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  1. [Joe Biden's] son, Hunter Biden, procured a big deal was in Ukraine. In Ukraine, it involved an energy company called Burisma, which is a very corrupt organization headed by an oligarch named Mykola Zlochevsky who is very close to ViktorYanukovich, the pro-Russian leader

  2. Joe Biden's Son Accepted $1 Billion Check From China September 4, 2018 Sean Adl-Tabatabai News , US 8 Creepy uncle Joe Biden's son, Hunter Biden, accepted a big, fat check from the Chinese government – allowing his father to evade disclosing a $1 billion private equity deal with China.

  3. All he talks about is racism and bashing President Trump. His like all democrats all talk and no action. The democrats can’t fool the American people no longer. I don’t even listen to anything he says. Just same old stuff. Nothing worth listening too. He could never handle the job as President. There is no strong democrat running for office in 2020. The American people want Trump. We are in a time in America where we need a strong leader not activist running for President. Trump 2020

  4. If people are happy and they don't bother you then leave them alone. No matter what they are women that won't to be men and men that won't to be women and wight people who feel more comfortable with black people or same outher way. We are all human so think of them a humanity. And all as 1 thing humanity no matter what. All as one

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