17 Replies to “Nikolas Cruz appears in court as judge bashes newspaper’s attorney”

  1. Anybody criticizing the judge here is an idiot. She gave them an order and they blatantly disregarded it. Sounds like contempt of court to me!

  2. she and them cant give him death penalty he need help mental health he is a good boy and he will be normal when he get help

  3. Anybody who saw the whole hearing knows the judge is a joke. A really pretty, dumb, puppet of a joke. See for yourself.

  4. She sound like a house wife I wouldn't take her seriously lol I hope she she this too ur hot in u make me luagh when ur serious

  5. What the hell? She can't just mess with people's civil rights over ethical issues. I know she's a judge but she only has power over people who break the law. Ordering around innocent people isn't acceptable, especially if it's not a legal issue.

  6. It’s disappointing how long it takes for justice. Fry him already, and May he be tortured in hell for eternity!

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