NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo Holds Coronavirus Briefing | NBC News (Live Stream Recording)

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  1. We are punished for our ignorance
    We closed our eyes on these people because we want saoudi Arabia money
    God cannot stand our behaves


  3. (Christ Witnesses to Nicodemus on being born
    again and what it means. Continued (2):



    I say unto thee,

    Except a man be

    of water 

    and of the Spirit,

    he cannot enter

    into the kingdom of God.

    That which is born of the flesh 

    is flesh;

    and that which is born of the Spirit 

    is spirit.

    (John 3:5-6).

    ***There are several interpretations of the phrase,
    "born of water and the Spirit."

    ***(1): Jesus was referring to water baptism. (Acts
    10:43-48)<—To him give all the prophets witness, that through his name
    whosoever believeth in him shall receive remission of sins. While Peter yet
    spake these words, the Holy Ghost fell on all them which heard the word. And
    they of the circumcision which believed were astonished, as many as came with
    Peter, because that on the Gentiles also was poured out the gift of the Holy
    Ghost. For they heard them speak with tongues, and magnify God. Then answered
    Peter, Can any man forbid water, that these should not be baptized, which have
    received the Holy Ghost as well as we? And he commanded them to be baptized in
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    ***(2): Water is to be understood as a symbol for the
    Holy Spirit. Thus the phrase cold be translated "born of water, even the

    ***(3): Water is to be understood as a symbol of the
    Word of God. (Ephesians 5:26)<—That he might sanctify and cleanse it with
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    abideth for ever).

    ***(4): Jesus used the phrase "born of
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    (Ezekiel 37:9-10)<—Then said he unto me, Prophesy unto the wind, prophesy,
    son of man, and say to the wind, Thus saith the Lord GOD; Come from the four
    winds, O breath, and breathe upon these slain, that they may live. So I
    prophesied as he commanded me, and the (breath) came (into them), and they
    lived, and stood up upon their feet, an exceeding great army. (Wind) is an
    alternate translation of the term (Spirit) in verse 8.

    ***(1 Peter 3:21)<—The like
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    resurrection of Jesus Christ:

  4. We're Americans, Andy. We stubbornly refuse to learn anything. $#!+ hits the fan, we're still divided by rich and poor while the fatman fiddles. #NationBurning

  5. unfortunately when he had a chance to buy respirators and other icu equipment months ago he didn't listen to his advisories.

  6. OMG this guy is so full of chit ! Hay new York do the world a favor and Get rid of this guy before his corruption kills more people !


  8. I hate to say it but: it’s high time that we have to choose between freedom and the lives of our fellow citizens.

    NY has been selfish refusing to lock down its cities and state lines – you wonder where the cases of other states are coming from?

  9. Why they're not doing the same when it's snowing so many trucks as salt all streets. I think it's the same to disinfect all streets t also . People stay home not much car running now. That's my opinion

  10. Keep asking why there is NOT A MANDITORY NATIONWIDE SHELTER IN PLACE ORDER FOR OUR WHOLE COUNTRY? If you look at the map where there are manditory stay at home orders? You will see that they are the so called " Red" states. Does this mean anything for you and me? Yes I think it does. This virus is being used as a weapon on our people.


  12. Go back to check there are so many hospitals in NYC dont have enough PPE…and you still say the PPE is enough for now… shame on you! If you get half of the medical staff infected, how could you return the favor to other states!!! shame on you! liar!!!


  14. I am scared every time I go to the supermarket. I see people bumping into each other within 6 feet. People are still talking to the cashiers on the way out paying for their food within close distance and they are not wearing masks. The NY Governor is shutting down the parks and playgrounds, but does he understand that the supermarkets are actually more dangerous than the parks and the playgrounds? Make more masks and tell people to wear them. Then you don't need to shut down everything.

  15. There are 212 clinical studies current in operation for Coronavirus.  Less than half are looking for potential treatments.  Probably only a fifth are being run in the United States.   Not all of them are yet recruiting.  In fact, there are only recruiting 11 treatment studies in the US listed on www.clinicaltrials.gov .  In other words, with over 200,000 active cases in the United States, only about 200 to 300 people have enrolled on a study.  That is, we are enrolling about 0.1 percent or infected people on study.

    And there are some attractive drug treatments that are not being studied at all the United States.

