News Anchor Resigns Live On Air – What’s The Russia Factor?

Liz wall who is and anchor for russia
today resigned light live on air and she gives
her reasons the following video take a look last night art he made international
headlines and whenever anchors went on the record in Federation intervention in Crimea is wrong and India dad the
reporter on this network I faced many at the call and moral challenges
especially me personally coming from a family whose grandparents
my grandparents came here as refugees during the Hungarian revolution ironically to escape the
soviet for said I have family on the opposite side on my
mother’s side that the the daily grind of poverty and
I’m very lucky 10 have grown up here and the United
States I’m the daughter a veteran my partner is a physician at a military base where he feels every
day the first hand accounts on the ultimate prices that people pay for this country and that is why personally I cannot be
part of network funded by the Russian government that
whitewashes the actions up UN I’m proud to be an
American and believe in disseminating the truth
and that is why after this newscast I’m resigning you
are damn true romps that was a very strong
and powerful thing to do especially since it was live on the air
and you know unfortunately we don’t know the specific details are we don’t know
exactly how she feels that they’re whitewashing pueden I don’t know I mean I watch our tee time
to time especially Abby Martin show but I don’t watch you know all the show
so I wish that she could be a little more specific but obviously there’s
something that she feels really uncomfortable with and to make that decision I think speaks
volumes over journalistic integrity so now obviously yesterday there was
news that Abby Martin said at the end of her show that she
thinks the Russian incursion into crimea is wrong and then artie said oh well she said in
the midst of all that that she doesn’t know as much about
ukrainian politics and history she should are so we’re gonna send her to crimea
okay and is she says she’s not going to crimea and that was a huge story in and of
itself and now this happens and in the meanwhile I read
I’m an account from someone who used to work
in RT and left for similar reasons and its interesting cuz his story
reminded me of my own and MSNBC talk about subtle and sometimes not so subtle
influences to go in a certain direction so when you know and we don’t know that’s what
effect Earl is low but it certainly sounds like former statement that’s what
happened where they say okay well let’s not do
that story let’s do another story instead or so it’s a story against rush or
whatever its allies well let’s leave that one alone let’s
emphasize other pics noun the thing is party does
some good stories have some great hosts and produces a cetera and it’s worthwhile stories that look at
the failings the american government whether
it’s the NSA spying on the list goes on and on rate but when you do it in the context
have not be equally critical love other governments
then world hitto will you take in what is
good journalism and unfortunately tainted with a context
where you’re only doing it against one country with both politics and
journalism you always have to follow the money and usually there’s an issue with the
funding above many programs because if if you have corporate sponsors well as corporations can influence the
content that’s being put out there effin government-funded their issues
with that as well up so I i worry about what’s gonna
happen with journalism in the future because here shows like
ours we have this huge luxury of being able to say
anything we want to say no one is going to try to shut us down our sensor us
because we make our own rules here and
thankfully we have members that help us remain independent right but you can
only grow so much when you have that type of business model and it’s difficult it’s difficult to
have a nut members to find your program and and put out the content that you
feels important here we’ve created by america’s because we’re actually larger
than all those folks online right and online is is the
future up but they have sometimes billions at
their disposal the fact that we compete with them and
beat them online is amazing is amazing right and they want to manage we have is that
we execute our audience we try to give them to the best of our abilities the truth
right but and is very right now look it’s not just RT which is russian-owned now al Jazeera
has some issues they do great reporting a lot like a
different context but when it comes to their home
Government of Qatar you not so much right you have to be
real and thats that happens right but then you know its
easy for American journalist look down their noses that we’re I owned by the government
government-sponsored yea right but women that look at the connections that
for example comcast has that sonar NBC MSNBC Center to our government okay maybe they’re not
directly owned by the government but are they working with the government
do they need certain licenses and mergers approved by the government
of course absolute again and again you follow the money you see the amount of
money that they’ve spent on lobbying in government to ensure that they can
make the merger between them in time warner happen and it’s
likely to be approved by the FCC just based on the amount of money that
they’ve put out there &amp before Comcast NBC was owned by GE a massive defense contractor who also
got paid by our government so when you get paid by the government
or you’re dependent on the government how critical are you going to be a bar
government in realistically and I have personal experience with this the answer is not very much okay so unfortunately there are all these
influences that you have to wade through as you’re getting your media that’s why some the best journalism the
world is done by independent media whether it’s
intercepted when greenwalds Galen Center upset up weather was the Guardian which is also
independent hustle on is independent here and oftentimes they
have the strongest columnist in the country so watch out for
everybody’s influences not just the russians or or

