No-deal Brexit would be a ‘failure of statecraft’, says Boris Johnson

Like you, I’ve looked carefully
at no deal.
I’ve assessed the consequences
for our country and yours.
And yes of course, we could do it.
The UK could certainly get through it
But be in no doubt, that outcome
would be a failure of statecraft,
which we would all
be responsible.
And so for the sake of business,
for farmers, and for millions
of ordinary people who are
now counting on us
to use our imagination and
creativity to get this done,
I want you to know that I
would overwhelmingly prefer
to find an agreement.
Our governments have spent
three years masticating this problem
so I think it’s time now
to honour the achievements
of our predecessors who
tackled far worse problems
by cracking this one ourselves.
I won’t say that we can do it
all today, but I do believe
that a deal can be done
by 18 October, so let’s do it together.

40 Replies to “No-deal Brexit would be a ‘failure of statecraft’, says Boris Johnson”

  1. Failure of Parliament to respect the democratic will of the people from 3 years ago. No other way of spinning this. It's Parliament against the people. But they know better, so it's okay to flout democracy when it suits

  2. Why is he so worried about the extension law;) if he is sure he get all the problems solved and get it through parliament in 2 weeks

  3. Oh dear. Leo has decided on no deal.
    The UK won't accept the back stop.
    The EU insists on a back stop.
    Leo has to decide, GFA or the EU.

  4. Rudd just resigned because Johnson was doing nothing about a deal. He is making no attempt to get a deal. He is really deeply out of his depth and he just doesn't know what will happen. He is going to just go on lying and doing whatever Dom tells him to do. He thinks at the end of it he can just grin and shrug and walk away with his PM's pension. That's all this is about. Johnson wanted to milk it for the best package possible. If he is kicked out he couldn't care less.

  5. The procrastinating by this government to pass a passable deal is utterly unbelievable! We have had time enough to carefully unravel the ties, it's not like we dnt have enough people who could have been tasked to do the job! Stop asking permissions from EU and get a deal through parliament then take the proposals to EU! You may have to bring to a vote every point of change and so be it, like I said we have had time enough to do that, it seems to me that some of these politician do not understand the power of position when drawing up a acceptable deal to continue trade with EU, the no deal option was never going to be the best case scenario, yet it should have still been left on the table to give us the power to bargain with!

    The cost of this being delayed must be highly beneficial to some as certain parties have blocked a suitable deal from being passed.
    We are not going to be able to please all parties so let's just vote and take a majority.

  6. Boris isn't going to deliver a real Brexit so his party and labour will bite the dust come next election. That is long, long overdue

  7. Brits stole Canada, America, Australia, New Zealand and they cry about being in a Union that keeps peace. Also Brits killed more than 80 Million Native Americans, took their land by force like the leeches they are. Did the same to Australia. Imagine some unkown people coming to your native homeland stealing your land and killing millions of your people that what Brits did to Native Americans.

  8. The British People won the vote to leave all EU rule. The British People demand a No Deal, WTO Brexit. Nothing less will do. The EU is the new Soviet Union and needs dismantling.

  9. Boris is a glove puppet, with the ruling oligarchy’s hand firmly up his rear end… Farage never once trusted this clown… Vote Brexit Party in the coming GE, if you want to protect the future of your children against the immigrant tsunami of globalisation.


  11. "No deal brexit will be a failure of statecraft Boris said". You mean "no deal brexit will be damaging of your own party. Boris said." Like other prime minister and leaders across the world, they put their party first before the people. I guess you might have to do a poll on who will be the best conservative leader candidate for the 2020 conservative leadership election to replace Boris Johnson when Boris Johnson resigns if he can't deliver brexit Guardian.

  12. Weak cowards. Just do a no-deal brexit ffs. Face your hard economic times head on like men and not a bunch of pansies. You all love to talk about "adversity" so f'in much when talking about your precious minorities. Now is your chance to face some adversity yourself. You should be joyous. You get to be a victim too! I mean isn't that what you pos always wanted?

  13. Brexit: Boris Johnson in Dublin says no deal 'would be failure for which we would all be responsible' ►

  14. The EU produces nothing it sells nothing it makes not one penny profit it is an unelected government with out a country it taxes its members spends and enjoys the fruits of our labour it is just a WORTHLESS PARASITE A BLOOD SUCKING LEECH bleeding its hosts and members dry of money nationality traditional beliefs honour pride independence and power its a sinking ship and we are better off with out it

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