NYC Doctor Says Hospitals Need More Ventilators | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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  1. There are FAR to many non essential businesses open that are NOT really essential. I know because I work at one. No one is practicing social distancing, or wiping down stuff or wearing any protection!! As long as Americans are in this frame of mind this will spread!

  2. Ask Obama why he didn't replenish the supplies after the SARS and swine flu outbreaks then !!! where did all that money go!?? The creep is still hurting America and been out of office 3 years he needs to be audited and held accountable he put America behind the eight ball due to his negligence!

  3. Where do they find these people? Cuomo said he had enough ventilators for now. Too much conflicting information. This channel doesn't help, they are part of the problem

  4. Are we witnessing the downfall of America?? this is what happens when you have a person in charge who cares more for money than human lives

  5. If you are nurse or a doctor and you're reading this just wanted to let you know you're appreciated, we love you THANK YOU

  6. I was listening to a report out of Singapore and how they have managed this outbreak in the way we are we have a man standing in front of a podium a million people will be sick people will start using drugs ? very bad type of leadership for American we are in very need of someone to give us courage and uplift everyone God bless and God bless our citizens

    tRUmp fails historically.. tRUmp never cares..
    tRUmp and GOP want seniors to die..
    tRUmp needs to catch his ? hoax.. and oh, there's no ventilator.. Oops ?
    VOTE ? ?? ?

  8. I've created a video series adding some insight into how we got to this situation. Hope you're all safe

  9. Article: "The mayor of coronavirus-plagued New Orleans took a shot at Trump, saying the city would have canceled Mardi Gras if the federal government had taken the outbreak seriously" by Ashley Collman Business Insider March 2020

    California Gov. Gavin Newsom Says Federal Government Sent '170 Broken Ventilators'
    by Santa Mansoor Time 3/2920

  10. He has a piece of cheese in his hair
    He seems to enjoy chewing on his foot.
    Lessons to be learned from Germany’s handling of COVID-19

  11. “No one knows more about the Coronavirus than me.” — Trump
    "The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command." — George Orwell, “1984”
    This is a key pillar of the trump agenda widely abetted by powerful GOP politicians whose thirst for power manifests this new reality of an emerging authoritative political system. The nation can no longer tolerate the pathetic charade of an recklessly inept puppet president and must decide to get rid of him.

  12. Trump says if you stopped stealing ventilators you would not have a shortage. Maybe you have a problem with him? Maybe we all do?


  14. So under normal circumstances ER workers have to launder their own scrubs? That seems like a hazard control point that should have been cut off a long time ago.

  15. The walking disaster that is Donald Trump is now costing people their lives and he likes it. He set it up by delaying preparation.

  16. Experts identified the Champions League match between Atalanta versus Valencia in Bergamo (Italy) on 19 february 2020, the main source for spreading the Corona virus in Italy and Spain.
    History will probably decide that the decision of President Trump to prohibit Europeans to fly to the USA on March 12 2020, without fully understanding the consequences, will be the main reason why the USA became the new epicentre of the Corona virus. As a result of this decision ten of thousands of American and non Europeans returned the following days from Europe to the States and while waiting for hours and hours in closed rows to be allowed to enter the country, they were spreading the disease amongst eachother.

  17. Trump is taking his revenge on New York, for his perceived mistreatment by the financial elite, in never admitting him into their circles. With Puerto Rico, that was straight out racism, far simpler.

  18. "Andrew Cuomo admits state has large stockpile of thousands of unused ventilators despite complaints that feds (Trump) weren’t providing enough"

  19. Can't believe there aren't 100,000 ventilators in America.
    Half those people have already recovered, and 3,000 died.
    Fake news

  20. Please acknowledge Respiratory Therapist when you speak of this issue. Respiratory Therapist manage airways, placing people on ventilators and manage those complex medical devices. Just say healthcare professionals if nothing else. So many people other that doctors and nurses take care of these patients.

  21. Someone should tell Trump that they need ventilators. Even though he's been told 20+ times, he told governors over the phone yesterday, that it was the first time he's heard anyone state the need for ventilators. Trump's Dementia is getting worse, and this is the worst time for him to slip.

  22. You know—> The U.S. can bully and exert themselves on the world stage but fail to help their own lol….thanks trump!

  23. ? Alternative health care practice such as Energy healers. The book of Knowledge the keys of Enoch. information for mankind as a species. Please check it out. I think it might help all of us. We are all in this together

  24. New York was just shipped 4000 ventilators; the entire country of Mexico only has 2000.

    Greedy? You be the judge. ?‍♂️

  25. If we hadn't sent the ventilators and tons PPE to China in Feb we now wouldn't be in such a huge mess. Bless all healthcare workers.

  26. I wouldn't be surprised if Trump gave advice to the doctors on how to choose who gets a ventilator. Just ask them "who did you vote for in 2016 and who do you plan to vote for this year?