100 Replies to “News Anchor Resigns Live On Air – What’s The Russia Factor?”

  1. What you gotta ask yourself, is why RT hasn't been taken off air in the West? Probably because its a nest of CIA moles. 

  2. FPI tweeted twice 20 min before her bad acting that something big was about to happen on RT. She's a hack, a poser, another person looking for greener grass. How many times has she blasted MSM, then she appears on them all, smiling so hard it me nauseous, fuck a hack. She's burnt for now but I am sure when most have forgotten this nonsense she'll pop up with a new look on one of Obama's propaganda networks… TYT….

  3. Same thing happens in the Western world ten-fold. I work in television and it is very clear that every story we see is being filtered through the US, and even the privately owned broadcasting companies have the major shareholders being owned by US or Canadian companies. Even from broadcasters claiming to be 'equal', there is always an agenda. Western media is probably the most dangerous weapon in the world. Most people oblivious to it too

  4. Can someone explain to me the meaning behind the name "The Young Turks"? I've always been curious, but haven't come across the answer. Maybe I'm just ignorant and it's painfully obvious, but I'd still like to know. Thanks.

  5. Well cenk quit msnbc cause Washington didn't like his tone.. i don't find RT any different from fox msnbc or anything else.

  6. This whores are payed. What the fuck do you Think? If its like this, the whole CNN and BBC would be gone long time ago. Big BS for this.

  7. A ARMENIAN WITH A TURK??? WHAT A FUCK IS THIS. EY ey ey this can not be true.. This is some israhell made up shit. That whore wich woudent be allowed to call here selfe Armenian, probably isent one, would never sit with a leing turk and try to talk like they are angels. LOL Tukrey is one of the most hostile countreys on the planet, very unpleasent, ignorant and uneducated people. That got a countrey by genocide that other intellegent friendly people have built.

  8. I understand that she's affected by RT and believes that it's wrong, but the fact that she's a "proud American" and that her partner is a war veteran who fought in a country that doesn't relate to Crimea (she did not specify) doesn't have anything to do with the validity of RT.

    I do, however, admit that neither RT nor CNN (or any other American media) is completely true, and I've seen both many times, but I do like RT more because they at least try to comprise their reports with live video as opposed to anchormen droning on.

  9. As fucked up as our government is. Fucking Kudos to her. I'm proud that she stood up. That made me smile. She stood up for not only what we believed in but her family and what they have struggles through.

  10. The lady did a dirty job for Putin's private television for years and suddenly she realized she lives in 1984 novel? A trained journalist with an university background needs an annexation of neighbour country to realize something goes wrong?
    The University should pay her tuition back to her parents.

  11. i get it u were at msnbc shit happened to you…u dont have to remind us every time there is something even remotely similar happening with someone else

  12. Any argument about whether the regime of Vladimir Putin is evil and whether the people of Russia are complicit in that evil ended on July 17, 2014 at 14:15 GMT, when Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 was blown out of the sky over Ukraine by a Russian made surface to air missile fired either by Russia-trained Ukrainians or Russian military forces themselves.

  13. I think the United States and the Eu needs to stop interfering whenever a country falls into civil war or conflict. Intervening aside from peaceful aid alters the natural course of a nations fate. Its no different than introducing electricity to a developing tribe previously unexposed to modern civilizations. For example Ukraine's conflictual state (independence versus being declared apart of Russia) is an internal issue and must unfold unguided. Placing sanctions will only punish the common Russian people, not the officials who are being targeted. In my mind the US and European Union are immaturely, guiltlessly and overbearingly throwing their clout around.

