NYT: Republicans Challenged Intel That Russia’s Aiding Trump Again | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

100 Replies to “NYT: Republicans Challenged Intel That Russia’s Aiding Trump Again | The 11th Hour | MSNBC”

  1. The republicans are traitors to the USA and should be hung for treason along with traitor trump and all the traitors that support them.

  2. The Republiclowns are the most corrupt cowards in the history of America … truly disgusting liars.  They will pay dearly at the ballot box‼

  3. All Americans of good conscience irregardless of past party affiliation need to wake up to the threat to their freedom and vote these people out of office while that still remains a possibility. It's not about right and left, it's about right and wrong.
    I assume that there is still a possibility considering how hard individuals like McConnell are actively working against having fair elections.

  4. Moscow Mitch and the goons of Putin (GOP) subverted everything they are sworn to protect and are inviting their real boss V. Putin to run again. 11/3/2020 Goons of Putin got to go, We the People, will come to the aid of our country! FIRE them all, with enthusiasm!

  5. trumps* appointment of unqualified people is going to result in u.s. secrets and information to be stolen and sold….!!!!!!!! think about that!!!

  6. Demand paper ballots! Our elections are too important! VOTE BLUE IN EVERY BOX!! GOP-GRIFTER OLIGARCH PARTY NEEDS TO BE EXTERMINATED!!!

  7. It's bad when Republicans are willing to ignore intelligence from their own administration because it's unfavorable to Trump.

  8. You Tube has switched me to FOX and Lou Dobbs again, MSNBC is compromized on YouTube. Everytime I try to watch the news as I do not have cable I am switched without warning.

  9. I think Trump should be disqualified from running for president he brought this here he brought Putin to us because he didn't care and he was using the whole thing to become president. People you have to love your country more. How is this even acceptable?

  10. Russia & Germany.. makes sense if you look back throughout his whole campaign going into his presidency until now !
    If you remember, he flared up racial protests a couple of times to divert attention away from other issues that were happening at the time along with his family history !
    We are Not safe !!

  11. Swampy Trump is still doing Corrupt things Republicans Senators and the rest of the Swamp Creatures is a pathetic piece of 💩 💩 and needs to be flushed 115 times

  12. The orange died criminal is PUBLIC ENEMY #1.
    He is the "Domestic Enemy," that so many have sworn an oath to protect America from.. Remove him.

  13. Im convinced that Democrats are going to rigg the elections, they are pushing this noise about Russia hacking just so they can hack it and then blame Russia

  14. Republicans and no lie is too big for us Fox backing Trump who was CONVICTED of defrauding a charity that helped Vets and children with cancer. Case-SUPREME COURT OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK COUNTY OF NEW YORK Index number 451130/2018. If Trump is as rich as he says he is then why was he dipping into the charity's funds? That's just greedy and evil and makes his supporters just as bad. Trump has been a greedy lying conman all his life telling GULLIBLE people what they want to hear ( TRUMP UNIVERSITY, MEXICO WILL PAY FOR IT). Don't put your faith in a HUGE LIAR!

  15. awards to represent authority written on stone or electronically recorded edited produced followers promised a share are likely Russians of course

  16. No Republicans, No Democrats, just apid flunkies of the rich and big business. King trumpy: King for life. No law,no justice, no hope. Could anyone have seen this coming? Lots of people said the very next day that we would never have another Presidential election. Those people were right. All along people have cautioned that King trumpy has made himself King for life. They were right. And the MSM, totally owned by the rich and big business, treat each public crime as though there hasn't been a thousand public crimes already. Lets see. King trumpy controls the military, he has his police, he has thousands of national, state and local pols , he controls the judiciary, he has the ability to act fully outside the law with no consequences. Oh yes! he determines all economic policy, all bank practices, all business practices. The President has learned a lesson, yes he has, King trumpy knows now he can dictate exactly what he wants, and do whatever is necessary to get that done. Anything. Shoot people, drop nukes, whatever he wants. King for life: King trumpy.

  17. Trump is like russia if you can hear me please help me win I cant do it with out you America hates me please help vladimir.

  18. You people are making a big deal about Russian interfering with our elections…..and the Democratic party is doing the same thing with interfering with our votes for Bernie Sanders!

  19. This is now scary! Ivanka owns one!!! We as citizens must march on D.C. & every capital with a Goons-Of-Putin official! Remove the putin puppet from our House along with all his minions. From devin to stephen up to pence; they are all traitors to our Nation. Putin's puppet regime in USA must be destroyed ASAP! No more DJT!