    There are at least two antivirals that likely have activity against coronavirus:  Remdesivir and Favipiravir. We know that Favipiravir is very safe and RemDes is likely safe (at least in the short term) as well.  I find it discouraging that Favi is not being studied in the US.   I also find it discouraging that a combination of the two drugs is not being studied.   Let me tell you this.  The idea of combining two drugs like this is not normally something that clinical researchers think about and is practically never considered by the FDA.  But reason with me.  Might it not be possible that the combination might be far more effective than either alone?

    And why not combine an antiviral (RNA polymerase inhibitor) like RemDes or Favi with Hydroxychloroquine?  It may be that this combination would be very effective.

    And why not consider adding an IL-2 inhibitor such as Tocilizumab, Sarilumab or Siltuximab?

    Someone could design a multi-arm study like this:

    Have a seven armed study for early diagnosed patients.   People are randomized to get a) Hydroxyvhloroquine, b) Remdesivir, c) Favipiravir, d) a combination of Remdesivir and Favipiravir, e) Hydroxychlroroquine plus Remdesivir, f) Hydroxychloroquine plus Favirpiravir, g) Hydroxycholoroquine plus Remdesivir plus Favipiravir.

    You would want to plan on recruiting 200 infected individuals into each arm, but you might get an idea if one of the arms is inferior to the rest early on and then discontinue recruiting to that arm.

    You would need a lot of infected individuals to participate.  Obviously, there are plenty out there.  You need to open these trials in clinics (hospital or private practices) and you would need to have over 100 venues for treatment, not just 2 or 3 as they presently have.

    It seems to me that it is the arrogance of the FDA and high tower researchers that prevents this.  They believe ad hoc that studies like the ones I suggest cannot be properly done by physicians that are not part of a major medical institution.   And that is an insult.  There are many private practice groups who do important clinical research all the time.  Recruiting 120 outpatient clinics to do multi-armed studies would not be difficult.  One would hope that 500 to 1000 infected individuals could be recruited every day.  And then, in 3 weeks, we would have some meaningful information.

    The current clinical research is oriented to finding an optimal treatment for Covid-19 by about… say…. August.  In the mean time, there are tens of thousands of new infections every week and more and more deaths, and overloaded hospitals.  

    What are we waiting for?  The is an ample supply of Remdesivir, plenty of Hydroxychloroquine, ample vials Tocilizumab, Sarilumab or Siltuximab, and it should not be difficult to get Favipiravir from Japan, where it is said they are “well stocked.”

    Make America Great Again?   Run multi-arm studies, run them expediently, recruit 500 subjects a day, and find the optimal therapy right away.  That would make America great.  Our current policy of slow, step by step research makes us look 3rd world.  The US is no longer considered to be a leader by other countries.

  16. cu❤️mo love! Inspired by the silver lining that is true leadership.
    Proceeds go to @directrelief in support of medical workers on the front line.

  17. This is my coronavirus and economy fix:

    The solution to the coronavirus and economy is simple- test everyone. Then we can sort out groups that can be handled accordingly.
    The groups would be:
    -the sick
    -a carriers that are not
    yet sick
    -those that are clean
    and healthy.
    This way we can get back to work and get the economy going again. Take care of everyone with the virus and contain it from spreading.
    If there are 330 million people in The USA and say the complete cost of the test, distribution and lab work cost $20 each. That is about $6.6 billion. Say it cost $30- it would still be less than $10 billion.
    With a $2 Trillion stimulus already signed into law and another on the way, I am sure, $10 billion is nothing.

  18. After watching and listening to this man, how could anyone even think of ever again watching or listening to that poor excuse for a human being that currently occupies the White House.

  19. This man speaks the most beautiful English I have ever heard in my life .
    I am trying to improve my English with some American speakers but they sound so lazy to speak. This educated man is always wonderful to heard

  20. I appreciate the hard work that you are doing. It is so refreshing to hear a politician speaking the truth.? Thank you

  21. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5pIMD1enwd4&feature=share&fbclid=IwAR0WcBrxzVbrvX4yG5oOl7V6tndk-CST-8x0o4zlzVw7Otq3okyQdU-HBvE

  22. I don't know how much more I can take of this coronavirus isolation. I wish I was already dead. This is too much for my PTSD.

