NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo Holds Coronavirus Briefing | NBC News (Live Stream Recording)

100 Replies to “NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo Holds Coronavirus Briefing | NBC News (Live Stream Recording)”

  1. Please enforce wearing a face mask in public like wearing clothing to stop the spread of this deadly virus!

  2. God bless Governor Cuomo and his Team. New York needs a strong leader right now and they have one, this man is dedicated down to his bones.

    #StayInside #SaveLives

  3. Order NYC stay home!!! They are not listening at all!!! Governor, you need to put in strong order!!! You are failing your people!!!

  4. How many of the deaths were of people under 65 with NO underlying health conditions?
    How many of the "New Cases" are sick and in the hospital?
    How many in the hospital are people under 65 with NO underlying health conditions?
    Without the answers to these 3 questions, it is impossible for you to determine your risk.

    It would be nice if the reporting was not so out of breath and deceptive (omitting information) but from what I have gathered (no easy task) the risk of dying for a healthy person under 65 with no underlying health conditions is 0.02 out of 100,000. In another word low as in ridiculously low.

  5. cuomo , supporter of the slaughter of the unborn pays their deaths no mind but is on the air everyday about the death from Covid-19. Crazy man.

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  8. It's one thing that Trump kills American companies/contractors who dare doing business with the deadbeat , but now Trump's incompetence is killing Americans. It's time for Trump to step aside and allow the adults to try to fix this mess that he made worse with his indecision, lies, and incompetence.

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  10. Cuomo and De Blasio are clowns. Did you forget this meeting? You can start at 6 :40 and see why He made NY's bed now you all have to lay in it.i Good luck. Brought to you by NBC even. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kub_giTgbvY

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  14. If you needed the production here then why did u send the companies to china to begin with WHAT OUTRAGEOUS FOOLS ! There comes a time when your government is to blame and don't let them finger point like children as this appears their first childish reaction!!!

  15. Indian responsable for problems to after indian broking house god voilance no justice god put justice virus take over peace

  16. BACTERIOPHAGE it could be our saving grace without going through with what the statistics say if anyone is interested please make this known it only takes a few seconds to type this in the search bar. They even have a very descriptive video on this you will be shocked on what you find and not in a bad way but in a good way.

  17. wow, thanks cuomo, the reality of this situation is better to hear, then false promises. not to rag on the current administration, trump said some ignorant things but he has apologized and started to take this situation more seriously. that said id much prefer someone like you as our commander and chief, thank you for your honesty

  18. It must be very tough for Gov Cuomo to keep his courage up dispise his state been top of the infection. I can tell this man is keeping strong for his state.


  20. Unreal …… Buying Chinese Ventilators then Bragging and ADVERTISING It ?????? Are they New or Used Ventilators ????? ……. and His Brother the Propagandist being Promoted ???????? …… Democrats are Truly Pure Cancer

  21. my favorite heroes, pray you get well soon baby Cuomo! that stated order public masking now, the president of our country is not our friend, to save a life you must follow the rules we do know! … respiratory infections transfer through coming in contact with droplets in the air or on the surface ejected through the infected through coughing and or simply speaking and or breathing. How do I know this, I am hypercalcemic born with hyperparathyroidism which according to Mayo Clinic has a survival chance of one in ten thousand years … part of this disorder causes calcification while the ladder causes hypoxia. Point blank you mask up to prevent giving others your germs and of them giving you their germs, it has always been the first medical rule which I know well being I live with acute respiratory failure and unlike this virus get to endure as long as I live which I have been graced with the holy spirit to continue though I am not sure why. Maybe it is so I can write you this or maybe there is something else I am still kept here to do but either way I know this I can't see people suffering and dying when they could have been given common sense truth of the first things to do to protect yourself. Masking your airways cavities and wearing eye gear… very easy. Keeping your hands sterile and clothing! When out in public keeping sterile as possible and when returning home removing your outer clothing and placing for disinfecting. Making sure as well that every time you get in your car and out disinfecting everything even your steering wheel. NOT going OUT TO EAT!!!! … as you need to eat in a STERILE environment with sterile hands and sterile clothing on that is as best as one can VIRUS-FREE! Lastly just using common sense, if you expose something to unknown or have to acquire something from unknown sources sterilize the object physical with disinfectant as best as one can! Simple rules everyone that lives with respiratory issues knows, doctors know, and people who are worse off then even myself from various underlying illnesses that frequent trips to the hospital KNOW .. and bet your booty that PRESIDENT KNOWS because it would be a crime for CDC NOT TO INFORM that fact to the individual… an individual who would love to see what he sees as lesser being that are nothing but dead weights on society six feet under versus the government assisting in OUR existence and being there for the people BORN DISABLED with NO FAULT of OUR OWN! We have a right to live yet I am scared to go get my medicine here in Janesville Wisconsin on the 9th why? Because no one is masked up and people are coughing, sneezing, and spreading their SPORES, their droplets, their germs over everything… everything .. everything … instead of shielding their face with a mask that can be homemade or store bought. So will mask make you sick? Not as long as you wash it if cloth! and if store bought use as designed and THROW AWAY once soiled! easy rules … and also why the medical world is arguing that their life is on the line when they can't be supplied a MASK AND AEYE SHIELD GEAR! So people of AMERICA #BandanaUP <<< save life, don't share your spores! you want to flatten a line, you can't if you prefer to infect everything around you in the public zones with your germs! Point blank common sense and yet we have a government in charge that chose not to invoke such, very sad. So that said fingers crossed Cuomo orders where should have been ordered day one, all people in public zones required to wear mask and eye shields!