  20. The Republicans don't want to hear that Russia is helping Trump. That's why Donald Trump decapitated the American intelligence community by firing the head of the DNI. He will install one of his most trusted minions who will completely disable the American intelligence agencies. Trump is making Russia great again. MRGA!

  21. Like the person that has lost all respect for their mate and flaunts their affair in their faces ,

  22. Trump and the Gang Of Putin figured , correctly so , that if it worked the first time why shouldn't it work again , yes Americans are lazy and stupid enough to allow it , pretty sad .

  23. We partially blame President Obama for Trump's win. He should have TOLD the American people about Russia Helping Trump. Also he should have backed Bernie who was soaring and brining millions of young voters to the party. He DID NOT Fight Hard Enough Against #MoscowMitch. WHY didn't he have rallies and get the millions who voted for him Turn On #MoscowMitch? Why was he So passive? ?

  24. The hostile and disrespect in the treatment of the intelligence is absurd. The anti-corruption campaign of trump is a campaign against those who fight corruption. I truly feel that this is the most corrupt president ever who's backed up by the most bigoted and racist Senators ever in the Republican controlled party.

  25. It's obvious to the world that trump and putin are in business together. The only folks that have confidence in trump ironically is the Christian right and the greedy, which we now know have no morals when it comes to getting what they want.

  26. Trump is and will bankrupt our country try to grab total control his agenda proclaim his complete control he is the only one that can fix the country just like all his businesses he must go before

  27. Intelligence professionals to Mitch McConnell:  "The Russians are preparing to detonate a nuke in New York City."  McConnell:  "Why are you playing partisan politics by saving the lives of potential Democratic voters?"
     — Hyperbole, yes, but not that far-fetched, given what we know of DC Republicans.

  28. OK, let's take the word of a totalitarian despot over that of our own intelligence community. It's Helsinki all over again. Sad.

  29. What a shock the GOP selling out the USA for their jobs. Not like they didn't already sell out the constitution for the same thing.

    The Russians Are Coming was a great and funny movie. Sad to see 2016 all over again with Fuhrer Duce Trump's support. When will Trump start believing OUR national security members over his good buddy Putin?
    BREAKING NEWS: It is rumored that Fuhrer Trump is going to appoint Dmitry Medvedev as director of the NSA. McConnell is rumored to support this nomination.

  31. I despise every single Republican that voted against impeaching Trump! I don't know if America will even survive to November.

  32. This just shows that republikans are willing to give the United States to Putin. They are traitors just like Donald dumpster. The republikans hold the party in higher esteem than they do the United States and the constitution. They are traitors and all of the American Republikan party are coconspirator in the destruction of America.

  33. Putin and trump 🤑 are at it again. Trump is trying to become a dictator and he is screwing our Constitution and democracy.
    Russia 💩 is determined to dominate the USA 🇺🇸 in the long run!

  34. OF COURSE……………! they NEED the help to win the election -0 they are WELCOMING IT…!

    Anyone who can not see that is willfully stupid.

  35. Funny how it's not news until it's news with the Rep's
    Things in the dark soon comes to the light… And now they want to question it like tRump?! The sheet been pull back… Smh😒

  36. Republicans declining to believe the Russians are engaging in a particular activity should be seen as confirmation that the Russians are engaging in that activity.

  37. Remember what the R stands for "Russia" not Republican. They can't deny it….where else would they get money for their campaigns?

  38. Remember that Moscow Mitch was the one that turned down Protections for American Votes at the Digital Ballot Box.
    He's the one trying to "screw" the American Voters and Subvert American Democracy.

  39. Russia will now conquer Ukraine, and perhaps more allies because tRump is so pro-Putin that we will do nothing if they do.
    This was Putin's plan all along, to recover – by force if necessary – the old Soviet empire.
    Western Democracy itself is now at stake.
    Trump is the most effective Soviet agent in history.

  40. Take every Republican Senator out of the Senate, put their head on the curb of the street and fire a bullet through their brains. The nation will not budge…but Russian will cry.

  41. LMAO, the dipShitOcrats and the Fake News Media are already making excuses

    for why President Trump is going to defeat and humiliate the devilCrat nominee

    in the 2020 Presidential election.

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  43. I call out all representatives that care honestly about the people in our country and about our democracy to put a stop to this criminal trying to turn our country into Russia 2.0. I am ashamed of all trumpublicans and Democrats for allowing this mess to destroy our country .

  44. Republicans are responsible and are complicit in Trump's criminality for allowing Russia's interference in our elections.
    Another step toward a Trump dictatorship.

  45. Oh please. Why would Trump be there candidate? In his 3 years in office, Trump has done nothing for them. The only election disaster I'm seeing is in Iowa, and that was Democrats.

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