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  1. Trump should get on a "healthful diet" if he plans to be President for 5 more years, like President Clinton did.🍔🍟🥤

  2. To work with children, you need "lots and lots of patience," especially with older, high-school and middle-school kids.🦉

  3. Good thing we got this report on Pat Sajak, otherwise we might have learned about massive protests in Chile.

  4. Very True … why does the Media seem to report negative about vaping deaths and weed , But cigarettes, Alcohol and crack get a pass when they are the biggest killers ?

  5. Ten years as Vice President?🤔😆🤣😂😅 is Pence snorting with trump and can’t remember how long he’s been a Vice President??😆🤣😂😅

  6. Ok what about chump groping and assaulting woman he bragged about and he gets what? A no no , mr chump don’t brag no more!🧐👀👁💩🐍😡

  7. The THC has absolutely nothing to do with these deaths or illnesses. They just keep saying that “they have THC in them” to make those who are ignorant and afraid of marijuana to jump on that and to spread the propaganda that THC is killing people. That shouldn’t have even been brought up and they should’ve just said that it’s that vitamin a acetate or whatever and just it’s from street made ones and to stay away from E-ciggs made from the streets.

  8. Always the crooked Florida Sherriff Office and BSO. Nothing new these creeps are all degenerate child Abusers Cowards racist Please investigate BSO again and again !!!

  9. Lookbook s*** or Booker whatever your name isif people cannot afford kids or if you cannot afford to send them to daycare then don't have your f**** offspring why should we have to foot the bill if you are unable economically to take care of your own f**** kids why should we have to move to another state go to a better school get a better job some my fault you're a moron and have a subpar job that doesn't pay well you should have gone to school and paid attention or should I put the bill for your f**** kids to be taken care of?

  10. When are assault guns going to be taken off the street! Looks like the vapors do not have the money the NRA does.

  11. 99.999% US GOP run by robots  so real . So we don't know who real who is not real . Because US population 99.999% are living by welfare .

  12. That's awesome they have a place for autistic kids and adults to go & chill out for awhile at the football game! The noise cancelling headphones would be a lifesaver.
    My daughter told me that the school is going to put monitors in the bathroom because there are kids going into the bathroom to vape. Wait what?? Seriously? That's not cool! When I was a teenager you couldn't smoke on school property and this should be no different.

  13. I'm pretty proud of weatherman Al Roker.
    He was very obese at one time. Now he looks like he's in better shape then myself. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  14. Booker's right. Being a parent is work and we shouldn't have get paid per safe for boys shouldn't be charged for it this is making so many people unable to survive and some people don't even see their families or spend any time with their kids. This is really heartbreaking that rages and if you're not a parent you wouldn't understand

  15. Does the high cost of child care have anything to do with the fact that Americans are having less kids thus creating a void to be filled by immigrants?
    Just asking.

  16. The deputy that detained the high school student did nothing wrong from what the video shows. If you do not want to be "manhandled" by law enforcement then do not resist.

  17. Why such a great push to ban vaping? Why not just put a surgeon general's warning on the packages and an age restriction? That's what they do with cigarettes. And we know that cigarettes cause cancer and bad breath. As well as making people look like idiots.

  18. The allegations made by the anonymous author of the book against the president are very easy to believe. I mean the president is a buffoon after all.

  19. How about parents start really raising their kids and taking responsibility of them instead of expecting the govt to legislatively raise them!!!!!

  20. If you need a "quiet space" for your children at NFL and other such events, here's a hint, don't take your water head children to such events. Learn to parent people!

  21. The Vape Shop owners are saying it'll cost jobs but if you guys don't do something about it it's going to cost lives so The Vape Shop owners obviously don't give a s*** about people's lives they just want the f**** money and that's the problem with all you motherfukers you're all greedy piece of s*** Americans and I'm an American but I'm a f**** barest about it very embarrassed how dare you act like that you Dirtbag piece of s***

  22. Hey a**** I'll start mention in Burlington Vermont you went from Buffalo to Bangor you skipped a couple States mentioned Vermont from now on

  23. Putting police officers in schools is a horrible idea. All of a sudden behavior that got you suspended 20 years ago, gets you a trip to jail now. At least we’re keeping those private prisons full. Just have to start them early. 😢

  24. I save big on holiday shopping by not shopping. Many so called great prices are actually the same price before the "big" sale. Don't buy the lie any more.

