didnt take off.

  19. Why going fly,-in this fog -nothing was -Urgent -the Car will be better ,,,that know only God -Rest in Peace -to all😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💞

  20. The helicopter was being remotely controlled. No pilot would descend 350-ft in 6 seconds in poor visibility. Period.

  21. So sad….so heartbreaking..😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
    Rest in Peace to all gone in this horrible crash…
    Kobe and Gigi we gonna miss u.Many people loves you🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤😭😭😭😭😭

  22. With all the technology in the world how can you fly like this??
    Even my drone know how to avoid obstacles i control it by mobil phone.
    We are living 2020 WTF!!!!

  23. From the video I seen, looks like a malfunction took place. The copter started spinning wildly first b4 when plunging

  24. It may have happened so quick passengers might not have known what was happening cause just that quick it was over…. So sad…… For that chopper to drop 350ft n 6 secs slamming @ 176mph… R.I.P….. I kno loss😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  25. Ufo S hav been known to generate fog n cloud like white pat he's to cover der crafts.. It cud b he in counted sumat in da clouds causing him to swerve out o avoid it o got shocked by sein it n tryd to move cause in him to lose control. Its possible to happen. Bcuz da pilot was so qualified it dnt mke sense y he wud do wat he did.

  26. Thats NOT Kobes black nike swish helicopter!! THEY TRADED OUT HELICOPTERS RIGHT BEFORE THE FLIGHT.
    THISwad a satanic cult ritual- there was NO "weather" and they were not on a Hillside! Stop lying!

  27. The deed has been done.
    All these can't bring back Kobe and the eight others it won't still give peace to the families 💔 but let everyone know that life has to go on. We pray for God's grace and mercy, strength for the families they left behind to face the future

  28. All of this is such bs …choppers dont fly forward untill they reach a certain altitude its a safety feature acording to terrain its flying in .

  29. Dont listen to everything you hear on news do your own research n yull find the real answer of why n how look at chopper specifications,his feud with hi tec pharmas,fog making solutions by hi tec ,air traffic in the area and there holding pattern for 15 min and why it was on a hold do your research.

  30. Too late, the pilot lost his sense… Don't fly the heavy fog weather. The radar it misinformed pilot… Why not? Find a large land near school or where it supposed to park safely? Why too late or climb up the mountain?
    Why kobe Bryant predicts? He killed… Why did he keeps tell his daughter, gianna to ride? Senseless safely?????

  31. It doesn’t matter how experienced he was. He was still human and humans can make mistakes. Unfortunately this one cost them their lives. It’s really sad and tragic that they lost their lives.

  32. The video I watched showed something happened mid-flight the chopper started to spin out of control. He had enough experience not to fly into a Mountain. Keep in mind this was a routine flight.

  33. RIP Kobe Bryant and Giana You will forever live in my heart and may your souls be raised to heaven 💖
    And this is depressing to even think and to know it is even worse. 😔

  34. Claro que si yo siempre.respeto a toda la jente aunque no agan lo mismo con migo ay jente que solo juegan con uno que no ??

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