  23. Hydroxychloroquine has been proven to work with little to no side effects in China and Turkey and in other countries around the world . It works, so please Governor Cuomo stop murdering people in New York by denying them the cure.

  24. Killer Cuomo needs to stop pushing ventilators and hospital beds and just give the people of New York the cure. Killer Cuomo must be held accountable for all deaths he causes by not allowing the people of New York to take Hydroxychloroquine.

  25. Too bad Cuomo was so unprepared for this emergency. Guess a bogus solar panel scheme was much more important than 16,000 ventilators.

  26. Governor Andrew Cuomo , We've been watching your daily conference on the Virus and how it's devastating your State and I must say you seem very coordinated in your efforts to get everything under control, with what you have to work with. Showing compassion for your fellow Americans. And dealing with the Federal Government seems hard to do. Good Job anyways and you should run for President. We send you all Prayers.

  27. Just imagine if Hillary was the president today?!? The China (and SA) made Clintons rich and they would walk all over us infecting us at the grand scale! Hillary would still be locking horns with Putin while millions of Americans would be dropping dead in the streets. She would have botched this epidemic just like she did with 'Benghazi' – anther total fiasco that would mst likely destroy this country!!!!!

  28. Ask Governor snow job why he continued to allow dozens of container ships from China to continue to contaminate the city LONG after passenger flights were banned.

  29. First i want to say that Gov. Cuomo is doing a very great job as a Governor dealing with this pandemic he is America's Governor, now i want to say the reason why we cant flatten the curve on this virus is because we are telling the people to do social distance of 6 feet how can we put a distance on how far the virus will travel if some one cough u have to keep in mind u are dealing with wind what about a windy day u dont think the virus will travel more then 6feet on a windy day when someone cough and 6 feet is not far enough i think anyway u dont know how far that virus can travel after someone cough , what they should have made mandatory was for everyone to wear a mask out side and that will flatten the curve in a much faster time, the reason why this virus is still spreading and killing people is because a lot of people is still not wearing a mask and some of them dont know they have it and is spreading it all over the place raising the case numbers very high and mostly in NYC because of the large population here the more the people are on the streets with out mask the more this virus will spread very simple, 6 feet apart and no mask will not stop this virus, what will is wearing a mask if u can stay home that is a plus but i know after a while u have to go to the store , the key to this is every one wear a mask listen to the Gov i would say stay futher away then 6 feet and this virus curve will flatten no doubt.

  30. Honestly, as a non-American I would love to see him as the president of the United States of America. That's for sure. He talks and acts like a real president already.
    You can hate me for it, but this is how I feel.
    Anyhow, to all Americans and the entire world: I wish you the best. Take care and stay home! ❤

  31. New York are all greedy stupid DemocRATS still manipulated by the world greatest bloody killer Xi Jinping.

  32. It's just mother nature thinning the herd from the weak. No offense to the weak, but to try and stop it totally is a waste of time
    But hey let's destroy the economy anyway right ? And Trump will win easily in 2020

  33. Why are all the comment sections be shut off???? Are we really coming together to help each other out? Wait until a love one dies because they gave the ventilation machine to someone else.

  34. I think his comment that New York is "on it's own" is very unfair and misleading to the media and public. He has received thousands of ventilators, a US Navy hospital ship, temporary field hospitals, the Army Corps of Engineers converting public spaces into hospitals in a week…all provided by the Federal Gov't.

    Cuomo making a comment like that is like the teenager who moves out of his parents house, but comes to his or her parents' house to raid the cupboard for groceries and leave their clothes for their mother to wash. Hardly on their own.