  23. He's asking a lot of important questions. why you don't have tele-health- well your president and his administration was too busy worrying about themselves and separating the country with hate. why you going to China for basic medical needs? well you don't invest in your people, you undermine a whole race of people by oppressing them, missing out on all the talent they have to offer. Making American great is standing together as one,white,Spanish,blacks,Chinese all race. that's the only way you can be great. This is the time for Americans to show up at the poles in November and never let someone like that represent you as a leader. And thank you Governor Cuomo for being honest, for being true to the people.

  24. So glad to hear you are closing the playgrounds. Our community did about a week ago and it is a good decision to stop the spread for all of us. Thank you for making the hard and unpopular decision.

  25. And people are buying this crap. Talking in circles, models this, and models that, and facts are facts but the facts aren't always the facts unless the facts of the model happen to mimic all the models of the facts of the models…. Come on people.

  26. Hmmmm New York has the most 5 G towers, take a look at this. Big cities, people are too close to each other… this is the new normal in the new world order.

  27. You see dumb and optimistic frenetic catastrophic American co-citizen. You need a fellow like this guy assertive not alarmist and pragmatic I don't need to know if is red or blue I understand he is efficient and does what's needed. So listen to him!

  28. Are we all that stupid!!! You don't need all those stupid experts to know common sense 1, 2, 3: 
    1) Mask is a MUST, 2) Gloves, 3) Wash hands, 4) Take off shoes before entering home, 5) Wipe mail & parcels by disinfecting wipe. Entire USA should wear a mask when going out in public even if it's a home-made thick or a few layered fabric!!!

  29. As this is airborne, how many family member are unable to distance themselves from elder parents thus generate a family death count ? What is the family death count to date? Density and poverty appears to create the worst environment for spread.

  30. How long does a persons “breath” remain dangerous? Can you walk into another persons breath, who was 6 feet in front of you, and become ill?

  31. I am ready to shut down the internet.
    This is a patented man made disease.
    (12) United States Patent

    Rota et al.


    US 7,220,852 B1

    May 22, 2007 (10) Patent No.:

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    methods of using these molecules to detect a SARS-CoV

    and detect infections therewith. Immune stimulatory com

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  32. Why can’t groceries and medication be delivered weekly to avoid community spread. Family member returns from shopping and risks the whole family.

  33. It is very bad news for US because more cases are increasing day by day. We pray for god to remove this virus from the world so that every people can breath safe.

  34. For those of you gushing over Cuomo I offer a few things to keep in mind. During 9-11 Mayor Rudy Giuliani got high praise for handling of that disaster. Today half of you would say you say you can't stand Rudy. Cuomo has been level headed and reasonably fair during this crisis and he deserves praise for that. But for those of you electing him president… hold on. A few statistics: 75,000 people packed up and left the state last year (consistent year after year), Cuomo has been Governor for 9 years and the New York budget deficit for 2020-2021 is projected at 6 BILLION DOLLARS (during a time of economic prosperity), one out of 3 people in the state is on Medicaid! Throw in the anti-business tax climate and you have a broken state. So I wouldn't be so anxious to do it to the whole country.

  35. The most corrupt GOVERNOR!! Spent and wasted millions of money in the past and just few days ago, he couldn’t stop whining about not enough medical supplies until the Attorney General announced they will charge anyone who is hoarding medical supplies. Then 35m of face masks suddenly came out from storage. Cuomo does nothing but whine to make Trump look bad. There are enough supplies Cuomo, what about try and help do the work?? People voted you to do your job not to sit and whine.

  36. Also let’s not forget last week when he claimed they didn’t have enough ventilators and said “thousands were dying” because they didn’t have ventilators…meanwhile there were ventilators sitting in a warehouse…

  37. CBS News has admitted that alarming footage of an overflowing ward used during a report on the coronavirus crisis in Big Apple hospitals was actually shot in Italy.

  38. NY is so lucky to have a governor like him. I always listen to him rather than our President. I’m from Florida.

  39. CUOMO is a traitor. His sanctuary state has Old white people dieng as ventalaors go to younger ilegal aliens. Ask Freddo how he feels about open borders now..Cuomo is a lier..


    So what is sadness. It is an emotion we humans feel. How could you visualize sadness? Sadness is like fear of unknown. You don't know what to do when you feel sad. Your only act is to crack open. Tears flowing and everything feeling lost. How can you face that monstrosity.