  27. The Heroes are the First Responders our Doctors and Nurses. They are the ones who should be thanked and appreciated.
    Going on tv to raise your numbers and continuing to tweet and be Nasty doesn't have anything to do with being a Hero. Requiring an ata boy to send help makes you a monster Mr Trump.
    You have NEVER been on the front lines of any thing, more or less a War President..pathetic egotistical man child.

  28. I implore all citizens leaving their homes to get groceries to wear a face mask, as covid19 is airborne ?in particle droplets up to 3 hours after one sneeze? or cough. ?? Example… China ?? and South Korea have mandated all their citizens to wear mask leaving the homes. The statistics are showing those Countries have lowered the POSITIVES infected and the MORTALITY rate. Do the research, please. ??? All should google the proper way to apply and safely remove a mask.

  29. This is ridiculous for a country with so much billionaire. Biill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffet, Rank.
    Name Net Worth Origin of Wealth

    1 Walton family $130 billion Wal-Mart

    2 Koch family $82 billion diversified

    3 Mars family $78 billion candy

    4 Cargill-MacMillan family $49 billion Cargill Inc.

    5 Cox family $41 billion media

    6 S.C. Johnson family $30 billion cleaning products

    7 Pritzker family $29 billion hotels, investments

    8 (Edward)

    Johnson family $28.5 billion money management

    9 Hearst family $28 billion Hearst Corp.

    10 Duncan family $21.5 billion pipelines

    11 Newhouse family $18.5 billion magazines, cable TV

    12 Lauder family $17.9 billion Estee Lauder

    13 Dorrance family $17.1 billion Campbell Soup Co.

    14 Ziff family $14.4 billion publishing

    15 Du Pont family $14.3 billion DuPont (chemicals)

    16 Hunt family $13.7 billion oil

    16 Goldman family $13.7 billion real estate

    18 Busch family $13.4 billion Anheuser-Busch

    19 Sackler family $13 billion pain medicines

    20 Brown family $12.3 billion liquor

    21 Marshall family $12 billion diversified

    22 Mellon family $11.5 billion banking

    23 Butt family $11 billion supermarkets

    23 Rockefeller family $11 billion oil

    25 Gallo family $10.7 billion wine, liquor

  30. I would like to make a complaint about New York hospital Presbyterian who almost killed my daughter when she was born P

  31. trump logic: “Hospitals don’t need more ventilators. They should just make the patients take deeper breaths.”

  32. Excuse me, our President says you don't. He also said you medical workers are requesting 300,000 masks and then selling them out the back door like in Goodfellas. GOD BLESS THIS PRESIDENT. He is both a gift from God and so much smarter than most medical professionals.

  33. No problem! Mr. Trump, now known as the "Corona Kid," has this thing! He's a genius, after all, and nobody knows how to control a pandemic like Mr. Trump. That's why he did nothing to prepare for us its inevitable arrival at our shores, even calling it a hoax until three weeks ago, the reason being that now he can use the full power of his genius intellect to destroy it before our very eyes, thus firmly establishing the "Corona Kid" as a legendary American folk hero, in fact, the greatest American hero of all time!

  34. Trumps popularity has actually increased – and the opinion of how well he's dealing with this virus.
    The nation at war syndrome has kicked in and many feel disloyal to criticise the POTUS during a crisis
    but just remember that the average Fox viewer is 72. Let's see how loyal they feel after a few bereavements
    and not being able to risk even going to the funerals. Maybe then the Boomer's will reassess this total government mess?

  35. No actual on the ground asking where r all these products! These r really being used or being stack for later for rich people!!! Liberal place like ny! Yes they would! U have to think about celebrity first!!!

  36. The federal government CDC CORONAVIRUS TASK FORCE just for show unbelievable and shocking mismanagement! The local governments have to help themselves instead waiting for support from federal government. Happy talking not saving life!!!

  37. Doctors "play god" all the time and that can be necessary.

    I received a kidney transplant in 2018 after 8 years on the waiting list. To get and stay on the list I had to show that I was healthy enough to survive the surgery, post op and was likely to follow the medication regime and other post op requirements. A panel made up of surgeons, nephrologists and some other doctors (people for him I was just a folder of information) made that decision. That is how it works for every sort of transplant. While you can last a while on dialysis if your kidneys fail that is not true of liver, heart or lung failure.

    Almost every transplant donor provides 2 kidneys (while each recipient only gets 1), while only 1 heart, liver and lungs. I waited 8 years. What is the waiting list like for those? Of course those panels "play god."

    I'm sure an ER doctor has also been trained in mass casualty triage where they make decisions on whether to treat or not treat people as well.

    I know this is a crisis and I want there to be more ventilators and more ICU capacity but this struck me as pretty absurd.

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