News: Researching the Politics of Mobility in San Francisco

>>Narrator: Here on the streets
of San Francisco, Professor Jason Henderson
is researching the politics that surrounds transport issues
and how city space is allocated to allow for movement
and travel. >>Jason Henderson: Market Street is a very
challenging street. It’s the signature
street of San Francisco and for decades now there’s
been an on and off discussion about reducing the impact of
automobiles on Market Street in terms of how it slows down
the public transportation and then more recently
there’s been a push to accommodate more
bicycles on Market Street. So Market Street has
these safe-hit posts and the city has also
painted the bicycle lane green and this was done about
a year and a half ago and it’s a pilot project and it
seems to be working very well and there seems to be a lot of
support and little resistance to making it permanent
so it shows that you can just do
things, small things that make a big difference.>>Narrator: One example of a small but effective change is a
traffic diversion program. Private cars now have to turn
off Market at Tenth Street.>>Jason Henderson: If
this city can get a grip on this car density
and start reducing it and start providing
true alternatives through the built environment
and through the different modes that people use, then
it’s a model for the rest of the country for what many
folks are striving towards and aspiring to, which is a
less car-dependent future.>>Narrator: Professor Jason
Henderson continues to publish his research on
the debate Save a Car Space: Parking, Bicycling and Public
Transit, and is writing a book about the politics of
mobility in San Francisco.

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