  14. "Put out the content you feel is important"

    *Looks at The Point with Ana Kasparian playlist"
    >Sex Expert Lifts Objects With Her Vagina (PHOTOS)
    >How Did A Teenage Girl Pull Off a $4 Million 
    >New Foot Fetish Toy 'Vajankle' Is Bizarre 
    >Is The Selfie Stick Awful or Amazing?

    Hmm. I think my opinion of what constitutes important news and Ana's differs somewhat. 

  15. This is an issue with networks in general and how NEWS isn't NEWS anymore, but opinion pieces. So the problem is anchors do not report the news objectively anymore.

  16. I like only one show on rt for news on the U.S. but am under no illusions and check other news sources for honest news on russia

  17. Qatar has about the size and population of Gambia and is quite stable politically and economically.
    How often do you expect aljazeera to report on it.
    So unless they report every story that is bigger in the whole world – being an international network- they can't justify reporting relatively insignificant Qatar stories without resulting in being biased against Qatar.

  18. it's hard watching smart people trying to defend RT… it's almost an oxymoron… Russia helped bomb a flight over Ukraine and now vetoes investigation at the UN… being on the left shouldn't prevent you from thinking.

  19. If you want to see a messed up "news" channel check out CNN. The polls where Bernie creams Hillary are gone. The comments in favor of Sanders are being actively deleted. If you are the fifth largest donor to her campaign, you just might want to skew your coverage to her side.
    Anderson Cooper should have known that Sanders honeymoon in Russia was a trip to set up a sister city program. But, hey why not paint Sanders as a Commie.
    I would trust RT over any of our "free" news sources.

  20. wait.. she resigned because someone said it was wrong for russia to invade crimea.. and the reason she gives is because the news is for the invasion of crimea..? makes no sense

  21. They didn't do their homewrok on this one…this was a mere copycat of Abby Martin but not backed up by sufficient intelligence and integrity…she was just trying to grab the headlines.

  22. so did the US cover their involvement of bombing the middle east back into the stoneage? citing combatants they funded and trained? essentially creating a "war" cover story to strategically bomb and invade the area?

  23. Shame American journalists couldn't muster this 'integrity' leading up to the war in Iraq and walk out on their jobs for CNN, Fox and the rest of the American establishment media.

  24. ON THE G.E. comment G.E. = EDISON – Mr. Tesla enemy when Tesla tried to give the people free energy and probably had Tesla murdered then took everything and capitalized on all tesla work. on and on and on f. G.E.! buy Westinghouse or affiliates. we can't kill the bull but we sure can starve it when the people get together

  25. TYT Network, RT, Al Jazeera, Dreamland, Alex Jones. In THAT order, is how I tend to get my world news.

    Noting that RT is second on this list, and that this video by TYT is a couple of years old, and yet, I never heard a thing about this until now. Way to go RT. White wash indeed. Even news that happens to themselves. HAHAHA! RT Fools.

  26. That's not at all fair. RT is an international media outlet established and funded FOR THE PURPOSE of defending the Russian position. Why does their position 'need defending'? Well, for the same reason TYT's ratings are killing that of the cable news networks – because cable news doesnt actually give accurate news and facts, they just try to twist them. TYT thinks they escape having a bias just because they are, essentially, borne out of the necessity to counter the bs that come from cable news networks but they also have a bias because they focus mainly on domestic American politics.

  27. I like RT but I take it with a grain of salt.  "The Big Picture" is just like Thomm's  radio show he's had for decades.   Larry King is Larry King. Some of it over the top probably but a lot of shows topics don't really focus on international issues.

  28. I can assure the overwhelming majority of Crimean citizens were very happy to have Russia come in. Now, were there other motives for Putin? Sure but few in Crimea are complaining. That seems to get lost in US media.