    My vision on facing that monstrosity is learning what real sadness means. Real is but a thing you make real. How can others make you see what is real. Everything i mean everything you can imagine is real. Don't let others lead you astray. Face the fear of unknown by yourself. Save others by facing that unknown with your imagination. Be relevant to the world.

    How could you visualize feeling lost? You can feel lost in many different ways. You might not know the way forward. Your life's miserable and nothing you're doing matters. When you've already dug up a hole for yourself. Just waiting for that day you're about to lose everything you have. Why would you take that step. Imagine all the possibilities future holds. Past has no real meaning. You can't change the past, but you know what. You can change the future. There is always way to move forward. Unleash your potential. Make yourself relevant to the world as now is the time you matter in the world. Never before have you mattered as much as now. Now is the time to unleash your inner self. Your inner self might save millions. Don't keep those ideas to yourself. Even the tiniest bit of hope can bud in to a beautiful flower. The world is a bud at the moment. Make that bud grow into strong beautiful flower that will sustain us for pay back

    I learnt what sadness is by analyzing thousands of different medias. What others called sadness. Those were their visions of sadness. Their truth. That is not my truth however. I can analyze their truths and seek the best truth from all of it. I've found the real truth. The real truth how i visualize it. May it help others in their time of need. That is what my being is screaming out.

    Real sadness means having analyzed enough material to figure out what the truth is. That is the truth everyone has. Make your own truth relevant. That's all.

    Check my other thoughts here <3 https://www.reddit.com/r/conspiracy/comments/fpo7wx/my_vision_about_technological_and_evolutional/

  41. Why is there no news about the people who have recovered though ❓ why ❓ how did those people get cured how did they recover ❓ cmon now.. I see exactly what's going on make people panic and they'll give you control ….laws will be changed after this virus watch…they're just distracting us from the facts like magicians do….. Smh ? ???‍♂️

  42. It's one thing that Trump kills American companies/contractors who dare doing business with the deadbeat , but now Trump's incompetence is killing Americans. It's time for Trump to step aside and allow the adults to try to fix this mess that he made worse with his indecision, lies, and incompetence.

  43. What the Media needs to start telling people is after this is under control we all need to remain hands clean and have situational awareness. This will help install positivity and also instill the fact of a complete safe environment!

  44. B-O-R-I=N-G! Somebody put a cork in his pie hole. Please. Whine, whine, whine. He's a worse bloviator than his boyfriend, Trump.

  45. Wow so he's going to upstate ny hospitals and stealing life support! What about the people in upstate on vents??! We should die? Not people in NYC,..?,.

  46. BILL GATES: ID2020 AND PARTNERS LAUNCH PROGRAM TO PROVIDE DIGITAL ID WITH VACCINES: https://www.biometricupdate.com/201909/id2020-and-partners-launch-program-to-provide-digital-id-with-vaccines

  47. Why is this moron even on TV if you look at the facts he has done absolutely nothing for the state of New York.
    And if you're not a dumocratic moron you know exactly why he's on TV he's praying to God everyday he will be re-elected

  48. #HighNoon: Defeat colds, flu and this pandemic by getting out in the sun for 20 minutes and boosting your Vitamin D immune response at lunch time with family, friends and workmates. #12-O'ClockHigh https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7S8ZEtcpH5I

  49. This guy has a lot of waste words and nothing else. I am surprised that he still has a lot of supporters who are paying even life for their mistakes. God save New York!

  50. is all these deaths the reason you refused help from Remington!!? You are a CHILD! not only that a criminal. your risking lives

  51. I feel pretty certain that Dumpf is correct on this one, NY has been Crime Central throughout my lifetime – but now is not the time.
    "NYC surgeon who survived Ebola responds to Trump suggesting masks, coronavirus supplies are being stolen from city hospitals"
    "During a briefing on Monday morning, Trump responded to an account by a mask company executive who said the demand for masks had skyrocketed at one unnamed New York City hospital from between 10,000 and 20,000 masks a week to between 200,000 to 300,000 a week. Trump insinuated that people might be taking masks from the hospital "out the back door.""

  52. This man, the symbol of a corrupt politician, how can anyone trust his shameless lies? He just refused help from Remington who offered to turn their production over to producing PPE. In other words, he is willing to let citizens die rather than receive help from political opponents.

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