  25. Well that means it’s not the vape companies fault but the users fault who chose to use THC, idk about you but I hate walking by cigarette smoke I hate smelling people who smoke and I know tons of people who aren’t sick and this has helped

  26. Kinda baffled why tobacco kills not far off 500,000 ppl year in year out yet is sold everywhere with no hassle….while less that 40 ppl die from shady back street vape and there is major outcry and ppl are talking about a full ban….

  27. They should have a 1 drink limit and you should have blow into a B.A and c Can’t have a certain amount in there system and only test people that look like they’ve had a few

  28. I haven't watched the news in years.  Watching a few of these clips, I see the same old half truths with a leftist swing.  What they don't know, they make up.  Time to turn it off again.

  29. Kudos to the NFL for providing a quiet space! Some people on the autism spectrum are hypersensitive to sound. Imagine not being able to go shopping or to school because the buzzing noise made by florescent lights hurts your ears; having to leave your home because someone down the street uses a leaf blower or lawn mower and even with the windows closed the sound is deafening. Noise cancelling headphones can help in some instances but not others. Nothing will change that hypersensitivity. It is how the individual is wired to receive sound and not a behavioral issue. Again, great job to the NFL teams and venues!

  30. wHY CAN;T trump understand MOST REAL AMERICANS don't like him and don't accept him as the legitimate POTUS… and his family needs especially his children need to get out of the White House and stop talking to the public at large!!!

  31. Schools should not have school resource officers on campus period. Tax credit for parents , sons and daughters etc. that have to take care of elders. All the way, it. That job is tougher then then caring for a child.

  32. Dump Trump and all but that book belongs in the fiction ailse unless the author with credit comes forward or people from the White House come and say it's true.

  33. These are the psycho cops we must vigorously remove from society.
    They are dangerous individual's.
    They're able to pass psychological evaluation's.
    Or either the evaluation's are poorly given and/or unqualified individual's administering the mental health evaluation's.

  34. I hope that book is free propaganda.
    Look out for bundles falling from the skies.
    The sky is falling, as well as, the bottom is falling out.🙊

  35. Why is Trump calling Bloomberg Anything /then call him Little. I don't even call him president. Why the shade. He needs to be doing his job.

  36. This report is worded to make trump look bad ! I'm so sick of this . Come on news people, report. Both sides.. I no longer respect Lester

  37. It's about time Jim Jordan is called on the carpet for allowing our children to be sexually abused at the Ohio State University.

  38. Funny how many don't like to be sexually assaulted but for the entire history of the world women had to put up with it. The weird thing is we just got used to it being the norm. The college student saw his gym teacher whack off? If only it was once for women but its not. It's a horrible cycle for some.

  39. How are we suppose to have "healthy ,happy, normal lives and society " when we live in a world with a disfuncinal government and overly aggressive authoritative representatives in the police department in schools, …crooked politicians…they are contributing to the world's problem when they should be part of the solution.

  40. All Republican's were screaming no Private meeting's now NO public meeting's Sorry Trump-tards you can't have it no way that is called Lawlessness . Is that what you . If so move you don't want to live in the USA, China , Russia or N KOREA ARE YOUR BEST SHOTS

  41. Gee, I wonder why that Pat Sajak story didn't rate a "BREAKING NEWS!!!!!" intro, and top story position? After all, this IS the TMZ Nightly News, isn't it? Wait…Does this mean I should turn to TMZ for the news on the demonstrations in Chile? Or maybe the Home Shopping Network is covering that story, while NBC shills for the holiday markets.

  42. Ladies, don't be shy. If some sleaze gropes you in a public place thinking you'll be too embarrassed to make a fuss, just deck him. Because he laid hands on YOU first. Or if you're feeling friendly, grab him by the you-know-whats and introduce yourself with a nice smile.

  43. if you cannot afford childcare, then you shouldn't be having kids. Why do I or the taxpayer need to pay for your responsibilities???

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