  35. Thats what we need representing our country, can we just fast forward to the next presidential election, kk thnx

  36. There's a rumor that 5g is making patients worse, China, Italy, and Spain has it. Maybe someone should check this out.

  37. Mr. Cuomo got a haicut. Funny because i need a haicut but my barber is CLOSED because its not consider essential. Yet Andrew Cuomo was able to get his haircut….I would say thats Hypocritical and irresponsible behavior. Goes against the very guidelines put out by him. Wonder how many more ventilators we will need now because of this selfish behavior.

  38. weird how i went to the supermarket and every one had masks and respecting the 6ft distancing …..yet about 10 firefighters walked in to shop with no gloves or masks like nothing ……..makes you wonder

  39. When this man who celebrated the passing of an infanticide bill by lighting up the Empire State Building, had the opportunity to purchase ventilators in 2015, he decided against it and instead spent the money on a stupid solar pane project: https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/he-turned-it-down-trump-condemns-andrew-cuomo-for-failing-to-stock-up-on-ventilators-in-2015

  40. love all the hate coming from various other parts of the country. careful kids, covid-19 coming to a high school football game near you.

  41. #HighNoon: Defeat colds, flu and this pandemic by getting out in the sun for 20 minutes and boosting your Vitamin D immune response at lunch time with family, friends and workmates. #12-O'ClockHigh https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7S8ZEtcpH5I

  42. Chinese bio warfare. Every death is a death toll in a unarmed war China has started. Time to zap the emperor like that Iranian general in Iraq for starters.

  43. CRITICAL – Sign & Share to HELP prevent a complete healthcare collapse. Get your government officials to collaborate. https://sign.moveon.org/petitions/nationalize-the-supply-chain-for-medical-protection-and-life-saving-equipment?source=twitter-share-button&utm_source=twitter&share=6ba650e7-88e5-44ac-828d-1372f3d31427

  44. He should be removed from the office. This is an incompetent governor in US that let his people die day by day by his stupidity.

  45. stop this leaders of the world! You intentionally launched this virus to end the world overpopulation and the old people, since the old people have many benefits, pensions, medical insurance and financial aid, etc. Donald Trump, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, Pedro Sánchez, Sergio Mattarella and leaders around the world STOP THE CORONAVIRUS!

  46. Facts : most of the US civilian are just bunch of coward who never admit their fault.

    1st : Yeah, maybe China starts this covid & spread it to other countries, BUT do you ever wonder or think that, IF the civilian ever listen/stop hang out & take it seriously, will COVID be able to have done this serious damage to the world?

    Did anyone ask this to themselves?
    NO ONE

    They just does the blaming & flaming, BUT NOT taking the time to done some precaution. No one ever take it seriously, now that things have gone out of control, only then they starts to panick, (Well still didn't stop blaming anyway)

    So, gudluck sucking covid's dck? As if blaming now can do any better

  47. I love the way these brothers interacted. Gives hope and I really appreciate them sharing their lives and situation. I hope the family stays safe and that the Governors brother gets well soon. We are staying in and well since the end of February. I love New York.

  48. I have a question.is it possible to carry some numbers of infected patients to China.pay for it possible. I think it is a plan to talk about. the whole world should be cooperate to handle the virus

  49. Trust is a thing humans have. It is the comfortability meter for your interaction with other being. How well you behave with one another. If you have zero trust in someone their idea can't realize. As you gain more trust you can finally begin to matter. Matter to other beings. Materialize that which you can visualize. That is what trust should be about.

    When you find other beings you trust you become accustomed to the world. As you become more accustomed you start to see things you can visualize. Slowly but surely you start to materialize those things you're seeing. This is the moment when you take leaps instead of steps. You yearn for everything. You trust in yourself and others around you. You matter at this moment. But what if everything wasn't as smooth as you think it is. What if you lose that trust in yourself? You start going down, slowly losing to the social pressure that is our world. No happy moments. Can't even feel anything. Your life goes on and you think to yourself. What if i just didn't exist. That is what our world does to our mind. It suffocates us until we no longer exist. Every negative thought out there in the world. Aimed at you. Can you even imagine how it feels?

    You can start trust all the way from beginning. You as a kid learning about the world. As you trust your parents more the more you can see of the world. What if you didn't have that chance where you as a kid couldn't see the world anymore. You could only see a wall blocking off the possibilities of your mind. On the other hand. If you had great beginning with lots and lots of trust. How will your life mold. You'll be important most likely. Your goal isn't hindered by anything. You can materialize that which you can visualize. Only limitations are things we can't make with our body.

    Check my other thoughts here:



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