NEWS & EVENTS – February 5th | Monster Hunter World

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  1. Did someone ever mention to you, that you sound extremely cute?… I adore players like you and Gaijin Hunter, you guys give this game a fluffy, social, animal crossing vibe ahahaha <3 much love

  2. Can you make an AT Lunastra build that includes earplugs? The blue bitch keeps stunning me with a roar, then immediately going into her supernova while I can't move. By the time I get control back, she's already landing and I have no time to sheathe my bowgun, much less run or dive before I get stunned again by the wind blast. Then the heat dps just destroys me before i can heal. On one occasion I was running and trying to heal when she erupted the second time and KO'd me from half health.

  3. Question is this first time their giving the beetle suit away? If so then I already got some pieces from early some how

  4. Capcom isnt always in the news for good reasons, but for revitalizing one of their core franchises and to finally release on PC, it turned out to be really good. Good for Capcom.

  5. I kinda hope with this new Xbox and Switch collaboration stuff going on they find a way to get MHW on switch with our hunters.

  6. There's nothing i could be less excited for then AT Lavasioth. I absolutely hate fighting this ugly dirtbag 😂 and then yea.. here's your Geralt full layerd armorset – yea…

  7. Damn, i haven't farmed GJ enough, still need a ton of decos. I'm crossing fingers he'll be on rotation with the rest of the events.

  8. "First in the series to launch on PC"
    No, it was the first western launch on PC. Hopefully the success of World will give Capcom incentive to either flesh it out more or bring Frontier to the west.

  9. I gave up on Jagras. Not having good decos already to still get bad decos and hardly ever finding people who can actually hunt the monster. Definitely not looking forward to a giant or tempered Lavasioth. I can already feel the hard hitting fire blasts.

  10. If they don't put the layered gerald armor i will drop the game until they add it, thats the only thing i want from this game.

  11. With the success of RE 2 remake I really hope Capcom will remake Monster Hunter 4 ultimate using the engine they used to create MHW

  12. please dont make monster hunter world on switch and allow data to be migrated over, I won't be able to come out of my hole ever again!

  13. Lavasioth event will be another garbage quest: do the quest, get the ticket, get the layer armor, done and forget about it. Just my opinion the beetle armor layer is also garbage, who the heck will use it? Should of just give the lavasioth armor as the layer

  14. not surprised nobody does Lavasioth, the fight is incredibly tedious and the polar opposite of fun. I mean really breaking his armor makes the spot take reduced damage? That can't be right. Needing fire damage against a fire resistant monster just to soften his armor feels clunky as well. The whole thing is just poorly designed.

  15. You poor console players and your crappy layered armor.

    Waiting for content doesn't seem so bad when you get to layer any armor you want.

  16. Awesome video as always.
    Why do your videos get an undeserved amount of dislikes? It's not a massive amount by any means, there just doesn't need to be any at all.

  17. Capcom just proves that making a great game that doesn't nickel and dime you, can be very profitable. Someone call EA, Ubisoft and Bethesda. Activision /Blizzard probably wouldn't answer, because they are not sure if you have phones.

  18. Regarding Capcom's high financial records this year: GOOD ON THEM! They deserve it. Capcom has shown that they actively listen to what the players want. I remember getting the game from day one and noticing certain aspects that could be improved. Since then and now, Capcom has addresses and fixed literally every one of them. They don't nickel and dime their players with microtransactions like many game companies do these days; instead, they provide free content and helpful patches.

    I wish the best for Capcom and the Monster Hunter series, and I hope their success translates to even better content for the players in the future! 😀

  19. pretty sure they said the lifespan depended on sales and popularity so maybe more content after iceborne because world did so well?

  20. Looking for some peeps to play with ps4, i'm pretty new to the game. Also song name is good morning say it back (subbed)

  21. "No way we're getting a new monster." Oh boyo boyo do I have gooood news for you. Capcom has surprised us yet again, and unlike EA, in a positive way.

  22. Lavasioth is the least fought monster… Has its own special little upgrade…

    Everyone plays the Witcher quest. OMG ITS BEAUTIFUL

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