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  1. Can we all just appreciate that since Trump went to his impromptu "physical," he hasn't been able to run his mouth on camera or rage tweet online. Honestly the silence from the White House is kinda refreshing.

  2. Meaning they have known about his health issue before his candidacy and didn't need to be diagnosed for the issue, just treated for it. That note means nothing.

  3. don,t know if i believe anything this doctor says,,,more like what tRump tells him to say,,you know, like a dictator,,,

  4. He's afraid. Everything goes wrong and he's looking for a way out, without any loss of face. The debts, the taxes, the impeachement inquiry and so on. And the spoiled man he is and the bully he is faces resistance, he has no options anymore but to flee in illness.

  5. Trump had a stroke after learning that his loosing hair.
    I have never laugh so much than after reading the comments here. LOL

  6. From Hong Kong! Poor "Hot lips Houlihan" The Impeachment is too much for him and his Presidency. Playing the Victim card by pretending to be sick and had to be rushed to the Hospital! I say "Been There – Done That". And this is exactly what Howard Stern would have done. Playing the Shock jock Therapy on the Public and then hit them when they least expected. Watch Donald Trump. Very soon he's gonna be coming out swinging and portray himself once again that he is the healthy King, the only Supreme Leader of the Free World. Only if he knows how. God Bless America.

  7. Trump is wanting a new illness so he can resign and say its because of I'll health. He needs an excuse to get out of all the criminal and selling America down the river

  8. If you have been blind since trump took office you could believe this garbage about trump's emergency hospital visit. Despite "the best" makeup and hair, trump looks ready for the funeral home! Check the close ups! What is up with that full face post acne scarring texture thingy? Look at those expensive suits from Omar the tent maker! No amount of fabric can hide 400lbs!. And the hair,OK its never been the least bit real looking, but something very bad happened with the hair. For a reality show host, He's FIRED!

  9. Yeah, I bet you he fell in the white house, now they are covering it up. DEAD center on his face!!😂😎😁😀, STRESS BABY STRESS!!!😁😎😁

  10. Mainstream media flunkies happy that deep state food poisoning going as planned. Don't claim victory yet Hillary n Obama bots bcuz God's in control not Satan followers.

  11. And the lefts narrative that they're overthrowing trump for the good of the country is nonsense. Its for return to power and greed and the American ppl are not a concern of theirs at all.

  12. He also wasn't treated for an Adderal overdose. And nobody performed a rectoscopy in order to find lost Republican representatives in the Congress.

  13. I would dislike trump dying while potus. The fanfare would be sickening.. although watching Melania and Ivanka fighting to play the top mourner would be. Interesting. But my thought. He does not earn a presidential funeral tbh

  14. Trump could have a major stroke and the White House would say he’s in fine health.

    We have no reason to believe a single word this administration says, after so many proven lies.

  15. What a load of garbage. Anyone with half a brain knows Trump is just faking health issues to avoid the impeachment investigation. FAKE NEWS! FAKE NEWS!!

  16. Another Trump diversion…….maybe the start of a reason to resign instead of impeachment. You know there is something devious going on, because that's just who Trump is. G.

  17. Probably just a routine drug overdose, although the main thing he's hooked on is his own ego and if that hasn't gotten him by now, nothing will.

  18. If it was something you can brag about he would have told the world – it must be something you just don't talk about – Viagra overdose or prostate malfunction – I would think it to be the Viagra – the man just doesn't read so how is he to know how much is too much. And the prostate well not being able to pee all the weekend – can be quite painful.

  19. This is serious, I'm sending a specialist Doctor right away.
    His name is Dr. Joseph Mengele, and he has a great record within far-right dictatorships

  20. Trump setting himself up for a medical dodge if he's called to testify, I wouldn't be surprised. His cowardice knows no bounds.

  21. Ha, now we know that Trump had cardiac and neurological problems. Trump has dementia (as did his father), but we knew that for a long time, it just has become harder to hide.

  22. I think trump’s « health crisis » is just another con; that is all he knows.

    Some day, I hope all good people can spit on trump’s grave.

  23. His driver and body guards were running like rats to get in the car…which make people think that it is heart….

  24. Well when they showed the picture of him at the hospital with that doctor two of them together. That one doctor was the one that they wouldn't confirm to be Donald Trump's personal doctor, official White House doctor for Trump.he was there getting out of her all the man is addicted to adderal, speed.cuz he was the doctor they didn't confirming that position because he wrote to many prescriptions and was under investigation. REMEMBER

  25. He’s fat. He eats crap. He doesn’t exercise. He’s an addict. And some how or other he grew 2 inches. Healthy? That’s a total bunch of BS.

  26. 73 with a Multimillionare father that after a 6 year battle with it passed away in 1999 from Alzheimer's. Track down videos of him from 15 to 20 years ago, then Google the symptoms of Alzheimer's. You DON'T have to be a Dr to see what's happening, and it's getting worse every day. The 25th Amendment grants Congress the authority to transfer all rights, powers and responsibilities of the President to the Vice President and keep them there, it does NOT grant them the authority to remove them from office. Sec 2 changes how a Vice-President is replaced. The President nominates a new Vice-President, then both branches of Congress have to approve them by a majority vote before they can appoint them as the new Vice-President.

  27. Your like a bunch of vultures swooping for a meal. Utterly disgusting considering you couldn't give a cuss about his health.

  28. Basic to have a heart or neurological screenings are done at all my doctor checkups. I would fire the doctor who did not do this basic stuff. It is all lies, that is why they said it was not done.

  29. Who else in America can afford Preventive Medical procedures. Unless your a rich dude or the President. Wouldn't that be just nice to go to your Doctor for a check up and not pay for it. Like all the civilised country's in the word..

  30. The doctors at the Whitehouse and at Walter Reed are making sure that he lives long enough to stand trial when he gets voted out of office. The doctors know that they need to do this for America's sake.

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