Newspapers Puts KKK Flyer on Front Page

alright nor a north carolina newspaper
called the statesville record in landmark printed a a k_k_k_ rally flyer
on page one let’s put that up with time of this is interesting stuff of oil that’s that’s difficult c uh…
what it what he says here is basically a flyer which talks about that there is going to be a k_k_k_ rally
and it was placed on the front and also i think there’s going to be across lighting
which i think is really a cross-burning right is that the new politically
correct in calling it lighting the cross again soon and it also says that there is free
admission admission is spelled incorrectly there’s also free on-site camping
camping there will be food and drink vendors and of course souvenirs and also mentions white now a lot of people complained and said
how can this newspaper run this uh… promoting this avent now separate
from this there was an editorial that ran that said people in our midst admits can’t be ignored if someone asked you on tuesday if the
k_k_k_ was active in our county chances are you would have said no basically making the case that this was
a difficult decision but a consensus decision to run
this uh… uh… flyer in the paper to show what elements are there what’s
your reaction to that need similar to the question on this
show do you create platform by exposing outrages view is that would not
otherwise be there or is a good to be aware of those things
you know i think uh… the latter yet when you’re putting it on page one
my feet it becomes pretty clear that what you’re trying to do is drive
tension to it okay but dr tension to it in a
promotional sense or to pointed out and ridicule uh… to point that i’m assuming two
point in time ridicule it okay in the time you know it is this the
kind of thing where it even if the editorial runs on a
different page explaining the decision to run this putting that on the front
page is bad it’s hard to say um… i think putting
it on the front page is definitely unnecessary uh… it would make more sense to maybe
include the flyer in an article so it’s very clear that you can separate
the add from the commentary on it other than that is just ambiguous and i think
it’s prolly that it does get into that question where we when we have somebody
on like uh… paul cameron talking about is and i gave user whoever people say
you’re creating the giving the guy platform and i thought has always been these tears don’t go away if i don’t
interview this person it’s best to challenge and and try to fight with facts the problem is it seems that the facts that were being used to fight
this type of k_k_k_ mentality weren’t really that clear on the front page of
the paper i mean there’s another story today which
we really don’t know the the intentions of of the editors in the people involved more mockery savory maybe we can say too
much more we don’t like it we we don’t like the k_k_k_ we can say
that that’s i think but we could agree on the thirty alright

31 Replies to “Newspapers Puts KKK Flyer on Front Page”

  1. It definitely would have been more effective had they printed the flyer within the context of an article.
    Printing it on it's own, on the front page, is pretty tactless.

  2. I'm not sure how to take this either, however if the same newspaper ever has in it's 'Helpful Household Hints' section, a piece on how to make 'swastika sandwiches' for the kids, I'd certainly have a more solid viewpoint of their intentions.

  3. Fuck the south. Fuck middle america. Fuck ALL religion. Fuck these hate filled bastards.

    We should have WIPED ALL THEM OUT when the North won the Civil War. Now we're stuck with these backward thinking morons…and they're like a cancer on America.

  4. You know the cure to this cancer is education. There is no other way. If we apply violence they will only grow, for hate is their subsistence.

  5. But you can't teach these people PERIOD. They're stupid and they don't listen. It's in their upbringing and their genes. Unfortunately, there is no cure for stupid.

  6. Covering the story is fine. Publishing the flyer in its entirety is offensive. Better would have been to take a picture of a flyer as it was posted or being handed out. Acknowledge its existence, discuss it's content, but don't just give it a much larger press run.

  7. It's an upbringing yes, but it is not born with in their genes. The reason why they don't want to listen and remain stupid to the facts is of fear. A imaginary fear that their race that they belong to is in danger of being wiped out, and of the real fear of if they try to understand other races or culture will result in them loosing access to their family and friends. For their family and friends will believe that they are betraying them if they do.

  8. Having had to buy ad space from papers in the past, I find it offensive that KKK ad gets such free publicity above the fold, on the front page. I imagine other advertisers feel the same. A newspaper has no greater real estate than that space (read: expensive), and yet this paper gave it to a hate group (whatever their justification for it)

  9. You don't have to agree with racism but there is no story here. Freedom of speech protects even the most despised opinions.

  10. The newspaper got pay with KKK money to print that ad. There is a huge difference between that and interviewing a white-supremacist. The newspaper should've at least donated that money to a human rights group

  11. Think you are right. They've always called it a "cross lighting," while outsiders have always called it a "cross burning."

  12. @klanman2547 You're the minority in America, so how about YOU get the fuck out, take yourself and your useless subhuman cohorts and go buy yourselves a whitey island somewhere and then you'll no longer have to be subject to the best part of America – it's diversity. It'd be a win-win situation for everyone, we get rid of scum like you, and you get to get away from what you claim to hate so much.

  13. I thought the Civil War was over, but looks its still going on in NC. Newspaper should have put it on Editorial page NOT the front page.

  14. Yeah, except I think the KKK is also a religion or something, they have religious beliefs to back it up, and religions can establish who they say can or can not be a member.

  15. All I need to say is that we put a dumb ass black guy in the US Oval Office and the country goes to hell. This is a surprise to people?

  16. Does the kkk hate people with mental disorders like downs syndrome or autism if they do that is wrong they were born with it and they did not pick to have it

  17. you're a dumb ass. black people have way more power than white people. the kkk don't have any power you moron. what power do they have, to burn crosses? that doesn't affect you or your race.

  18. Now i don't hate black people. But jsyk, we left south africa to the africans and now south africa is a dump and many africans say when europeans were in power it was a lot safer. America has a leader that is black and put the US into trillions of dollars of debt and is heading to shit, he also is anti-constitutional, the great thing holding america together, he also lied about pulling the troops out of afganistan. These are just facts but it makes you think.

  19. Obama dumb? So bush was smart? Well he won twice and he didn't have to steal it like you no who. Don't disrespect my people. We are the original everything you learned came from us

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