  29. RT is GREAT, IF you're watching it to spot the shit that happens in the US, cause that goes in Russia's interest, showing the world the ugly side of the US, BUT, if you're looking for actual truth on Russia, then watch something else 🙂

  30. So she is going to work for the US propaganda machine instead? If this is not a plant I don't know what is.

  31. By this time (meaning 2016) … ppl around should be wondering hey where is that noble middle man named "UN" whom we appointed to monitor scum of this earth (potential danger). While the problem child USA and Russia is throwing tantrum and causing trouble all around the world, UN sits back and watches shits go down.

  32. Journalism should be free. That an editor or management person can dictate what a journalist should write or not write is highly questionable. Yes, to some extent an editor can do it – if you have a magazine about chess news and the journalist want to write about the conflict between muslims and non-muslims in the middle-east you can tell them to take that article to some other magazine because in this magazine we write about chess news. However, if you do have a magazine or TV channel and it is general news and they try to say you should not write an article that is critical to our sponsor – no, not even an editor should be allowed to dictate that. He can say that he is responsible for the contents and that he doesn't want an article of that sort in his show, but then if I were the journalist I would resign and not work for that moron any more.

    I know it can be hard especially if you get black listed and not given a job anywhere after resigning in such a way but there is this thing about integrity and caving in to people like that is destroying your own integrity and is not in accordance with being a professional journalist.


    She was found dead 2 Months ago along with her husband and 2 children they say its CO asphyxiation from a fault boiler.

    We have found proof that RT sent a hit man funded by Putin himself.
    details claim the hit was planned to be executed years after the fact of this resignation to be able to successfully hide the connections.

    my sources will be made public within 48 hours to the following news networks.

    CNN , FOX Network and TYT.
    If you dont hear from me after 24 hours from now, assume that my life is in danger and i have fled the country that i am currently residing in.

    disclaimer: i have just wasted your time with utter BS. thank you for your precious precious time !

  34. yeah, sure, a little CIA threat up here, another from the mossad up there and poof ! you resign, very easy to do, now ask yourselves : is that why our politicians in the western world worked against for the past 40 years? yes it is ! and also some pig heads in closets stories (J.cameron uk prime minister)

  35. Follow the money of the press ! in France : 90% of the press is owned by 3 corporations : arms dealer, telecom magnate and the third is a bit of both i think. They're all zionists of course, couldnt be where they are otherwise so in France it's always one sided, evoke the real reaons for Syria (qatari pipeline vs iranian pipeline) or have doubt on any other event and you can get accused to wish the re-opening certain gas chambers used in Poland/germany a few years back and put a certain type of people in it….i'm NOT joking, really, i'm not joking; my country's governants try to transform France into the 52nd state or should i say the 51st province of Israel.

  36. Tempest in a tea pot…funders, like it or not, call the shots in one form or other…TYT and other subscriber funded news voices not so much but do replace the control with personal opinions which do sometimes have prejudices and blind spots…welcome to humanity and it's Tower of Communication Babel.

  37. US media is not any more truthful than Russian media. Even Wikipedia is more reliable! (Can the establishment media be held to a 98% truth standard???)

  38. Deceptive game brought forth by Zionists to bring rise to nationalism of the American people. Turks are the worst kind of people so they pair up well with the Israelis and their broadcast systems.

  39. Tonight ALEX JONES explained How Obama set the trap for Donald Trump with the Israel Embassy change what's worst is Obama has been seen walking thru the tunnels of the bunkers underneath the white house. When Obama was seen by secret service he ran inside a tunnel that was used by runaway slaves. The Architect of the tunnels was Harriet Tubman herself these plans have been in the works for 150 years. Also, a Book was found that explains, JFK truth ,The moon landing and what was found, PLUS : the name of 2 time travelers working in the Whitehouse. Stark prediction for 2020 bunkers are out rubber lifeboats are in play. To be safe have both. Also tin foil hats for your family.

  40. Well she did work for a Russian owed "news" organization. Kind of expected that it would be spewing some Russian government propaganda.

  41. So she is saying , RT is biased just like any other Canadian or American or British news network. You have to watch all of them and weigh what is true or fake news. All the major news networks are guilty of pushing their own agendas.

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