31 Replies to “News Now Stream 03/18/20 (FNN)”

  1. Please stream more live streams Fox, the leftist news stations (NBC, ABC, CNN, etc) are streaming live with their fake news.

  2. i do believe to keep everyone safe from this virus that’s going on for people to actually listen and understand that this is a serious matter they should take action into suspending everything until it clears down for the safety our country I do believe that there’s a lot of people in our country that is absolutely not gonna take this seriously there are going to be people that doesn’t want to go to work because they need to pay their bills I believe if you want everyone to stay safe the best we can do that is for everyone to be home no outside with a can you spread it to other people honestly

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  4. Inslee is a POS as well as worthless teenis shoe Senator Murray just POS's ruining our state. They are fake phony lying POS. I have worked with both of them. Their just Puppets to lobbyists or Soros type & control give nothing about You. Should hear them behind closed doors. Evil people

  5. Now lets hear form the lickalotofpuss Durkin. See whats wrong here? The sick narcissistic leading your State & Gov't

  6. You can't control a virus, with open boarders. You can't take an accurate census, with an open boarder and 5 illegals in every attic. You run out of resources with free for all Bernie. Like toilet paper, rice and beans. its only scratching the surface of shortages to come. There's only so many people to tax, to pay for free everything. Nothing is free. Hard working Americans are forced to pay for illegal immigrats to have health insurance and free everything. Dem voters, open your homes to the homeless clusters in coronafornia, and the cock roaches climbing thru the cracks, and take the burden off the working tax payer, which are the Republican patriots. You voted for it. You get it. You stupid ignorant dem voting freeloading fucks.

  7. 80k people died from the flu last year in the 🇺🇸. CV kill count 100 in the 🇺🇸 😂 They want your freedoms folks! The big question is what freedoms will they give back? If they give em back. Problem, Action, Solution.

  8. 8:11:34 why does she have to make ugly faces constantly. Can be done with pleasant faces no? What a fool. She is making it so freakishly dramatic

  9. The Globalist wanted NWO by the end of 2020. Smart people put it somewhat on hold when we voted for Trump. Then they had to make a new improved virus to take population down. China always have an over load of people. They love wars to kill off some of their population control.
    Why are they attacking people over 60 and ill people? To get rid of those on Gov Subsidies.
    Lysol kills the SARS-CoronaVirus on surfaces within 30 seconds. Spray all surfaces in your home everyday and after company leaves or when you reenter your home. Wash your hands.

  10. Hey! I'm back. Heavy on the BS today. Lies & propaganda you are the best. No change their. Celeste is getting so u-gy. Cory & Ron are old. Hook & Lake are complete morons.. Hey have a beautiful day. A complete change is required.

  11. You guys out there with tons of money….get crakin on buying those stocks and get those prices back up. I'm dirt poor or I'd jump in and help.

  12. trump has no faith! in the christ! only himself! he was told what to do but has forsaken it for his technology of it reversed.

  13. nothing happens by chance and everything happens for a reason. I am blessed to have gotten out with my life because it was Devinely guided. I would like to draw attention to another thing that warrants to be looked into in this area because it is not by any means normal or typical in any way. Las Cruces has a population of about 102,000 and they have mass burials annually, 86 cremated and buried in past 5 years, for what they claim are unclaimed or indigents. The cause of these deaths or why they are unclaimed us not known THEY CLAIM. I ask anyone to find this occuring at all in their community, this is not by any means normal and demands to be investigated. I believe these people stumble into the same truth that I unknowingly photographed. This crime against humanity, children being the most innocent and pure of humanity. horrificly abused and sacrificed and slaughtered. I believe these people find out this truth and pay with their lives for it. I will not abandon these children and I will tell what I know until every dark corner is illuminated.

  14. Arizona man dies after self-medicating to treat coronavirus
    Trump praises chloroquine ! guy takes the wrong chloroquine and dies
    Maybe we shouldn't get Health advice from a 70+ yr old Real Estate guy
    and instead, listen to the Professionals behind him.

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